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Money Metals Exchange Review: Services, Products, Features & More

Money Metals Exchange is a popular bullion exchange functioning online. Established in 2010, it primarily works with US customers.

Money Metals Exchange Review

As of the market statistics 2022, the precious metals market is valued at around $290 Billion. Experts forecast that by 2032, the precious metals market will grow to a whopping $501 Billion.

Are you excited to invest in precious metals as assets?

But it is not as easy and smooth as it may sound. You must partner with a trusted precious metals exchange to make the most of your money. Having a subpar exchange could only result in you losing a significant amount of money.

Money Metals Exchange has been the top player in the precious metals market since 2010. The company abides by the international precious metals market standards and operates at one of the lowest prices. Money Metals Exchange is based out of Eagle, Idaho.

Despite the affordable pricing, the services and products available at Money Metals Exchange are impeccable. Overall, they value the live spot price or bullion melt value over more speculative numismatic or collection value. Money Metals Exchange offers competitive pricing, lower premiums, and a wide variety of quality products.

Some products sold by Money Metals Exchange include but are not limited to, types of silver coins, gold coins, silver rounds, gold round(s), American Eagles, Morgan dollar, Walking Liberty American Eagle, junk silver dimes, silver fractionals, coins from Canada, coins from South Africa, coins from Britain, coins from Australia, and other government coin items, various state coins, coins specially for investors, and a number of other items perfect for almost anyone's portfolios no matter their circumstances. They are available online or by phone, ready to place your orders, provide a quote, ship a package, or answer your questions in regard to anything precious metals related.

Their growing popularity on various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc., and the positive Money Metals Exchange reviews available online are evidence enough of their being one of the country's top precious metals dealers.

Money Metals Exchange: At A Glance

  • Brand Name: Money Metals Exchange
  • Industry: Precious Metals
  • Year of Establishment: 2010
  • Products: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium
  • Services: Buying, Selling, Borrowing, Storing, etc.

Money Metals Exchange: In Detail

Money Metals Exchange is a popular bullion exchange functioning online. Established in 2010, it primarily works with US customers. The major services available at this exchange are the buying and selling of many precious metals items.

The primary precious metals they deal with include gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, and palladium, as well as the base metal copper. Customers can buy any of these metals from the Money Metals Exchange. They can also sell their precious metal assets directly to the exchange.

Along with the primary services of buying and selling, Money Metals Exchange also hosts many other services. Some of them are:

  • Storing precious metals.
  • Investing via Precious Metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  • Borrowing against metals
  • Newsletter news service on the precious metals market, advertise sales, etc.

Money Metals Exchange helps customers prevent the pressures of financial confusion and helps safeguard their valuable assets. Their competitive pricing, the vast number of service options, transparent services, vaults storage options, contract adherence, payment method (payment methods include debit card, credit card, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Bit Pay, ach bank wire transfer, checks, etc.) customer-friendly approach, customer support, shipment, delivery, site navigation, customer and members commitment, etc., have made them famous in the precious metals investment world.


There may be an opportunity to rollover your 401k to the precious metal IRA to help you diversify your portfolio with commodities as opposed to all stocks, bonds, or futures. Money Metals Exchange is a top-recommended precious metal IRA company.

According to our analysis, Money Metals Exchange (MMX) maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as one of the leading precious metals bullion dealer companies in the United States. Throughout our web searches and data acquisition, we found customer reviews to average in the high-4s to firm 5-star ratings, with no serious complaints or market losses, from verified transactions or purchases with great experience and communications.

Company Contact Information

The Money Metals Exchange customer service phone number is listed as:


The Money Metals Exchange website is listed as:


Money Metals Exchange: Services

As mentioned, the Money Metals Exchange hosts various services for the precious metals market. They are as follows.

1. Buying or Selling Precious Metals

2. Monthly plan to purchase precious metals

3. Loans against precious metals

4. Storage services for precious metals

5. Investment via IRAs

6. Referral Program

7. Gold-backed scholarship program

8. Sound money project

The most popular services are explained in detail below.

1. Buying Precious Metals

Customers can purchase precious metals in the Money Metals Exchange's product list with the highest safety possible. Every purchase order placed at the exchange is protected by insurance coverage.

The only requirement for the customer to buy from the exchange is a valid user account on the platform. You can easily create a user account through the official website of Money Metals in less than ten minutes.


A wide variety of safe payment options are available for the customer on the checkout page. Each payment option varies in the transaction completion time and the shipping time. So, picking the best-suited payment option is advisable based on your desired shipping speed. A signature will be required upon delivery to ensure there is no scam, theft, loss, or other problems.

The most popular safe payment options are as follows.

  • Debit or credit cards: Payment clearance in a maximum of two days.
  • PayPal: Payment clearance in a maximum of two days.
  • Wire Transfer: Payment clearance in a maximum of two days.
  • Cryptocurrency: Payment clearance in a maximum of two days.
  • Personal Check: Payment clearance in a maximum of ten days.
  • Money Order: Payment clearance in a maximum of ten days.
  • ACH Transfer: Payment clearance in a maximum of ten days.

2. Selling Precious Metals

The buyback program at Money Metals supports the selling of precious metals. Customers can quickly sell off their precious metal assets for the best price possible. For this service, the customer has to call the exchange at their official customer care number.

The customer and the customer care executive/ expert can discuss the sale over the phone. They can negotiate the prices and agree on a specific price. The customer has to provide their email address to the exchange to deliver a purchase order.

The customer must confirm the purchase in the purchase order and follow the shipping instructions to pack and ship the precious meat asset. The customer will receive the amount once the exchange goes through the verification process and everything is final.


3. Monthly Payment Program

A monthly payment program is ideal for people who cannot make total payments to purchase precious metals. The monthly payment plans start at just $100 per month. Customers can choose any precious metal and start making monthly payments.

Once the plan matures and reaches a bulk amount, customers can buy products or keep them as depository. The customer can make payments on any of the exchange's four dates in a month.

4. Loan Services

Customers can borrow money quickly from the exchange on their precious metal assets. The exchange only charges a low interest rate. They also maintain an advance rate of at least 75% for all your collaterals. All the collaterals are insured and are stored in safety.

Money Metals Exchange: Products

According to precious metal experts, Money Metals Exchange has one of the widest variety of products in the USA. Their major products include:

1. Gold: Available in coins, bars, ingots, jewelry, rounds, etc.

2. Silver: Available in bars, rounds, ingots, bullets, statues, etc.

3. Platinum: Available in bars, coins, bullion jewelry, etc.

4. Copper: Available in pennies, rounds, bars, etc.

5. Rhodium: Available in the form of bars only.

6. Palladium: Available in the form of bars and coins.

Money Metals Exchange: Pros

  • The company has already completed $3 Billion+ worthy orders.
  • They provide free shipping for all orders above $199.
  • Money Metals Exchange is rated number 1 by Investopedia.
  • They provide secure packaging and fast shipping.
  • Customers can choose from various payment options.
  • They provide many helpful and educational resources on the precious metals market.
  • The company adequately insures all the shipments.
  • Customers can contact the company through multiple contact options.

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