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Midas Manifestation Reviews: Is It Legit? Truth Exposed

Midas Manifestation is the first online program that has introduced the spiritual concept into the manifestation to help people manifest more money, financial freedom, a prosperous career, a loving relationship, and happy life. We all are good at manifesting as our thoughts automatically attract what happens to us, but the problem with manifestation is the quality of what we attract.

Midas Manifestation

Are you searching for an honest Midas Manifestation review? Is Midas Manifestation legit? Can Midas Manifestation help you in achieving your dreams and desires? 

This detailed and honest review will answer all these questions.  

We all want to manifest money, prosperity, a good career, good health, and happy relationships. However, all these things can’t happen if you don’t have a healthy body and mind.  

Midas Manifestation claims to teach how to direct amazing mind power in the correct direction to attract the right people in life and become successful.  

Anyone can use Midas Manifestation to manifest and attract money, love, success, abundance, and more.  

Isn’t it sound too good to be true? 

I have been researching Midas Manifestation for the past several weeks. If you want to know whether you should join this program, then read this review till the end.  

In this review, I have shared all my findings about this program so that it will become easy for you to make your final buying decision.  

With further ado, let’s start this Midas Manifestation review. 

Midas Manifestation Review – Key Takeaways: 

Product Name: 

Midas Manifestation 


Vincent Smith 

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Overall Rank 


Who is it for: 

Anyone who believes in manifestation and wants to manifest money, success, love, abundance and more.  

What is Midas Manifestation All About? 

Midas Manifestation is the first online program that has introduced the spiritual concept into the manifestation to help people manifest more money, financial freedom, a prosperous career, a loving relationship, and happy life. 

We all are good at manifesting as our thoughts automatically attract what happens to us, but the problem with manifestation is the quality of what we attract. 

Midas Manifestation teaches hidden secrets of the universe, which you can use to tap into the universe and manifest anything you want. In this program, you don’t need to do several hours of meditation, visualization, and manifestation exercises. 

According to the author, he discovered Akaskic records from the Library of Alexandria. These Akashic records contained the secrets of the universe, which only a few societies are familiar with, and they are using these secrets to multiply their income, leading a successful life. 

Additionally, these Akashic records contain information about 12 sacred chakras and how to utilize the power of the subconscious mind, sound frequencies, and the body. 

Vincent claims that he used these secrets himself and received abundance in all parts of his life. Instead of keeping this valuable information to himself, he decided to share it publicly so that everyone can take benefit from them and live a successful, happy, joyful, and stress-free life. 

Midas Manifestation handbook contains all these secrets of Akashic records, and along with that, you will also get audio tracks and a quick start guide. 

Vincent has covered these concepts in a video presentation. If you haven’t watched it yet, then click on the video image below to watch it. 


Who Created Midas Manifestation? 

As you already know, Vincent Smith is the creator of Midas Manifestation. However, of course, you want to know more about him before investing your time and money into his program. 

Vincent Smith is a cultural researcher who travels to different parts of the world to study civilization and ancient texts. In fact, some of the secrets and methods provided inside the Midas Manifestation have been taken from Akashic records, which he found during his visit to the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. 

People who don’t know, The Library of Alexandria is one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world as it contains ancient texts, scripts, and inscriptions from many ancient civilizations of Egypt, Asia, Syria, Greece, and more. 

Vincent doesn’t only take notes during his research; he applies the methods himself as well. For that reason, everything he shares in his presentations, workshops, university lectures, and programs is proven and tested by himself. 

How Does Midas Manifestation Really Work? 

Vincent Smith has created Midas Manifestation based on recently concluded scientific studies and decoding various ancient texts, scripts, and manuscripts. The handbook shows how some secret societies of the world have the power to connect with the higher authorities of the universe to make their dreams into reality. 

Moreover, Midas Manifestation highlights how the internet and yogis misguide people by telling them about only seven chakras while science has proved that human bodies have 12 chakras. 

These other five chakras that most people don’t know can help them tap into the universe's power, strengthen their mind power, and build a strong connection between the body and spirit. 


In short, when these five hidden chakras get active, you become more aware of your thoughts and able to direct your mind power towards manifesting all positive things you want in your life. 

Midas Manifestation has provided five different audio tracks containing various scientifically-proven soundwaves (frequencies) to activate and balance all 12 chakras in your body. 

These chakras will help you regain your power to manifest love, freedom, peace, and purpose. Ultimately, you will be creating the life you want. 

What’s Inside The Midas Manifestation Program? 

Midas Manifestation contains five different audio tracks containing scientifically proven frequencies which you must listen to every day. These audio tracks are designed to work on different energy points (chakras) in the body and tune them in such a way that they power up your root chakra, which is directly linked with prosperity, wealth, and abundance. 

Here is a brief introduction of these audio tracks and how they help: 

Track #1 – Manifest Destiny: 

This audio track contains a 288 Hz frequency to awaken and activate the third eye chakra (6th chakra) in the body. This 288 Hz Frequency is popular in Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy as it helps in meditation, relaxation, pain relief, deeper sleep, stress relief, and mind expansion. 

When this third-eye chakra is awake and active, it will improve your focus and help you live in the present instead of living in the past or the future. 

Track #2 – Divine Willingness: 

This second track contains frequencies at 216 Hz to activate your crown chakra. This crown chakra is about strengthening the connection between the body and spirit. When it is active, it can lift and inspire you, connecting you with the power of the divine. 


The 216 Hz frequency is directly linked with targeting this crown chakra, improving your ability to receive abundance from the universe. 

Track #3 – Anahata Bliss: 

This audio track uses frequencies at 639 Hz to directly activate and awaken your heart chakra. This heart chakra helps in forming a deeper connection with other beings, both romantic and platonic relationships. You will feel immense happiness, joy, and bliss when it gets active. 

The 639 Hz frequencies are included in this track because they balance emotions and lift the mood. Moreover, they also promote love, understanding, and caring in relationships. 

Track #4 – Manipura Consciousness: 

This soundtrack contains 528 Hz frequencies to activate your solar plexus chakra. This third energy point in the body is responsible for your confidence and self-awareness. It also helps you in controlling your life. 

The 528 Hz frequency is also known as love frequency because it is the core of everything in the body, connecting the heart to the spiritual nature and bringing divine harmony. Moreover, it is said that this frequency had great importance in several ancient civilizations to manifest miracles and blessings. 

Track #5 – Midas Unleashed: 

This most important track of the program contains a 369 Hz frequency to power up the root chakra. This most important chakra is directly linked with stability, security, and basic needs in life. In this world, money is required to fulfill basic necessities like food, shelter, and clothes, so experts believe this chakra is responsible for bringing money into life. 


The 369 Hz frequency, also known as Nikola Tesla frequency, can help remove guilt and negative belief from your subconscious mind. It also removes money blocks from the mind so that you can achieve your money goals. 

Along with these audio tracks, Vincent also provided these guides inside the members’ area: 

Quick-Start Guide: 

This guide contains everything you need to know about these audio tracks. It tells you when to listen, how to listen, and for how long. 

Moreover, this guide teaches you how to follow the program step-by-step to experience life-changing benefits. 

Midas Manifestation Handbook: 

This 118-page handbook contains everything Vincent has discovered by decoding ancient scripts and texts. It contains everything you need to know about getting money, love, and happiness in your life by using the universe's secrets that only a few wealthy elites know. 

While reading this book is entirely optional for making Midas Manifestation work for you, but this book contains some golden pieces of advice I’m sure you don’t want to miss. 

Universe Secrets: 

Vincent created this 128-page guide with the help of a world-famous hypnotist to help you create financial abundance in your life. This book can help you understand how GOD or the universe can help you get all the money you want. 

Moreover, you will learn some universal laws and principles that helped numerous people become millionaires. The secrets these few wealthy elites know will be no longer secret to you. 

Midas Manifestation Pros: 

Easy To Utilize 

Midas Manifestation is among the most straightforward manifestation programs. It doesn’t contain any meditations, breathing exercises, visualization, or other exercises. You only have to listen to the audio tracks every day. 

Vincent has put this program in the most straightforward and easy-to-use way so that even the busiest people can utilize it. Additionally, he has provided guides to further improve your knowledge and discover universal laws and principles to attract money, love, happiness, peace, and more. 

Based On Ancient Civilization: 

Midas Manifestation is based on methods provided in the ancient texts and scripts to help you align your talents and desires in the way the universe can also help you achieve them. 

It contains scientifically proven sound frequencies to heighten your awareness and align your mind's power in attracting money, success, opportunities, and all the good things you deserve. 

Teaches Universal Laws and Principles: 

Midas Manifestation not only teaches you universal laws and principles but also teaches you how to apply them in your everyday life to develop a better sense of how your relationships, career, success, opportunities, promotions, health, and other areas are interconnected with these laws and principles. 

Easy To Access: 

Midas Manifestation is a digital program, and you can download and start using these audio tracks, handbooks, and bonuses from the members’ area. You don’t have to wait for the product to arrive at your doorstep. 

Enhances Brain Power: 

These Midas audio tracks contain specific solfeggio frequencies connected with energy points (chakras) in the body. These frequencies are scientifically proven to enhance natural intelligence and help in achieving the optimal mental abilities required for learning, organization, and solving problems. 

Midas Manifestation Cons: 

Audio Tracks Are Not For Everyone: 

There are no known side effects of listening to these healing frequencies as long as you don’t listen to them at a very high volume (85+ decibels) for an extended period. However, people who have epilepsy (a disorder of the brain) should consult their doctors before listening to them. 

No Exercises and Interaction: 

While having no silly manifestation exercises is a good point, listening only to audio tracks can bore anyone. 

Need Dedication and Commitment: 

Using this program in the morning is recommended as you need to invest your 20 minutes daily to make it work for you. It is up to you when you want to listen to these audio tracks, but the program suggests using it in the morning as it is when your mind is fresh. 

Available Only Digitally: 

While digital programs can give you access to the content immediately without waiting for shipping and delivery, it is disadvantageous for someone who prefers a hard copy. 

Results Vary From Person to Person: 

No program can provide the same results to everyone as everyone is different. Some get results with these audio tracks within a week, and some take more than a month. It depends on various factors, but consistent users tend to get results faster than others. 

Who is Midas Manifestation For? 

Everyone can utilize the Midas Manifestation program to remove money blocks that prevent them from attracting money-making opportunities. Additionally, this program can help people who want to: 

  • Improve their concentration and develop a sense of security 
  • Eliminate feelings of fear, grief, and guilt 
  • Remove negative energy from the body, home, and workplace 
  • Strengthen the bond with the spirituality 
  • Repair turbulent relationships with their spouses, friends, and family members 
  • Get mental clarity 
  • Realign their spirituality to connect with the universe on a conscious and deeper level 

Who is Midas Manifestation Not For? 

People who don’t have a strong belief in themselves that they can change their life will not get benefits from this program. Additionally, some people still don’t believe manifestation can help them attract and manifest tangible things will also don’t get any benefit. 

Moreover, people taking prescribed medications or therapies for their mental disorders should consult their doctors before using this program.  

Is Midas Manifestation A Scam? 

No! Midas Manifestation is definitely not a scam. It has received many videos and testimonials from customers claiming this program helps them in various ways.  

One of the strongest points that put Midas Manifestation above its competitors is the universal laws and principles that only a few elite personalities know. The author discovered these secrets by reading countless ancient books, papers, and scripts on ancient civilizations. 

Only a few people are using these universe secrets to attract money, and now the time has come for you to utilize them and live the life you always wanted. 

All you need to do is listen to these audio tracks to keep yourself in a positive state and solve life challenges with your improved problem-solving abilities. 

However, due to the immense popularity of Midas Manifestation, many sellers are selling fake copies of the program. They don’t provide bonuses like the official website and don’t include a money-back guarantee. Such sellers should be avoided. 

Always buy Midas Manifestation from its official website

Midas Manifestation Pricing

Midas Manifestation is not expensive. Moreover, recently added discounts have made this program affordable for everyone. 

You can access this program with just a one-time payment of $37. You will get five audio tracks and three guides to further improve your knowledge. 

Midas Manifestation also comes with a money-back guarantee so that you can try this program without any risk. Within 60 days, if you feel this program is not helping you, just email customer service and ask for a refund. 

Midas Manifestation Review: Final Verdict 

Can you attract money, happiness, abundance, and prosperity by thinking in a certain way? The answer is, yes! 

Inside Midas Manifestation, you will discover everything you need to know to attract all the good things you want in your life. Once you understand these universal laws and principles, it will help you to attract prosper career, happy relationship, better health, greater joy, and unlimited money. 

This Midas Manifestation handbook teaches you everything about these universal laws and principles and also tells you how to apply them in your everyday life. 

You don’t have to be famous to become successful. Even the average people with average IQs are getting life-changing results with these laws. 

So stop waiting and thinking your life will change itself, take control of your mind power, and put it in the right direction towards achieving your dreams and desires. 

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