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Michele Tecchia : “Monaco Is An Inspirational Branding Model For All Cities !”

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Michele Tecchia : “Monaco Is An Inspirational Branding Model For All Cities !”

Michele Tecchia, a native of Monaco, possesses an inexhaustible passion for the history of his birthplace. He takes great pride in recounting the story of how François Grimaldi, the fierce ancestor of Albert II, cunningly took the reputedly impregnable fortress of Monaco by deception on 8 January 1247.


In his debut book, Monaco , Michele Tecchia, a renowned author and entrepreneur, unveils the secrets behind the creation of Monaco's legendary status. Michele Tecchias exploration of Monaco's advertising tactics uncovers hidden gems that can guide cities around the world….

The Rock, a seemingly mythical place, is the foundation of this city-state. However, it is hard to imagine how a place with no resources and built on a rock could have survived, let alone thrived. The true enchantment of Monaco lies beyond its sparkling sea, luxurious yachts, and immense wealth. It is the ingenuity of its princes throughout the centuries that has made this place a true wonder. From the brink of disaster, they have transformed Monaco into a world-renowned destination. Join Tecchia on a journey through time and discover the captivating story of Monaco's rise to fame.

Michele Tecchia, a native of Monaco, possesses an inexhaustible passion for the history of his birthplace. He takes great pride in recounting the story of how François Grimaldi, the fierce ancestor of Albert II, cunningly took the reputedly impregnable fortress of Monaco by deception on 8 January 1247. Disguised as a Franciscan monk, Grimaldi and his cousin asked for asylum for the night and took the castle by surprise, much like Ulysses and his Trojan horse. This event gave rise to the name Monaco, which refers to the monastic life, and the two monks who appear on the flag of the principality.

During the Revolution, France confiscated all the Princes' lands, and in the middle of the 19th century, Monaco lost Menton and Roquebrune, which seceded. However, Princess Caroline, wife of the reigning Prince Florestan I, came up with a brilliant idea that saved Monaco. She proposed setting up a gambling establishment on the Rock, which led to the concession being granted to two Parisian journalists, Albert Aubert and Léon Langlois, to open a bathing establishment with a games room, concert hall, and other entertainments. The concession was granted in return for the surrender of a quarter of the profits with a minimum guarantee of 25,000 francs, the construction of hotels and villas, the creation of a printing works publishing at least one weekly newspaper, the introduction of boat and omnibus services from Monaco to Nice, and improvements to the port.

Michele Tecchia believes that doing is good, but saying it is better.

He notes that Monaco has been able to create a strong brand and communicate effectively by creating an ecosystem from scratch to attract players. His passion for his birthplace and its history is evident in his storytelling, and his insights into the marketing strategies that have saved Monaco are both informative and engaging.

Michele Tecchia has shed light on an interesting aspect of Prince Albert I's life that many may not have known about. In addition to his love for science and oceanography, the Prince was also an accomplished sportsman, with a passion for new and exciting sports. Tecchia notes that he was instrumental in initiating the first international meeting, the Motorboat Exhibition and Competition, in 1904. He also supported the rise of various sporting competitions, including tennis, golf, fencing, athletics, regattas, pigeon shooting, and even the high-profile boxing match between Carpentier and Sullivan in 1912.

Tecchia also highlights the fact that Prince Albert I played a significant role in the creation of the first Women's World Games in Monte Carlo in 1921. These games were held on the Tir aux pigeons field, with representatives from five nations, as there was no stadium or track available. Additionally, the Monte Carlo Automobile Rally, which was established in 1911 and won by the Frenchman Henri Rougier, is a testament to the Principality's influence in the world of sports.

Tecchia's book is a well-documented and fascinating read, comparing Monaco to other tourist cities in detail. She provides valuable insights for today's elected representatives on how to make their cities shine by highlighting their unique assets. During the presentation of her book at the Alliance Française in New York, Tecchia emphasized the importance of showcasing a city's strengths to the world. Her work serves as a reminder of the significant role that sports can play in a city's development and international influence.

Michele Tecchia, a renowned author, was born on June 13, 1980, in Monaco. After completing his high school education in the world's smallest state, he pursued political science at Grenoble, one of France's top schools, and Idrac, a business school ranked among the top 10 in France. He then embarked on a career in senior marketing positions with international companies such as Orange (Telecom) and Ebookers (Tourism).

Michele Tecchia
Michele Tecchia

However, after a decade of working for large corporations where his originality was sometimes frowned upon, and risk-taking was sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and gentrification, Michele decided to return to his hometown and establish the Michele Tecchia agency . Despite the teasing from his friends about the name of his agency and his supposed megalomania, Michele takes pride in his expertise in branding and naming. He believes that nothing expresses what his agency does better than his personality - and his name. Although it may sound presumptuous, the agency director assumes it with a smile. What he doesn't mention is that he settled in this small city-state because he met his wife there, at the Yacht Club.

Today, Michele Tecchia's clients include start-ups, banks, and several of the Riviera's yacht builders. Although he doesn't have the resources to go out on the yachts, he visits them regularly to meet with professionals. He admits that it's more than enough for him, and he even jokes that he gets seasick on a yacht.

Yachts: Why Target Younger Audiences?

Michele Tecchia, a renowned author and entrepreneur with a net worth of $1 million, has acknowledged that his clients in the yacht industry are keen on targeting younger audiences. It is a well-known fact that most yacht owners are over 50 years old, and the industry is in dire need of new buyers. However, in this era of instant gratification, young people are unlikely to wait for three or four years for their yacht to be built.

To address this issue, the industry is exploring innovative solutions such as creating hulls to save time, as is the case for smaller boats. It is also crucial to recognize that the yachting industry is a niche market. While it may be highly visible in Monaco and on the Côte d'Azur, it is not the case on a global scale, as Tecchia explains.

Tecchia's expertise in marketing has made him a prominent figure in Monaco. He was born in 1980 and is happily married to Christine. The couple resides in Monaco, where Tecchia continues to make significant contributions to the marketing industry.

Information about Michele Tecchia

Name : Michele Tecchia

Profession : Entrepreneur and author

Net Worth : $1 Million

Wife : Christine

Children : 2 girls

Date of birth : 13 June 1980

Place of birth : Monaco

Country : Monaco

Residence : Monaco

Book(s) published : "Monaco".

Monaco is available on Amazon in English and French. (Editions Michele Tecchia, 2023).


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