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Methenolone (Primobolan Depot Steroid): Uses, Dosage & Methenolone Enanthate Effects on Bodybuilding

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Methenolone (Primobolan Depot Steroid): Uses, Dosage & Methenolone Enanthate Effects on Bodybuilding

Methenolone has the ability to increase strength without significantly increasing muscular bulk, which is useful for athletes who aren't bodybuilders.


Methenolone is available in injectable and oral forms. Bodybuilders take this anabolic steroid to obtain lean muscle mass, prevent the loss of muscle, and enhance their strength and performance.

It is really quite a safe product available since both men and women may take it without worrying about liver damage or aromatization because of its long-lasting and moderate anabolic effects as well as its low androgenic qualities.

Why do sportsmen and bodybuilders take methenolone?

One of the few available anabolic steroids that are suitable for female users is this one. Methenolone has a very low rating of virilization, similar to Anavar ; thus, women may safely take it without worrying about growing facial hair, becoming bald, or getting a deeper voice - brilliant!

The history of Arnold Schwarzenegger's use of methenolone during his Mr. Olympia days is the second factor. Despite the fact that this has never been definitively proven, his well-known body has increased demand for this steroid.

This DHT-based anabolic steroid may be administered between cycles or during "off time," to preserve muscle growth and strength increases since it is 1-methylated, not 17-alpha-alkylated. In fact, it is ideal for reducing cycles since it may prevent muscle loss and, rather than help, people keep all the muscle they got during bulking while enabling them to take advantage of a diet low in calories. Methenolone may have positive conditioning benefits with a proper workout diet, making people seem tougher, more defined, and chiseled.

Its potency could be better than Deca Durabolin.

It has fewer anabolic effects than testosterone or Deca

Durabolin because of its inability to convert into DHT, minimal central nervous system activity, and low danger of aromatization that can result in man boobs.

Since it is a moderate anabolic steroid, even a high dose of methenolone won't cause estrogen to be produced or cause male breast growth.

It increases SHBG, hormone-binding globulin, and luteinizing hormone, which increases total and active testosterone.

Compared to other top anabolic steroids, which often result in a lot of side effects, methenolone has little to no negative effects. Instead, people may prevent all of the problems with PCT and cautious dosing.

Their hard effort will not vanish in a puff of smoke since its performance-enhancing benefits might continue for months. Instead, methenolone will prevent the breakdown of the lean muscle fibers, promote enhanced fat burning, and aid in the maintenance of muscular gains even after people stop exercising.

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Methenolone has the ability to increase strength without significantly increasing muscular bulk, which is useful for athletes who aren't bodybuilders.

  • It promotes increased muscular endurance and recuperation.
  • Because it helps to increase one's metabolic rate, it is an excellent fat burner.

Functions of methenolone

DHT has a derivative called methenolone. It is a fundamentally changed form of DHT. The additional double bond at carbons one and two contributes to the hormone's enhanced anabolic properties. Additionally, it has a further 1-methyl group that guards against hepatic degradation. It is further shielded from hepatic metabolism by the inclusion of the acetate ester.

The fact that it is not a C17-aa steroid makes its oral version all the more useful. Since it does not include C17-aa, it will not harm the liver, but it also makes it milder or weaker than other steroids, meaning most men will not experience the same amount of anabolic activity.

Due to these similar slight side effects, many males choose to utilize the injectable, although women often stay with the oral version.

Methenolone functions similarly to other anabolic steroids in many aspects. It somewhat increases protein synthesis and slightly raises the red blood cell count.

However, it stands apart from the competition because of three distinctive qualities:

It significantly enhances nitrogen retention, guaranteeing that catabolic conditions are averted and that people may effectively add lean muscle mass. The benefits will still be remarkable even if they will not be very significant.

It has been associated with direct lipolysis and has a significant binding ability for androgen receptors. While all anabolic steroids may speed up your metabolism, methenolone is particularly effective for cutting since it is thought to directly promote fat loss.

It may considerably strengthen the immune system, according to studies. In actuality, it has been used effectively to treat AIDS, giving patients a boost in immunity and protection against muscle wasting.

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Methenolone cycles and dose

Men should take 200–400 mg of methenolone every week, or 50–150 mg per day (if they're competing). This is much less for women, who only need 50–100mg per week.


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It is advised that people use Nolvadex, HCG, or Clomid toward the end or immediately following the end of their cycle in order to increase the absorption rate of any other steroids they may have taken during the cycle and prevent any estrogenic side effects like acne, man boobs, and others.

In order to retain muscle mass and whatever strength gains they have achieved, athletes often utilize methenolone between cycles or during their "off-time," due to its brand image as a potent fat burner. In fact, trimming before a competition by using a methenolone cycle is popular among competitive bodybuilders.

It is often utilized as an aspect of an 8-week cycle in a typical methenolone cycle, regardless of the dosage used, which ranges from the low 50mg per day to the competitive 100mg. Keep in mind how we mentioned "part of the cycle" here? This is due to the fact that its recommended maximum usage period is 6 weeks. As a consequence, many athletes divide the cycle and take various anabolic steroids. For example, males often begin with Anadrol and Sustanon 250 for the first two weeks, then move to Sustanon 250, Anadrol, and Nolvadex from the fourth to the eighth week before concluding with only Nolvadex for two weeks.

For first-timers, the initial recommended daily dosage of methenolone is merely 25mg.

Women are advised to take lesser amounts of Primo and combine it with Anavar, even if those who are competing may tolerate daily doses of 25–50 mg of methenolone.

What are the risks or adverse effects of methenolone?

While methenolone may be less potent than any of the other anabolic steroids as well as provide safer benefits, overuse of any substance might have unfavorable side effects. People who have taken the steroid have experienced a lot of negative side effects, despite the fact that there are not many studies done on the medication.

Depression, acne, greasy skin, hair loss/balding, excessive body hair, rise in bad cholesterol, and gynecomastia are typical methenolone side effects. They can generally be experienced only if methenolone is used with a different anabolic steroid.

Obviously, the likelihood of experiencing these adverse effects should be low if people stick to safe, lower doses. However, if they are already susceptible to them, such as if they have sensitive skin, we do suggest erring on the safer side.

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Particular care should be taken by women.

Yes, it is regarded as one of the less dangerous anabolic steroids for women, but virilization is still a possibility. If women deviate from the suggested dose, they risk developing excessive body hair, a deeper voice, problems with their menstrual cycle, and baldness. These effects are not permanent and disappear if they stop using the product.

It's crucial to address testosterone suppression at this stage. It is not immune to it, and methenolone will partially inhibit the creation of natural testosterone. It is true that it is much lower than other anabolic steroids, but if people don't include PCT or exogenous treatment in their cycle to promote a quick recovery, it will still occur.

Additionally, keep in mind:

Even if people miss a dosage, they should never take more than one. The right thing to do would be to skip it and take the next dosage at the appointed time. This is particularly true if the time between the missed and the next dosage is less than 6 hours.

Since there is no evidence that oral methenolone would stress the liver, it is not regarded as a hepatotoxic steroid.

Positively, methenolone lacks a progestin character, which prevents it from aromatizing or causing water retention. Additionally, it won't result in high blood pressure or excessive water retention.

Conclusion: Methenolone

Given how difficult it is to locate this anabolic steroid, it should come as no surprise that there are many rumors about it.

Can it help you lose weight, gain muscle, and encourage the development of lean muscle mass? Yes. Can it prevent muscle loss while you're calorie-deficient? Yes. Is it secure for all genders? Yes, women may avoid virilization and build somewhat more muscle.

However, here's the problem.

Despite having very few anabolic effects and encouraging outcomes for bodybuilding, this steroid is wholly banned. Nothing can be done to avoid it!

It would help if people considered the why, when they consider that it has certain adverse effects. Add this to the schooling. Why subject themselves to it? When there are safer, legal, and more natural options available, why put up with testosterone suppression, acne, baldness, and the danger of virilization?

If people are serious about reducing and guarding against muscle loss, it is advised that they should stay away from steroids and switch to natural supplements.


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