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MEMAG Presale Is In The Final Stage - Buy The Final 700k Tokens!

Meta Masters Guild is entering the finale stage of the mega-successful presale. The final 800k tokens are waiting to be picked by investors.


MEMAG, the native token of the P2E guild Meta Masters Guild, is rapidly advancing toward the end of the presale.  

The token raised $4.3 million as of now, and four days only, are left before the presale finishes. 

In numbers, MEMAG must raise $4.970.000 to wrap up the sale - a goal this coin can achieve in less than four days as it has to collect less than 700k. 

Since the start of the presale, Meta Masters Guild has been one of the best tokens to buy. The first 50k was raised in a few days, and after that, the project has been breaking all records. 

The fastest-growing P2E guild in 2023 

Meta Masters Guild is revolutionizing the world of P2E games and gaming in general, bringing a new approach to the industry. 

The project is focused on the mobile gaming experience and is the first-ever Web3 guild developed for mobile. 

The project also wants to bring novelties to the gaming world - the industry Meta Masters Guild has pronounced one of the most predatory industries. 

Meta Masters Guild thinks that most games in the gaming industry do not fulfill enough standards and use predatory monetization techniques. 

So, the project is taking the game to a new level by offering players the chance to earn while doing something they love. 

Additionally, Meta Masters Guild is a community-oriented project. Users' feedback is widely implemented while developing new games and ecosystems. 

The main goal of the project is to keep gamers in the guild as long as possible. Meta Masters Guild thinks that only players who invest their time playing long-term are worthy. Thus, the project builds interesting and fun games and offers dire rewards to players who play them long-term. 

Play 2 Earn in Play AND Earn in Meta Masters Guild, as players earn more rewards if they play more. 

Games that will keep players easily 

Meta Masters Guild will have three games in its ecosystem: 

  • Meta Kart Racers 

  • Meta Masters World 

  • Raid NFT 

Meta Kart Racers is currently in development and will be the first game to be released. The game can be played against other players or solo and is available as free-to-play and play-to-earn. Additionally, each player will participate in Meta Kart Championship to escape wicked Meta overlords. 

Meta Masters World will take place in the metaverse, offering the chance to compete, explore the metaverse and collect assets. 

Raid NFT will be a fighting game where players can fight against other players or against artificial intelligence. 

In all these games, players will earn Gems - rewards they can later exchange for MEMAG tokens. They can buy in-game assets, NFTs, or other coins like Ethereum and USDT with their MEMAGs. 

Additionally, the players can trade with the NFTs or coins on the marketplace or stake them to earn yields. 

What is next for Meta Masters Guild? 

After the presale end, Meta Masters Guild will list on the first exchanges. According to the project's website, MEMAG will list on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko, but other CEXs and DEXs will join the list. 

The exchange listings should also increase the demand for the token, pumping its price to new heights. 

Price predictions say MEMAG could trade between $0.042 to $0.082 this year, as the dire demand for the token is expected. 


By the end of 2025, MEMAG should trade between $0.03 and $0.04, depending on the overall situation in the P2E market and platform development. 

By 2030, MEMAG could become one of the most valuable assets with a price that could explode to anywhere between $0.6 and $0.8. It is expected that the P2E market will expand and that the project itself will release new and fun games that will ensure success in the long run.  

The project team announced their NFTs store would be available soon. The store will be the place to conduct NFT-based trades and transactions, and users can expect chat rooms and internal game/metaverse tokens.  

In Q2 2023, the project team will work on Raid NFT animation and the expansion of NFT characters across all games. 

In Q3 or Q4 this year, the Meta Masters Guild should launch the first playable demo of their Meta Kart Racers game. They will also work on new games and platform development. 

Why should you invest in Meta Masters Guild in the final presale stage? 

It is evident Meta Masters Guild is one of the best new projects this year that is here to stay in the long run. 

Not only it has a terrific potential to pump by 100x in the upcoming year, but it to revolutionize the whole industry. This means that the new generation of P2E will launch - all based on the Meta Masters Guild's revolutionary approach to gaming. 

To sum up, here is why you should hurry and buy MEMAG tokens while they're on presale at a lower price: 

  • You are investing in the token that takes the community feedback seriously, developing the games tailored to players' needs. 

  • Meta Masters Guild is raising a bar on the game quality, offering games you want to play again and again. 

  • The price potential is terrific, and you can earn dire rewards. 

  • Early investors are already having 200x higher returns on their investments! 

  • The demand for the project is dire, and the price is expected to explode in the future. 

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