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MEMAG Enter Phase 6 After Rasing 3.4 M - 5 Reasons To Buy This P2E Crypto Now!

 Meta Masters Guild has caused an enormous amount of hype since the presale began. Read on to find out why.


Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Play-to-earn projects have proven to be one of the most attractive types of crypto platforms for the community, with last year’s revenue exceeding $1 billion.

This sector has been so successful that it’s starting to become a real danger to conventional gaming platforms. This resulted in many companies adding the earning aspect to their games.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t problems that this industry faces. 

Player boredom, monotonous storylines, lack of incentives... these are just some of the things players complain about.

Well, Meta Masters is on its way to solve them, and the $3.4 million it already raised proves that investors trust it.


Why is Meta Masters Guild Causing so Much Hype?

Meta Masters Guild stirred quite a bit of hype among seasoned P2E experts since the very announcement of the game, and many were interested to see what the first mobile-only Web3 project has to offer.

For starters, Meta is putting the spotlight on creating enjoyable and easy-to-play games to create a loyal community. 

By doing so, developers ensure that players won’t dump the project so easily

The team is working on multiple games at the moment with titles like Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World, and NFT raid already in their final stages of development. Not only that there are more games in the plan, but MEMAG is also encouraging other game developers to launch  games on their platform. 


The fuel that will power the ecosystem is $MEMAG, a native token that will be used for all in-game transactions.
MEMAG just entered its 6th presale stage, and the current price is 0.021 USDT. And investors seem to believe that you won’t get such a good deal any time soon.

5 Reasons to Buy MEMAG Now

With the basics covered, let’s dig deeper and explain why investors are buying MEMAG hand over fist.

Getting the Best Deal for Your Buck

Inventors who bought MEMAG at its 1st presale stage have already seen a massive 200% return on investment (ROI). Quite a profit considering that the project is not even on the market yet.

And it's not too late for those that missed the first presale. If you buy the MEMAG token before the next price increase at the rate of 0.021 USDT, you would make over 10% ROI in less than a week! 

And this is just the beginning as many expect 30x-60x returns as soon as the game hits the market.    
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Unique Mobile Gaming Experience 

As mentioned previously, the main P2E problem is that developers focus too much on the earning part of play-to-earn rather than on the playing part – resulting in massive pumps in value and even bigger dumps once players start selling their assets.


MEMAG addressed that by focusing primarily on the playing part by creating numerous fun-to-play games with extraordinary graphics performance in combination with Web3 and blockchain technology.

All of this will be incorporated within one ecosystem that will be only accessible through a mobile device. 
These features combined will probably result in the MEMAG price going 20-40x in value as the year unfolds.

$100,000 MEMAG Giveaway

Meta Masters Guild was created with one idea in mind – focus on the players.

And they are backing up these statements once again by creating a $100,000 giveaway of MEMAG tokens.


Anyone that has at least one $MEMAG token in their portfolio is viable to get an entry to this generous giveaway. 

Those who complete some simple tasks like following MEMAG on Twitter will gain multiple entries.

Transparent Token Audited by SolidProof and KYC-Verified by CoinSniper

One of the biggest downsides of the crypto market is that its highly volatile and unregulated, which leads to a great number of scams and rug pulls.
That’s why it is always important when the team behind any project is transparent and open to answering gamers’ questions.
The team behind the Meta Maters Guild could serve as an example to many other P2E platforms by showing clarity and transparency to the investors.


No Investment Required

There is one more problem P2E platforms create that the MEMAG developers solved in their project – big payment requirements to access the games.
Many people that would otherwise be interested to play a certain P2E game have a fear of investing a lot of money into something they have little to no knowledge of. 

The team addressed this by allowing anyone to download the games and start playing and earning with no initial investment required. 
By doing this, MEMAG is creating a potentially huge player pool that is more loyal to the project than those with high initial investment requirements.
This is one of the main reasons behind crypto analysts’ prediction that MEMAG will explode once it hits the exchange shelves.


The Conclusion

Play-to-earn projects are now on the rise again and experts say that 2023 might be even more prosperous than 2021 was for P2E.

And with many innovative approaches like 0 investment required, transparency, immersive games, and big monetary rewards, Meta Masters might just be the best P2E of the year.

So, head on to MEMAG’s website and acquire your first batch of tokens before the price raises in less than a week!