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Meet India's 15 Young Entrepreneurs To Look-out For In 2022!

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Meet India's 15 Young Entrepreneurs To Look-out For In 2022!

India is fortunate to see a significant rise in the number of young entrepreneurs, which has boosted the start-up ecosystem, making way for more and more businesses that generate employment.

 India's 15 Young Entrepreneurs
India's 15 Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a life-changing skill which paves the way for transformation and young entrepreneurs play an instrumental role in inspiring the upcoming generations besides accelerating the economic growth of any country. 

India is fortunate to see a significant rise in the number of young entrepreneurs, which has boosted the start-up ecosystem, making way for more and more businesses that generate employment. This shift has remarkably influenced social change and has led to increased productivity amongst the workforce. Some of India’s brightest young business talents under the age 30, who have made a mark in this world by setting their goals and working relentlessly to achieve them are listed in this article.

Prince Lamba is a young Indian businessman hailing from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh who built his start-up revolving around ‘Chai’, India’s most loved beverage. He started his venture Chai Shai Bar in the year 2019 and scaled it to become the fastest growing tea chain franchise in India having over eighty outlets in twenty-five states. 

His business qualities, including extraordinary communication skills and hard work, are a result of his exposure to the business world from a very young age. He started his career with a mobile business in 2004 and thereafter worked on his family business until 2019, when he decided to start Chai Shai Bar. The venture gained splendid popularity in a very short period of time and received widespread appreciation from every corner. He aims to expand as an organization and create 100 outlets by the end of 2022.

The boost in the start-ecosystem in India by these young entrepreneurs has encouraged jobs creation besides inspiring the youth of the country. Every individual entrepreneur’s journey mentioned here reflects their passion, hard work, skills and decision making power which led them to success. Moreover, the growth in youth-led start-ups has transformed the entrepreneurial sphere by imbibing a sense of confidence among the upcoming generation to pursue their dream of entrepreneurship.

"If you are empowering minds with education, you are actually empowering the economy and living standards."

Mr. Vikas Bharati is a Serial Entrepreneur, CEO of PlanEdu and TedrooX Technologies, who hails from a defence services family and received his education at a military school hostel. He has a mind of an Edu-preneur, a soul of a visionary, and the body working to be the Achiever of dreams. Vikas has successfully established himself as a higher education and career counsellor, a visionary, a motivational speaker, and an angel investor. 

He is a graduate of VTU, BE in Computer Science, and having always been exposed to the best education and career-building environment, Vikas started guiding aspirants and stepped into career consultation in the year 2008, which laid the foundation stones for PlanEdu. 

PlanEdu was his brain concoction which believes that every child has an incredible future ahead and the right assistance at the right time, helps them to identify their true potential and fuels their zeal to be in their potentially valued position professionally. The passion for becoming a self-made entrepreneur motivated Mr. Vikas to explore the gaps in the education sector in India and led him to devise solutions aimed at the upliftment of the Indian education system.

Mangesh Shinde is a Pune based Entrepreneur, YouTube Influencer, Marketing Consultant and the Founder and CEO of WillStar Media. His media company operates in Influencer Marketing, Creator Management and Video Production. Mangesh’s excellent communication skills and content creation led him to become a leading social media influencer with a follower base of 2.4 million on his YouTube channel, The Willpower Star. 

He strongly believes that consistency is the key to success and his mission is to provide easy to understand quality content to hustlers. He is a leader and inspiration in true sense. Mangesh also states that Failure is a part of the journey, however, if an individual is stubborn about his/her goals, no matter what, it can be achieved. 

Shubham Sharma is the brain behind Deeshuumm Ventures Private Limited, an internet media company which creates and curates India-specific content. This venture also serves as an open mic platform for poets, storytellers, stand-up comedians and other enthusiasts, giving a voice to the unspoken issues prevalent in the society. Till date, Shubham has successfully conducted over three hundred events with over 2000 poets and writers participating and showcasing their skills.  

His Internet Media Company has created various offline and online platforms which have garnered millions of views on YouTube. Moreover, Shubham is a top-performing digital marketer and founder of Deeshuumm Digital Dekhbhal (, a company that helps freelancers, entrepreneurs and business houses create and manage their social media accounts, connect with customers, and establish their brands on social networks. Shubham also delivers lectures in school and colleges in an attempt to encourage kids to bring out their best and follow their passion. He has also been a theatre artist and has performed in various acts with award-winning performances.

India’s Youngest High Ticket Closer Harshit Pandey is the founder of Harpanx, a marketing agency which helped businesses increase their revenue and sales by establishing their prominent presence in the market through social media ads and management. 

The twenty-three years old ambitious entrepreneur is continuously expanding the horizons of his venture and working to make the consumer experience better. He gave a new direction to Harpanx in the field of industrial automation and has mastered the art of selling. 

Harpanx is Harshit’s brainchild and his clientele includes people from various sectors ranging from real estate, finance, law and e-commerce. Customer Acquisition is a key aspect of his business and his exceptional business skills lead him to close deals worth millions of dollars.  

Harshit advises the young generation to build their sales skills as it is an important aspect which influences the relationship with a client and at the same time urges them to explore new opportunities and take risks. 

An epitome of inspiring young entrepreneurs, Durvesh Yadav is a serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Rising Star Digital Media, and a best-selling author. When the students at 18 still plan for their careers and stay engrossed with academics, Durvesh Yadav at the mere age of 18, set up his own business, Rising Star Digital Media -PR and Marketing Company, worked with 100’s of clients in the industry!

To add more to his achievements, he is a best-selling author, and his book ‘What They Don’t teach Us’ is a must-read for all students as well as aspiring Entrepreneurs. Durvesh Yadav at school had scored below average in the subject of English which resulted in him being a victim of the bullies. However, nothing could break his hopes and dreams and today Durvesh is a renowned name in the market for his sustaining services to his clients and also a writer who follows his passion to explore his pen as well as expand his business. 

Durvesh Yadav has been honoured with Bharat Youth Award 2021. Today Durvesh is a youth guide, speaker, bestselling author, and popularly known as one of the Inspiring young Entrepreneurs in India.

Kshav Krishnan is an Indian blogger and Niche Site Expert who hails from a small village, Mirzapur Jagni in Darbhanga, Bihar. His blogging journey was a big failure until one day he wrote a blog about Fassos referral code on his website which ranked No.1. He believes that “Content is King” and with the right subject-matter, one can make real money on the Internet. 

Keshav is on a mission is to help the Young Bloggers earn passive income online and his core strengths include his deep understanding of content and keywords intent. He is currently vested in working on his own portfolio of websites in Home Tech Niche ( and Bird Niche ( 
The Young Blogger has a demonstrated history of creating a portfolio of niche websites and has worked on several projects for renowned International brands like American Express, Citi Bank and Houselogic. Keshav’s expertise has helped such brands to grow their organic traffic via quality Content.

Umesh Kumar is a young entrepreneur, crypto & blockchain expert. He is the founder and CEO of Indian cryptocurrency exchange named SunCrypto, which is based in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. SunCrypto started functioning in July 2021, and has built a base of more than eight lakh registered and active users for crypto trading and investment purpose in a very short span of time.
The Crypto market is a volatile one and SunCrypto offers its users the facility of “Quick Trade” which means, the minute an order is placed at the current or expected market price, it is matched and spontaneous execution takes place. The number of Crypto enthusiasts in India is growing and Umesh’s vision is to create a platform which enables easy and simple Cryptocurrency exchange with zero complexity to make the trading experience an unforgettable one.
Quick Trade therefore helps to bridge the gap between a buyer and seller and resolve the issue of liquidity in a matter of few minutes. SunCrypto under Umesh Kumar is emerging as India’s leading exchange start-up which is all set to transform the trading experience. 

Akash Jaiswal is the creative brain behind the company Wooble, an advanced digital portfolio platform. Hailing from the city of Jamshedpur in Jharkhand, Akash always had a knack for technology and computers since his childhood. He holds a degree in engineering and went on to pursue his master’s from the prestigious Stanford University School of Business. 

The tech-enthusiast believes in the saying “It’s not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves” and went ahead to create a comprehensive digital portfolio platform which includes features like self-customization, cost efficiency, simple tools for editing, shareable hyperlinks, and more. Akash encourages students and professionals to build their work portfolios and elevate their digital presence as a portfolio is considered to be a person’s reflection. His company Wooble is certified by ISO, Dun and Bradstreet and also got listed by Start-up India and Start-up Odisha. Moreover, Wooble recently marked its presence at NORTH STAR, Dubai


Karthik is the Co-Founder of FBlock Marketing Tech and graduated from IIM Amritsar in the year 2021. The young entrepreneur holds a degree in engineering and considers himself to be an able business strategist which led him to start his own venture soon after graduating. He established - a cute little drop-shipping ecommerce store which sells printed merchandise such as t-shirts, part of whose revenue goes to Animal shelters across the country.
He has a vast experience in digital marketing, corporate strategic alliances, product growth, analytics consulting and inside-sales, with industry leading organizations like Unacademy, GrabOn, Deloitte Consulting and HackerEarth. Besides this, Karthik along with his trusted business partner and ex-college mate

Akhil Chaudhary also started a Digital Marketing firm – WRYinc (We Represent You Inc). After partnering and working with multiple big names in the consumer industries including Unicorns of the country, Karthik is now entirely focused on building tech solutions to leverage the highly lucrative and booming phenomenon of social influence and bring new channels of acquiring customers to all Indian consumer brands, big and small. His new venture – – offers a SaaS based solution for digital and offline brands to seamlessly engage with their customers and build word-of-mouth as a sustainable marketing channel.
Karthik believes that he is motivated by opportunities which open the doors of learning and expand his knowledge-base in tech and business. He states that resilience and focus is the key to success which helped him grow in business.

Yoga is a higher state of awareness which is known to integrate the mind, body, and soul all together in a way that eliminates stress and improves wellness. Shobitha Krishnamurthy is the founder of Lotus Yoga which aims is to make yoga accessible to all at affordable prices. Yoga has always been Shobitha’s passion who was encouraged by her sister to become a successful trainer. She established Lotus Yoga as a platform which focuses on overall wellness by teaching hatha yoga in online and in-person yoga classes. 

Hatha Yoga is known to relieve the mind from all kinds of stress and provide a refreshing experience by channelizing the vital force or energy of the body. The boutique yoga studio established in 2022, provides a holistic approach with small batch sizes and a friendly environment and its clientele includes big corporations, yoga enthusiasts and the general public. Lotus Yoga also offers yoga therapy sessions for specific diseases as well as tailored yoga programs suited to individual needs.

Ankit Raturi started his entrepreneurial journey by setting-up Circle Tattoo, a tattoo studio which provides fully customised tattoos as per the client's needs with a motto of making every client encounter feel like a meeting with an old friend. Ankit believes that his prior working experience in the industry enriched his knowledge and experience which helped him gain the upper hand. Currently, Circle tattoo studio has two branches, one in Mumbai and the other in Delhi. 
He plans to expand the horizons of Circle Tattoo franchise to other metropolitan cities like Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Under the brand Circle, Ankit has also successfully set-up Circle Café in Malad West, Mumbai which provides a creative and unforgettable experience to its customers and also assists in organizing workshops, open mics and parties. He also owns a Marketing forum, Circle Marketing Agency which provides services like web development and social media management for brands to elevate their social media presence. 

Apart from these ventures, Ankit’s Jewellery store Subtle by Circle is gaining momentum and he plans to take over the apparel business, salon and dance studio as well. Ankit believes that Warren Buffet’s quote, “Never depend on a single income, make investments to create a second source,” acted as his biggest motivation which urged him to streamline his income from multiple ventures. 

Anupriy Singh is an engineer turned entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial journey with, a home service company offering door to door services such as home tutors, technicians, legal experts, accountants, and home delivery of essential goods. After gaining experience from this venture, Anupriy started a horticulture company, Witwake Solutions Pvt. Ltd in the year 2019 which focuses on providing its customers all round services for efficient and healthy spaces.

He works as the Managing Director of Witwake Solutions Private Limited, and is involved in converting unused unban spaces into greener luxury or high yielding in-house farms. The Lucknow based company has expanded its horizons and now provides services to top corporates and has successfully converted hundreds of urban spaces by its expertise gardening services, vertical garden & landscaping services. 

Ankit Kashyap was born in a below-average middle-class family who dared to dream big and aim for the stars. He received his primary education from a government school in the suburbs of Delhi and started working soon after his graduation to make ends meet. Even though Ankit is a Management Graduate from a renowned Institute, he had to struggle by going door-to-door for sales and work late night shifts to manage expenses. The covid-19 situation pushed him into debt after he lost his mother who was his biggest support system. 

RD Realty is a real-estate consultancy firm which was founded by Ankit in Jan’2021 in memory mother, which aims to secure the dreams of the mass population. Ankit states that since Real-Estate is an unorganised sector, the public often gets cheated by unverified/local agents and to bridge this gap, RD Reality was set-up as a professional consultancy firm which connects the public to the biggest brands in the real-estate sector in Delhi-NCR. 
Ankit’s determination and never-give up attitude has set an example for every middle-class person who faces obstacles and struggles to make his/her way to the top. 

Deepak is an engineering graduate who is very passionate about entrepreneurship and the education and healthcare sector. His start-up Parabola is an end to end recruitment & Payroll management company, serving the Corporate Sector. Parabola offers an extensive range of HR services to simplify the recruitment process and give more options for recruiters and corporate companies. It also features a high-end technology solution which makes the recruiting process smooth with a unique voice based model. Parabola Voice is designed to save time for the HR team while Parabola Talent is a Candidate Hiring solution for particular job profiles with an option of an initial interview round. The other significant segments include Parabola Payroll, Parabola Campus, Parabola Outsource which provides staffing solutions for various sectors in multiple locations and Parabola People. 

This innovative idea was duly honoured by Nationwide awards and Deepak Hegde was recognised as the Best Emerging Entrepreneur of the year -2022 in the Recruitment and Payroll Management Category. Besides successfully running Parabola, Deepak is also vested in start-ups relating to education and healthcare. 
The boost in the start-ecosystem in India by these young entrepreneurs has encouraged jobs creation besides inspiring the youth of the country. Every individual entrepreneur’s journey mentioned here reflects their passion, hard work, skills and decision making power which led them to success. Moreover, the growth in youth-led start-ups has transformed the entrepreneurial sphere by imbibing a sense of confidence among the upcoming generation to pursue their dream of entrepreneurship.