Monday, Aug 08, 2022
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Meet Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan, A Billionaire After Massive Stock Exchange

Eros STX acquired 'The Odyssey Channel' from entrepreneur Courtney Jordan for 365 Million USD and was largely attracted to the channel because it would allow the media giant to better expand its market base into Bangladesh

Courtney Jordan, Entrepreneur
Courtney Jordan, Entrepreneur

At the end of 2021, Eros STX acquired 'The Odyssey Channel' from entrepreneur Courtney Jordan for 365 Million USD. According to documents obtained from the SEBI, the impressive cash and stock deal broken down equates to over 100 Million USD in cash and 265 Million USD worth of stock. 

Eros was largely attracted to The Odyssey Channel because it would allow the media giant to better expand its market base into Bangladesh, a population growing faster than the overall Southeast Asian market and absorbing more media. Eros also gained access to all of The Odyssey Channels Holdings' prime properties, such as total production and licensing rights to a path era of New Zealand and Australian child and teen programming.

The deal comes on the heels of the announcement of Jordan's mandate to his company Venture Beyond Capital to restructure, rebrand, and redirect. 

Since November of 2021, Jordan has been selling off huge chunks of its assets and reorganizing the remainder of his companies under Neyius. 

Mandee Woodard has led all of Courtney Jordan's ventures as head of business affairs since 2017. This was during the time of Jordan's very first restructure of his companies and his move into the UK and subsequently Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. The newest restructure under the Neyius Brand will foster an industry shift, for the multinational brand, into social media and energy.

Woodard tells Outlook, "This is a remarkable period for me in the sense that you know there was a time that I thought my career was over in 2012. And if I can sit in this seat today, it just shows that anything is possible. And anybody can rebuild themselves just starting over, taking that first step, making the first move. And they can reinvent themselves when they go through hardships."

"That is the beauty of rebranding and rebuilding, it is what makes working for Courtney Jordan exciting, a new idea forms, and a new day is evermore exciting than the previous."

The new social media platform, geared toward enterprise team members, already has more than 4 million active users, all from more than 200 paying companies. For as you see, Neyius, the social media company, is not for just anyone. The strict criteria for joining centers around employment status and whether your company has more than 130 employees. If you are a member, you will see a streamlined process to communicate with team members and supervisors. Be able to purchase work materials, video chat, build real-time projects with your team members and provide hiring managers real-time reviews, feedback, and recommendations. All this to aid in promotion advancements or career moves. 

The restructure and the closing of the odyssey channel deal catapulted Jordan into the billionaire stratosphere. 

Jordan's net worth is now a reported 1.1 Billion USD. Much of which, according to Woodard, will be going towards the start-up of Neyius Energy.

The deal and restructuring have been met with multiple criticisms detailed in the Southern Business Review. The outlet has reported on Jordan's newest projects and questions his ability to separate his contacts from his philanthropic endeavors from those of his for-profit contacts. In addition, Southern Business Review reports obtained documents detailing Jordan's reportings and fillings with multiple countries. citing the "exponential growth in Jordan's wealth since the pandemic."