Thursday, May 26, 2022

Meet Dheeraj Jorwal: Father Of Creator Economy In India 

Dheeraj Jorwal is the backbone of top Indian YouTube influencers. He has immense expertise in content creation and knows how to make things go viral on the Internet.

Meet Dheeraj Jorwal: Father Of Creator Economy In India 
Dheeraj Jorwal

Social media and businesses go hand-in-hand these days. The Covid-19 Pandemic made social media a luxurious essential to the survival of our economy. With everyone inside the four walls, businesses were forced to move to online platforms and find unique ways of boosting their products online. The virtual world has now become the new normal days, and social media became a new source of entertainment for almost everyone. 

The sharp shift of businesses online gave rise to the new era of solopreneur: The Content Creators. While the companies struggling hard to build their businesses virtually, these solopreneurs which include, social media influencers, video-makers, and bloggers used their creative brains and social media platforms for their growth and monetization. Indeed the Content Creator economy is booming in the present scenario.

Meet Dheeraj Jorwal, the backbone of top Indian YouTube influencers. Dheeraj Jorwal, the name is not new to the industry. He is the founder of Brandzup which is India’s fastest thriving and popular Influencer management and Influencer Marketing Company.

Dheeraj always dreams of having his own company. He also has expertise in content creation and knows how to make things go viral on the Internet. He is also an expert in brand promotion strategies and knows minute tips and tricks of the field. He is thorough in making perfect use of Social Media for brand promotions, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Well, presently, he is the man behind the biggest Indian Top 5 YouTube sensational influencers out of 10 like Amit Bhadana, Harsh Beniwal, Round2Hell, Elvish Yadav, and Make A Joke Of... The list is continuing!

With his expertise in the field of marketing, Dheeraj dreamed of helping influencers, newcomers through various monetization methods. He rebranded his company name from ‘Brandzup’ into ‘Creators Company’ as he is the main contributor in the creator economy and focused on the same business. 

Dheeraj has now stepped into the Gaming World, which acquires a big market in India. He started ‘X Network’  Extreme Gaming Content Creators. Dheeraj is simply a man who turned the tables around to help creators pursue their dreams in India as well as helping in an economical boost to the country. 

To our wonders apart from gaming, Dheeraj Jorwal also started his Haryanvi Music Label ‘Desi Records’ in the first Pandemic which is now is one of the most successful Music Labels in India giving the fastest 1 Billion views to the song ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’. 

Indeed, Dheeraj is successfully playing the role of Father of Creator Economy in India! 

Dheeraj is also consulting many Venture Capital companies so that they can invest in the right creators' economy startups. He is also aiming to take hands-on experience in the IT Sector and will be working on some tech products which can become beneficial for the Creators Economy.