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Matic Is Up 50% In 30 Days - Why You Need To Buy Polygon And These New Cryptos Now

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Matic Is Up 50% In 30 Days - Why You Need To Buy Polygon And These New Cryptos Now

MATIC has been on a great run in the last 30 days, but Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, RobotEra and C+Charge are better investments.

Polygon Price Prediction
Polygon Price Prediction

Polygon (MATIC) has experienced a nice turnaround as of late, increasing 55.29% in value over the last 30 days as of February 6, 2023. That brings the value of this crypto to $1.20. This nice surge in price has crypto investors everywhere turning to Polygon as a crypto they need to buy now, and there are good reasons for that.

Will MATIC continue its upward run, making it a valuable investment? Let’s take a look at that below in this Polygon price prediction. We’ll also look at four other crypto projects that are looking to be much better investments with more promising returns in the future – Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), RobotEra (TARO) and C+Charge (CCHG).

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Polygon Price Prediction

Even though MATIC has experienced a nice increase in price recently, will it continue on that path? Let’s see.

Below is a Polygon price prediction on where the value could go in the next few years.


Expected low 

Expected high 










According to this price prediction, Polygon could be expected to increase in value by about 115% between the end of this year and 2025. Then, it could increase in value by about another 533% between 2025 and 2030.

This would certainly be a solid performance for MATIC, but there are some concerns. First, while Polygon has had a solid last 30 days, it had a really rough last 12 months. Even with that 55% gain in the last 30 days, it’s still down 42.64% in the last year.

In addition, there’s still a long way that Polygon must go this year just to reach the minimum projection of $1.65 for the end of 2023. In other words, this crypto must continue its surge for a while before it can even get to the baseline predicted above.

These are just some of the reasons why crypto investors are being cautious with Polygon from a long-term perspective. They are enjoying the run MATIC is going on now – and many will likely buy it now for short-term returns – but they’re also turning to the four crypto projects below, all of which have brighter futures ahead.

Meta Masters Guild Redefining P2E

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is redefining P2E, by taking an approach they’re calling Play-And-Earn (P&E). The developers are making sure that nothing gets in the way of them creating fun and addictive mobile Web3 games. This means that while MEMAG has great tokenization, earnings mechanisms and blockchain integration, the primary focus is creating great games.

By doing this, the developers are attracting a large and diverse gamer base that is more likely to be engaged in the platform, and invest in the platform long-term. This is bound to increase the value of the MEMAG token exponentially.

Meta Masters Guild has raised more than $3.1 million thus far, and there are only a few days left in Presale Stage 5. Another price increase is coming at the next stage, so hurry and buy now.

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Fight Out Leading the M2E Pack

Fight Out (FGHT) is a new gym and fitness app that is leading the M2E pack. They’re doing this by rewarding users for tracking a plethora of fitness metrics – rather than just tracking the number of steps people are taking in a day. All of these metrics are then tracked and displayed in a user’s avatar, giving them a great visualization of their progress.

In doing so, Fight Out is creating an environment where users are more likely to stick to their fitness program, and continue to invest so they can build up their avatars. As such, the $FGHT token will increase in value, too, as users want to continue earning more.

Fight Out has raised more than $3.9 million in presale thus far. Hurry and buy now, as its first CEX launch is scheduled for March 31.

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RobotEra Creating New Worlds

On RobotEra (TARO), users will become robot avatars and seek to rebuild the beautiful planet of Taro in this sandbox-like, planet-rebuilding metaverse. Users can do this by creating robot companions and collaborating with other users on the platform to create whatever they can imagine.

In doing this, they’ll be creating entirely new NFT communities. They can then invite others to enjoy all that they’ve created, in what will be a truly collaborative community experience. Since it’s all based around the $TARO token, the value of this crypto project from an investment standpoint is set to soar.

RobotEra is closing in on Stage 1 of the presale ending, with a price increase coming in Stage 2. So, get the best price possible by buying now.

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C+Charge Rewarding EV Drivers

EV drivers will finally be rewarded for reducing their carbon footprint. By using C+Charge (CCGH), users can earn valuable carbon credits, which until this point have been only available to the very wealthy and businesses.

C+Charge is a robust P2P payment system for EV charging stations that’s making the process easier for EV drivers and charging station owners alike.

CCHG is coming to the end of Presale Stage 1, so hurry and buy while the lowest price is available.

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Binance Coin Expanding Uses

When Binance Coin (BNB) started it was just for facilitating trades on the Binance crypto exchange. Now, it’s used for payment processing, booking travel, trading and so much more. It can even be exchanged directly for other forms of crypto.

Since the start of this year, BNB has increased in value by 33.14%, and it could be on the rise even further in the coming months.

Polygon is Surging, But These Cryptos are Better Buys

Polygon has been on a real nice run as of late, with a 55% gain in the last 30 days, as of February 6, 2023. However, there are signs that it may not be able to sustain this pace long-term.

That’s why Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, RobotEra and C+Charge all make for better crypto investments. These projects are all in presale now, so don’t delay any further.