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Manual Link Building: Ultimate Guide & Our Agency Choice

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Manual Link Building: Ultimate Guide & Our Agency Choice

Are you looking for the best manual link-building services? Here are some basics and the best options for the category.

Manual Link Building
Manual Link Building

Link building has been the talking point for SEO experts for quite a while now. According to market data, about 46.5% of SEO experts spend at least $5,000 monthly for link-building services.

SEO experts focus more on link building due to its impact on rankings. It is a proven fact that high-quality links can improve search engine rankings. Recent studies also prove the positive relationship between links and search engine rankings.

According to some studies, websites with at least 30 backlinks receive more than 10,000 monthly visitors. The studies also show that websites with less than five links only get less than 1000 monthly visitors.

As link-building is extremely important, let’s look at it in detail.

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What is Link Building?

Link building is an important process in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is the process through which a website is linked to another website. Link building improves the search engine rankings of a website.

There are many techniques to get links for a website.

  • The best way to get linked by another website is to ask. You can create general content like blog posts, buying guides, etc., and ask other websites to link to these pages.
  • You can manually add links on other websites or pages like Quora. Social media comments, blog comments, etc., are other spaces where you can manually add links.
  • Creating high-quality content is the most natural way to get linked to another website. In-depth research and original content can attract links from other websites.

What is Manual Link Building?

Manual link building is one of the most popular SEO strategies. It helps with improving the search engine rankings of a website. Manual linking is the link-building process in which one or more persons manually attempt link-building. It is in contrast to the commonly used automated link-building strategy.

In manual link building, no automated software or bit is used to build the links. Instead, each link is individually made by people. Many techniques are used in manual link building. They are as follows.

  • Writing reviews, feedback, or testimonials.
  • Press releases
  • Guest posting
  • Collaborating with content creators or influencers
  • Posting social media comments
  • Posting blog comments

Manual link-building is not at all easy. It takes a lot of time and effort. Usually, people send link requests to other websites. But it need not always be successful. The manual link-building techniques enable you to get more links than when you send link requests. Manual link-building is also known asmanual outreach link-building.

Manual Link-Building: Advantages

Manual link-building strategies are widely used because they have many advantages. Here are some of the most popular benefits of manual link-building:

1. Better Control: You can choose where to build the link in manual link-building. This kind of freedom or control is not available with automated services. You can select the anchor text and the linking location. You can also choose to link to popular websites where you will get maximum attention.

2. Better Quality: One of the most common criticisms of automated link-building strategy is that quantity is given more importance than quality. Having more links is not effective. It is the quality of the links that matter. In manual link-building, you can link to high-quality content. This will significantly improve the reputation and credibility of your website.

3. Prevents Penalties: Most search engines usually charge automatic links with penalties. However, manual links are widely accepted and promoted by search engines.

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4. Better Visibility: SEO experts say manual link-building improves a brand's visibility. The manual links build a positive reputation for your brand online. This positive reputation gradually results in better visibility and traffic on your website.

Why is Manual Link Building Better Than Automated Linking?

High-quality manual link-building service is better than automated linking due to multiple reasons. Let’s look at them in detail.

First of all, automated linking is the process in which a business uses automated means to get more links. Mostly, people use automated software, applications, etc., as part of automated linking.

One of the significant issues with automated linking is that the link builder will have very low control over the links. The automated bots pick random locations and random anchor texts to link the website. This may not look good for your website.

Another issue with automated linking is the penalties. Search engines like Google usually charge penalties on automated links.

But manual linking does not cause any penalties. Manual link-building is a careful process that consumes a reasonable time. So, the links made manually do not appear unnatural or out of place. So, they don’t invite any penalties from search engines.

Also, search engines give priority to manual links rather than automated links. So, websites with manual links usually appear among the top search results. Thus, manual links bring more traffic to the websites than automated links.

The only advantage of using automated linking is that it consumes relatively less time. The service is faster than other link-building methods.

White Hat Manual Link Building

White hat manual link building is an ethical way of directing organic traffic to a website. White hat link-building agency pick quality websites and link them to quality content. This helps the linked websites to get more visitors.

Link Building Services for SEO Agency

Many SEO agencies offer link-building services to businesses. Manual link-building, as mentioned, can be a time-consuming affair. It also needed to be done carefully to get maximum results.

Professional link-building services offer expert link-building services to customers. They provide quality links that can bring more customers to the target websites. Link-building services also ensure top ranks in search engine rankings.

There are many link-building specialist agencies. One of the most popular among them is the Goldie Agency.

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Goldie Agency: Best Link Building Agency

Goldie Agency is undoubtedly the best link-building agency. This professional link-building agency offers help to earn more traffic for any business or service.

SEO backlink expert Julian Goldie established Goldie Agency. Julian Goldie has been assisting businesses with building effective backlinks for more than six years. The 70+ member Goldie Agency team has helped thousands of companies with their marketing goals.

Goldie Agency primarily uses email outreach to build more backlinks for their customers. The agency's chief strategy is to create high-quality content that invites more organic links. They also partner with many reputed websites, which helps with the placement of links.

Goldie Agency also sends out many link requests through various media. They try to build relationships with different website owners and provide maximum exposure to the links.

About Goldie Agency

Here are some interesting facts about Goldie Agency and its founder, Julian Goldie.

  • Goldie Agency has over 200 five-star reviews on UpWork.
  • Julian Goldie is a reputed SEO writer of a bestselling book titled ‘Link Building Mastery.’
  • Julian Goldie provides a dedicated video course titled ‘Link Building Mastery Video Course.’
  • Goldie Agency is active on all major social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Julian Goldie offers a free SEO link-building course.
  • The success score of Goldie Agency is a solid 100%.
  • Goldie Agency has a pay-at-performance principle. So, they accept the fees only if the client's website performs well.
  • Goldie Agency reports the performance of the links with the customer in real time.
  • Customers can easily place orders for manual link building with Goldie Agency through their official website.
  • Julian Goldie was featured in media like NBC, CBS, FOX Business, etc.
  • Goldie Agency has been a part of over 1000 successful link-building campaigns.
  • Goldie Agency offers a personal account manager to get a tailor-made service for each customer.
  • With Goldie Agency, customers get access to the best-performing websites of their respective categories.


1. Why is link-building important?

Link-building is important because it improves the SEO ranks of a website. It helps with improving the traffic of a website. It brings more customers to a website. It also helps the business to build a positive reputation online.

2. What is a good backlink?

A good backlink improves the SEO rankings of a website. A backlink that brings more customers to a website can be called a good backlink.

3. Is link-building an SEO tool?

Link-building is a very popular SEO tool. Links can influence search engine rankings. Search engines usually pick top-ranking websites by looking at the number of links they have. So, link-building is a very important tool for SEO.

4. How to Improve Organic Traffic and Domain Authority Using Manual Link Building Service?

You can improve organic traffic and domain authority using manual link-building services wisely. Good manual link-building services create quality content and collaborate with established influencers. Such activities improve organic traffic to the target website.

5. How much should I pay for link building?

You should have a set budget aside for link building every month. The prices can vary based on the service provider. Some link-building services offer a pay-on-performance feature. Such service providers charge the fees only if they can improve the website’s performance.

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