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LUNC Price Prediction - Is Luna Classic Set To Be The Next Coin To Pump

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LUNC Price Prediction - Is Luna Classic Set To Be The Next Coin To Pump

Learn more about whether investing in LUNC is worth it in 2023 or not. Check out the potential alternatives that are a safe bet this year, like MEMAG, FGHT, CCHG, and TARO.

LUNC price prediction
LUNC price prediction

The Terra Luna Classic is familiar to many crypto investors and traders after it changed the way people invest in the market. Although 2022 was a tough year for Terra Luna Classic (LUNC), the price action of the token has been seen to surge lately. However, despite the expectation of LUNC’s comeback in 2023, many investors are prioritizing alternative options like Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out (FGHT), C Charge (CCHG) , and RobotEra (TARO) that are safer and are available at a discounted price.

But before we explore the possibilities of the tokens mentioned above, let’s take a look at LUNC’s price prediction for the coming years.

LUNC price prediction

Terra Luna Classic experienced the most challenging year last year. However, according to experts, the LUNC price may reach $1 this year, but the predictions are not completely hopeful for the investors. Whether the price goes up depends majorly on the Terra Luna Classic burn program, which will contribute to the token’s ability to sustain a long-term price rally.

Below is the estimated price performance of LUNC for the coming years.









With that being said, let’s look at the other safer options in the market at present that are making all the news lately.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

The crypto space is slowly getting adopted in our daily lives, and Meta Masters Guild is making it one step closer by integrating mobile gaming with Web 3.0 technologies. With Meta Masters Guild, players can get a fun gaming experience with the option to earn crypto sustainably. Backed by its native token, MEMAG, the play-to-earn model of the platform allows users to enjoy quality games along with the earning potential.

While MEMAG is the primary token of the platform and is required when it comes to investing, GEMS tokens are used for the in-game rewards. GEMS is the utility token that can be used for buying in-game assets, or NFTs, as well as converting them to MEMAG. MEMAG is currently on presale, which is why now is the best time to purchase the token at a discounted price.

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Fight Out (FGHT)

Next on the list is Fight Out, another potential crypto project that is based on fitness and wellbeing. With Fight Out, users can track and get rewards for completing certain physical activities with the help of blockchain technology. While many projects are directed at building a more accessible and effective way for individuals to buy products and services that help shape their bodies and make them fit, Fight Out combines the benefits of getting rewarded while improving health.

Fight Out focuses on offering an essential fitness program that enhances a user’s strength, endurance, cardio, and mental fortitude. The move-to-earn platform of Fight Out is flexible since it fulfills the fitness needs of users with the required training equipment at home. Not only that, but users can also do an intense workout at a nearby Fight Out gym.

Where it differs from traditional gyms is not only the reward system and incorporation of blockchain technology into a fitness app but also the offering of a personalized workout experience. Fight Out does so by providing a personalized workout routine and goals to achieve in order to improve fitness.

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C+Charge (CCHG)

Another crypto project that is worth mentioning is C+Charge, the new revolutionary green crypto that is becoming a point of interest for many investors around the world. The green platform features a P2P payment system for EV owners and drivers to make payments for charging at the EV charging stations effectively. With the mobile app provided by C+Charge, users can get access to a digital wallet that holds its native token, CCHG.

When an EV driver pays for charges at an affiliated charging station of C+Charge using CCHG, the platform rewards the user through carbon credits that they can sell or trade. C+Charge aims to deliver excellent utilities and benefits in order to reduce the carbon footprint significantly.

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RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is the latest metaverse cryptocurrency that is focused on rebuilding and offering a range of incentives to earn. On the platform, users can join as virtual robots and participate in building the metaverse. With RobotEra, users can buy virtual land in the metaverse and build real estate virtually that is presented as NFTs.

which serve a broad range of utilities in the RobotEra ecosystem. Where RobotEra stands out from the rest is the feature that combines Web3 with the metaverse.

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Liverpeer (LPT)

Last but not least, Liverpeer is a crypto to consider in 2023, as it has the potential to rank among the most promising projects of this year. The decentralized network runs on Ethereum, where the Liverpeer protocol is used to distribute transcoding jobs. Liverpeer is all about increasing the affordability and dependability for companies that require on-demand video streaming for various business operations.


2022 was not so kind to the crypto market, which is why investors need to be more aware of identifying profitable investments this year. While, after last year’s performance, it is quite challenging to predict the price performance of LUNC, there are safer options to invest in the market at present. So hurry up and add MEMAG, FGHT, CCHG, and TARO to your portfolio before the price goes up.


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