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Light Socket Security Camera Reviews {UPDATED} 2023 

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Light Socket Security Camera Reviews {UPDATED} 2023 

A light socket security camera is easy to install because you can place it like a regular household light bulb. So you can quickly fix it into a light bulb holder. After that, you can connect the camera to your home Wi-Fi system and monitor it through an app. 

Light Socket Security Camera
Light Socket Security Camera

A light socket security camera is also known as a light bulb security camera because it can be plugged in like a light bulb. With the help of this camera, you will capture excellent pictures at any time of day or night. 

The good thing about this light socket security camera is that you can connect it to any light bulb socket. On the other side, you can access it through an application made by technical professionals to securely monitor it while still being reasonably priced and high-quality. 

Another feature of this security camera is its high-resolution camera with several unique features. You can also operate it without cables or any additional effort.

What is a light socket security camera?

A light socket security camera is easy to install because you can place it like a regular household light bulb. So you can quickly fix it into a light bulb holder. After that, you can connect the camera to your home Wi-Fi system and monitor it through an app. 

After doing all these things, your security camera is ready to go. Another advantage of this security camera is that you can use it as a pet or baby monitor when you are not home. It also has a built-in LED light system, so you can use it on the back porch. 


What is unique about the light socket security camera?

The best light socket security camera is a significant advancement where you feel more at ease when you are away from home. Most surprisingly, it is a very easy-to-install gadget packed with many unique features. 

As an outdoor light socket security camera, it can also be used. It has features like full-color night vision, 1080-pixel video resolution, and 360-degree rotation. This light socket-powered security camera also includes alarm features and motion-tracking functions.

You can also plug it into a regular light bulb plug, and remember that it is a high-resolution camera that you can connect wirelessly to your home network.
This best security camera can be installed into a light socket. It can be connected to any AC outlet with an adaptor supplied at checkout.

Features of Light Socket Security Camera 

In this part of the post, we will discuss in detail all the outstanding features of security camera light bulb sockets.

Intelligent motion sensor

This security camera has an intelligent motion sensor that detects nearby movement from a distance. It is also equipped with LED lights illuminating anytime motion is sensed.

Alarm mechanism

This light socket security camera also contains an alarm mechanism that alerts the owner about suspicious activity. The suspect can also hear that alarm and will be aware that their actions are being watched.

Simple to install

The good thing about this light socket security camera is that it is straightforward to install. You just have to install it into AC outlets or light bulb sockets. So it only needs a light bulb socket that starts functioning through a power source, not batteries. This security camera comes with a three years warranty and extends the camera's lifespan by up to 20 to 30 years.

Two-way Intercom

Along with an alarm mechanism, a two-way intercom feature is also available. We can also call it a two-way audio function with which the users can communicate and listen through the camera from anywhere in the world.
So the person can install it in locations where their pets and children are present. 


Light socket security camera dimensions

This security camera is 6 in height and 2.7 in width. So due to its small size, you will like this security camera and be impressed by its superior quality. Consequently, the camera gives you a complete 360-degree view to ensure that it captures everything around it.

It comes up with a Wi-Fi connection

With the help of a Wi-Fi connection, you can keep an eye on all the activity all the time through your mobile. There is no need to purchase and install the screens for watching videos. You just have to download the app on your Android mobile or iOS. Then you must connect the camera to your Wi-Fi and access the recorded videos.

Night vision in full color

It also enables you full-color infrared night vision with which you can watch the high-quality video even in completely dark environments. 
1080p high-resolution light socket security camera

Remember that this security camera is a high-resolution camera that gets the entire color spectrum with a high-quality recording of the photos. 

What to know before purchasing a light socket security camera?

Here, we will discuss some key features to remember while buying light bulb security cameras.

Easy to use

For purchasing a security camera, choosing one that is easy to use and gives you hassle-free sample operation is necessary. You just have to install the app on your mobile and connect it to the security camera through Wi-Fi.

Motion Detector

You should go for a light bulb camera with motion detection capabilities. This camera is also the best because it will record everything, even the simple moves within its field of view.

The camera should move around your home when you are away and can detect the movement. Some security cameras also alert you on your app through text messages or phone calls so that you can react accordingly.

Wide Angle

Make sure that your security camera must come up with a wide-angle lens so that you can capture as much of the room as possible. If your light bulb camera has a wide Angle, it will be easier to find out what is happening in your home.

Night Vision

Another great feature of a light bulb camera is that it should be able to give you night vision even in low-light conditions. This is very much necessary because most criminal cases occur at night. So it is essential that your camera can see in dark environments. So if you find a night vision camera, it is key to getting full protection.



Make sure that your light bulb camera should be installed in any light bulb socket. The reason is that some cameras need a specific type of lamp bulb. So it is necessary to check the specifications before buying.

Benefits of using light socket security camera

•    You can connect this camera to your Android phone to see the video footage.
•    It gives you amazing clarity, so you will never miss anything.
•    It does not require any batteries or a difficult installation.
•    It is a great way of communication.
•    It comes up with an amazing sensor that detects even minute movements.
•    This light socket security camera can be used for serverless purposes without being noticed by the subject.
•    They are affordable and easy to use.
•    These cameras are portable and great for security purposes who need to monitor the property or person.
•    You can connect this camera to your Wi-Fi very easily.
•    It is smaller, can be used in any room, and does not take up so much space.
•    It can be used anywhere in a house or a shop.
•    These light socket security cameras are energy efficient.

How to use a light socket security camera?

This type of security camera is very easy to use as you just have to install it in any light fixture. Normally, it monitors a particular area where no visible cameras are present. So these can be used in public places such as malls, offices, and homes. 

All you have to do is connect it to your computer or smartphone through an app, and it is ready to go. After connecting to your smartphone, the images from the camera are transferred to your tablet or phone, where you can see what is happening around there. This security camera lets you monitor your home, kids, pets, and visitors.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the light socket security camera record?

Yes, this security camera can easily record high-quality video recordings to the connected device. The good thing about this camera is that at night; it automatically turns on the night color vision, where everything is clear.

Are light security cameras effective?

Yes, these types of security cameras are excellent in their effectiveness. It is a great tool to boost your home security at an affordable rate to prevent burglaries.

Does a security camera work when there are no electricity or power outages?

No, these security cameras work with consistent power of electricity to work.

Can light security cameras be used indoors?

These cameras are very useful when you use them indoors. So it works best when you are outside your home and want to know what is happening there. So with the help of these types of cameras, you can monitor your babies and the health of a senior family member. You can also monitor different things, such as the temperature in your office or home during harsh weather conditions.

Final words

The light socket camera is the most effective and advanced option for home office and apartment security. It is easily affordable, easy to install, and worth buying. You can also use this security camera in your home to monitor your home when you are outside. Overall, it is a cost-effective solution and can be used as an indoor and outdoor security camera. It does not need any battery adaptors or wiring; you just have to plug and play it.


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