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Laxogenin 100 Dosage, Cycles, Side Effects, Before And After Results

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Laxogenin 100 Dosage, Cycles, Side Effects, Before And After Results

Laxogenin 100 is a natural supplement that may help build muscle, improve strength, and reduce inflammation.


Laxogenin is a natural plant-based compound that is often marketed as a muscle-building supplement. It is classified as a brassinosteroid, which is a type of steroid found in plants. Despite being marketed as a muscle-building supplement, there is limited scientific evidence to support its effectiveness for this purpose.  

Laxogenin 100 is a natural supplement that may help build muscle, improve strength, and reduce inflammation. Click Here to Buy Laxogenin 

If you are looking for a natural supplement that can help you build muscle, improve strength, and reduce inflammation, Laxogenin 100 might be worth considering. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what Laxogenin 100 is, how it works, its potential benefits, side effects, dosage, and safety. 

Best Laxogenin 100 

Laxogenin 100 is a product from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals that contains 100-150mg Laxogenin dosage. Now, this version of Laxogenin is not natural at all because it increases protein synthesis in users by up to 300% which is absolutely unnatural. Click Here to Buy Laxogenin 100 

Recovery times are to be strengthened further and you can see certain physical changes appearing, also the levels of cortisol could go very high during its cycle which might turn your aggression and rage on. Lexogenin 100 is not the right choice for modern bodybuilders since many plenty full options work better than this.  

Laxogenin and 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin have not been approved by FDA for any use, and 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin is on the  DoD Prohibited Dietary Supplement Ingredients list. The safety of products containing either ingredient is unknown. 

What is Laxogenin? 

Laxogenin 100 is a plant-based steroid, also known as 5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin or simply Laxogenin. It is derived from a shrub called Smilax sieboldii, which is native to Asia. Laxogenin is believed to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids, without the negative side effects. Laxogenin 100 is a concentrated form of Laxogenin that contains 100 mg per capsule. 

Laxogenin 100 works by stimulating the production of muscle-building proteins, such as MyoD and Myogenin, while inhibiting the production of myostatin, a protein that limits muscle growth. Laxogenin is also believed to increase nitrogen retention and improve protein synthesis, which can help build and repair muscle tissue. 

As we can see, Laxogenin is regarded as a natural prohormone so it has reportedly multiple benefits for improving bodybuilding efforts and physical performance.  

Some experts suggest Laxogenin is neither a steroid nor a prohormone, since it works or interferes with the endocrine system of the body so its benefits are ever-changing.  

Laxogenin Bodybuilding 

Laxogenin 100 works by stimulating the production of muscle-building proteins, such as MyoD and Myogenin, while inhibiting the production of myostatin, a protein that limits muscle growth. Laxogenin is also believed to increase nitrogen retention and improve protein synthesis, which can help build and repair muscle tissue. 

Bodybuilders use Laxogenin because it’s widely popular among them and athletes who want to gain positive experience by enhancing performance.  

Based on many anecdotal experiences about the Laxogenin compound, you would be able to.  

  • Facilitate the muscle growth 
  • Support protein synthesis cycle 
  • Reduce high blood sugar levels 
  • Improve faster muscle recovery 

There are many other benefits of Laxogenin in bodybuilding, but mainly its performance-enhancement effect works like a charm. Laxogenin does not suppress the intrinsic hormone due to its mechanism with the endocrine system of the body.  

To this notion, Laxogenin users don’t have Post Cycle Therapy after running Laxogenin cycle.  

Brassinosteroids in studies turn out to be supportive of bodybuilding; however, more research needs to be done to back up these claims. Due to the positive reviews of many bodybuilders, there is a huge impact on laxogenin’s popularity in the bodybuilding community.  

Is Laxogenin a Sarm? 

Laxogenin is not certainly a Sarm, not a steroid, and some experts say it’s not even a prohormone. However, Laxogenin can be stacked with other Sarms and steroidal compounds to improve energy, stamina, and muscle growth.  

Laxogenin targets different parts of the body and affects the nuclear receptors which work on testosterone and estrogen levels. Brassinosteroids help with the growth of plants and the same effect is observed in humans as it kick-starts protein synthesis the same way.  

Laxogenin paired with RAD-140 Sarm is the best combination you can get for bulking cycle.  

Does Laxogenin Work? 

It has been established that laxogenin initiates anabolic reactions in the body which particularly facilitates protein synthesis.  

Due to the anabolism, the levels of cortisol are also meant to be depleted which lowers the stress conditions in the body. The body if it has high levels of cortisol signals the fat tissues to remain the same while performing muscle catabolism. Preventing the cortisol hormone means you are promoting muscle growth and helping with lean muscle preservation.  

Laxogenin exhibits anti-inflammatory effects which is ideal for those suffering from muscle injuries.  

This will allow users to work out with full intensity without pain or discomfort. Laxogenin is also rumored to retain nitrogen molecule in the body which aids fat loss and improve thyroid functioning, particularly T4 and T3 regulating the body's metabolism.  

Is Laxogenin 100 Safe? 

Laxogenin is not FDA-approved because it has a very limited number of clinical trials on humans. However, users often endorse its muscle gain effects. Laxogenin dosage shouldn’t exceed 200mg/day otherwise causes occasional headaches in users.  

Laxogenin recommended dosage is 100mg perday which will allow fewer side effects to happen only. Other brands of Laxogenin such as Smilax Sieboldii have Brassinosteroids that are associated with many side effects such as increased urination, headaches, and diarrhea.  

Laxogenin Side Effects 

According to the authentic source, Laxogenin is not safe if taken by mouth in a form of a supplement. Products that claims to contain Laxogenin as an active compound usually have other ingredients for performance enhancement that can be unsafe. Most of these supplement ingredients are banned from the WADA in any sports. 

Is Laxogenin 100 Worth It? 

Under no circumstances the use of laxogenin 100 is approved by clinical science. However, animal and cell-based research have shown you could get the following results from Laxogenin use that should support general health as well as bodybuilding.  

  • Laxogenin Prevents Tissue Damage: Cellular studies depict Laxogenin prevents tissue damage by eliminating the free radicals that tend to have poor oxygen supply. By neutralizing the free radicals and oxidative stress, Laxogenin has a positive impact on muscle recovery. The same effect did not go through clinical trials subjected to animals or humans.  
  • Cancer Treatment: In animal studies, Laxogenin reduces tumor formation in mice lungs. Both natural and synthetic versions of laxogenin execute leukemia and colon cancer cells. In other studies, it was witnessed that Laxogenin also kills prostate cancer cells and prevents tumor growth in these areas.  
  • Controlled Blood Sugar: In only obese mice, Brassinosteroids like Laxogenin reduce blood sugar levels with also marked reduction in sugar production in the liver. While it also reduces insulin resistance marginally, Laxogenin in cellular-based studies also tends to prevent the activation of two types of enzymes that turns the protein and fat into sugar.  

5 Alpha Hydroxy Laxogenin 

Some studies suggest Laxogenin is a plant steroid and is a natural extract. Discovered in 1970, Laxogenin made it to the bodybuilding world in the 80s after which it quickly attained success as a performance-enhancement drug.  

The reviews are mixed, with also studies on animals, cell-based cultures and some parts of anecdotal experiences are also there to provide brief data on the Laxogenin compound. The particular findings were Laxogenin enhances endurance, protein cycle, and performance in general which has no negative effects on muscle tissues.  

The natural plant extract “Laxogenin” does not work in many situations and its synthetic form “5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin” is entirely different. The synthetic derivative of this plant steroid mimics the original formula closely and in many cases tends to work better than the natural plant extract.  

If the supplement you are buying claiming to have natural plant steroids in them, simply don’t buy them without going through the background check. Because too many of them contain a synthetic derivative of laxogenin which seems to deliver positive effects but has many side effects too.  

Buy Laxogenin Supplement Online 

Laxogenin supplements are available for purchase online and you can even buy some of them from Walmart or Amazon. Laxogenin compound is not FDA approved so you might see many brands which can be from known or unknown manufacturers. Click Here to Buy Laxogenin online now 

Laxogenin supplements must be purchased from a company with third-party testing labeled on their product, this will ensure safety. Not every manufacturer of Laxogenin supplements takes care of quality control and it's best to choose the one with full evaluations by their hands.  

Legal steroids give a hard time to laxogenin supplements and other compounds not verified by the FDA.  

Natural Steroids vs Laxogenin 

Natural steroid is recommended as the alternative to natty steroids and sarms. If you look outside the box, you will see many brands promoting their natural steroids brand and Crazy Bulk is one of the most trusted ones in this domain.  

Natural steroids are made using FDA-approved standards and they are the products to replace the anabolic steroids, sarms, and prohormones once and for all. Crazy Bulk provides shipping to other countries on the globe besides the US, UK, Australia, and Canada with excellent customer support staff and social media support.  

If we compare the natural steroids of Crazy Bulk with Laxogenin, we may find satisfactory customer reviews from professional bodybuilders. You can see athletes such as Ramsford and Chris Tripp using these products to complement their physical growth and stamina.  

One of those supplements which can fully replace Laxogenin is D-Bal.  

What is D-Bal Formula? 

D-Bal is a legal steroid that they sell as a replacement to the notorious compound “Dianabol” and other prohormones like Laxogenin. D-Bal was developed for a bulking cycle and to uplift the strength levels in men and women.  

Crazy Bulk D-Bal is comprised of natural formula which can be stacked for bulking, cutting, and strength cycles that often come at hundreds of dollars in price. Unlike those costly steroids that are dangerous and have unwanted side effects, the D-Bal formula is quick-acting and has many positive implications for bodybuilding cycles.  

D-Bal tends to make your muscle mass bigger, improves strength so users could lift heavier weights, heal muscle soreness and intensify fat-burning steps with highlighted testosterone levels. All these perks from D-Bal are like steroids but it actually has no side effects.  

D-Bal Features 

It’s a combination of multiple natural ingredients that makes up muscle mass and physical strength.  

The premium-grade ingredients are labeled as 7x more efficient than other supplements. D-Bal comprises Ashwagandha extract and other natural herbs that prevent body fat accumulation and lower cholesterol to provide energy levels to the body.  

The latest addition of MSM in the D-Bal formula heals muscle soreness and hyaluronic acid to speed up the healing of bones and tendons with other ingredients that work on providing results like Dianabol steroid.  

D-Bal vs Laxogenin 

D-Bal supplement is dedicated to replacing all the obnoxious compounds in bodybuilding – especially Dianabol and other bulking agents.  

The supplement does not intend to provide a raw or synthetic form of testosterone hormone but improves the body's testosterone levels naturally. The natural influence of the testosterone hormone affects muscle mass building and keeps the side effects aside from that most anabolic steroids lead to.  

D-Bal Before and After Results – How Long Does it take? 

Any user who is willing to get clean results must use the D-Bal formula for 2 months straight. As natural bodybuilding requires you to be patient, only the best supplements in this work faster than steroids and sarms themselves. During the first week with the D-Bal supplement, users could already feel the heat around the corner in a form of maximum energy levels. Months of D-Bal use have no association with the side effects of many steroids.  

Best workout results usually appear when you combine the supplement, exercise, and diet plan. The whole body gets an equal amount of energy distribution and exercise performs the target oriented mechanism to transform your arms, chest, abs, and quads areas.  

D-Bal also contains healthy fats in its formula i.e. Omega-3 Fatty Acids, healthy amino acids, fiber, vitamins, and plant-based constituents that you can find in natural foods.  

Do You Need a Prescription to Take D-Bal? 

Any CrazyBulk supplement does not require or need a prescription to buy or use them. Legal steroids are deemed over-the-counter supplements for which users may not need a prescription like they need to acquire certain types of anabolic compounds.  

The best way to acquire Crazy Bulk supplement is by visiting the official website and ordering the package of your choice.  

They also have reduced prices with free shipping and a money-back guarantee which will make your visit worth awhile.  

Summarizing Laxogenin Review – Should You Get it? 

Do you want to protect your body under pressure? Do you want to make the muscles hardened without noticing any injury? Laxogenin like Brassinosteroids aren’t for you since they only work in a few people and not a suitable clinical trial founds its maximum benefits.  

Extracted from plants used despite FDA approval, Laxogenin isn’t been suggested by many bodybuilders so we could see a reason why the need for a “natural steroid” is of dire need here.  

Both Laxogenin's natural and synthetic forms aren’t safe for human consumption. The 5-Alpha-Hydroxy-Laxogenin reaps performance enhancement benefits only to some extent while causing the body irreversible harm. Laxogenin is currently a DoD-prohibited dietary supplement because of the lack of clinical information about the compound.  

As a safe, suitable, and effective alternative, we recommend D-Bal as the alternative to laxogenin compound for bodybuilding which has all the other types of bodybuilding perks without the harsh consequences a.k.a side effects.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: How Much Laxogenin Should I Take? 

For optimal results, it is advised to take between 100 to 200mg of Laxogenin per day. It's recommended to start by taking 100mg per day to see how it feels. Once you feel assertive, increase to 200mg per day. Laxogenin top-rated supplements contain 100mg per capsule, which means you will start by taking just one capsule per day. 

Q2: When Should I Take Laxogenin? 

Most users take their dosage in the morning with a meal or pre-workout. But, the timing isn’t crucial when taking Laxogenin. Make sure to take it consistently and not skip a dose. 

Q3: How Long Should I Use Laxogenin For? 

It is advised to run Laxogenin for cycles of 6 to 12 weeks. How long exactly you want to run will come down to your personal goals. 

Q4: Does Laxogenin Suppress Testosterone? 

Laxogenin does not suppress testosterone as it does not impact the endocrine system. Because there is no hormonal suppression, post-cycle therapy is not required. 

Q5: Does Laxogenin Work? 

Based on the many positive user experiences found online, it's safe to say that Laxogenin works. It has grown out to be one of the most promising muscle builders currently on the market. 

With that being said, it won't work if you don't. It's essential to prioritize nutrition and training before taking any kind of supplement. 

Q6: Is Laxogenin A Steroid? 

No, it is not a steroid or prohormone. It works differently from these compounds and doesn't impact your hormones either. 


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