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Kulldeep Sandhu's Debut On OTT Voot

Kulldeep Sandhu has also composed many songs for banners like T-Series, Sony, Times Music, Speed Records, White hill Music, Zeemusic etc.

Kulldeep Sandhu

In a personal interview with the famous composer, singer and music director of Music industry, Kulldeep Sandhu talks about his expedition in the Indian music industry. His tune has an impressive taste and magnificent rythm that pulls everyone onto the dance floor. Havoc music composing delivered many popular hits for more than a decade, he is today one of the top music composers of India. 

When asked about his experience of working for a web series named 'Jhola Chhap', he says, "While working as a composer for a web series, I must say my experience was totally new and exciting. OTT in the present time has taken over the internet and has now become a new face of entertainment. Artists are now able to transform their ideas into quality content as it serves a greater freedom, exposure and chances to the young artists." His Web-Series 'Jhola Chhap' is based upon a story in a village where the residents face the problems related to lack of doctors and also the lack of awareness when it comes to consult a doctor. The series is about to release within a month on Voot podium. He has given his music for the title song. To note Kulldeep Sandhu is also an excellent singer apart from being a composer. 

He has also composed many songs for banners like T-Series, Sony, Times Music, Speed Records, White hill Music, Zeemusic, Ambey, Tips, HMV, Venus, SB Records.  Later in 2016, he composed songs for a Punjabi Feature Film 'Tu Ki Jaane Sajna' and composed music for Documentary Gurdwara Panja Sahib Directed by TJ Sandhuu produced by Barjatya Art And Culture Trust' in 2019 which was screened in Sikh Art And Lens Foundation, New York Composed music for prime time TV Serial 'Batwara' 200 episodes AIR on Doordarshan Kisaan Channel. Sandhu has recently honored by UP's Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for his song on him called "Yogi Raj Mein Nahin Chalengi Baatein Taliban Ki". which created a buzz among the audiences.

He said it was really fun working with Jyotiprakash, the director of ‘Jhola Chhap’ and meeting the cast Aswell Mehak Manwani, Chittaranjan Tripathy, Mushtaq Khan, Prabhakar sharma & Lovekush Kundu are the names from the cast he met in the journey of composing title song of ‘Jhola Chhap’ which was love and praised by whole cast and team. Deepak Kumar Associate Director of Jhola Chhap have a major role in debut of kulldeep Sandhu’s on OTT platform as he was very well impressed by kulldeep’s work so he offered him to Compose the title track of Jhola Chhap and post production is also done in his studio by TJ Sandhuu.

The title song was written by Dinesh Deepak

At last, he added, "To all the upcoming artists, I would urge that stay humble and work hard to rule on your dreams. I also believe that never be in a rush to achieve your goal. Perseverance is what is needed through the journey."

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