Kolkata’s Angsuman Banerji Makes A Swift Journey From A Techie To A Rookie Filmmaker

Born and brought up in South Kolkata, Angsuman has carved a niche on his own and the art of storytelling attracts him the most

Angsuman Banerji, Ocenic Media Solutions

Switching careers is already becoming a logical trend. The world of start-ups has witnessed many such talents grooming their own careers with remarkable ease and finesse. But the story of Kolkata’s very own Angsuman Banerji is markedly different. He is making big strides from the world of technology to the Ray and Godard world of filmy realities.

Born and brought up in South Kolkata, Angsuman has carved a niche on his own. Family played an integral part in nurturing his inclination for art and culture. In his own words, “To tell the truth, I have been lucky to have grown up in a family where the world of poetry, music, and dramas coexisted with love and affection.” In fact, Angsuman took his love a tad further when joined group theatres when he was only 14. Playing with words has been his passion since then.  

Angsuman’s tryst with studies began in his early days at South Point High School. He then joined Asutosh College, completing a major in Geology. After completing his post-graduation studies in Computer Science at Jadavpur University, Angsuman worked with the best brains in different multinational companies for more than two decades. But that wasn’t enough for him, a guy whose friends often labelled someone who pushed beyond boundaries to excel at the highest level.

Angsuman wears different caps. As poet and a fashion photographer, he has won laurels across all distinguished platforms. His poetry books have their own fan following as well. Nicotine and Midnight in Eden, as the names suggest, bring a different side of Angsuman to his friends and readers.

Make no mistake, the art of storytelling attracts him the most. In the canvas of life, adding colours of psychodynamics, Angsuman has come up with Ikir Mikir, Cholo Bandhu Patai, Brischikjato, Anamika, Sesh Bole Kichu Nei, Protyoy, Backspace, 12 Seconds & Large Peg.

An avid thespian since his childhood days, Angsuman started his journey of direction in 2001. After assisting with various fiction and non-fiction projects for popular satellite TV channels, Angsuman has started telling his own stories on different media. Being a poet himself, he sketches his canvas with colours of life.
His film 12 Seconds was indeed a big break, but he is focused on his work ethic. He added, “12 seconds was indeed a turning point for me. It has won 14 National & International awards. I am really indebted to the entire team for having trust in my abilities behind the camera.” One who believes in time management, Angsuman trusts his instincts when it comes to work of his own group theatre Natya Chetana. Presently he is also co-owning a production company named Ocenic Media Solutions LLP.

From a solution architect to a business developer to a filmmaker, there is more to come from Angsuman, who believes in creating magic onscreen. When a techie decides to decode the filmy algorithm, there is indeed a trust process in the entire system. As per the schedule, the shooting of Nokh, his next feature is expected to begin in August. There are high expectations from Nokh, as Angsuman signs off by saying, “I am not afraid of benchmarks, but I am a perfectionist. Nokh will be a perfect treat for a true cine lover. It will be a tribute to my film tribe and friends and family, always encouraging me to give my best shot in all takes.”


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