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Kerassentials Reviews: Is Kerassentials Oil Effective for Foot and Nails Fungus or Not?

Kerassentials may just be the best bet for that. Packed with nutrients and minerals, the promise was that the regular use of this product would eliminate bad odors and itchy feet. So let’s take a closer look into this natural oil-based product today.

Kerassentials Reviews

Kerassentials, does it really evict the fungus, smell, and itch out of our feet? Also, does Kerassentials really helps with brittle nails?
Kerassentials is an oil-based product that provides a natural remedy for itchy and smelly feet. Given that these are the symptoms it’s trying to address, it can be inferred that fungal infections are the focus of this herbal-based oil. Designed to be comprised of nine different ingredients, Kerassentials goes out of its way to provide a powerful concoction that you can rub into your feet. According to multiple product users, the fragrance is soothing and therapeutic. First, however, it must be clear that this oil has no health or therapeutic claims.

Kerassentials may just be the best bet for that. Packed with nutrients and minerals, the promise was that the regular use of this product would eliminate bad odors and itchy feet. So let’s take a closer look into this natural oil-based product today.

Foot fungus has been one of the most glaring problems in senior citizens. As such, Kerassentials is targeted at the older population. However, younger people can use this product to keep their feet smelling fresh as it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, and vitamin-rich properties. Therefore, it can be used as a proactive measure rather than none.

Kerassentials Ingredients
Kerassentials ingredients are packed with the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that you need to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of fungal infections altogether. While it isn’t exactly a type of medicine that one can hope for, this oil is the perfect rub for people who want to take things one step at a time without the added risks and side effects of laboratory-made drugs.

We will notice that most Kerassentials ingredients on the list are made up of plant material. These are great and refreshing to be applied to the skin.
The list of Kerassentials ingredients includes:
●    Lavender Oil
●    Flaxseed Oil
●    Almond Oil
●    Tea Tree Oil
●    Lemongrass Oil
●    Aloe Vera
●    DL-alpha-Tocopherol
●    Isopropyl Palmitate
●    Undecylenic Acid
Lavender Oil
Keratin-boosting properties can make your skin and nails shinier and stronger. It is used in Kerassentials because it has the properties to fight against resilient types of fungus.
Flaxseed Oil
Normally taken to strengthen our immunity, it helps reduce the inflammation around your toes, making it easy for the product to be absorbed and seeped in for amazing results.
Almond Oil
While almonds are tasty, their oil can also be used to shield our skin from future infections. Much like soap, they can help eradicate and prevent fungal spores from taking root in our feet, making the recovery phase much faster. That is the point why Almond oil is used in Kerassentials.
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Tea Tree Oil
The primary fungus growth-stopper, tea tree oil, can help eradicate that pesky fungus out of your feet and give you a fighting chance you need to make your feet smell great again.
Lemongrass Oil
With almost the same effects as almond oil, these oil types work hand-in-hand to ensure you won’t have to suffer from bad smells down under again.
Aloe Vera
While those oils focus on kicking the fungus away from your foot, aloe vera dwells on the fact that you need something to soothe your skin. Yes, it has strong antifungal properties. It is used in Kerassentials because it keeps skin supple and moisturized.
Commonly known as Vitamin E, it gives antioxidative properties to your skin, thereby making it look better and younger at the same time.
Isopropyl Palmitate
A support ingredient, it helps the other essential oils above to clear fungal root systems that have made our nails home. So, it also helps support healthy nails, as expected.
Undecylenic Acid
The final ingredient it’s another supporting factor for almond and lemongrass oil, providing an additional protective layer of fatty acids that prevent fungal spores from the air from even reaching our skin.


Why Take Kerassentials Oil?
Kerassentials is packed with nutrients that can help rebuild your skin and prevent a fungal infection from happening. It can also provide a quick fix to smelly and itchy feet, giving you the comfort you need to go with your day. The added benefit of locking in moisture is also useful for dry weather.
This product can also strengthen and revitalize the look of your nails, making your feet presentable and summer-ready! 

How to Take Kerassentials Oil
According to practical means, you should take Kerassentials right after taking a shower. Then, you can apply the formula directly to your nails or put a thin layer around your feet for that fresh, soothing scent. Afterward, let the oil seep into your skin as it uses the ingredients found in the remedy. 
However, if you want maximum results, it is recommended to use it four times a day. Just clean and dry your feet thoroughly first before applying the product to avoid wastage.
One Kerassentials bottle is expected to last 30 days or approximately one month.

Kerassentials Benefits
Kerassentials benefits are basically what you would expect from herbal fungal solutions. These include:
●    Natural Formulation
●    Ease of Use
●    Organic Plant Ingredients
●    Chemical-free Composition
●    Non-GMO, Non-Stimulant Formula
Natural Formulation
Since the dawn of time, we have known that only the most natural products, such as fruits, vegetables, and vegan stuff, work seamlessly with our bodies. The same goes for oil-based products. Sticking with ingredients found naturally in nature can positively improve the way our bodies respond to this type of remedy.
Ease of Use
Simply applying it on your foot or using cotton swabs to gently dab it onto your crumbling nails, there are various ways to use Kerassentials. It is an easy fix for smelly and itchy feet and people who have problems with their nail health.
Organic Plant Ingredients
Vegans rejoice! Kerassentials is perfectly fine for you. No meat or animal oil is added into the mix, meaning you can use it to your heart’s content.
Chemical-free Composition
With no artificially-made laboratory chemical, Kerassentials uses the full force of nature to execute the fungus residing in your feet.
Non-GMO, Non-Stimulant Formula
Another great thing about this oil-based rub is that it doesn’t tip the equilibrium of our body’s well-being. It doesn’t unnecessarily give you too much energy and does not put in something you don’t like. It kills the fungus found on your skin and deep within your nail bed.
Kerassentials Side Effects
Kerassentials ingredients don’t have any side effects because of how it works. It simply makes use of an all-natural formula that does not have any known problems whatsoever.
The only thing that needs to be watched out for are allergy indicators. If you are allergic to one of the ingredients on the list mentioned earlier, do not take this product. A little bit of research goes a long way.
Also, do not ingest, as it can make your stomach hurt. It is expected to be applied externally, not drank internally. Always take note of that. With that said, you’ll know when you have already applied too much of the product. 


Who Made Kerassentials?
While it wasn’t specified, many concerned individuals were behind this product. Implying that they are scientists, these individuals have combined all the ingredients that they know can stop foot fungal diseases from spreading. It can also be assumed that they are American since the product is made in the USA.
To emphasize, they used 29 research journals from the National Library of Medicine, Frontiers, Harvard Health Publishing, ScienceDirect, and Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. 

Where is Kerassentials Oil Made?
Kerassentials is made and distributed from Colorado, USA. Being an American-made product, you can expect in-depth scrutiny that comes with the product to prevent unwanted quality deficits. 
The label also states that it has a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification. Furthermore, the official webpage claims that it was made in an FDA-registered facility, signaling quality production that implies its authenticity.

Kerassentials Oil Price
Kerassentials cost ranges from $49 to $69 per bottle. It depends on what package you’re buying.
●    1 Bottle: Costs $69 each
●    3 Bottles: Cost $59 each (for a total of $177)
●    6 Bottles: Cost $49 each (for a total of $294)
The prices above are already discounted from the original price. One bottle of Kerassentials was worth $99, so for the six-bottle bundle, it’s already a bargain at a $300 discount! The cost of this product was kept low so that it becomes accessible to the public, as mentioned by the product’s creator.

Where to Buy Kerassentials?
You can buy this product from the Kerassentials official website by clicking the link here. However, it is suggested that people should only buy from the official website because of active scams on the internet.
It is also recommended to buy from their official website to prevent money loss and fake products from coming to your doorstep.
Kerassentials is only available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. While shipping fees are free if the buyer is within the United States, a $15.95 shipping fee is imposed on the other countries mentioned on the list.
One should expect their package to come within 5 to 7 working days within the United States and 10 to 15 working days when based in other countries mentioned on the list.


Kerassentials Money-Back Guarantee
Kerassentials offers a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee, provided that you email their team first at contact@kerassentials-product.com. The terms are to simply return the supplement bottles at 19655 E 35th Dr #100, Aurora, CO, 80011, USA. Once they receive the bottles, they’ll refund your money with no questions.

Kerassentials Oil Testimony and Reviews
Based on almost 15,000 reviews, Kerassentials have a 4.5-star rating. This tells us that this is a quality product used by people across the United States. The sentiments were that it provided life-changing results that gave them more confidence to pursue what they love in life. Some people even saved their feet from surgery, all thanks to this formula. 
Some sample testimonies include:
“I have been trying for so long to stop nail fungus from growing. Nothing worked until I tried Kerassentials. It’s a lifesaver!” – C. Heimer, Boise, ID
“My wife loves me, but she abhors the smell of my feet every time I come home from work. This is a game changer, and I like how it helped me smell 100% better!” – K. Rhodes, Orlando, FL

Kerassentials Conclusion
Kerassentials is one of those oil-based plant-centered products that have gained popularity only recently. Its composition is direct, targeting the fungus found under our nails and protecting our feet from future fungal incidents. 
The surprising nature of this product earns respect within our circles. It does not have any unnecessary gimmicks that confuse people. It has a fragrance that is mellow yet pleasing at the same time. It did not lie when it said it had anti-fungal properties. The mixture of essential oils and supporting ingredients rings true to its cause.
Meanwhile, testimonies and ratings have confirmed the efficacy of the product. It has numerous benefits and few side effects because of its natural composition. The price is manageable per bottle, but you can buy it at a discounted price when buying in bulk.
Overall, the verdict is that Kerassentials is great for your feet, whether you have foot or nail fungus. It’s just that good. Buy from their official website today!
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