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Keep Buying Dash 2 Trade ($D2T) And Enjoy 1000% Gain Before EOY

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Keep Buying Dash 2 Trade ($D2T) And Enjoy 1000% Gain Before EOY

This article provides exciting details about a one-of-a-kind crypto project, Dash 2 Trade (D2T), that is primed to offer crypto traders and investors high-end utilities and outstanding gains before the year runs out. 

Dash 2 Trade
Dash 2 Trade

The crypto market, irrespective of its market cycle, will keep providing new crypto assets to invest in and enjoy significant investment returns. Are you on the hunt for the next big crypto asset? Dash 2 Trade should be on your investment radar and could guarantee impressive gains before the end of 2022.

This article provides exciting details about a one-of-a-kind crypto project, Dash 2 Trade (D2T), that is primed to offer crypto traders and investors high-end utilities and outstanding gains before the year runs out. 

Dash 2 Trade Overview

Dash 2 Trade is an Ethereum-based platform ready to take your crypto trading to the next level by providing a wide range of trading tools like technical indicators, trading signals, robust on-chain data, and trading strategy.

Dash 2 Trade Implements a subscription-based Dashboard

What makes Dash 2 Trade unique is its provision of a world-class dashboard. Users can interact with this dashboard to access essential trading tools to improve the quality of their trades. The dashboard enables users to get unrivaled market insights and analyses unavailable elsewhere.
Users who want to enjoy this dashboard and its features will subscribe to the platform monthly via $D2T tokens. There are three subscription tiers that users can choose from to benefit significantly from the platform:

●    Free Tier: Users who choose the free tier do not need to own D2T tokens; however, they have limited access to premium features of the platform, including automated trading tools, strategy builder and backtester, and crypto watchlist, among others.

●    Starter Tier: Users who choose the starter tier to subscribe to the platform by paying 300 $D2T tokens. They enjoy better access to tools that are unavailable for free tier users. 

Although they have a limited crypto watchlist and market insights, they enjoy discussions regarding market metrics/insights on the D2T members-only discord channel.

●    Premium Tier: This tier requires payment of 1,000 D2T monthly. Premium users will enjoy a 20% discount if they pay for the yearly subscription and engage in quarterly giveaways. Also, users can access live event streams that feature D2T proprietary crypto trading insights. These features will enable users to make improved trading decisions and create the best trading strategies to hedge the market.

Regardless of subscription tiers, users can delight in Dash 2 Trade trading tools and unavailable features elsewhere. These features will significantly improve traders’ journeys.  

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Dash 2 Trade Provides a Bespoke Scoring System for Crypto ICOs and Presales

It is common knowledge that successful crypto ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) go a long way in providing significant investment returns to early users. Many in the crypto space regularly search for worthy ICOs they can participate in and invest in before they are listed on public exchanges.
However, certain ICOs could exist to scam and siphon investors’ money without providing any actual use case or utility. Then, it is interesting to know that Dash 2 Trade will develop a scoring system filled with potential existing and upcoming crypto ICOs. 
Users can access the Dash 2 Trade platform and check for worthy crypto ICOs with feature-rich ecosystems and use cases. Then they can enjoy investing in such tokens as early as possible without fearing falling into scam projects. 
Dash 2 Trade Features a Builder and Backtester for Users

The Dash 2 Trade platform equips users with D2T metrics to create independent market-beating strategies. Users can then develop their strategy and backtest it on the D2T platform to see how well it performs against past market data.

Users can then identify strengths and weaknesses in their strategy without losing any capital. They can also re-evaluate the strategy, refine it, and backtest again and again till it becomes profitable to the trader. 

The strategy builder will develop a metric to assess the strategy’s risk and provide a better risk-to-reward ratio without incurring losses. 

Other features offered by the dash 2 Trade platform include:
●    Trading signals that provide buy/sell opportunities in the crypto market
●    Social trading, where D2T users participate in weekly prediction challenges
●    On-chain analysis to stay ahead in the fastmoving crypto space
●    Cryptocurrency listing alerts to take advantage of the additional trading volume of such an asset

Dash 2 Trade Excellent Tokenomics 

Its utility token, $D2T, effectively runs the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem. The $D2T token is an ERC-20 token with a fixed supply of 1 billion, so no additional tokens will be minted. 

Also, $D2T tokens are completely tax-less as users will not be charged for buying or selling $D2T tokens on exchange platforms. Users who want to access the D2T dashboard and its features will require paying through $D2T tokens. 

Advanced tooling, like the strategy backtester on the platform, will require D2T tokens since running this strategy analyzing software across different tokens is computationally intensive. So, users will pay for what they use.

The token distribution, according to the whitepaper, is depicted in the table below:

$D2T tokens will continue to provide real value to users when the platform goes public. Presently, crypto users and investors are actively participating in its ongoing presale event. Now is the chance to join the ranks of investors waiting to enjoy incredible gains before the year ends.

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Penny For Thoughts
The Dash 2 Trade platform is proving to be a real deal in the crypto market presently and in years to come. Its features are unavailable elsewhere, making its use case compelling and exceptional. It then begs the question: “How can I join the Dash to Trade moving train to enjoy impressive gains before the end of 2022 and beyond?” Well, the answer is not far-fetched. Users can enjoy high-end use cases and significant returns by participating in D2T’s ongoing presale event before it ends.