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Kailo Flex Reviews - Real Flex Pain Patches That Work Or Cheap Microtech Patch?

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Kailo Flex Reviews - Real Flex Pain Patches That Work Or Cheap Microtech Patch?

The Kailo Flex™ is an all-natural pain patch designed to efficiently relieve pain throughout the body. Over thousands of people have evaluated the effectiveness of the original Kailo pain patch since its release.

Kailo Flex
Kailo Flex

Do you despise waking up with a pinched nerve? Can't seem to think clearly when your mind keeps wandering to the tightness in your neck? Though pain relief creams and sprays are effective in controlling pain, the results are normally temporary. It also doesn't help that these solutions tend to leave behind undesired residues. While both prescription medicine and supplements are advised, not everyone is happy with the thought of fuelling the body with ingredients that may cause adverse effects.

For those of us who were convinced there was no way out, a firm emerged in 2019 with an astounding alternative. Individuals are not required to use medications, cbd creams, or pain blockers. Instead, the remedy at hand stimulates physiological components responsible for detecting the source of discomfort and resolving the problem. In fact, it interacts with the body to trigger the body's recovery process. Interested in seeing where we're going with this? Here is all there is to know about The Kailo Flex™.

What is the Kailo Flex™?

The Kailo Flex™ is an all-natural pain patch designed to efficiently relieve pain throughout the body. Over thousands of people have evaluated the effectiveness of the original Kailo pain patch since its release. Kailo has been subjected to clinical testing to better grasp real experiences. As of now, these patches have received appreciation for their capacity to lessen and get rid of pain. The creators maintained that Flex™ is an embodiment of customer experiences, resulting in a patch comprising new flexy features. People could wonder why change anything completely if it already works. To this, the creators respond that only the drawbacks have been changed; the advantages have remained unaltered. Before going over the so-called “flexy features”, people need to understand how this drug-free alternative eradicates pain once and for all.

How does the Kailo Flex™ work?

The Kailo Flex™ comprises a combination of conducting and semiconducting materials that form an organized sheet of capacitors. These capacitors serve the role of an antenna, ensuring that electromagnetic waves are received and transmitted to the axons in our nervous system, and eventually to the rest of the body. To put it another way, the electrical signals from the body interact with the capacitors to trigger the nervous system reacts quickly to relieve pain. It goes without saying that the Kailo Flex™'s contents are unique because they don’t comprise drugs, or anything else that could be poisonous or harm our internal organs. It is a matter of activating and clarifying existing signals in our bodies. With this understanding, we can proceed to the list of features.

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What features does the Kailo Flex™ have?

The upgrades made to the original Kailo have been disclosed as follows:

Dynamic Flex™ Material

The use of Dynamic Flex™ material must be appreciated seeing how it allows people to wear it on just about any part of the body. Specifically, rather than being rigid (which limits its wearability), the Kailo Flex™ moves with our body's curves. Lastly, whether individuals are encountering pain because of a pinched nerve, pulled muscle or a constant condition, the patch can be essentially placed on the head, neck, shoulder, back, knee, hand, and foot to list a couple of examples. Interestingly, the material under consideration is also the reason why the Kailo Flex™ is lightweight, durable, and breathable, all while being resistant to water, abrasion, and bacterial penetration.


The Kailo Flex™ has various features that offer optimal comfort. As previously stated, Dynamic Flex™'s ability to fit in with virtually any portion of the body assures comfort. The latter is also due to the ergonomic shape, further adding to its flexibility. Another facet that drove us to the Flex™ version was the presence of softer edges, which we believe permits better blending - almost as if individuals aren't wearing it to begin with. Finally, the creators tweaked the patch's adherence to guarantee that the removal of the patch is as simple and painless as putting it on. In fact, the adhesive will neither pull nor remove one’s body hair!

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The only components that need to be replaced with the Kailo Flex™ are the adhesives, much like the previous version. Therefore, this patch is completely reusable and requires far less in replacement costs than most pain-relieving solutions. Individuals should anticipate the Flex™ adhesive to last up to two months. While the lifespan is a fraction of the original, the former is due to its extraordinary flexibility and use in difficult-to-reach spots, both of which are not true of the original Kailo.

Kailo Flex
Kailo Flex

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Kailo Flex™ made of?

The Flex™ is made using a material called Tyvek, which supposedly resembles paper, but its performance is far from that of paper. Tyvek is a 100% synthetic material made from high-density, spun-bound polyethylene fibers.

Where is Kailo located?

The company is based in the Silicon Slopes, Utah. The patches are also designed, engineered, and manufactured in Utah.

Who can use the Kailo Flex™?

Kailo Flex™ can be used by anyone experiencing pain with the exception of those who are pregnant or wear a pacemaker. In particular, this patch is suitable for people who sit too much, need a proper recovery protocol after working out or an injury, dependent on medication and want to support loved ones during their struggle with chronic pain.

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Does the Kailo Flex™ block pain?

No, the Kailo Flex™ does not block pain. Instead, it activates components responsible for identifying and resolving pain signals.

Does the Kailo Flex™ need to be charged?

No, the Kailo Flex™ does not need to be charged because it is powered by an electrical potential that already exists in the body.

How do I use the Kailo Flex™?

All it takes is four simple steps to get started with the Kailo Flex™. First, individuals must identify the most severe area of pain in the body. Then, the adhesive must be added to the patch. From there, the Kailo Flex™ patch should be placed flat on the skin (where pain is most felt). Once applied, individuals are asked to gradually move the Kailo Flex™ along the nerve pathway away from the pain location and toward the pain. Only when the right placement location is identified is one’s job complete. The right placement location is determined the moment individuals notice a subtle tingle and heat release.

Is it safe to wear more than one Kailo Flex™ patches at once?

The Kailo Flex™ has been designed to work hyper locally (i.e., focusing on one area at a time). However, there should be no problem wearing more than one patch simultaneously. For those who wish to wear more than one unit, the creators recommend no more than three patches.

Will the Kailo Flex™ patch still work if it is wrinkled?

The Kailo Flex™ patch will work as long as the gold pattern on the one side is still there. This is where the capacitors are located.

Are there any side effects to wearing the Kailo Flex™?

Side effects are deemed highly unlikely. Having said that, one in every 10,000 users reported temporary nausea. Moreover, the technology governing the Flex™ might not be as effective when it is near a large amount of electrical energy (i.e., low overhead power lines, computers close together, etc.).

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What are the reported benefits of wearing the Kailo Flex™?

The Kailo Flex™ could potentially help people recover faster, improve their overall flexibility, and regain a natural range of motion.

How long do results using the Kailo Flex™ last?

As long as the Kailo Flex™ is placed properly, it should provide continued relief. Even when it is removed, there will be a lasting effect. In terms of how long it will take for a noticeable difference to materialize, it could take anywhere between a couple days to one full week.

How long does a single Kailo Flex™ last?

The Kailo Flex™ is not as durable as the original Kailo, but, when cared for, it can last anywhere between one and two months of continuous use.

Is the Kailo Flex™ waterproof?

Yes, the Kailo Flex™ is waterproof.

What if I have a specific ailment, will the Kailo Flex™ work?

The Kailo Flex™ has been proven to very capable writes the team. That said, the team encourages getting in touch with them to learn what experiences they’ve had and which conditions this patch is suitable for. Once consulted, it is always a good idea to consult a healthcare practitioner for a second opinion.

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Where does Kailo ship to?

Kailo ships to the United States and 103 other countries. To learn more about shipping, and the estimated arrival time, individuals are encouraged to contact customer support or to visit the official website.

Is the Kailo Flex™ protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, the Kailo Flex™ has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Should individuals have a change of heart, and the patch is still brand-new, unused and in its original packaging, then customer support can be contacted to initiate the refund process. For the specifics on the refund policy, contact via the following:

  • Email: [email protected].

  • Mailing Address: 8188 S Highland Dr., Suite #D1, Sandy Utah 84903, United States.

How much does Kailo Flex™ cost?

Each Kailo Flex™ patch is accompanied by five free adhesives. Seeing how each patch is intended to last up to two months, individuals are advised to purchase in bulk. Below is a breakdown of the prices for those who are also looking for a savings opportunity:

  • 1 Kailo Flex™ Patch Bundle: $39.99 each

  • 3 Kailo Flex™ Patch Bundles: $26.66/each (Total $79.98) + Free Shipping

  • 5 Kailo Flex™ Patch Bundles: $23.99/each (Total $119.97) + Free Shipping

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About Kailo

The Kailo story began for an entirely different reason. Ten years ago, two entrepreneurs created a one-of-a-kind antenna to meet a US Department of Defence need. A short time later, one of the innovators fractured six of his ribs. He was bedridden and decided to work on one of his antenna inventions, which he placed on his chest to reach for something close to his bed. This unintentional manoeuvre worked in his favour, as his agony quickly subsided. The pair granted Pain Relief Technologies permission to build a pain patch using their technology in 2018, and the Original Kailo patch was launched on Indiegogo within a year. Aside from the advantages portrayed above, Kailo is appealing since it has been clinically studied, patented in the United States, is FDA-registered, and has had a lasting influence on many lives.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the Kailo Flex™ is an improved version of the original Kailo pain patch. According to our findings, the variations are simply the result of new features that encourage optimal wearability, flexibility, and use cases. The initial version was limited in where it could be put and frequently made people aware of its existence. This awareness has been removed, allowing individuals to go about their lives without feeling or thinking about it. The one disadvantage of flexibility is that it has a shorter duration. The original is designed to last a year, whereas the Flex™ may be used for up to two months. Is it truly a disadvantage, though, if the source of the discomfort is efficiently targeted? To learn more about the Kailo Flex™, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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