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Kailo Flex Pain Patch Reviews: Fake Or Legit Flex Patches For Pain Relief Support?

The new Flex Pain Patch by Kailo theorizes to be the future of natural pain relief support.

Kailo Flex Pain Patch

The Flex Pain Patch is a topical solution for pain that is an update to the original Kailo patch, bringing pain relief by working with the natural electrical system of the body. It is made within the United States, and it can be shipped around the world.

What is the Kailo Flex Pain Patch?

The new Flex Pain Patch by Kailo theorizes to be the future of natural pain relief support.

Pain is nothing more than a signal, but that doesn't mean anything that somebody who is going through the discomfort. While the complexity of pain varies from person to person in every circumstance, it generally can occur as the result of injury, illness, or nothing at all in some cases. Many people suffer from chronic pain issues with very little reprieve in their day. Pain can feel different in any situation as well, sometimes feeling as though the skin is being pricked. Others describe a stinging or burning sensation. It can even feel electric.

When someone experiences pain, their body tells them that something isn't right. Unfortunately, even when someone figures out exactly what is wrong, they can continue to feel more pain as they seek out different ways to alleviate it. Ongoing pain is a concern that should always involve a doctor, but the solution is up to each person to determine. Rather than allowing pain to continue to affect the quality of life, consumers have the opportunity to try out an innovation from Kailo – the Flex Pain Patch.

Kailo Flex is designed to to be an all-natural remedy for users to alleviate discomfort rapidly. This patch works for pain on any part of the body, offering an update on the Kailo patch that was previously available to consumers. This patch works to alleviate pain, but it improves flexibility from the previous version of the accessory.

The creators pride themselves on offering a helpful remedy, which is why they decided to create a patch that was more flexible and easier to use than their previous design.

Finding the proper way to treat pain is typically straightforward for doctors, prescribing medication that can allow users to get back to their typical life. However, prescribing pain pills is one of the easiest ways to gradually become addicted, creating a problem that is much worse than the pain itself. Some doctors will seek out physical therapy as an option, but it only works for certain circumstances. Furthermore, physical therapy tends to be more rehabilitative than relieving. Some people become so desperate for relief that they seek out ideas that aren't part of traditional medicine, like acupuncture or dieting.

Getting relief from the overwhelming sensation of pain shouldn't be so difficult. Consumers should be able to get relief whenever they need it without putting their body and mind at risk. Using this Flex pain relief patch from Kailo makes it possible to overcome pain without any of the side effects that other programs and regimens can inflict in theory.

How Does the Kailo's Flex Pain Patch Work?


The reason that the Flex Pain Patch works so well is that it doesn't deliver any medication or even natural ingredients at all. Instead, the idea behind this patch is that it can work for consumers who want a solution that works with their body’s natural electrical system.

To understand exactly why the pain patch is so effective, consumers need to understand how their body interprets pain. The idea of how pain happens was originally theorized by Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall in the 1960s. They proposed the idea that the central nervous system has a mechanism that allows pain messages to be sent to the brain, but this metaphorical gate could be closed. Whenever the body feels pain, the receptors in the skin send messages to the brain that registers the pain.

According to the gate theory that they proposed, pain starts by reaching the spinal cord and central nervous system, which it does before the brain is ever reached. Before they reach the brain, these signals can increase, reduce, or even be entirely blocked out. After all, there are plenty of times when people don't experience pain right away, like in a car accident when they experience whiplash or any sports game with plenty of physical combat.

Pain signals are sent to the brain through nerve fibers, but these fibers can be intercepted to stop the pain. Because of this intricate design, the body doesn't always feel pain where the pain actually started. Many things can affect how the body interprets pain, including memories, emotions, and even age. Regulating these sensations is a necessary step in stopping the pain entirely. While pain is quite important to experience at times, continual pain needs relief.


To help users alleviate the pain, this patch has to interact with the natural electrical system within the body, using the micro-capacitors on the patch. The patch gently absorbs all of the electrical noise that is causing the pain to occur, similar to the way that someone would turn down the volume on the television. By soothing this signal, the body can communicate with the brain more effectively, which helps to reduce the pain.

When it is applied to the skin, the Flex Pain Patch uses conducting and semiconducting elements to create this connection. While other topical remedies use botanicals, chemicals, and even medication, these patches don't have anything but micro-capacitors to make a difference. Despite interacting with the electrical system of the body, it does not require any batteries and does not need to be charged. As soon as the user experiences the pain, they can apply it.

How to Use the Flex Pain Patch

The only way that consumers can get the desired effects from the Flex Pain Patch is to apply it properly . It can be applied to any area of the body, though users will have to prep the area with the included adhesive pads. The adhesive pad should last for up to a week, but the patch itself can last for two months with proper care. If the user notices that the patch is not sticking on, they can switch adhesives and clean the patch for the best results.

Once the patch is in place, users should experience pain relief in less than one minute. Most people experience relief immediately, which has been seen in clinical trials. In the trial, the creators showed that users were able to reduce pain substantially while improving their mood, sleep, and overall activity levels. Some users even experienced an improvement in their relationships as a side effect of all of these benefits. The results also showed that the relief was substantial enough that many patients significantly reduced the oral medication they used to manage their pain generally. Consumers who want to see the clinical trial results for themselves can view them here: https://getkailoflex.io/offer-01/clinical-trial.


The best part about this patch is that it can be used anywhere. It doesn't matter if the user is experiencing back pain, Knee pain, or even menstrual cramps. All pain is interpreted the same way in the human body, which means that the interruption in the electrical signal can provide relief. Users won't have to make any changes to their lifestyle to get the best relief from this product possible. They can even apply it to be worn in water without reducing any of the pain relief it provides.

Buying a Flex Kit

Consumers who want to get the pain relief that they can experience with Flex Patch will need to go to the official website to submit their order. The website features several packages, offering varying quantities to meet the user’s needs. Even though the patch is quite long-lasting, having a second, third, or even fifth patch available at all times ensures that anyone can get the pain relief they need.

The packages that users can currently choose from include:

●    One Kailo Flex with 5 adhesives: $39.99
●    Three Kailo Flex with 15 adhesives: $79.98
●    Five Kailo Flex with 25 adhesives: $119.97

Consumers who want to be prepared for anything can also add a package of adhesives to their order in addition to the finds that they receive with every Kailo patch.

The adhesives last for up to one week, though some areas of the body will only experience about a day's worth of adhesive. They are incredibly gentle for the skin, and the additional package only costs $10.49 at checkout with the rest of the order.


Users can get free shipping by ordering at least three Flex Patch bundles. All orders come with a money-back guarantee, but this guarantee only applies if the user has not opened the product. If they have, they can speak with a customer service representative about their dissatisfaction to find a solution.

Common Questions About Flex

How is the Flex patch different from the original Kailo?

While both of these patches are quite helpful, many users of the Kailo made comments about these things that they would want from a future pain patch. Producing Flex allowed the creators to fulfill those requests with incredible pain relief that matches what they were already getting. However, since the main comment seemed to be about the rigidity of the patch, the new and improved version is much more flexible to apply to areas that are typically harder to reach and uncomfortable to treat.

As a bonus, the Flex patch is also more affordable than its predecessor.

Are there any side effects?

Not at all. No customer who has used this pain patch has reported any side effects whatsoever.

How do users know that it is time to get a new Flex?

Since these patches have incredible durability, they last for quite a long time. Most users can get up to two months of use before they have to replace it. This patch works for as long as the gold pattern on one side remains and stays clean. The gold on the patch is what delivers the pain relief. Even if the patch gets wrinkled, it can still work as long as the pattern is there.

How long can customers wear this patch for pain relief?

Since this patch does not deliver any chemicals that could threaten the body, it is safe to wear as long as the user wants. Some people choose to continue wearing it all day after the pain has been relieved to keep it away, while others simply take it off when they no longer feel uncomfortable.

How long will users remain pain-free after they've taken the patch off?

When the user puts their patch on properly, removing it will not take away the pain relief right away. Some people experience positive effects for days after removing it, while others experience relief for longer. Some people have even been able to find continued hours of relief after just wearing it for a day. The determining factor is the type of pain that they experience in the first place.

How long will the adhesive for the patch last?

While the user's skin type will play a role, as well as the placement, the adhesive should last for approximately a week.

Does this patch run on a battery?

No. There are no batteries involved, and users will not have to charge the patch to make it work.

Is it safe to get this pain patch wet?

Yes. The creators use polyethylene substrates as the main material, which is waterproof. It has been evaluated for both full submersion and resistance to getting wet. Once the user has been in the water, they just have to dab it dry with a clean towel while allowing the process of air drying to do the rest.

Will this patch work if it is wrinkled?

Yes. The mechanism isn't based on how flat the patch will be, so users can still get the benefits from the patch when they apply it. As they apply the patch more often, it will become more flexible and easier to use.

Is it possible to apply this patch to deal with back pain?

Yes. Since the patch works with the natural electrical system of the body, it helps to absorb the electrical noise at the synapsis everywhere, including the back.

Is it possible to use this patch to deal with knee pain?

Yes. Many customers have knee pain that they deal with by applying the patch. It only takes a few seconds to start the relief.

Is it safe to wear the patch if the user has a pacemaker?

No. Since this device responds to the user’s electrical system within their body, it is not meant to be used by anyone with a pacemaker or anyone who is currently pregnant.

Will using this patch help the users with their menstrual cramps?

Yes. Regardless of where these cramps may feel most severe, they can provide relief.

Where is this patch made?

The Flex Patch is exclusively created in Utah. The creators pride themselves on being part of the innovative and technologically advanced culture found in this state.

How long will consumers have to wait to get their orders?

The orders go out within 48 hours of submitting them. Most people see their delivery within three to five business days for domestic orders. Anyone who is shipping their product internationally might have to wait a little bit longer because of customs policies.

What if the user isn't happy with their experience?

The creators offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who hasn't used the patches. Even if the user has opened up the first one, they can still contact the customer service team to find a solution.

Is the technology used to create these pain patches patented?
Yes. Originally, the technology was applied to products like antennas, bio-identification software, and related items. However, the technology is incredibly effective in supporting communication in the brain to stop pain in other parts of the body.

What is the return policy with Flex?

If the customer has not used the pain patch, they can return it within 30 days of the original purchase.

The customer service team can be reached via e-mail at support@gokailo.com.


Kailo’s Flex Pain Patch provides consumers with a solution for their pain that doesn't involve medication, physical therapy, meditation, or any other method that could have side effects. This patch works with the natural electrical system of the body, ensuring that consumers can get relief from any kind of pain. The patch can be placed anywhere that the user experiences this discomfort, even though they may have to switch out the adhesive patch as needed.

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