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Just 30 Days To Buy C+Charge Presale Before 2023 Best Green Crypto's Price Explodes With IEOs

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Just 30 Days To Buy C+Charge Presale Before 2023 Best Green Crypto's Price Explodes With IEOs

Hottest presale of the year, C+Charge, is coming to an end in less than 30 days! Stock up now before the price skyrockets.


C+Charge is a booming new eco-friendly crypto project that has created a way to reward electric vehicle (EV) drivers. 

CCHG project has gathered a team of industry veterans and created a blockchain-based platform that functions as a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system. Every time drivers use CCHG designated charger, they will be rewarded with carbon credits. 

The project has raised a mind-boggling $1,7 million in less than two months from the start of the presale phase.  

But experts seem to be sure that the current success of C+Charge is just the beginning and that we can expect this green crypto to break even more records in the months to come. 

Investors don’t have a lot of time left to jump aboard this eco-ship, seeing how presale is set to end in less than 30 days. 

Let’s go over all of the details. 

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International Partnership Secured   

Just a couple of weeks ago C+Charge signed its first important international partnership with a leader in the electric industry – Perfect Solutions Turkey. 

As stated in the contract, PS will assign 20% of the existing chargers in Turkey to the CCHG project. This will greatly impact the price once the token hits the first exchanges. 

This deal was signed so early in the project with the help of C+Charge’s co-founder and lead strategic advisor, Ryan Fishoff. 

Fishoff has years of experience behind him serving as the CEO of American Wealth and Mining Corporation. AWM is a giant in businesses related to eco investments, cryptocurrencies, and investment banking.  

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C+Charge Will Burn Tokens Every Week and Accepts ETH now 

In order to make the token deflationary, C+Charge has decided to burn tokens not sold during each presale phase.  

On the 22nd of February, the team burned 35,658,291 tokens left out from stage 2 of the presale.  

The process of burning tokens involves sending them to an address that can only receive tokens and not send them, effectively removing them from circulation. 

Another announcement from the team stated that they will now be accepting Ethereum (ETH) as a payment option in addition to BNB and USDT. 

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Naturally, if investors don’t have any ETH or BNB in their wallets they can acquire CCHG by using any conventional fiat currency. 

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Bringing the Carbon Credits to the Drivers 

C+Charge provides electric vehicle drivers with the unique opportunity to earn carbon credits through their usage of the platform, which was previously only available to larger corporations and wealthy individuals.  

The growing investment market for carbon credits is now accessible to the general public through C+Charge.  

Every time drivers use CCHG to pay for a charge, they will earn more carbon credits.  

Additionally, holders of C+Charge can also receive carbon credits through the new "reflections" program. 

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Carbon-Credit Tracker and Geolocation Tracker All in One App 

C+Charge is really changing the game when it comes to EV charging. And to make everything work seamlessly, they need a single system that can bring all their amazing features together. 

That's where the cutting-edge CCHG app comes in - it's like the central hub that connects everything.  

Through the app, you can easily find the nearest charging station and check for long waiting lines before heading out.  

Plus, the app is linked to a top-notch diagnostic system in every CCHG charger, so you don't have to worry about wasting your time or mileage only to arrive next to a faulty charger. 

And to top it off, the app will also have an integrated cryptocurrency wallet, so you can easily monitor all your CCHG tokens. 

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Less Than 30 Days to Buy C+Charge 

If you’re not quite convinced whether C+Charge is a good option for you, just take a look at some of the facts since the beginning of the presale. 

When the 1st stage was launched CCHG was priced at $0.013 per token, and those who invested that early have seen over 30% return on investment even before the token was live. 

In fact, the interest was so high, that the team decided to upgrade their pricing structure from 4 to 8 stages of the presale. 

But you might wonder, am I too late? 

Well, no. If you were to invest today with the price set at $0.017 per coin, you would gain a 38% return in less than 30 days, when the presale is set to end. 

However, if you want to maximize your profits, you need to hurry up, because price jumps are happening every 7 days. 

And experts seem to believe that CCHG will probably sell out even before the presale is over. 

Considering the massive media hype that has formed around the project, that scenario seems very likely. 

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The Conclusion 

C+Charge is setting a new standard for environmentally conscious cryptocurrencies.  

By making the carbon credit market accessible to everyone and addressing a significant gap in the electric vehicle industry, this project is truly innovative.  

And the best part is, experts predict that C+Charge has the potential to experience explosive growth, with projections ranging from 50-60x it's current pricing once it gains widespread popularity.  

With such potential for growth, the current pricing of C+Charge is even more attractive to investors.  

It's exciting to see such a ground-breaking project making waves in the crypto world.  


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