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Juicedupp Review 2023: Results, Reports Exposed, Real Or Fake?

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Juicedupp Review 2023: Results, Reports Exposed, Real Or Fake?

Juicedupp is a trusted brand that offers a range of quality performance enhancer supplements that effectively support bodybuilding endeavors and athletes. Bulking & cutting seems like new trends that do not show signs of fading anytime soon.


When you are on a fitness journey, only losing weight is not enough. Acquiring lean muscles with weight loss is equally essential. Many supplements claim to support lean muscle growth, but how do we know which brand works efficiently? 

Today we have decided to review one of the trendiest supplements in the market, Juicedupp. The company claims its potent formula directly works on producing lean muscle in the body. This product offers a range of fitness supplements that works on every aspect of bodybuilding. 

You get everything whether you want a stress reliever, bulking, or cutting supplement. Juicedupp provides strength or performance enhancers and many other types of supplements. If your goal is achieving an active, strong, and energized body with attractive muscle mass, Juciedupp can be a great help. 

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What is Juicedupp? 

Juicedupp is a trusted brand that offers a range of quality performance enhancer supplements that effectively support bodybuilding endeavors and athletes. Bulking & cutting seems like new trends that do not show signs of fading anytime soon. There is a reason why. It contributes to health and mind and brings a perfect aesthetic build that boosts self-esteem. 

Juicedupp supplements are a legal steroid that supports fat loss, bodybuilding, brain power, strength and endurance, and many other areas. The best part is that the Juicedupp formula comes from a natural, safe ingredient. 

Health Nutrition Limited is the parent company of Juicedupp. It was established in London in 2017 but continues operating in California, USA. Health Nutrition is well known for providing natural solutions to mass gainers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts to achieve their fitness goals. Till now, it has supported millions of fitness seekers. It has set up a facility for Juicedupp in the USA that meets all the standard internal qualities for the USA. They are GMA and FDA certified. 

The manufacturer of Juicedupp focused on providing efficient replacement of anabolic steroids. Their goal was to create a formula with all the benefits of anabolic steroids, but it has no side effects on your body. They produced this formula by handpicking natural ingredients from across the world. 

You're mistaken if you believe natural ingredients do not serve as an effective solution for bodybuilding. Remember, there are many pre-workout supplements available in the market. If they do not work as they claim, they have disappeared from the market in a few years. The primary reason behind this supplement’s popularity is they do not leave any harmful effects on the body. 

Juicedupp has created its product with the uttermost research dedication and expertise. After years of research, they have offered a supplement that works in various ways to increase lean muscles and fitness. Their goal is to improve your mental health and fitness level and reduce your recovery time so you can reach your performance peak. 

In addition to providing energy to increase fitness, they are also beneficial for the improved immune system and libido. To know about the Juicedupp review, you can read ahead. 

Range of JuicedUpp Products 

Many of us who like bodybuilding use supplements to achieve muscle mass, lose fat, and enhance brain function. Surprisingly, these supplements also attract athletes and sportspeople with their promise to increase their performance. Juicedupp's line of supplements ticks up all these parameters. 

Juicedupp manufactures a range of legal steroids that are FDA-approved and GMP certified. They have scored 99.4% in the quality department of their supplement. These supplements are produced after long research and are scientifically proven effective and safe. 

Moreover, Juicedupp is one of the most popular brands of supplements. Currently, the manufacturer claims to use all-natural and pure ingredients for their product without any side-effects. They offer various flavors and a variety of supplements. 

Their product is a popular choice among those who like all-natural products for acquiring lean muscle and weight loss. Another factor of its popularity is its friendly customer support team and strong online presence. 

We tried using as many Juicedupp products as possible and found them amazingly effective. It drastically affects body composition and energy levels. But before purchasing any supplement, you should look at all the products and their function. It will help you in deciding which product is best suited for you. The range of supplement from juiced up is as follow: 

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Hulkster 32 is an excellent dietary supplement that boosts natural testosterone levels in men by stimulating the production of hormones. More testosterone means you will more easily acquire muscle mass.  

The company described it as a foolproof formula that lets you retain all your gain. The supplement uses all-natural herbs and nutrients to amplify testosterone levels. It will work best with food and exercise, And you should optimize the benefit by using it in the cycle. Use it for two months and then take a break for one month. 

Beast Mix 

Beast Mix is the best supplement for gym enthusiasts who like to push workouts to the new limit. All natural ingredients work to stimulate the natural production of testosterone in your body. You will feel a lot more energetic than before. It will increase your endurance and reduce recovery time; acquiring muscle with Beast mix is much easier. You can choose a beast mix if you want to unleash the power of the beast in you. 

Triple X 

Triple X is suited to men who desire to get muscled physic quickly. It also improves testosterone production in men's bodies, but unlike other powder supplements, it comes in tablet form. Triple X designated formula quickly builds muscle mass, endurance, and strength and also maintains these benefits for a long time. You can take two tablets of Triple X daily but use caution when stacking up with another supplement. 

Hashtag Lean 

You can not avoid stubborn fat while building muscle in your body. Hashtag Lean provides an exemplary solution to this problem. By using this supplement, you acquire lean muscle, and at the same time, it helps in losing weight by increasing natural metabolism. Hashtag lean also works as a hunger suppressant. Hence, you stay within your limit of calories. It also prevents dehydration, so you work long hours in the gym. Overall it's an outstanding supplement that reduces weight and gives a lean figure. 

Mind Power 

Mind power is a rare supplement which is particularly efficient for your mental well-being. Its all-natural, clinically tested, and proven formula enhances your attention and concentration span. You will also find yourself in a better mood and feel inner calmness. The company recommends using one or two tablets daily with a healthy meal for effective and faster results. However, it should be taken with caution if you are on medication. 


Shredder proves an ideal weight loss supplement for those who want to melt away the stubborn fat of their body. Shredder triggers the thermogenesis process in your body and increases your metabolism. Both these factors play a crucial role in weight. 

Due to the thermogenesis process, your body heats up and generates a counter-reaction to cool down the temperature, burning many calories. In addition to weight loss, Shredder also enhances strength and stamina. Overall, it is one of the best cutting supplements available. 

Sweet Dreamzz 

As its name suggests, Sweet Dreamzz provides you with deep sleep. It is the best stress and anxiety relief supplement. 

If you want to take that "extra" step for your wellness, Sweet Dreamzz could prove very efficient. It improves your body’s circadian rhythm and makes you feel calmer and more attentive. 

Star MKII 

Star MKII is an excellent alternative to Ostarine. If you regularly do intense workouts to achieve muscle and want to create a bulky body structure, Star MKII is for you. Like many supplements, it also increases testosterone, strength, and endurance much faster than any other supplement. 

 You will start feeling the results in a few days. The best method to Use Star MKII is taking three tablets before breakfast daily, as suggested by Juicedupp. 

Rad Max 

Rad max is the alternative to the steroid Testolone (rad-140). The manufacturer delivers a complete package for enhancing muscle mass and strength.  

Customers will see the development only in a few days. It naturally produces testosterone and enhances stamina so you can push your limit more than before. Getting bulkier was never as straightforward as it is with Rad Max. 

Muscle Upp 

If you want to increase your muscle size, then there is nothing better than Muscle Upp. It is a natural replacement for ligandrol. By using Muscle Upp, you can save yourself from the side effects of ligandrol, like hair loss, acne, and depressed testosterone level. So opt for this supplement to get lean muscle and strength. 


Power Upp is a potent supplement that will improve your testosterone levels through the stratosphere. Its natural ingredients promote incredible power, strength, and endurance. 

It provides energy so that you can focus on your workouts. Its formula boosts the body's testosterone production naturally. 

 What Are The Benefits of Juiced Upp Legal Steroids? 

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Juicedupp offers several benefits for fitness goals. We have listed the top Juicedupp benefits for your reference. They are as follows: 

  • Juicedupp increases your body’s testosterone level, which helps build muscle mass. 

  • Another advantage of testosterone increase is fat burn. It also helps you in shedding those extra pounds. 

  • The natural ingredient used in Juicedupp work on both personal and mental health. They do that by increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the brain. It boosts not only brain power but also performance. 

  • Juicedupp uses all-natural ingredients that are legal steroids that reduce stress and anxiety. It will prove great support if you actively participate in an intense workout. It improves their focus, and they get the most out of their exercise. 

  • You get improved performance  Juicedupp also enhances your body’s blood circulation, improving oxygen flow to the muscle. This process improves your performance in the gym tremendously. 

  • The Juicedupp supplements are designed to improve your body’s lean mass and simultaneously increase your recovery after a workout. 

  • It also boosts flexibility in the body which relieves pressure from joints. You become healthier. 

  • Every Juicedupp product improves sleep quality which is vital for achieving overall health. 

  • The high-quality and natural ingredients used in Juciedupp improve your libido naturally. 

  • Another essential advantage of Juicedupp is that it manages body collagen production that visibly reduces the impact of aging. 

  • By using this supplement, you can maintain a state of cutting and bulking for a longer duration, even after workout completion. It also contains a brain boosting formula. 

  • You get the best body structure and texture by reducing fat and enhancing lean muscle growth. 

Drawbacks of JuicedUpp 

Although Juciedupp is an excellent supplement, it does carry some drawbacks, which we have explained below:  

  • You can not purchase Juicedupp from your nearby store if your batch of supplements is running low because Juicedupp is only available for sale on their official website. Before your supplement container empties, you must order online, considering the delivery time.  

  • However, some prefer ordering online because it requires only your finger and cell phone movement. 

  • Before starting your Juicedupp supplement, consult your healthcare provider if you have any medical condition like high blood pressure or another issue.  

  • It can produce a little tingling sensation on first use. Don't worry. It is your body's reaction toward supplements as it adjusts to various components of Juicedupp. 

Are There Any Side Effects of JuicedUpp Legal Steroids? 

We tried Juicedupp by ourselves, extensively searched on the internet, and engaged with other customers of Juicedupp. The result was there were no side effects of Juicedupp. After using it for a month, we only experience a little stomach bloating in the first week.  

However, that is understandable as we know it’s a normal process as our body accepts this new change in our daily activity. Also, we found no side effects reported on the internet; other customers only have positive things to share.  

There were many testimonials from happy customers sharing their experience of the quality of their products and service. However, we recommend you consult your healthcare professional before taking any supplement. 

Where can I Order Juicedupp? 

Juicedupp themselves is the only legitimate vendor of their supplements and service. Therefore, you can feel assured that their product quality will let you achieve your fitness goal. By purchasing from the official site of Juicedupp, you can ensure you are getting the product for which you have paid. So, if you want to buy legal steroids, visit the official Juicedupp site. 

Presently, the manufacturer of Juicedupp supplements only ships to the local address, which means they only send their product to customers residing in the US. Juicedupp recommends the freight forwarding company "My US" (located in the US) for international customers to purchase their product. 

But International customers do not have to wait for long as Juicedupp is planning to establish new logistic hubs in the UK, Middle East, Europe, and South Asia region shortly. It will cut the delivery time and cost, saving a lot of money for any international customer. 

At the moment JuicedUpp only ships to US addresses. If you are an international customer, we recommend using a freight forwarding company in the USA, such as My US  JuicedUpp. However, it plans to set up new logistic hubs in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia, cutting delivery time and costs for international customers. 

Juicedupp Cost For Each Product 

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We have listed each product with its price for your convenience  So you can easily compare it with the supplement you are using. The list is as follows: 

  • Beast MIX is available at $79.99 per bottle, which includes a free worldwide shipping offer. 

  • HASTAG LEAN is available at $59.99 per bottle, which includes a free worldwide shipping offer. 

  • Beast MIX is available at $59.99 per bottle, which includes a free worldwide shipping offer. 

  • HULKSTER is available at $59.99 per bottle, which includes a free worldwide shipping offer. 

  • SHRED STACK(Pack of 4 bottles) costs $159.99 plus free shipping worldwide. 

  • GROW STACH(Pack of 4 bottles): HULKSTER, POWER UPP, 2 BEAST MIX) cost $219.99 plus free shipping worldwide. 

  • CUTTING STACK (Pack three bottles) costs $119.99 plus free shipping worldwide. 


In conclusion, the Juicedupp supplement is very effective. They do what they have promised. You can try it yourself if you are unsure, as Juicedupp provides a money-back guarantee. You will see results very quickly. 

However, you can purchase it only from its official website if you are outside the US. The international customer does not have to wait long as Juicedupp soon opens a hub in Europe, the middle east, the Southeast, and the UK. 

Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.