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Is TruthFinder Legit? Unbiased Review and Analysis in 2023

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Is TruthFinder Legit? Unbiased Review and Analysis in 2023

Find out if TruthFinder is a legitimate service provider. Explore our analysis and review to make an informed decision about using their services.

TruthFinder Legit
TruthFinder Legit

Is TruthFinder a legit website? Absolutely! TruthFinder is a completely legitimate background check service that provides users with comprehensive and well-presented information.

When it comes to the best background check services , there are numerous options available, which can make it overwhelming to select one. TruthFinder is often mentioned online, so we decided to examine it closely to determine the answer to the question “Is TruthFinder a legit website” or if there are better alternatives.

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What Is TruthFinder?

So, is TruthFinder Legit? Yes, indeed, This website provides users with the ability to search for information on individuals, including their backgrounds and histories.

Although some might view this as a potential breach of privacy, it can actually prove to be extremely beneficial in various situations, such as online dating or gaining a deeper understanding of your acquaintances, neighbors, and coworkers.

Moreover, many individuals utilize this platform to reestablish connections with long-lost loved ones or estranged family members.

With an impressive 60,000 five-star reviews and comprehensive information on its offerings, the website reassures potential customers who are new to the platform. We fully comprehend that individuals might have reservations regarding the legitimacy of TruthFinder. Is TruthFinder legit is a question that may come to mind.

To address any skepticism or doubt that makes one ask, “Is TruthFinder legit?” We have extensively examined TruthFinder's business practices, terms of use, search tools, and TruthFinder reviews by customers to determine if it truly lives up to its claim as a legitimate people-finding website.

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What Does TruthFinder Do?


For individuals who ask themselves, “Is TruthFinder Legit?” It's worth noting that TruthFinder is a legitimate background check service that excels in helping users find public information about individuals.

By utilizing various resources like government records, social media data, and deep web searches, TruthFinder offers comprehensive reports on anyone users are interested in learning more about.

Is TruthFinder legit? Its credibility has been recognized by renowned publications such as Business Insider, Forbes, and The New York Times due to its exceptional people search capabilities.

TruthFinder is a legitimate service that should not be mistaken for a platform to conduct background checks on individuals, screen tenants, or verify consumer credit reports. In fact, TruthFinder strictly adheres to its terms and conditions, which expressly forbid any usage of the site that violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

TruthFinder offers a convenient and expeditious means of accessing information that’s already publicly available but may prove challenging to locate or assemble independently.

Is TruthFinder safe when it comes to privacy? TruthFinder is committed to upholding its legal obligations when it comes to safeguarding consumer privacy. The company goes above and beyond by ensuring that all the records it obtains are sourced exclusively from reputable and authorized providers.

Additionally, TruthFinder diligently reviews and updates its reports, promptly removing any outdated or inaccurate information. Rest assured, TruthFinder's legitimacy is unquestionable.

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Is TruthFinder Legit – Does It Really Work?


Is TruthFinder legit? If you're wondering whether TruthFinder is legit, rest assured that there's no need to worry. Countless online TruthFinder reviews all sing praises for this service and the valuable information it provides.

As one of the top background check services available, TruthFinder is a reliable choice for anyone in need of comprehensive information. Moreover, the results are consistently current and precise, alleviating any concerns about the accuracy of the information people receive.

Furthermore, TruthFinder goes above and beyond by providing users with guidance on utilizing the information they obtain through the service. This further answers the question, “Is TruthFinder legit?”.

The vast majority of TruthFinder reviews are extremely positive. Many customers attest to the accuracy and just how updated the information provided in TruthFinder reports is. This is a significant advantage that sets TruthFinder apart from other platforms, which often fail to keep their information regularly updated.

Is TruthFinder legit when it comes to value for money? In general, the wealth of information available on TruthFinder makes it highly valuable. Even with just a one-month membership, you gain unlimited access to reports every month . This is truly priceless!

Moreover, the website openly states the ways in which you can utilize the information it offers, ensuring complete adherence to legal guidelines.

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How Do I Know TruthFinder Is Not a Scam?

TruthFinder is a legitimate service that was established in 2014 and initially operated out of San Diego, CA. Since its inception, it has effectively conducted numerous background checks, earning the trust of its users. We hope this answers those asking, "Is TruthFinder legit?”

To determine if TruthFinder is a scam or not, it’s recommended to read customer reviews on reputable websites like Sitejabber, Trustpilot, and BBB. These reviews confirm that TruthFinder is a legitimate background check service with a highly positive reputation.

Is TruthFinder Safe?

Other than asking, “Is TruthFinder a legit website?”, Some individuals also ask, “Is TruthFinder safe?” TruthFinder ensures the safety of its users through a wide range of security measures, making it a secure platform. Users can search with peace of mind, knowing that their information is protected by robust security protocols.

Additionally, TruthFinder guarantees the confidentiality of searches, ensuring that the individuals being looked up are unaware of this activity. Therefore, TruthFinder provides a safe and discreet search experience for its users.

With the abundance of personal and sensitive information available on this website, The question of whether TruthFinder is safe is also a concern for the website. Therefore ensuring top-notch security is absolutely crucial. Fortunately, TruthFinder excels in this area. The platform takes great pride in its robust security measures that effectively safeguard all user data from any form of fraudulent activity.

Employing encryption technology, all information transmitted through the service remains completely safe and inaccessible to any potential hackers. Hence for those asking, “Is TruthFinder safe?” Rest assured that TruthFinder is a secure platform you can rely on to protect your valuable data.

Another concern is, “Is TruthFinder safe for the user?” Rest assured, TruthFinder prioritizes the safety and security of user information, ensuring a worry-free search experience . With a dedicated team constantly monitoring the website, users can confidently access the wealth of sensitive information available on TruthFinder without any concerns about unauthorized access.

Ensuring the safety of all information on the site is a top priority for TruthFinder. With numerous instances of cybercriminals altering data, it’s crucial to protect users from receiving incorrect information.

Fortunately, TruthFinder maintains a constant and robust state of security, safeguarding user data at all times. So, if you're wondering, "Is TruthFinder safe from cybercriminals?" rest assured that their dedication to protecting the information is unwavering.

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Is TruthFinder Legal?

Is TruthFinder a legit website? The legality of information provided by TruthFinder is contingent upon the user's application of said information. The company has provided clear guidelines for the lawful use of the information, thus discouraging any unlawful use.

Since the answer to the question is TruthFinder, a legit website is yes, Individuals can utilize it to ensure their children's communication is limited to appropriate individuals, verify the safety of a blind date, and potentially locate a distant family member.

This is because the information is restricted to personal use only. Data obtained from TruthFinder is not suitable for making business decisions. Even though we have answered the question, “Is TruthFinder a legit website?” It’s worth noting that this information is not suitable for tenant screening, employment verification, or credit score assessment.

This limitation arises from the requirement of utilizing a Consumer Reporting Agency to access such information. TruthFinder is not a form of Consumer Reporting Agency, and therefore its information cannot be applied for business-related purposes.

Is TruthFinder a legit website? We understand that the information provided on their website may not always be 100% accurate, complete, or up-to-date. Therefore, they strongly advise against using it as a substitute for conducting your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about someone's criminal history.

Is TruthFinder a legit website? TruthFinder makes no guarantee or assurance regarding the accuracy of the data accessible on our platform or the reputation and honesty of the individual you’re investigating.

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Is TruthFinder Accurate?

When it comes to accuracy, is TruthFinder a legit website? Based on the research conducted by our team, it can be confidently stated that TruthFinder is highly accurate. This search engine utilizes a question-based approach to refine the results, ensuring that only relevant data is pulled up based on the search terms entered.

Moreover, TruthFinder offers a preview of potential matches before accessing a full report, allowing users to verify the accuracy of the information pertaining to the individual they are searching for.

To enhance the credibility of the report, TruthFinder displays an accuracy gauge prior to requesting your membership commitment and granting access to the complete report. In case the search results don't have a high accuracy rating, you have the option to conduct another search using more specific details to ensure the most precise outcomes.

While research suggests that TruthFinder can be trusted, it's important to remember that the accuracy of its reports relies on the information found in public records. If certain data, such as criminal records, is not available, TruthFinder won't be able to include it in the report.

To determine the accuracy of reports, the most effective approach is to register for a complimentary trial and conduct a few searches on your own. This will allow you to assess the relevance and accuracy of the gathered information to your specific requirements.

Where Does TruthFinder Get Their Information?

Is TruthFinder legit? TruthFinder utilizes advanced software that meticulously searches through numerous federal and state domains housing vast quantities of public records. This extensive search allows for the gathering of comprehensive information, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the final report.

Furthermore, to guarantee the utmost precision, these public records are cross-referenced against various other data sets. Therefore in case you’re asking, “Is TruthFinder a legit website?” Rest assured, TruthFinder sources its information from reputable and reliable sources.

  • Court Records - Is TruthFinder legit? Yes, it is: rest assured that their comprehensive search scans public county, state, and federal court records to find any relevant information about the person you’re searching for. This includes crucial details like criminal history, arrest warrants, bankruptcies, and more.
  • Government Records - Is TruthFinder legit? The search engine is definitely legit since it scours government databases such as the Social Security Death Index, voter registration rolls, census data, and other sources.
  • Property Records - Are you wondering if TruthFinder is a legit website? Property records are a valuable resource that can provide information about liens, foreclosures, and ownership history. This data is sourced from assessor offices, recorders of deeds, and tax assessors. So, if you're looking for reliable and accurate property information, TruthFinder is a trustworthy option to consider.
  • Commercial Databases - Is TruthFinder legit? One of the reasons why TruthFinder is highly regarded is because it has access to commercial databases that are not accessible to the general public. Our extensive databases contain a vast array of data, including driving records, professional licenses, and much more. This unique access to exclusive information sets TruthFinder apart from other background check services.
  • Social Network Data - Is TruthFinder legit? Social media profiles are among the most sought-after findings in a report. TruthFinder scours popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to uncover any publicly available posts or information that could potentially be pertinent to your search.
  • Deep Web Data - Is TruthFinder Legit? The search engine also scours the depths of the deep web, an unindexed realm of the internet that Google does not venture into. This vast territory encompasses forums, chat rooms, and other sites lurking in the shadows of the dark web.

The extensive data available from different agencies and platforms are responsible for the slight delay in generating a report on TruthFinder. However, when compared to the time-consuming process of conducting your own search or waiting for government agencies to respond to a FOIA request, TruthFinder offers a quick and convenient solution for finding the desired information.

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TruthFinder Pricing

We may have answered your query of is TruthFinder a legit website, but what is the cost of accessing all this valuable information? To begin with, TruthFinder does not provide an option to pay for individual reports. Instead, it operates on a subscription-based payment model.

Luckily, the TruthFinder cost for membership is reasonable. With the basic membership, you get access to a wide range of features, and it's priced at just $28.05 per month. However, this price is based on a recurring monthly payment.

If you choose to pay for two months in advance, you can take advantage of a discounted rate of $23.28 per month . It's important to note that after the introductory period, the price will revert back to its original rate.

If you’re interested in using only the reverse phone lookup tool, there’s a separate membership plan available. This plan is priced at just $4.99 per month . It’s important to note that you can also opt for both memberships simultaneously.

TruthFinder cost is one of the main drawbacks of using TruthFinder. To access and download a report, users are required to pay an extra $2.99 per PDF. However, it's worth noting that basic membership includes the ability to view reports without downloading them, so there’s an option to avoid the additional cost if desired.


  • If personal data has been compromised, a dark web scan will show it
  • With a monthly subscription, you get unlimited reports
  • Keep track of what information shows for your name
  • With various search tools and filters, you can simply refine results
  • Transparency about the Fair Credit Reporting Act so you can be confident you're getting each report lawfully
  • Google Play has an Android app available
  • Reports contain the most recent and up-to-date information


  • Only persons in the United States have access to this information
  • Reports must be purchased in order to be downloaded as PDFs
  • There’s no app for iOS: only the Google Play store is accessible
  • There are no single reports available: instead, a monthly subscription is required

Bottom Line – Is TruthFinder Legit?

Is TruthFinder legit? If you’re wondering whether TruthFinder is legitimate, rest assured that it’s indeed a reputable choice. This online platform provides an array of report options that can furnish you with comprehensive details on individuals across the United States.

Featuring a personalized dashboard and user-friendly reports, TruthFinder ensures swift access to precise, trustworthy, and current information. Thus, in summary, we hope we have answered the question of whether TruthFinder is a legit website.


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