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Is Kemadruma Dosha All Bad? The Effects and Remedies

Kemdruma Yog or Kemdruma Dosh is considered as one of the most noticeably terrible yogas in Vedic astrology.

Dr. Sohini Sastri, Astrologer
Dr. Sohini Sastri, Astrologer

Dr. Sohini Sastri, best astrologer in Delhi, known for her accurate prediction and effective guidance with vast knowledge of astrology and occult science. She is a KP Astrologer with 15+ years of experience in Vedic astrology, palmistry, vastu etc. 

Dr. Sastri is rewarded by President of India, Vice President of India, and Governors of three states. She has written many books about astrology and regular columnist of many popular magazines and a very popular face in different TV shows.

How can we define Kemadruma Dosha? 

Kemdruma Yog or Kemdruma Dosh is considered as one of the most noticeably terrible yogas in Vedic astrology. As per its predominant definition, if there is no planet on one or the other side of the Moon in a horoscope, Kemdruma Yoga is shaped in the horoscope. This yoga can cause the local to experience the ill effects of issues like destitution, illnesses, all-around inconveniences, foes, shame, bombed relationships, and different issues. 

The Lonely Moon Dosha is another name for the Kemadruma Dosha. Your attitude, relationships, happiness, and success in life can all be impacted by this dosha. However, many famous people who have achieved success instead of having this dosha in their natal charts. There are many treatments available to lessen the effects of the Kemadruma dosha.

Many different doshas occur due to planetary placements in your natal chart. Kemadruma Dosha occurs when the moon is lonely in the chart. Chandra or the moon is highly significant in your horoscope. Indeed, Chandra’s position in relation to the nakshatras determines your birth star. 

When Does Kemadruma Dosha or Lonely Moon Dosha Occurs?

This dosha develops when there are no planets present in the second and twelfth houses from the moon, which are the houses that are directly in front and behind the moon, except from the Sun and the shadow planets. If an auspicious planet does not aspect the moon or the moon is not in conjunction with an auspicious planet, Kemadruma Dosha also develops.

What is the consequence of Kemadruma Dosha?

One born in this dosh is devoid of nature, prosperity, knowledge, reasoning, spouse, offspring, and mind consensus. This dosh is told to lessen to a pauper one assumed in a stately ambience.
The individual undergoes suffering, disappointments, biological disease, and embarrassment.
various other planetary tendencies lead to the construction of a Kemdruma dosh. These other variants of the kemdruma dosh are equally terrible and potent:
1. The Moon in the Lagna or the 7th house receiving Jupiter's aspect.
2. Inadequate number of benefic points (less than four) in the Ashtakavarga in the spots inhabited by planets, when all the planets are differently also unstable.
3. The Moon with the Sun looked by a debilitated planet and inhabiting a malefic d9.
4. A waning Moon, inhabiting the 8th house from the ascendant, aspected by or correlated with a malefic, in a case where delivery takes place at the night-time.
5. The Moon in the clinch of Rahu-Ketu, looked by a malefic planet.
6. The 4th house from the ascendant or the Moon inhabited by a malefic planet.
7. The Moon looked by a benefic which has forfeited in planetary war, closely correlated with Rahu/ Ketu.
8. The Moon in Libra, in the division of an adverse planet, looked by an adverse or a debilitated planet.
9. A waning Moon in debilitation, with the person born at night-time.
10. Saturn and Venus situated, in the same zodiac and divisions, the Rashi of debilitated, malefic, and evil planets, located jointly or in the mutual facet.
This dosh attains when there are a comparable number of malefic planets inhabiting the second and the eighth house from ascendant.

Is there any way of Cancellation of this Dosha?

Kemadruma Dosh cancellation occurs if the moon is conjunct with an auspicious planet or if the moon is in the sign of an auspicious planet. Here goes few scenarios where Kemadruma Dosh or Yog got cancelled.
1. Presence of planets in the centre from the ascendant. When this arises, the negative kemdruma earnings takes place to a highly benefic kemdruma yoga which confers all advantages on the native.
2. Presence of planets in the centre from Moon.
3. All planets looking at Moon.
4. The Moon or Venus inhabiting a centre and looked by Jupiter.
5. A powerful Moon in a centre correlated with or aspected by good planets like Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus.
6. The Moon, occupying in the d9 chart its exaltation Rashi or the house of a very peaceful planet, looked by Jupiter.
7. The Moon is in Taurus in the tenth house and looked by a benefic.
8. The Moon correlated with a benefic planet or found between two good planets and aspected by Jupiter.
9. A Full moon inhabiting the 1st house in conjunction with a benefic planet.
10. If at birth, Mars, Jupiter is in Libra, the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Aries, even if the other planets do not look the Moon, the Kemdruma dosh gets cancelled.

What are the favourable effects of Kemadruma Dosha?

Kemadruma yoga’s main impact is on the mind, it makes it restless. If you learn to calm your mind through practice and meditation, you can turn any of the effects to your advantages.

1.Kemadruma dosha enables the person to quickly learn new things.

2.They can gain mastery over theory, just not able to implement it.

3.So, these people make great teachers, guides, counsellors, and coaches.

4.If they use their knowledge to teach and guide a talented person, their combination can be unbeatable, one’s knowledge combined with the other’s execution.

5.Kemadruma dosh makes you seek solitude? Spiritual pursuits become easy for you. You are not distracted by other people around you.

What can be considered as the Remedies for This Dosha?

1.    To calm your mind, try meditation.

2.    Pray to Lord Shiva and Parvati for relief from Kemadruma Dosha by worshipping Chandra (the moon) and reciting the mantra Om Som Somaya Namaha 108 times each day.

3.    Start on a Purnima that occurs on a Monday and observe fasting on Purnima days for a year.

4.    Use a silver cup to sip water.

5.    Perform milk abhisheka for Lord Shiva on Mondays.

6.    Repeat the Om Namah Shivaya mantra.

7.    Perform the Maha Mrityunjaya Japa.

8.    Ask your mother and other senior ladies for their blessings.

9.    Wear a silver pendant with a pearl placed in it or a pearl ring.

As you can see, Kemadruma Dosha may result in some harmful effects, but it also has some positive aspects, through the eyes of the great astrologer in India . In certain circumstances, this dosha can even get cancelled. Moreover, there are many remedies you can undertake to get relief from the negative effects of the Kemadruma Dosha.