Sunday, Sep 25, 2022
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International Women’s Day: How These Women Are Transforming The Healthcare Industry

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we bring forward strong opinions about women showing great courage by making their mark in the health industry.

A tribute to women leaders on International Women's Day
A tribute to women leaders on International Women's Day

Women are evolving in every part of the world with their unswerving dedication and out-of-the-box approach. There is no doubt that if a woman tries, she can surely succeed in building something of an empire. Making us believe that the importance of women’s emancipation cannot be limited.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we bring forward strong opinions about women showing great courage by making their mark in the health industry. These influential women have an unshakeable desire to push their boundaries and create an impact.Below are the opinions of female doctors and coaches from different domains guiding people on the route to a healthy lifestyle. As they say building a healthy lifestyle should be a continuous process, not a one-time event.

Ojaswini Kapoor, CEO – Bloom IVF Group, India’s leading chain of fertility & IVF centres

“Today’s women are reaching newer heights every moment and juggling countless responsibilities in the process. It is heartening to see the recognition of women's intellect and power in all industries and fields. Along with opting for unconventional career paths, women are also aware & decisive about their lifestyle and reproductive choices. However, I strongly feel that women often tend to ignore their own wellness and mental health needs. It is crucial to give attention to a healthy diet and an exercise regime with yoga & meditation. This really aids you to be more productive while taking care of yourself at the same time.”

DrRichika Sahay, Founder - India IVF Clinic & Fertility

“While a woman is labeled as "barren", we choose to overlook the fact that men also play a fairly crucial role in conception, as the ever-dominant male ego goes into self-denial.” DrRichika said. This led her to start the Flertility and India IVF clinic, which has a scientifically validated complete end-to-end, holistic, emotional, medical management, and support solution. It has created a platform that doesn’t look scary, alien, or medical, but clear, fresh, and "normal," packed full of trusted information. She is convinced she can bring happiness with her dedication and hard work. Dr. Richika is an IVF specialist and a gynecological laparoscopic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. She wants to help couple to dream of having their perfect family.

Neha Sawhney, a certified happiness coach and founder of happy Heads

“Many women in India suffer from mental disorders like depression or anxiety. Due to a lack of awareness, these issues are considered taboo. As a result, people refrain from seeking professional help. I suffered from acute depression myself, due to which my life got upside down. But I fought it with my might. From there, my journey to happiness began.

A healthy mind can lead to a healthy life and a much happier life. Happy Heads is an initiative that focuses on improving mental health with games, affirmation cards, etc. My ultimate goal is to launch a free to use Mobile App to provide support and therapies for kids, teens, and adults suffering from mental disorders. We wish to make a difference with Happy Heads.”

Kanu Priya Sekhri – a coach and therapist – Kindlywithkanu

Many women have grown up feeling not fair enough, not tall enough, not thin enough, not intelligent enough – the list is endless. But it basically feels like ‘I am not enough.’ This impacts our mental health and sometimes our physical health and we may not even realise it. Often no one else is saying anything about us anymore. But that voice has become our voice and we keep feeling ‘not enough’. This has an impact on our work and our relationships. We need to heal and release that voice inside us and then we can achieve anything.

Kanu is a coach and therapist. She led a transformation program, The Heartbeat Solution, with participants from all over the world to learn mind-set techniques.

Dr Neha Harneja, founder – Therapies by Neha/ Tarot.temple

"Where there is a strong woman, there is magic."

My husband passed away, and I took over his electronics business. People around me gave me two years. I survived for fifteen. I survived because I stopped believing it was a man’s world. Not only that, I studied to become a doctor in alternative medicine, an energy therapist, and a trauma manager. Today as a ‘energy shifter’ I provide bio field therapies like Reiki, Pranic healing, psychological acupressure EFT, Bach flower therapy to deal and heal with all kinds of trauma-physical, emotional or relational. I also offer tarot card readings for extra guidance. I am here to make a difference!

Indeed having a healthy routine is beneficial for the long term as it maintains your body functioning along with making you fit and ready to fight every day. On the occasion of Women’s day, above listed leading ladies have explained and talked about the importance of a healthy lifestyle not just for women but for each and every person. So, take their advice and start your healthy routine from today.

Happy Women’s Day!!