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× Review: Is Instafollowers Safe? Must Read!

Outlook for Brands Review: Is Instafollowers Safe? Must Read!

InstaFollowers has been in the industry for over a decade, making them a trusted provider for growing your online engagement and following. In this review, we will look closely at InstaFollowers and tell you everything you should know about the company before purchasing.

If you are a content creator or business, you know that building your social media presence is getting harder and harder. That is because many people and companies choose social media platforms to make themselves known. And because of the high competition, many get lost in the vast sea of content.

But watching success pass by you is not an option anymore. You need to take extra steps to ensure you reach your target audience and can make your dreams come true. And this is where social media marketing companies come into play.

These companies provide high-quality services that can help you improve your online presence and popularity. From a YouTube channel to an Instagram account, their services can help you become a true Internet sensation.

One of these companies is InstaFollowers. The team has been in the industry for over a decade, making them a trusted provider for growing your online engagement and following. In this review, we will look closely at InstaFollowers and tell you everything you should know about the company before purchasing.

The Best Alternative For InstaFollowers: Bulkoid


Before diving into InstaFollowers, we believe it’s fair to let you know about other alternatives to this company. Comparing the quality of the services, results, and overall experience, we recommend Bulkoid as the best alternative for InstaFollowers.

Why Is Bulkoid A Better Alternative To InstaFollowers

Bulkoid provides premium-quality social media growth services at affordable prices. Using Bulkoid’s services, you can reach organic growth faster, helping you sustainably improve your social accounts.

Bulkoid provides services for some of the most popular social media platforms. With their help, you can improve your follower count and engagement on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. The team has made it their mission to provide services at the highest quality standard so that you can take your online presence to the next level.

How Can Bulkoid Help You Get Viral Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

It can help you reach larger audiences

Bulkoid can help you improve your engagement rate by increasing your views, likes, and comments. This growth will attract the platform’s algorithm, which will recommend your posts to more users. This will help you reach wider audiences, increasing your follower count and ranking.

It can help you improve your popularity on the platform

Buying organic followers and engagement from Bulkoid will also help your account look better. That is because Bulkoid provides only real and targeted followers to improve your growth. This means real users will follow you and interact with your content, making your growth more natural. Because they see you have a large and active audience, other users will also be more likely to follow you.

It can help you grow your engagement rate

As mentioned, Bulkoid provides real social media services from actual users on the platform. This means you will receive engagement from targeted accounts interested in your content. Because of the organic growth, your engagement will increase, making your content more valuable to the algorithm.

What Is InstaFollowers?

InstaFollowers provides social media marketing services to help you improve your online presence. On their website, you can find various services and tools such as likes, followers, and views to boost your account and content.

InstaFollowers' mission is to provide the highest quality standard to all its clients. The team wants to help every customer succeed in their quest for Internet fame. Because of this, they provide high-quality services meant to improve engagement, ranking, and authority on every platform it caters to.

The company’s team consists of expert software professionals, social media and marketing specialists. This has helped them develop some of the best services to help you reach your true online potential.

How Does InstaFollowers Work?


Using InstaFollowers, you can buy social media services to grow your followers count and engagement on various online websites. From them, you can buy likes, views, followers, or comments with fast delivery and real results.

Buying followers and other services is also easy, thanks to their simple and fast order process. Here is how you can buy social media services from InstaFollowers:

1. Select one of their online platforms

InstaFollowers provides services for some of the most popular social media networks, including:

  • Instagram;
  • Facebook;
  • YouTube;
  • Twitter;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Spotify;
  • Twitch;
  • Tumblr;
  • Reddit.

2. Choose a service

Depending on your selected platform, you can buy services like followers, views, comments, likes, or shares. InstaFollowers’ services come from real users, meaning you won’t have to worry about bots or fake accounts on your profiles.

3. Select one of their engagement packages

InstaFollowers provides already-made engagement services. This can make choosing the best fit for your social media needs and budget easier. The versatility of the packages will depend on the platform and service you choose.

4. Add to the cart and proceed to checkout

InstaFollowers provides multiple payment methods for their customers. After completing your order, you can pay via cryptocurrencies or one of their three payment processors. The payment via cryptocurrencies will give you a 5% discount compared to the other payment options.

InstaFollowers Services and Features

InstaFollowers’ main focus is Instagram services, although they also cater services for other platforms. From InstaFollowers, you can buy high-quality services that will help you improve your Instagram presence, engagement, and ranking.

Here are some of InstaFollower’s most popular services:


  • Instagram likes;

  • Instagram followers;

  • Instagram views;

  • Instagram comments.


  • TikTok followers;

  • TikTok likes;

  • TikTok views;

  • TikTok comments;


  • Facebook page likes;

  • Facebook followers;

  • Facebook views;

  • Facebook reviews.


  • Twitter followers;

  • Twitter retweets;

  • Twitter likes;

  • Twitter poll votes.


  • YouTube subscribers;

  • YouTube views;

  • YouTube dislikes;

  • YouTube watch hours.

Other InstaFollowers features

InstaFollowers offers its clients various other features to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The team wants every client to have a pleasant experience while using their website to improve their social media presence. Besides providing high-quality services, InstaFollowers also offers:

  • fast delivery;

  • refund guarantee;

  • secure payment;

  • no drops in the service provided;

  • 24/7 customer support.

InstaFollowers Pricing


Even though they provide high-quality services, this doesn’t mean you will have to break the bank to purchase from InstaFollowers. Whether you buy Instagram followers, YouTube views, or TikTok likes, InstaFollowers has an option for every budget.

We have looked at the pricing of their real followers and likes services for their most popular platforms. Here is what you should expect to pay when purchasing from InstaFollowers:



Smallest Package

Biggest Package



10 Followers - $0.99

500,000 Followers - $4.150


10 Likes - $0.5

250,000 Likes - $1.975



100 Followers - $2.5

25,000 Followers - $370


10 Likes - $0.41

50,000 Likes - $350



100 Followers - $1.9

10,000 Followers - $99


100 Likes - $1.85

10,000 Likes - $110



100 Followers - $2.35

10,000 Followers - $218


25 Likes - $0.25

5.000 Likes - $39



50 Subscribers - $1.75

10,000 Subscribers - $169


25 Likes - $0.26

10,000 Likes - $91

It is with mentioning that InstaFollowers offers discounts for the bigger growth packages. For example, the 25,000 TikTok followers package was 40% off at the time of writing this review.

Also, when it comes to Instagram followers, from the website, you can also purchase premium followers. Premium followers have higher quality than the normal follower packages and are more expensive. While 50 normal Instagram followers will cost $2.25, 50 premium followers will cost $3.39.

Depending on the platform, InstaFollowers also offers a free trial version for some services. For example, you can get 10 Instagram likes, 100 TikTok views, or 20 YouTube views.

Customer Review: What Do Clients Think About InstaFollowers

InstaFollowers has been providing social media growth services for more than a decade. During this time, they have helped many of their customers build successful stories and take their accounts to the next level.

On many reviews sites, InstaFollowers is praised for its services' quality, effectiveness, and real results. They have many positive reviews from happy customers that have improved their online presence using their services. In the last 12 months, InstaFollowers had over 60% positive reviews, most of which were four or 5-star reviews.

On their website, 993 clients have left positive feedback after purchasing different packages to improve their audience and engagement. This information is especially helpful for potential customers who might want to know what using InstaFollowers is like.

Our Experience With InstaFollowers

We couldn’t do an InstaFollowers review without actually testing its products. Since the website specializes in services to increase Instagram presence, we have purchased some of their most popular Instagram packages.

The order we made consisted of:





Without the discounts, the initial price of the order would have been $80.75. After the discounts, the final price of the order was $21.95.

After placing the order, we contacted the customer support team to ask when we should expect changes on the Instagram account used for the order. We received a reply after a few minutes stating: “Thank you for using InstaFollowers. We are currently processing your order, and the products should arrive in the next hour.”

About half an hour after placing the order, we started the receive new followers on the Instagram account. The profiles provided looked real and active, many with American/European names. A few minutes after, some of the new active followers also liked our most recent post.

We then received 250 Instagram likes, 2,500 views, and 50 comments ordered for an Instagram reel. The likes and comments were from different accounts than the bought followers. But they also seemed to be real and active. The comments also seemed to be about the reel itself and not just emojis or single-word comments.

The complete delivery of the order took about one hour and a half, with the comments being the slowest to arrive. After receiving the order, we left the Instagram profile aside and didn’t check it for a week.

After a week, we haven’t seen any decrease in our followers or reel engagement except for ten likes. We contacted the customer team about this and received the likes back in about 15 minutes. After this, we haven’t noticed any other changes on the profile.

Using InstaFollowers: Pros and Cons

When buying social media growth services, choosing a trusted and well-known provider is important. This ensures you will get high-quality services, and you can actually use them to grow your online presence.

But even if you find the best provider, you still need to look at it from all points of view. By doing this, you make sure you know everything about it before making the purchase. InstaFollower is one good option when it comes to online growth. But, it does have its list of shortcomings:



High-quality services

Hard to navigate website

Free trial options

No order customization

Discounts on bigger orders


Fast delivery


InstaFollowers Review: Final Thoughts

The hunt for a good Instagram growth service has been accelerated by the need to stay on top of the competition. Users are looking at other methods to boost their accounts as it gets harder and harder to grow on Instagram.

One of these methods is buying followers, Instagram likes and views from InstaFollowers. InstaFollowers is a well-known name in the industry and has helped many of its clients build successful Instagram pages.

The team provides its customers with real followers, likes, and views sourced from actual Instagram users. The quality of its services is backed up by many of its previous clients’ reviews, who thank InstaFollowers for their account’s success. Their customers praise them for the quick delivery, effective results, and professional customer team, who has helped them before, during, and after the purchase.

InstaFollowers is one of the best Instagram and social media growth providers. By using their services, you can be sure you receive the highest quality standard at the most affordable prices. The dedication to the customer’s success makes them a good choice when buying online growth services.

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