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IMPT Presale Hit $20 Million -Get it Now On LBank

IMPT makes carbon credit trading easy by taking it out of large corporations' monopolistic grip and making it more accessible.



In the past few weeks, IMPT's unique presale event has made waves in the crypto community. The IEO announcement brought the IMPT community to a new level of size, closing presales and raising a staggering $20 million in fundraising. Now, IMPT has been listed on one of the largest CEX LBank.

At the moment, IMPT is the greenest crypto project on the planet. The project is committed to reducing carbon pollution and reducing users' carbon footprints. In light of growing awareness about environmental stability, IMPT is leading the way.

What Role Can IMPT Play In Sustainability?

The IMPT platform strives to save the earth by making carbon credit trading easier for businesses and individuals. Basically, it's a permit for taking one ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere. In order to combat climate change, these credits are usually purchased to offset carbon emissions.


However, the current carbon credit market poses a major problem since it is extremely complex and designed only for large companies that must offset their industrial carbon emissions legally.

Even though small businesses and individuals are not mandated to offset their emissions, they face significant obstacles if they want to benefit the environment. Individuals are often hesitant to enter the carbon credit market due to opaque pricing data, widespread scams, and fraudulent carbon credits. This is where IMPT aims to make a difference.

What's IMPT Doing With Carbon Credits?

IMPT makes carbon credit trading easy by taking it out of large corporations' monopolistic grip and making it more accessible. A key feature of this moment is the tokenization of carbon credits, making it possible for customers to buy them with IMPT they earn from interacting with brands.


Once these carbon credits have been purchased, they can be resold to the brands on the market. Alternatively, carbon credits may be "retired" and replaced with an NFT artwork.

We can be optimistic about the future of the planet by adopting this comprehensive carbon offsetting approach.

IMPT Partnered With Some Of The Big Brands

A variety of world-class companies have joined the IMPT affiliate network. IMPT's partner network includes Microsoft, LEGO, Samsung, and Amazon, all of which are committed to creating a greener future by utilizing this technology.

Through this amazing strategy, IMPT will spread awareness of climate challenges around the world while expanding its affiliate network.

Globally, IMPT has already reached 25,000 partners. The platform will enable these companies to allow their customers to offset their own carbon footprints while purchasing and paying for carbon credits.

Recent Events Cause Early Presale End

Originally, IMPT’s presale was supposed to end in January 2023. However, FTX's bankruptcy, which caused crypto prices to crash, has prompted questions about cryptocurrency's future. In response to that, and to stay on track with IMPT's original goals, IMPT's CEO announced that the presale would end early.

Further, the CEO said the FTX crash had caused the crypto space to be more volatile. As part of the project's sustainability and to ensure the achievement of its road map milestones on time, the remaining tokens in the second presale stage have been burned, and tokens in the final phase are locked.


Locking or vesting periods impact the project in two different ways. Firstly, it would put a lot of money into the project. Secondly, the tokens would become scarce in circulation. In the coming year, experts anticipate IMPT's value to increase 10 times as a result of both of these reasons.

One Of The Most Successful Presales Of 2022

The IMPT presale kicked off on October 3rd and raised more than $150,000 on the first day, demonstrating the project's popularity. The IEO announcement, however, allowed IMPT to raise millions within a week. Now that the presale's over, more than $20 million has been raised.


IMPT Is Now Listed On One Of The Best Exchanges

Although the presale has already ended earlier than planned, it has some advantages. Big centralized exchanges saw the token's potential. And now, IMPT is available on one of the largest CEX LBank and is soon coming to Changelly Pro and on a leading DEX Uniswap. With these top exchange listings, IMPT will surely go up in value.

The CEO of IMPT has also announced plans to list seven more shares on exchanges in the coming year. For now, the names and types of exchanges remain confidential.



IMPT's innovative approach to carbon credits tracking will definitely generate high returns for everyone. With more than 25,000 brands worldwide, IMPT offers you the assurance that you can invest your money with confidence.