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How Will Saturn Transit Impact Me

Saturn is the planet of isolation, spirituality, and detachment. For Pisces natives, it will transit into the twelfth house of isolation, detachment, and moksha. The transit speaks of spiritual tendencies and visiting holy places for the natives.

Saturn Transit

Each Saturn transit brings Sade Sati on all persons of a particular sign, and the moment you hear this word: there is an unknown fear in your mind: what will happen? Before writing anything on the subject, let me make a very responsible and well-judged statement. All blessed with an age of 30 Years will encounter Saturn transit once in their life span. Those in the age bracket of 60 years will face this twice in their lifespan. And fortunate ones with 90 years of age, three times. Why: because Saturn's transit happens once in 2.5 years and rotates around all 12 signs, one by one, as a natural constellation activity. So, it is clear no one can escape Saturn transit as per the above age cycle, so what to do? Learn to face something that is inevitable rather than taking short-cuts.

Saturn transit 2023

has just completed its cycle of 2.5 years on 17.01.2023 and has entered its native sign Aquarius. It will remain there till 29th March 2025. Many astrologers say this will be beneficial for all Aquarians and mostly harmful for other signs. I disagree with this because Saturn's transit cannot nullify the good impact of all other planets in your chart for these 2.5 years. Anyways, all have their own perception of astrological analysis; thus, no further comments on this. While I will explain briefly about impact of Saturn transit on all signs, let me first explain if Saturn transit is good or bad.

Saturn transit is good or bad

Saturn (under many wrong interpretations and notions), as it is, is treated as one of the most dreaded planets in the astrology/birth chart. But do you know that Saturn is your karmic planet, most importantly ? It is a planet that gives you time to introspect, make the karmic correction, and reciprocate the way your karmas are. Saturn wants you to practice what you preach, acts as a teacher, monitors your karmas, and rewards or punishes you based on your own karmas. It is not that Aquarians got a platter for 2.5 years to enjoy everything irrespective of what they do (good or bad). And all other signs will be affected adversely despite whatever good deeds (karmas) they do. So, it is not that Saturn transit is good or bad; it is good if you introspect and correct yourself, else bad.

Another important impact of Saturn transit is that it makes a person dither for even the slightest worry in life, makes you impatient, and sometimes, you make haste and wrong decision. This is the test of your patience means Saturn is expecting you to hold your nerve and think before you decide, or else face it.

The transit of Saturn on the natal horoscope is viewed very critically by us astrologers. This is primarily because:

  • It makes a deep and lasting effect on life, and any shifts in Saturn's position can indicate significant changes ahead.
  • Transits of Saturn is therefore interpreted with careful analysis based on the individual's chart to understand potential outcomes of the transit period.
  • A careful look into which houses will be influenced by the transit as well as its aspects relative to other planets in the chart.
  • This helps to determine what areas may benefit or suffer during this particular transit so that one can plan their life accordingly if necessary.
  • It often gives us an idea of how any existing events may unfold and cements our focus on working towards future objectives more effectively than before.

Recently Saturn shifted from the Capricorn Sign to the Aquarius Sign. This shift happened after roughly two and a half years. With this shift, a new equation on the Sade-Sati concept has made way. Read if you are under Sade sati using Sade Sati calculator

Saturn is thought to be the dispenser of justice and destiny; it's believed that Shani Dev grants an individual either fortunate or unfortunate results based on their good and bad actions. Saturn is the only planet in Constellation that travels slowly, remaining in its zodiac sign for seven and a half years - known as Sade Sati. In 2023, Saturn has switched its zodiac position; therefore, several signs can obtain relief from Shani's long-lasting septenary days (Sade Sati) and Dhaiya. Nonetheless, numerous other constellations also are fated to endure those challenging phases for an extended time.

Saturn transit is good or bad, is in your hands. One school of astrologers wants you to run to perform remedies when Shani transits and you have Sade Sati. One school says: do not dither, introspect, check your karmas and mitigate the impact of Saturn transit on you. You have to decide for yourself. Still, it is worth mentioning some important effects of Saturn transit 2023 on different signs. I will briefly explain how will Saturn transit 2023 impact all signs.

Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on different signs

Have a read about effects of Saturn transit 2023 on different signs. Again, do not feel dejected or pampered, as the final effects of Saturn transit 2023 depend on you, as explained above. Read below and also on effects of Saturn transit on your sign.


Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Aries.

Saturn will transit through your 11th house of growth, profit, fulfillment of desires, and social network. Any planet, especially the malefic planet, gives good results in the eleventh house. Thus, Saturn will give positive results here. Saturn is a planet of force, depression, misery, obstacles, compression, etc. But Saturn is here in its mool trikona sign of Aquarius. The eleventh sign of the zodiac signifies unconventional thoughts, original ideas, bold thinking, and the support of a group of like-minded people. Saturn will help you contact a high-ranking, influential class with its transit. However, your ambitions during the transit should be appropriate. Saturn can bless those couples awaiting childbirth; however, other indications in your birth horoscope will matter here.

Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Taurus

For Taurus natives, Saturn will transit into the tenth house of career, profession, recognition, workplace, etc. Saturn, in its moolatrikona sign Aquarius, forms' Shasha raj yoga in the birth chart. Saturn can bring new job appointments, promotions, changes in the workplace, changes in the type of work, transfers, jobs, etc. Saturn is a yogkaraka planet for the Taurus zodiac. Thus, the yogkaraka planet in the house of recognition will make you build a strong social image. You will get an appreciation for your work and efforts. Your luck will support and overall, it's a favorable transit for you, especially for your career!

Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Aries Gemini

The transit of Saturn in the 9th house complicates the relationship with the father. The father may face difficulties and health issues during this time. Saturn shows responsibility, and thus, you should act responsibly enough toward your duties to your father. On the positive side, it will prove an awakening time for you. You will realize the true motive of life and reconsider your viewpoint. Will have religious inclinations and try to investigate the relevance of religious practices. Many may meet a guru or mentor, receive initiation, and acquire new knowledge, for example, a second higher education. Saturn praises traits like maturity, seriousness, hard work, discipline, honesty, respect for time and hierarchies, structures, etc. Non-observance of these practices may bring the wrath of Saturn, making you unfortunate. With Jupiter transiting to Aries in the spring and with other indications of an individual horoscope, there is a chance for pregnancy and children's birth.


Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Cancer

Saturn will transit through the 8th house, which is not the most gentle transit. Saturn in the 8th house often brings many changes and transformations in life. You may get stressed by sudden events and unexpected changes. We recommend you be careful and not provoke extreme situations in life (for example, extreme sports/travel). The 8th house represents other people's money, you may benefit from inheritance and other sudden sources. Your long-stuck money may come back, social payments are likely to be received, notarial issues are resolved, and you may get access to the partners' resources.

Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Leo

Saturn in the seventh house will make single natives meet their love. Those who have already found it can take their relationship to a new level and officially register a marriage; Saturn and Jupiter will bless it. Jupiter will move into the sign of Aries in the spring. Your luck will support by Jupiter residing in the ninth house. Also, the transits of big planets can bring family expansion and children's birth.

Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Virgo

Saturn enters the 6th house of enemies, debts, and diseases; therefore, it can activate these matters. However, the transit of Saturn in the 6th house fetches good results, but you need to be careful about your health. If there are chronic diseases or a tendency to accumulate negative emotions inside, Saturn's transit through the 6th house can result in mental stress and other related disorders. You will win over your competitors and enemies. Legal issues may trouble you, but you will win in the end. If you are working in the field of Law or medicine, time is excellent for you. Litigation may arise at your new job. The best harmonization for such a position is to serve other people (service work) / service in the temples.


Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Libra

Saturn in the fifth house of children, education, and intelligence will bring your attention to your children. Students will require increased participation and investment of effort. A love relationship may see a step further by tying the knot. Jupiter will transit into Aries in April-May, blessing your love and marital relations. The transit of Saturn through the 5th house can also increase the desire for chanting mantras, and prayers, reading scriptures and visiting temples. There will be an increased urge to obtain knowledge and education.

Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Scorpio

The transit of Saturn through the 4th house of house and domestic life often brings changes in it. There can be a change in your residence - whether it's about moving, repairs, sales/purchases. There may be mental tension and discontent. Relationships with mothers can get worse; your mother may generally face health issues and other difficulties. You should support and take care of her throughout the transit.

Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Sagittarius

Saturn, in the third house in its moolatrikona sign Aquarius will bless the natives with frequent travels and strong bonds with the siblings. Saturn gives good results in the third house during its transit; thus, natives can expect positivity. Saturn and Jupiter can bless the couples awaiting children. The upcoming transition of Jupiter into Aries also indicates childbirth in the family. Saturn will strengthen the finances and gains for the natives as it finally stops bringing restrictive energies into the house of profit. You may go for frequent short travels.

Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Capricorn

Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac signs. Out of these two, it gives fantastic results in its moolatrikona sign Aquarius, which falls in the house of wealth for the Capricorn natives. Saturn usually has the energy of contraction and limitation, but it will give good results in monetary matters here in its favorable sign. The natives will receive monetary and other rewards. You should pay more attention to your relations with your family. With Jupiter's transit into Aries in April-May of 2023, there can be a focus on real-estate matters: relocations, repairs, purchases, and sales.

Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Aquarius

The ruler Saturn will transit through the 1st house of personality and nature, bringing many changes in life. You will suddenly become hardworking, determined, perfectionist, fundamental, and vital. It is a transformational time. Get ready! But you will like it because people born under the signs ruled by Saturn have natural traits of Saturn in their personalities. Given the transit of Jupiter in Aries (from spring 2023), the singles can find love, and many may tie the knot as well.

Effects of Saturn transit 2023 on Pisces

Saturn is the planet of isolation, spirituality, and detachment. For Pisces natives, it will transit into the twelfth house of isolation, detachment, and moksha. The transit speaks of spiritual tendencies and visiting holy places for the natives. Saturn will tend to isolate and restrict external contacts. There are chances of an increase in spending, loss, or even better, a release from everything that does not bring any good to you.

Saturn’s transit is something which will happen, will affect all in their lifespan, so don’t run to the astrologers asking for remedies. This is one of the best opportunity given you to by this Karmic planet to control your emotions and regulate your deeds. Similarly, one can know about transits of all planets. Each transit gives you bad and good results, depends how you peddle your karmas. I hope this narration made some sense. For any specific issues, connect with my office on + 919278555588/9278665588.

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