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How To Use THC Detox Pills For A Drug Test

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How To Use THC Detox Pills For A Drug Test

Here we'll talk you through your options for passing a drug test. Then we'll tell you what the full process is for doing a natural detox, and how to use THC detox pills to accelerate that.

THC Detox Pills
THC Detox Pills

If you want to pass a drug test without any fear at all then being naturally clean is obviously the best way to do it. If you can learn how to use detox pills for drug test alongside a natural detoxification process, then in the shortest possible time you can be truly clean to submit a valid sample.

What we’re going to do in this quick guide is tell you the next five minutes exactly how to do that. I’ll talk you through your options for passing a drug test. Then I’ll tell you what the full process is for doing a natural detox, and how to use THC detox pills to accelerate that.

Then you’ll learn how well detox pills work, and what the best detox pills to use to pass a drug test are.

Your Options For Passing A Drug Test

So let’s start by talking you through the options you have to pass a urine sample drug test.

Basically, you’ll face two types of drug test, supervised, or unsupervised. Supervised is when they are in the room with you. Not directly observing, but definitely able to see if there are any shenanigans going on.

Thankfully though, the vast majority of drug tests carried out, and certainly pretty much everything I’ve ever heard offer pre-employment and on-the-job drug testing, is unobserved. That means there will even be anyone in the room with you, or at the very least you’ll be behind a full screen.

We are basically talking then about passing an unsupervised drug test, for which you have the following three options:

1.    You can do a natural detox backed up by drug detox pills as we are talking about in this guide. It’s the best way of being completely clean to pass. However, it is time-consuming and can be expensive.

2.    The second option is to submit a fake sample. This means using high-quality synthetic urine. It’s a great way of passing as long as the complexity of the formula is good, and you submit it within a very narrow temperature range within which human urine exits the body. But it can be too much for some people when they think about smuggling it in.

3.    The third choice is a detox drink. This is drunk a couple of hours before your test, and it then masks the toxins for long enough for you to submit that clean sample. The downside is that it has a higher failure rate, and you should do a natural detox backed up by detox pills for a couple of days beforehand to increase your chances of being clean for long enough to get that sample submitted.

So as you can see, if you want to get genuinely clean, then detox pills for drug test success are the way forward. 

How To Do A Natural Detox

The problem with doing a natural detox to pass a drug test is that it can take quite a long time.

Although drug detection times in urine are quite short for a light drug user, for example marijuana will disappear within 72 hours, cocaine in about 48 hours, and rarely will a drug remain detectable for more than three days, that’s not the whole story.

Chronic drug users, let’s say you’re a daily weed smoker, could take two or more weeks to get clean. It’s the same with benzodiazepines, opiates, pretty much any drug. If you’ve got tons of metabolites queued up in your body then it will take time to eliminate them.

Plus, if you’re overweight, unhealthy, and well, drinking alcohol, have a poor diet, then stuff like that can also significantly slow down your body’s processing.

These are the steps you need to take to do a natural detox:

●    You must abstain from all types of drug during until you taking a drug test
●    Eat small meals of lean protein, vegetables, and fiber rich foods
●    Drink plenty of water each day
●    Exercise and sweat each day
●    Get eight hours sleep

That may not look too difficult as it’s basically living healthily, but imagine doing it for two weeks if that’s not how you naturally live. On top of that, you have to do the detox pills, so let’s talk you through that now. 

How To Use Detox Pills For Drug Test Passing

Every day of the natural detox, for the length of the pill course, you will take detox pills alongside doing that natural detox.

Drug detox pills contain a range of natural ingredients that help to eliminate toxins from the body at a faster rate.

So, for example, they contain diuretics which help you urinate more, and things which draw more toxins into your bowel as well. They will also contain ingredients which help your liver and kidneys to work more efficiently, as well as things which help to push things through your digestive system faster.

Put together, it will accelerate the speed at which your body processes and eliminates things. In fact, you might be shocked at the color of your stools and urine for the first couple of days as toxins rapidly leave the body.

There’s more detail to using a detox pill than that, but I’ll talk you through that when I do to best detox pill reviews at the end to can see exactly how each works.

Can You Buy Specialist THC Detox Pills?

I want to save you some money here, by clearing up the misconception that some companies use as a marketing trick.

You will see pills advertised as detox pills for weed, Or THC detox pills specially marketed to target weed metabolites.

This is a bit claim that is untrue. A high-quality detox pill will eliminate all toxins from your body, not just cannabis metabolites.

Apart from fiber, which can help to draw cannabis metabolites to the bowel more quickly, there’s nothing that a detox pill can do to target specific types of drug toxins. As you’ll be eating a fiber rich diet, which is far more effective, then please ignore any detox pill which claims it specifically designed for cannabis metabolites.

Do These Two Additional Things To Increase Your Chances Of Passing

When you’re doing a natural detox, here’s a couple of top tips that can really help to increase your chance of passing a drug test.

First, have home drug test kits handy. These are quite cheap, costing just a few bucks each. By monitoring your progress through your detox, probably from halfway through, you’ll know when you are actually starting to test clean.

You’ll also want to keep at least one back to the day of a drug test. Two hours before you leave to submit your sample, make sure you check you are clean. 

The second trick for using detox pills for drug test is to make sure you have a detox drink handy. If you test positive just before you leave, what are you meant to do?

A good quality detox drink like Rescue Cleanse, with so few toxins left in your body, will easily be able to mask the rest for several hours to ensure you pass that important drug test.

Do Detox Pills Work?

People wonder does detox pills work; can they really help speed up the elimination of toxins much?

The truth is they can. If you use the top quality ones, I’m going to review for you in a moment, they can definitely half the time it can take to get clean. Meaning that it will take you 10 days to get clean naturally, you’ll be clean in five days or less.

But don’t buy those specialist detox pills for weed, because they don’t really work. And don’t buy your detox pills from Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, eBay, or Amazon.

Those are all general marketplace sites that sell low quality detox pills are designed to rapidly eliminate drug metabolites. So yes, detox pills do work, but only if you buy the right ones.

Which The Best Drug Detox Pills To Use?

Now you understand a bit more about using detox pills for drug test passing, let’s talk you through the two types detox pill that really are potent enough to at least half the amount of time it takes to get clean.

1. Toxin Rid Detox Pills

Number one on any list of the best detox pills has to be Toxin Rid. It’s available in it course lengths from a single day through to 10 days, giving you complete flexibility over the length of your detox.

One of the big questions people have around the length of the course needed is they’d really don’t know what length to choose.

My advice is go for the longest course you can afford in the time you have before your drug test. 

You’re basically going to fall into one of three groups. You’re an occasional user, once per week, in which case you really need to worry about detox pills at all. 

Or you’re taking drugs 2-3 times a week, so you’re a moderate user. Then you’ll have two strategies. You could do a one, two, or three day course and then mask the rest with a detox drink if all the toxins are eliminated. Or you commit yourself to 5 or 7 day Toxin Rid course, to make sure you are definitely clean.

If you’re a chronic weed smoker, every day, or you’re taking drugs more days of the week then not, then you will be a chronic user who will have a backlog of metabolites in your body. In this instance you might get away with the Toxin Rid 7 day detox, but I would advise you spend $189.95 on the longest Toxin Rid 10 day detox just to make sure.

Toxin Rid instructions are pretty straightforward:

1.    Every morning take three Toxin Rid pills per hour, for the first five hours the day (over 15 Toxin Rid capsules per day). After that follow the guidelines for natural detox.

2.    On the last day of your detox, two hours after your last set of pills, mix up the detox liquid. This has a dual purpose of pushing out more toxins that are lingering in your body, and also it replenishes a lot of the lost vitamins and minerals that the potent Toxin Rid pills have pushed out of the past few days.

3.    On the day of your test, two hours before you leave, mix up the dietary fiber supplement. This helps to draw any lingering cannabis metabolites your bowel, and helps to flush any lingering toxins out of your urine. I would still always advise you have a high-quality detox drink to hand on top of that.

Toxin Rid isn’t cheap, but it is the most potent detox pill on the market. Alongside a natural detox it can definitely speed up the elimination of toxins by at least 50%. As a chronic weed smoker I was still clean in six days using Toxin Rid, I dread to think how long it would have taken me to get clean naturally.
You can purchase it from the webshop of the manufacturer..

2. Rescue 5 Day detox

If you can’t afford Toxin Rid, or it’s not available, then Rescue 5 Day detox is your next best choice.

It’s far cheaper, costing $60 for the five day course. However, I want to make it clear to you something that they don’t really tell you before you buy this course….it’s actually an eight-day course!

Although the main course of pills five days in length, that’s not the whole story. I think it’s slightly misleading, but it does mean you get a more potent detox for your money, but you do have to commit to 8 days. That shouldn’t be a problem though, because it means that even the most chronic weed smoker should still get clean in that time, or be very close to clean.

Instructions are Rescue 5 Day detox are simple:

1.    The day before you start the main five day course take the four head start pills with water.

2.    Over the next five days take four of the morning formula pills as soon as you get up. Every evening, in the early evening before you settle down, take four of the evening formula pills.

3.    The day after the main five day course is finished, take the fourth finisher pills with water.

4.    The day of your drug test, take the six ICE detox pills with water and then urinate frequently over the next hour. These act like a detox drink in pill form, helping to push out any remaining toxins and mask any that are left.

So Rescue 5 Day detox is a great alternative Toxin Rid. However, the ingredients aren’t as varied or potent, and you do get what you pay for. If you can afford Toxin Rid, get the full 7 or 10 day course in preference to buying Rescue 5 Day detox.