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How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

Anytime you break the digital barrier and expose yourself online by posting products or services for sale, you’re also exposing yourself to potential scammers, hackers, and wrongdoers. By no means does this mean you should forfeit your online dreams? It does, however, mean taking the proper safety precautions is a must.

How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

These same rules apply when selling feet pics without getting scammed. Regardless of what you’re selling, it’s important to protect your identity, personal information, financial details, and best interests. In this article, we’ll explore the thriving foot pic industry and share tips for staying safe and being smart while also making money.

How Does Buying and Selling Feet Pics Work?

The more you know about the business you’re getting into, the better you can protect yourself against those looking to do harm. Buying and selling feet pics is pretty straightforward. Content creators post their foot pics and videos to websites like FunwithFeet.com and other reputable outlets and clients buy and download them for the listed price. 

The price of foot content varies greatly from one seller and platform to another. Certain websites like FeetFinder keep a 20% commission on all sales, making it more difficult to price your foot pics and turn a profit. FunwithFeet, on the other hand, gives you 100% of your earnings so you can keep your prices low and your earnings high.

Most foot pic websites have messaging features where buyers and sellers can connect and chat about specific photos, orders, and pricing. Once you strike a deal, you can release the final photo to the buyer and they’ll release your money. In a perfect world, these transactions would all be seamless and all your interactions would be positive and professional. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. This is why you need to understand the many ways to protect yourself and how to sell feet pics without getting scammed. 


Tips on How to Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed

The best defense against getting scammed online is a strong offense. Before you post a single foot pic, check out these safety tips.

Don’t Overshare

Knowing how to sell feet pics without getting scammed while also making money can be a difficult balance to strike. Some of the most successful foot content creators attract customers based on both their personalities and their beautiful feet. But in order to showcase your amazing self, it means sharing details that are engaging and compelling without oversharing.

For example, including some details about your physical appearance like your hair and eye color or skin tone is fine, but avoid posting close-up photos of your face if you’re trying to conceal your identity. You can also include information about your age and general area (i.e. the USA, West Coast, or England), without giving out your exact location, address, or city name. In the wrong hands, this information could put your safety and your identity at risk.

Other details you should include in your profile and bio include your likes and dislikes, hobbies, and even your fantasies. Don’t, however, include your specific occupation, age, real name, or any other personal information that may lead back to you. Even if you’re not selling feet pics anonymously, you still don’t want online clients knowing too much about your personal life. 

Only Accept Secure Payment Methods

The fastest way to lose money and get scammed when selling feet pics is by accepting money or payment through unsecured networks or other forms. For example, never accept cash, a check, or a gift card as a form of payment. If the buyer claims they “accidentally” sent you too much money and provides a screenshot of their receipt, asking for the difference in return, it’s probably a scam! 

This is a common tactic used by scammers where they present the seller with a fake payment receipt showing they overpaid and requesting a refund. Once the seller sends the money back and realizes the initial payment was never made, the seller is now out the amount they refunded the customer. Buyers that offer to send you cash in the mail or ask to make the payment in person are usually up to no good. Cash is untraceable and, therefore, it’ll be much more difficult to prove you were ever scammed. 

Not to mention, agreeing to meet a stranger in person to exchange money for your feet pics may put you in a different kind of danger. Even if it’s a public place, if the client requests an in-person meeting, it’s a major red flag that something isn’t right. 

Depending on the foot pic website or platform you’re using, you may have the option to choose a payment method or you’ll be forced to use their preferred payment method. Some of the most popular systems include PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. Segpay and Paxus are also trusted and secure online payment systems popular both inside and outside the US. 


Sell Feet Pics Using an Alias or Anonymously

People sell feet pics anonymously for multiple reasons, but in most cases, it’s to hide their identity from both strangers and acquaintances. Not everyone wants their friends, family, or coworkers to know they sell feet pics for money. The easiest way to prevent your secret from getting out is to use a fake name or unique username. But hiding your naughty side hustle from those closest to you isn’t the only benefit of selling anonymously. It can also protect scammers and hackers from stealing your identity.

Use a fake name or username whenever possible. Most legitimate foot pic websites will require you to provide your legal name for payment purposes, but beyond that, you can adopt any name or personality you choose. As long as the username isn’t taken, it’s yours! This is also a great opportunity to get creative and playful with your approach. Try on a different personality or persona for size like a naughty nurse or sexy college student. The more obscure and mysterious, the better. 

Create a Payment Procedure or Schedule

When considering how to sell feet pics without getting scammed it’s important to view your foot pic business as such – a business. And that means creating terms and conditions that your buyers need to agree to and follow. You can make these rules and guidelines whatever you want or use a reliable foot pic platform like FunwithFeet that has its own established payment process designed to protect both buyers and sellers.

Whenever possible, request full or partial payment before releasing your foot pics to the customer. This guarantees that you get paid and the customer gets the foot pics they’re entitled to. This can be a tricky balance at times since some buyers are hesitant to send a payment until they receive the foot content and sellers don’t want to release their foot pics or videos until they know the buyer is serious. 

One way to navigate this is to send the buyer a preview of the foot content, including watermarks (more on this later), and then release the final image once you get paid. This way, the client knows the final product is coming and you can confirm the money is safely in your account before removing the watermarks and relinquishing all your rights to the content. Include plenty of details and information about this process and penalties or stipulations in your terms and conditions in case of a discrepancy or dispute with the buyer. 

Add Watermarks to Your Photos

You may be wondering, what exactly are watermarks? If you’ve ever searched for pictures on stock photo websites like ShutterStock or DepositPhotos, you’ve probably seen their logos or brand names in light lettering in the background or corners of the images. These are known as watermarks and act like trademarks. Until you pay for the image, you can’t access or download the final version, free of these markings. Although watermarks don’t completely obscure the image, they do act as a clear indication of who the image belongs to.

Independent foot pic sellers can – and should – add their own watermarks to their photos. This ensures that no one steals or tries to reproduce or resell your foot pics. Watermarks can be a small logo, initials, text, or image placed anywhere on your photos. Just be sure that it doesn’t obscure the customer’s view of your beautiful feet or act as too much of a distraction. The last thing you want is for your watermarks to take away from the quality of your foot content or cost you a sale. Instead, add light markings to the far corners of your images or in the backdrop, similar to Shutterstock. Once you sell the image, you can remove these markings and release the final version to the customer. 

Sign Up on Reputable and Trusted Websites

The Internet is filled with over 1 billion websites all promising to be the safest and best. And while some offer extensive layers of protection against scammers and hackers, others leave your information exposed and vulnerable to wrongdoers. If you want to know how to sell feet pics without getting scammed, it starts with choosing the safest, most secure, and reputable foot pic platform.

Websites like FunwithFeet, FeetFinder, and Feetify perform extensive ID verification for all users. This offers members peace of mind that the sellers on the platform are legitimate and that the buyers are real paying customers and not bots or hackers. Most foot pic websites also use encryption software, which means that the sensitive information and details you enter are coded and secure, making it increasingly possible for hackers to access your data. 

You’ll also notice that many reputable foot pic marketplaces have their own secure payment methods and systems. This protects your money from getting stolen and acts as a safeguard in the event there’s a dispute or issue with a customer. In rare cases, you may receive a refund or payment protection if a buyer reneges on your agreement. 

Avoid Selling Foot Pics on Social Media

While social media platforms are amazing resources for marketing and promoting your foot content and making a name for yourself in the foot pic industry, they’re not the best or safest outlets for selling your content or conducting business. The main reason is that social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook don’t offer any protection against scammers stealing your money or even your identity. The information you put on your social media feed or share through private messenger is exposed for all the world to see and access – including hackers and scammers.

Even though you shouldn’t sell your foot pics directly on social media, you can use these platforms to advertise your content, gain fans and followers, and drive traffic to your foot pic sales pages on other websites. If you’re using an alias on another site, use this same name on social media. This will not only protect your privacy but also help your favorite buyers find you across multiple outlets, helping you land more sales and gain more traction. 

Use a Secure VPN

If you plan to sell and post foot pics from your personal computer or use a public place with a shared Internet service, you should consider using a reliable VPN for all your searches and transactions. A VPN, or virtual private network, works by creating a secure connection between your computer and the WiFi network you’re using. Using a VPN adds an extra layer of protection by hiding your IP address and encrypting all your personal data. It also conceals your browsing activity, location, and other identifying pieces of information. Now, you can search, post, upload, and connect in a safer, freer environment.

Trust Your Instincts 

Nothing will protect you from an online scammer better than your own natural instincts. If your gut tells you that the person you’re dealing with is non-trustworthy, suspicious, or dishonest, chances are, you’re probably right. This is especially true if you’ve been in the foot pic business for a while. You’ll instantly know whether or not the buyer you’re dealing with is serious or they’re just fishing for information. 

Normal questions include things like:

  • Do you take custom requests?
  • How much of a discount do you offer if I buy multiple photos?
  • How long have you been selling feet pics?
  • What are your favorite type of foot or types of feet pics?

Most questions related to your foot content and sales are fine and completely appropriate. It’s when the questions get too personal or intrusive that you may have cause for concern. These include things like:

  • Where do you live?
  • Can we meet in person?
  • What’s your bank account information so I can send a direct deposit?
  • What’s your real name?

Don’t be surprised if some unsolicited messages make their way into your inbox as well. Some people are mistaken by thinking just because you sell feet pics that you’re also interested in explicit conversations or sending pictures of more than just your feet. In these situations, immediately end the conversation and block the user. If you’re selling on a private foot pic platform, report them to the admins. 

Warning Signs to Look for When Selling Feet Pics Online

In addition to the best practices mentioned above, knowing the warning signs of a scammer, hacker, or foot pic deal gone wrong could help protect you against the dangers that lurk beyond the computer screen.

Here are a few warning signs that your data has been compromised or that your security and safety are at risk.

  • Your foot pics show up on a different website (where you didn’t post them)
  • Someone private messages you using your real name when you use an alias online
  • You notice suspicious activity on your bank account or another associated payment method
  • A potential buyer asks too many personal questions
  • A customer refuses to pay in full or send a partial payment unless you send the foot pics first
  • A buyer is insisting on paying you in cash, a money order, or a gift card
  • The client overpays and then asks for a refund

Any of these suspicious or unsettling behaviors may be signs that the person you’re dealing with is up to no good. It’s best to end the conversation and the negotiations on the spot and move on to the next customer. It’s better to lose a sale than to put yourself, your identity, or your finances at risk. 

Sell Feet Pics Safely and Securely

The only way to do business online is to do so safely. With over 5 billion people using the Internet every single day, you’re left vulnerable and exposed to countless dangers and pitfalls. And while this doesn’t mean you should avoid conducting business online, it does mean you need to take certain measures to make sure you stay safe and protected. Once you’ve followed these steps on how to sell feet pics without getting scammed you can start to explore the booming foot pic industry and all the benefits it has to offer.

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