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How To Sell Feet Pics - 21 Amazing Expert Tips

Calling all newbies! If you’re getting ready to launch your foot pic business and need some sound advice, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these tips for sellers just starting out.

Sell Feet Pics

What started as an unconventional way of making money online has quickly grown into a viable side hustle. Everyone from college students to housewives and even men are selling their feet pics online and making a killing doing it! 

With an increasing number of people openly admitting to having interest in feet, the market for quality foot content has never been hotter. Whether you’re new to the world of selling feet pics or need some tips and advice to boost your business, this article is for you!

Keep reading to learn how to sell feet pics, including the best platforms, tips for marketing yourself, and expert advice on how to stand out in the crowd.

Tips for Beginners When Selling Feet Pics

Calling all newbies! If you’re getting ready to launch your foot pic business and need some sound advice, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these tips for sellers just starting out.

Post on a Reliable Platform

While some foot content creators go it alone, if you’re new to selling feet pics, you may be better off using an established platform or website. These marketplaces (like the ones listed below) are designed specifically to facilitate transactions and connect professional sellers with legitimate buyers. 


Many of these websites have a verification process that involves confirming both buyers’ and sellers’ identities to prevent scams and promote a secure and safe experience for everyone. 

Another benefit is that many of these websites perform all of the marketing for you! The more well-known the website is, the more traffic it brings in, and the more likely you are to make multiple sales. 

Consider Remaining Anonymous 

One of the biggest worries hesitant sellers have about selling feet pics is that their great Aunt Ida or local school principal will accidentally stumble upon their content and uncover their dirty little secret. 

The best way to protect your identity and stay away from potential dangers of selling feet pics , is to remain anonymous. 


If there’s any online business that supports anonymity, it’s selling feet pics. After all, people are looking for pictures and videos of your feet and lower legs, not your face or body (although including these features doesn’t hurt). You can easily use a generic profile picture or one that highlights the angles and curves of your gorgeous feet instead of your body. 

Don’t reveal your face, location, or any other identifiable features in your content. Tattoos, birthmarks, and even certain items in the backdrop of your feet pics might act as clues toward uncovering the identity you worked so hard to protect. 

Create a Noticeable Profile

Even if your profile doesn’t include your face or body, it needs to be creative and eye-catching. With thousands of sellers tapping into the pool of buyers, your profile needs to stand out – this includes the name you use, your photo, and the information you include in your bio. 

Start by choosing a username that embodies your personality or the persona you’re taking on. Some of the best sellers market themselves under a certain guise or character. For example, an older woman, girl next door or office secretary. 

Whatever angle you plan to take, use this as creative inspiration for your username. You can also use a creative version of your real name. For example, use your middle name as your first, jumble the letters of your last name, or simply use initials. Just be sure that the name you choose is unique, memorable, and not overly complicated. 

Regardless of what your profile picture is (i.e. your feet, your face, your body), it should be high-resolution, an appropriate size, not blurry, and free of any imperfections. When you’re in the business of selling feet pics, you need to show potential buyers that you’re capable of taking high-quality pictures. Customers will judge your quality and abilities on your profile picture so be sure that it makes a killer first impression. 

Last, but certainly not least, many foot pic selling platforms will ask sellers to include a short bio on their profiles. This section tells customers a little bit more about who you are, what your interests are, and why they should buy your content. Include minor details and tidbits about your life and personality. Share your likes, dislikes and desires (if you're comfortable doing so). 

The more personally connected a buyer feels to you, the more likely they are to purchase your content. Just be careful not to divulge too much information regarding your private life (i.e. your exact location, birthday, legal name, etc.).

Pro Tip: Eye Up Your Competition and Get Inspired 

Check out other successful profiles on your favorite foot pic platforms for inspiration. See what these sellers are doing right and wrong. Take note of what works to attract buyers, gain new followers, and land more sales. Then, duplicate these techniques in your own way. While it’s frowned upon to steal someone else’s ideas or copy their information, you can definitely use successful seller profiles as inspiration to improve your own. 

Choose a Foot Niche

Navigating the vast world of feet pics can feel quite overwhelming at first. With dozens of sites to choose from and thousands of sellers all vying for the same sales, you may feel like a small fish in a gigantic sea. The best way to narrow your focus is to choose a primary niche or angle to take. For example, muddy or footwear pics. 

Once you decide on a category, you can put all of your efforts into creating the best content possible within this particular niche. Doing so will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or spreading yourself too thin. When selling foot pics it’s best to excel in one area rather than post mediocre content that leaves buyers less-than-impressed and disappointed. Once you master your niche, you can slowly start to expand into other, related categories.

Pro Tip: See What’s Trending on Adult Websites

If you’re stumped on finding a niche or fetish to focus on, take a quick look at some popular adult websites for inspiration. Search different foot-related fetishes and see what types of content are trending and performing best and then use this knowledge to your advantage to create similar videos and pics in the most popular fetish categories. 


Create Different Profiles for Different Niches

Don’t limit yourself to selling foot content in just one niche. You can easily explore several fetishes and niches in your work. However, if you really want to excel in the foot pic industry and make a name for yourself as a reputable and talented content creator, it’s best to specialize in one specific area. 

dirty feet pics

One way to do this is by creating different profiles and sales pages for each niche. For example, launch a profile and account dedicated to selling manicured and perfectly groomed feet photos. 

Your username should reflect the ethos of the profile. You can also generate a separate profile for foot worship pics or dirty feet pics and create an entirely different persona. This approach lets you make a name for yourself within several dedicated areas and increases your chances of getting noticed. 

Utilize the Best Camera, Angles, and Lighting 

Some people don’t realize just how much work, time, and effort goes into selling feet pics. It’s about more than just snapping a quick picture of your toes in the sand or a selfie of you wearing your favorite high heels. While there’s certainly a market for this type of content, you still need to take care when crafting your foot content.

Most smartphones are equipped with quality cameras that capture clear and detailed images. As long as you have a phone capable of producing high-resolution photos, you won’t need to invest in a digital camera. If you prefer to go the traditional route, you can invest in a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. These cameras use a basic design and standard functions like autofocus to create quality images. DSLR cameras also store thousands of pictures on the internal memory card and make uploading to your computer quick and easy.

Once you have your camera set up, start experimenting with different angles and lighting for your pictures. Not all of your feet pics need to show your feet from the top down. Try taking feet pics from the bottom, up or including your ankles, calf, and lower leg. You can also try different poses like your feet folded over one another, your toes flexed or curled, or your arches pronounced. Take dozens of shots and examine them carefully before choosing the best ones to post for sale. 

Lighting also plays an important role in creating foot pics that sell. Natural light is great but it’s not the only option. After you’re done snapping a few pictures outside or near an open window, try experimenting with shadows or use a ring light or different colored lightbulb to cast different hues on your feet. You can also utilize filters and photo editing apps for added effects (more on this below). Just be sure not to alter the original photo too much. Most buyers are interested in natural beauty, not high-doctored photos. 

Incorporate Props and Accessories

When plain or generic feet pics just won’t do, it’s time to incorporate some props and accessories into your photoshoots. This includes everything from shoes and jewelry to flowers, beads, and even items like handcuffs and ropes. 

The most important thing to keep in mind when using these accessories in your photos is to use them to accentuate and complement your feet, not take the attention away from them. Your feet should always be the focal point of your content. 

The props you choose should add dimension and personality to your pics. Never cover, blur, or block your foot from view and choose accessories that highlight your foot’s best features. For example, sandals are a great way to show off your new pedicure, while high heels accentuate those high arches and muscular calves. Identify your best attributes and then capitalize on them.

Move Around

The backdrop of your feet pics can be as important as the main focal point. While it’s fine to post a few pictures of your feet on your bed or floor, the more original and unique your content is, the higher you can price it and the more offers you’ll get. 

Don’t be afraid to get up and get out of your comfort zone! The outdoors has an abundance of backdrop opportunities for your feet pics and videos. From water and sand to grass and pebbles, experiment with different settings and backdrops that accent and accentuate your feet. 

Just remember not to include any tell-tale clues in your pictures about your location. This includes storefronts, street signs, and even items in your bedroom that might display your name. 

Invest Time in Editing

Your work isn’t done the minute the flash goes off. You need to invest time in going through all of the pictures you captured, choosing the best ones, and then editing them. As mentioned before, you want to avoid heavily editing your photos.

Buyers will notice and are often turned off by this. Instead, choose photos that capture the natural beauty of your feet and simply remove any imperfections or obvious flaws. You can download basic editing apps or programs that will guide you through this process. Spending even a few minutes making your foot content perfect won’t go unnoticed and could help you secure a sale and, eventually, raise your rates. 

Don’t Overlook Certain Demographics

When people think of buying and selling foot pics, they often think of doing so within the realm of the foot fetish community. And while this customer base is alive and well, it’s not the only one to consider. Aside from foot fetishists, stock photo websites, product developers, and advertising companies are all interested in your foot content. 

Most of these buyers are looking for more professional and artistic foot pics like barefoot with minimal imperfections, filters, or props. They may also make special requests for pictures of your toes, ankles, or arches. It’s in your best interest to explore all of these possibilities when creating and promoting your foot content.

Use a Secure Payment Method

Secure Payment Method

Depending on the platform that you’re selling on, you may need to secure your own payment method when negotiating sales. Never accept cash payments or agree to meet a customer in person to exchange your feet pics for money. 

You should also avoid sharing your banking information or agreeing to any exchange that appears suspicious. Instead, choose a secure and trusted payment system like CashApp , Venmo, PayPal, or Apple Pay. Make payment arrangements beforehand. 

Most sellers require payment (or at least a partial payment) before releasing the final version of their foot content. If you’re not comfortable handling transactions and exchanges on your own, choose a foot pic platform that offers its own secure payment method with added protection. These sites usually offer support and mediation in the event of a dispute, as well.

Protect Your Rights

At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility to protect your precious foot content. The feet pics and videos you create are yours. Protect the rights to your original content by adding watermarks to your photos. 

A watermark is a lightly colored text, logo, or image added to a photograph that trademarks it as your own. These can be anything from your initials to your name or even a logo you create. Just make sure the watermarks you add are subtle and strategically placed. They shouldn’t take away from the beauty of your feet pics or blur the main image. Place them in the bottom or top corners of your feet pics. 

Find the Best Platforms for Selling Feet Pics

Now that you know how to successfully sell pics, let’s talk about where to focus your time and energy. While plenty of people periodically sell their feet pics on OnlyFans or social media (which are still viable options), there are plenty of websites and platforms dedicated specifically to the foot lover community. These marketplaces help facilitate sales, protect your content and identity, and attract serious buyers. 

Here’s a brief look at the best of the best so you can focus your attention where it matters most and you’ll get the biggest return. 


FunwithFeet is quickly making a name for itself as one of the leading marketplaces for buying and selling foot pics and videos. With a secure payment method that includes seamless transactions and transfers to your bank account to a large pool of serious (and verified) buyers and sellers, there’s no shortage of inventory or opportunities on this platform.


The user-friendly website makes it easy for buyers to find the exact type of content they’re looking for and for sellers to tap into their target customer base. 

All sellers need to do is be 18 years of age or older, register on the site, and choose a payment plan – 3 months of unlimited access for $9.99 or 6 months for $14.99. 

One of the best things about Fun with Feet is that sellers keep 100% of their profits, making it easy to choose a listing price and secure legitimate sales that actually make you money! Create an engaging profile using the tips above, upload a high-resolution profile picture, and start posting pictures for sale.

Another unique feature of Fun with Feet is that all foot content is organized into specific categories and themed collections including trending niches like raunchy shoes and dirty feet. New sellers are featured on the homepage under the tab “Recently Joined”, and Fun with Feet also displays the most popular categories and collections to help guide buyers. 


Another well-known website for buying and selling feet pics is FeetFinder . In fact, FeetFinder may be one of the most popular foot pic marketplaces currently online. 

Unfortunately, this is both a blessing and a curse. While being widely recognized means bringing in plenty of traffic and interested buyers, it also means there are thousands of sellers all competing for the same pool of clients. 

Before getting started on this website, just know, the competition is fierce. 


Another minor disadvantage of listing your foot content on this platform is that you only get to keep 80% of your sales – FeetFinder takes a 20% commission. Not only that, but you also have to pay to use the site. The different packages include $4.99 for one month of basic access up to $80 for a year of premium access. 

Sellers need to determine their budget and choose the best plan for their needs and business goals. All sellers must be 18 years of age or older and undergo an ID verification process before they can start listing items for sale. 


Sort of like Shopify for feet pics, Feetify is a subscription-based platform that allows sellers to set monthly rates and subscription fees for fans. Interested visitors willing to pay will enjoy unlimited access to your foot content. 

Feetify also gives cash rewards for the most active and engaged contributors, even if you’re not making consistent sales. Premium members on Feetfiy get to keep 100% of their earnings but have to pay for this upgrade using cryptocurrency at the rate of $49.

Another thing that makes Feetify different from foot pic platforms like Fun with Feet and FeetFinder is that all transactions and arrangements are made directly between the buyer and seller – Feetify merely facilitates the meeting. 

Getting started is easy and free. Sellers can create a free account and start uploading content immediately. The trick to making money on this website is to post fresh new content consistently, engage with customers, and remain active. 


As the name suggests, Instafeet is designed to resemble the wildly popular social media platform, Instagram. Designed to work like OnlyFans, Instafeet is also a subscription-based website. Foot pic platforms structured in this way require sellers to do most of the legwork when it comes to marketing themselves and attracting buyers. When setting your monthly fees, keep in mind that Instafeet charges 10% on your monthly subscription fees. 

Similar to other platforms on this list, you need to be 18 years old to use Instafeet. The platform also requires all new sellers to upload at least 5 photos to start but encourages you to regularly add fresh content to your inventory to keep your paid subscribers happy. 

Feet Lovers Only

A platform designed for all the foot lovers out there, Feet Lovers Only is a reliable website for selling feet pics and videos. Designed for shoppers looking to fulfill a fantasy or fetish, Feet Lovers Only uses convenient  for all of its transactions. While some users may consider this a nuisance, others like the added layer of protection it provides. 

Signing up on Feet Lovers Only is free and all sellers keep 100% of their revenue. Simply create your account, add a few details about yourself, and start uploading high-quality content in a variety of categories and niches. Upgrading to a premium account for $14.99 per month is almost a necessity since you can’t communicate with buyers without it. And it’s through these private conversations that deals and sales are made. 

Social Media and Other E-Commerce Websites

In addition to these foot pic platforms, you can also leverage social media and other e-commerce websites including Etsy and Craigslist. Plenty of sellers list their foot pics like any other product or service. You can also promote your sale pages on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Reddit. The more interactive and engaging you are on social media, the more attention you’ll attract and the more money you’ll make selling feet pics. 

Just be mindful of the platform’s community guidelines. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are especially restrictive when it comes to adult content or taboo topics like foot fetishes. The best approach is to use these outlets to market your foot pic business and then refer your fans and followers to your sales page using a link in your bio. Most selling platforms like Craigslist and Etsy don’t restrict what members can sell but read the rules and regulations before posting.

Stock Photo Sites

Foot fetishists aren’t the only ones looking for foot pics online. Stock photo websites are always on the lookout for beautiful, artistic, and professional-looking foot pictures. For example, the term “feet pics” garnishes over 850,000 results on istock.com alone. Other popular stock photo sites include Adobe Stock, DepositPhotos, and Shutterstock. 

Selling foot pics on these types of websites works much in the same way as selling on a foot fetish platform. You’ll be asked to create an account for free, get approval from the site’s admins, and then upload your foot content. When someone makes a purchase and downloads your images, you get paid. Each stock photo site has different rates so be sure to capitalize on the highest-paying websites and research potential affiliate programs as well.

Personal Website

Nothing puts you in the driver’s seat of your success selling feet pics quite like creating and launching your own website or blog. When you sell your foot content on your personal platform, you get to make all of the decisions from the website’s design and layout to your rates, payment method, and other tools and features. Just keep in mind that selling feet pics independently requires a lot more time, effort, and work on your part. From maintaining the website to marketing yourself, you’re responsible for your success. You also need to choose a secure payment method and perform your own background checks on buyers. Include website hosting and purchasing a domain name in your budget as well. 

Post Quality Content, Consistently

As much as content is king in some ways, consistency is key when it comes to successfully making money selling feet pics. Your portfolio should be diverse and offer plenty of variety and fresh content. While you don’t need to upload new content every single day, you should at least add a few new items to your inventory every week. 

But not just any content will do. Check what’s trending in the world of feet pics including foot fetishes and foot-related products. Do some research on your competitors and other foot pic platforms to see which content items are selling the most and performing best. Then, add a few of these to your collection. By regularly updating your sales pages, you’re not only keeping things fresh and relevant but you’re showing potential buyers that you’re an engaged seller with an active account. Chances are, they’ll keep coming back to see what new items you have to offer. 

Fun with feet

Treat It Like a Real Business

Selling feet pics is like any other online business venture. You need to approach it from a business mindset and conduct yourself like a professional. That means handling customers and inquiries in a timely fashion, communicating respectfully, and offering quality customer service. You also need to deliver quality products at reasonable prices. Most basic business practices can and should be applied to selling foot content online. Building a positive reputation as a reliable foot content creator could help elevate your foot pic business to the next level, making a name for yourself in the industry as a top seller. With this notoriety also comes the ability to set higher rates, making all of your hard work and effort worth it in the end. 

Engage with Buyers (but not TOO much)

Yes, it’s important to be pleasant and even a little flirtatious with potential buyers. Foot fetishists, in particular, are looking to purchase an experience or a foot pic that fulfills some type of fantasy. So a little flirting can go a long way. However, there’s a fine line between friendly banter that results in a sale and full-blown texting. 

Your customers aren’t paying for a chat service , nor did you agree to provide any type of companionship. Answer any messages or inquiries you receive in a timely fashion to let potential buyers know that you’re interested in doing business. You can even engage in a short exchange of general chit-chat and conversation. But if things start to take a weird turn or it becomes increasingly clear that the individual has no intention of making a purchase, it’s okay to end the conversation. You can do so in a polite way that’s neither rude nor offensive. Your time is valuable and shouldn’t be wasted on messaging someone who’s not serious about becoming a paying customer.

Accept Custom Orders 

The main reason a person will send you a DM on a reputable foot pic platform is to ask questions about your content or place a custom order. Once you feel them out and confirm that they are, in fact, a legitimate buyer, they will likely request custom foot content. This can range from foot pics of you wearing a certain type of shoe (i.e. spiked boots, red-bottomed heels, etc.) to videos of you performing certain tasks (i.e. massaging your feet or giving yourself a pedicure), to more personalized content. 

Some buyers ask that you say their name in the video, take a picture that includes other body parts, or wear something in particular during the photoshoot. The great thing about custom content is that you make the rules. From setting your rates to refusing certain proposals, you’re in control of how much or how little you want to do. But with higher price tags and a more loyal customer base, accepting custom orders is a quick way to make more money selling your feet pics and videos online. 

Pro Tip: Price Your Content High

While this may seem counterproductive, pricing your feet pics and videos higher could help you attract a more up-scale clientele. If you want to target the premium market, you need to create and sell high-quality foot content that no one else is currently producing. This involves taking pride in your work, spending time editing and perfecting your content, and marketing yourself. Most buyers are willing to pay higher prices for flawless foot pics that are unique and beautiful. 

Explore Other Types of Foot Content

Selling feet pics is about more than, well, selling feet pics. Most sellers expand their business and inventory to include videos, custom orders, live streams, and even chat services. Depending on the platform (and your comfort level), you can market and sell a variety of products and services related to feet and foot fetishes. Have an open mind and explore the possibilities outside of just selling still images. 

Protect and Pamper Your Feet

While JLo’s legs are insured for a staggering $3.2 million , you don’t need to invest quite this much money in your feet. However, you should invest time and a little TLC in their appearance and upkeep. 

After all, if you want your buyers to value your feet, you should too! That means getting regular pedicures, moisturizing, and treating any unsightly imperfections or issues. While there is a market for dirty feet pics, most people are looking for a beautiful blank canvas, so keep your toenails trimmed and neat and your feet clean and moisturized. You should also purchase quality footwear that offers adequate support and promotes foot health.

Don’t Forget People Like Ugly, Dirty Feet Too

As important as it is to pamper your feet so they’re photoshoot-ready, remember, there’s a market out there for dirty, less-than-perfect feet and toes as well. Some people are aroused by dirty feet, curved toes, unkempt toenails, and even dry, cracked heels. While the market for these types of foot pics might be less popular, they’re still a viable way to make money. 

Especially since not many content creators are focused on creating “ugly” foot pics. With such a narrow market and so little inventory, you can feasibly price these types of pictures even higher and capitalize on a virtually untapped market. 

Show Your Body and Face (if you’re comfortable with it)

This tip is for sellers that don’t mind revealing their identity – and more! While the main focus of your feet pics should be – you guessed it, your feet! – some people want to see more than just your ankles and toes. Consider taking and selling feet pics that show off that curvy body, gorgeous smile, or toned legs and butt. 

Most buyers want to feel connected to the seller in some way. This is one reason why creating an engaging bio is so important. People online are seeking a personal connection, whether or not they realize it. That’s why profiles that show the seller’s face tend to perform better than those that don’t. 

The more details a buyer has about the seller, the better. It helps them fulfill whatever fantasy or fetish they might have and, in most cases, they’re willing to pay extra for this personalized experience. So, if you’re not shy about showing off your face or body, consider incorporating your best attributes into your next foot pic photo session. 

What Real Sellers Say

Even better than reading online reviews is hearing from real sellers who have made it big selling their foot pics and videos online. 

Take Amelia Jadee, for example. A 29-year-old nursing student who was struggling to pay off her college loans, cover her rent, and work a part-time job all while studying for exams. “I was drowning in debt and barely had enough money for groceries!”, Amelia explained. 


That was until she discovered the booming business of selling foot content online. “My classmate told me she was making a ton of money selling foot pics online and I thought it was too good to be true,” Amelia said.

Shortly after this, Rachel created a selling profile on FunwithFeet and started posting foot pics and videos in the muddy feet niche. Before long, the nursing student discovered a knack for dirty feet pics. Now, she’s making hundreds of dollars a month filling custom orders and finally putting a dent in her student loans.

But it’s not just struggling college students that can make money selling foot pics online. Liz, for example, is a retired teacher who was looking to make a little extra money to fund her favorite vacations and excursions. After creating a seller profile on FunwithFeet and selling dozens of photo collections to eager buyers interested in older women, Liz has traveled to Europe, Hawaii, and Alaska all thanks to her foot content earnings.  

Expert Advice 

Therapist Dr. Melissa Cook shared her take on the growing foot pic industry and the potential to earn a substantial income. 

“Buying and selling foot pics is becoming a more widely recognized and accepted way of doing business,” Dr. Cook said. “With 1 in 7 people admitting they have a foot fetish and over half the world currently working from home, an increasing number of business savvy individuals are combining these two factors to create a lucrative new lifestyle.” 

Dr. Cook goes on to say, “Websites like FunwithFeet are designed to help both beginners and more experienced sellers expand their foot pic business. By connecting legitimate buyers with professional sellers, secure transactions are effortless. 

Plus, the website attracts a large pool of serious buyers, saving sellers the time and aggravation of weeding through scammers and fakes.”

Succeed at Selling Feet Pics Today

There’s no time like the present to break into the booming business of selling feet pics online. From your cousin to your neighbor and possibly even your college professor, it seems like everyone is getting in on this lucrative side hustle. Armed with this knowledge and a few tips and tricks you can start snapping hot pictures and making a hefty side income in no time. 

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