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How To Pass A THC Drug Test: Best Marijuana Detoxification Product Methods That Work

THC detoxification products available today can facilitate your body's natural process of excreting THC.

THC Drug Test

In this day and age, there are still several situations in which one may find themselves subject to a drug test they need to pass that screen for THC use. THC, known as the compound 'delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol', is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Thus, those who smoke marijuana risk failing drug tests that screen for THC.

Even though various states within the United States have rapidly decriminalized or legalized marijuana use, this does not mean there aren't still situations in which one may need to pass a drug test. The reasons for administering this drug test can range from post-sentence release (probation) guidelines obtaining a security clearance, or landing a particular job position.

This article won't attempt to pass any judgment or make claims about whether one should or should not partake in marijuana use. This article assumes that you may regularly participate in marijuana and wish to continue doing so without facing the myriad consequences that may come from failing drug tests that screen for THC use.

If this describes your situation, you may want to consider some of the THC detoxification products on the market. These products are designed to facilitate your body's removal of THC. Despite the relatively benign nature of this compound's impact on one's health relative to other substances a drug test would likely screen for (i.e., meth, heroin, PCP, benzos, etc.), THC tends to remain in the body the longest.

Common Forms of Drug Testing

Before discussing the length of time THC stays in one's system, it's important to note that it fluctuates contingent on which method of drug screening is used.

The five most common drug testing methods are:

  • Blood Test
  • Breath Test
  • Hair Test
  • Saliva Test
  • Urine Test (most infamous method)

How Urine Tests Work

Urine tests are the most common and well-known drug screening method. If you are subject to a drug screen for employment-related purposes, then there's an extremely high likelihood of receiving this form of drug testin, and thus the need for quality TCH detox products is necessary.

Formerly known as 'urinalysis,' this test is administered by collecting a urine sample from the tested subject. Once collected, the urine is then tested for the presence of certain drugs. The test attempts to check the urine for traces of a drug metabolite.

The primary question for most marijuana users subject to this type of test is, 'How long from one's last time using marijuana can it be detected in the blood stream?'. The typical answer that's been given over time is 30 days. However, it's considered rare for a urine test to pick up on marijuana usage if one has abstained from smoking for that long (but not impossible).

A recent study published in 2017 provides more concise windows of time for THC detection in urine tests based on the frequency of one's usage. Specifically, the review concluded that a urine test would likely only detect THC:

  • Within three days if the subject has only used it once (or once within a month or two)
  • Within 5-7 days of last use, if the subject uses marijuana approximately four times or less a week
  • Within 10-15 days of last use, if the person was a daily smoker and quit cold turkey
  • Within 30 days of last use, if the person uses marijuana every single day and also does so several times a day

It's also worth noting that these times can fluctuate slightly based on how much fat one has. The THC metabolite being fat-soluble means it binds to fat molecules specifically. So the more fat one has, the harder it will be for them to purge THC from their body to the point of being non-detectable in a drug test.

Hair, Saliva, and Blood Tests

It is exceedingly uncommon for anyone to be administered blood, saliva, or hair test to detect THC usage. In saliva and blood tests, THC use is typically only detected by a saliva test when the last usage was within 24 hours of the test. In certain rare cases, THC use may be detected within a longer time frame (72 hours), but this is considered rare. Additionally, this method only detects THC usage if the marijuana was smoked or ingested.

Typically, saliva testing for THC detection is only likely to be used during a traffic stop by a police officer when the driver in question is suspected of being under the influence of marijuana while driving.

The exact time frames for saliva testing detection of THC apply when a blood test is used as a drug screen.

Hair testing, however, is a different story. Hair testing is the most sensitive of all the methods described in this write-up thus far. Hair tests can detect THC even when the last use occurred 90 days previously. Luckily for marijuana users encountering an upcoming drug test that screens for THC, this testing method is exceedingly rare. In some cases, it may even be considered illegal since collecting one's hair is akin to extracting DNA evidence.

Some employers may elect to use hair tests (usually only for truck drivers). But as of right now, the United States federal government has not authorized using hair follicle testing to administer drug tests to pending or current employees and prohibits companies in the private sector subject to regulation by the federal government from doing so as well.

Now that we have a proper understanding of how one can be tested for THC use, readers should draw a clear conclusion that it is more than likely that your impending drug screen will be a urinalysis (urine test). With that in mind, let's address effective detoxification methods.

How THC Detoxification Works

As the name suggests, THC detoxification removes THC metabolites from the body - or at least does so to a point beyond detection. In general, detoxification works by flushing the body of THC. Since urine tests check for the THC metabolites in urine, your kidneys are what's naturally responsible for how effective your body is at eliminating the presence of THC. Thus, kidney function is critical in determining how quickly THC will be excreted from the body until it reaches a level below detection thresholds.

THC detoxification products available today can facilitate your body's natural process of excreting THC. For those facing an upcoming drug test, these products may prove essential to avoiding detection and whatever associated consequences may accompany failing. If you find yourself in such a position where the prospects of failing an upcoming drug screen are untenable, but you fear your recent marijuana usage has compromised the likelihood you'll pass your forthcoming test through sheer abstinence from now until the time the test is administered (or you lack the desire/willpower to do so). A THC detoxification product may be the best option for you moving forward.

Suppose you're considering purchasing one of these products. In that case, you must make sure you buy one that will be effective at doing what it claims to do - otherwise, you may be in danger of still failing your upcoming drug screen and out of whatever money you spent on a bunk product. Fortunately, this article has a prepared list of the best THC detoxification products of 2022 to help you pass your upcoming drug test.

The Best Marijuana Detoxification Products in 2022

  • PassYourTest: '5-Day Permanent Cleanse'
  • PassYourTest: '10-Day Permanent Cleanse.'
  • PassYourTest 'Same Day' Cleanse

While this list may seem small, readers will soon come to understand why as this list of products from 'PassYourTest' effectively encompasses and addresses virtually any situation that a marijuana user may find themselves in if they face an upcoming drug test and are unsure if enough time will have elapsed from their last marijuana usage to the test's administration to assume they'll pass through simple abstinence alone safely. These products are also for those who are simply paranoid (humor) about their THC use being detected in an upcoming drug test and don't want to leave things up to chance, regardless of how long it has been since they last used marijuana.

This piece will cover each product individually and explain how it is uniquely designed for THC detoxification in specific contexts to give readers a better idea of which product best fits their particular situation.

PassYourTest: '5-Day Permanent Cleanse'

5-Day Permanent Cleanse

Out of the various THC detoxification products that 'PassYourTest' provides, one of their best sellers is the 5-Day Permanent Cleanse . According to the supplements' manufacturer, 'PassYourTest,' this specific kit has assisted over 250,000 individuals clean their bodies of 'unwanted' toxins such as THC.

This supplement was specifically designed to detoxify the body and remove chemicals and substances in the body that have wound up there due to a high level of exposure to the toxin in question. Thus, this detoxification product could prove to be particularly effective for those that are heavy marijuana users. This supplement is unique because it incorporates an intensive 5-day detox regime. Specifically, the product's manufacturers state, "All toxins are removed permanently with this 5-day detox program."

The fact that this product can remove toxins from the body after a 5-day regimen is a massive benefit for THC users that fall under the 'frequent use' category (smoking every day, several times a day). If you recall, we discussed timeframes for THC detection in urinalysis based on usage. During this examination, we discovered that those who can be described as 'heavy' marijuana users are likely to have THC detected in their urine for up to 30 days after last use. Even if you don't smoke all day, several times a day, and are just a frequent smoker (i.e., you have a ritual of smoking a blunt every day after work), your timetable for urine detection could be up to 10 to 15 days.

If you know you're a daily user or use multiple times daily, and you're within 10-15 days of your next drug test, this detoxification kit may be what you need to avoid facing the disastrous consequences that may accompany failing your upcoming test.

What's included in the kit is shown below:

Whats included in the kit

PassYourTest: '10-Day Permanent Cleanse.'

10-Day Permanent Cleanse

PassYourTest: '10-Day Permanent Cleanse ' is for those seeking a more rigorous detoxification regimen. Consider this product to be best for those that find themselves in 'extreme-case' situations.

This product is recommended for those that may have upcoming urine or blood test, are looking to cleanse within a 5-10 day window, want to remove toxins from their body permanently, and would also like the luxury of having access to a "cleansing coach."

The most significant difference between this 'PassYourTest' product from the last is that this cleansing regimen encompasses a 10-day detoxification program. This product is marketed specifically to those with daily exposure to toxins. Thus, if you fall under the category of someone that uses marijuana daily or multiple times in a given day and you're hoping to pass an upcoming drug test, then this kit is targeted for people like yourself.

With a 10-15 day time frame for detection of THC in daily users and a potential 30-day window for those that use marijuana every day, multiple times a day - you can ill-afford to gamble the prospects of detection by an upcoming drug test if you know your marijuana use falls under one of the categories mentioned above and your last time partaking in marijuana was within the previous 30 days.

This 10-day ultra-detoxification program comes with three free at-home testing kits, a cleaning coach, and a detailed detoxification guide and meal plan to ensure that those purchasing this product can achieve optimal results. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee attached to this product, picking this one up is strongly worth considering for heavy marijuana users who need to get clean within the next two weeks.

Below is a look at what this kit comes with:

what this kit comes with

PassYourTest: 'Same Day Cleanse'

Same Day Cleanse

You have an upcoming drug test in the next 24 hours, and for whatever reason, you've just ingested marijuana or did so within the past 24 hours. You're panicking right now because you've read about how long marijuana stays in your system, and you know that you're nowhere close to a point where you can expect that your body has eliminated all of its THC.

You may have even read this article up to this point and figured, "Well, I'm really screwed because two of the top recommended detoxification products have 5-10 day time frames for their regimen to complete."

Fear not - because you are not screwed or out of options. 'PassYourTest' actually has a 'Same-Day Cleanse ' product for those in your very same situation. As advertised on their site, their same-day cleansers are designed to "flush your body of unwanted toxins the same day."

Specifically, these cleansers:

  • Work for urine tests (only)
  • Start working within 90 minutes of use
  • Last for up to 6 hours
  • Work for all toxins
  • Come with a cleansing coach, in case you need one in these hectic times
  • A 100% money-back guarantee to put you at ease if you're skeptical

There are three different 'same-day cleanse' products offered by 'PassYourTest' that are designed to address the needs of takers based on their weight (over 200 pounds, 130-200 pounds, less than 130 pounds), and their overall usage (heavy/extreme usage, moderate to heavy use, and low/light usage).

Clean Shot
Clean Caps
Fail Safe Kit

These products all have the same effect so long as the intended audience takes them based on the usage and weight categories we outlined above.

The Best Marijuana Detoxification Products in 2022 Conclusion

By this point, you should be well-versed in what to expect for your next drug test if you're a marijuana user-facing one and are concerned about the potential outcome based on your usage or prior usage.

This article has broken down what types of tests are out there, which out of all of them is most common, and the realistic time frames for detection through the most common form of drug testing (urinalysis) based on how frequently one smokes and their last time smoking.

The prospect of THC detoxification products was discussed after a thorough explanation of their role was given. Then, we outlined the best THC detoxification products in 2022. 'PassYourTest' products were unanimous on our list since their brand's detoxification product options are unrivaled.

A brief list of some of the top 'PassYourTest' detoxification products was identified and reviewed in depth to help give you a sense of your options based on your current situation. The list of products covered in this article was meant to cover virtually any and every situation that a marijuana users might find themselves in if they have an upcoming drug test - regardless of their demographic or frequency of usage.

We were even able to do this speaks to how comprehensively 'PassYourTest' detoxification products address THC detoxification.

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