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How To Make Money With Crypto Mining 2022?

Copium Protocol is a mining investment project and ecosystem that allows cryptocurrency mining.


Copium Protocol

One of the most common questions we receive is how to make money with crypto mining.

Although many believe crypto mining is dead, especially after the launch of The Merge and the Bitcoin price fall, we cannot agree.

One of the projects proves you do not need technical knowledge or expensive equipment to start with crypto mining.

Copium Protocol is the pioneer in this field - the first project that allows investors to start mining with the investment in NFT or crypto coins.

Here is a short overview of the project.

What is the Copium Protocol?
Copium Protocol is a mining investment project and ecosystem that allows cryptocurrency mining.


The entire idea of the project is to offer the opportunity to everyone to take part in mining without the expensive equipment.

The whole Copium Protocol ecosystem is compromised from four elements:
●    Copium Mining
●    The Investor Pass
●    Copium Coin
●    Copium Staking

Copium Protocol - Overview
The ecosystem is centered around the launch of the Copium Protocol Investor Pass - Copium Protocol's NFT collection.

The main goal is to raise enough funds to buy mining equipment and infrastructure. The Copium Protocol team wants to expand its mining facilities in New Zealand.

Once the whole project goes online, the revenue from the Copium Mining facility will be used for purchases of the Copium Coin on the open market.


After the buy, tokens will be burnt, reducing the supply and making the whole project scalable.

Copium Coin will be launched together with the NFT collection. The project is supported by the Ethereum network.

The coin serves as the foundation of the Copium Protocol ecosystem. The Copium Coin will be on presale for 60 days, and after that, the token will launch publicly for the sale.

The sale will last until Copium Coin reaches the hard cap.

After the start of the NFT collection and Coin, Copium Protocol will launch its Staking platform.

The coin holders will be able to stake their tokens for a range of locked and unlocked periods. The number of rewards they will earn will depend on the length of the staking period.

Additionally, NFT holders will receive many extra benefits.

Copium Coin Overview
The token will be available for sale on November 9 at the same time as the NFT collection.

The soft cap of the token is 2.5%, and the hard cap is  5% of the total supply available for the presale. 

The price of the Copium coin will be $0.10 for 1 Copium Coin. The public sale of Copium Coin will be available on Uniswap.

Copium Investor Pass Overview
The NFT collection will have 10 k tokens and will be available for sale on November 9, 2022. 


NFT holders will get access to many benefits, including the initial quantity of 10,000 Copium Coins per pass holder.

NFT token holders will also get Pass mint, allowing participation in the Copium Coin staking protocol. 

Pass holders will also be able to stake their Investor Pass in return for daily Copium Coin earnings.

This daily allocation will include 10 Copium Coins per staked pass. All investors will be able to hold their coins for two years, despite the price of Copium Coin at any moment.

Last but not least, NFT holders will get a chance to earn an exclusive one-time-only staking rate. The rate will be 38% APY for a locked period of 36 months. 


To qualify for the offer, NFT holders must stake at least 10,000 Copium Coins or more. 

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Copium Mining Overview
Copium Mining has several mining facilities worldwide, but the facility in New Zealand is the largest.

It is based in a small town called Dunedin.

Dunedin is located on the outskirts of the Southern Alps, which means the location has the right temperature for crypto mining.

Additionally, the minting facility is supplied with 100% clean and renewable hydroelectricity.

This makes the facility one of the rare crypto mining facilities worldwide with a supply of renewable energy.

According to the company, this is the reason they maintain a low-cost and efficient business model.
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Staking Platform Overview

The platform is the core of the whole ecosystem. As already mentioned, it allows investors to stake their coins and earn high-percentage APY returns.

The staking platform is non-custodial. This means stakers can keep rights for their assets. After the expiry of the staking contracts, investors will be credited in their wallets.

If they wish to cancel the staking before the expiry date, all accrued interests will be eliminated.

The Staking platform has some extra features that include:
●    Customized staking settings
●    Forecast of the future investments
●    Overview of the current holdings
●    Review of the ongoing contract expiry dates


Investor Pass staking rates are higher than the public staking rates. Thus, if you want to earn the highest possible rewards, ownership of the Investor Pass is mandatory.

Copium Protocol Roadmap
Stage 1 - Copium Coin ICO presale 

Stage 2 - Copium Protocol Investors Pass launch.

The NFT collection will have 10k NFTs. The first 2k people who register for early investment will get a guaranteed mint spot at a discounted fixed price of 3 ETH.

Stage 3 - Allocation of funds for minting facility and equipment

Stage 4 - Copium Coin burn protocol
All Copium coins that are purchased via Copium Mining will be burnt. This will reduce supply and ensure tokens maintain deflationary.


Stage 5 - Copium Coin airdrop
Copium Coin airdrop will be available for all NFT holders. Each pass will receive 10,000 Copium Coins. 

Stage 6 - Launch of Investor Pass Holder Utility
All pass holders will be able to stake their passes and earn rewards. The rewards will be guaranteed to stakers for 24 months regardless of the Copium Coin price.

Token holders who decide to stake their passes will get an exclusive high yield.

Stage 7 - Launch of the staking platform

Wrapping up
Copium Protocol is the perfect way to start with crypto mining without the need to own expensive equipment.


This is also a terrific way to earn money with crypto mining in 2022.

Simply, invest in an Investor Pass to get Copium Coin. This will get you an airdrop of 10,000 coins and a daily allocation of 10 Copium Coins.