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How To Increase Followers On Instagram (Free, Paid & More...)

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How To Increase Followers On Instagram (Free, Paid & More...)

Here are the best ways to help you increase Instagram followers.

Followers On Instagram
Followers On Instagram

It's difficult to increase followers on Instagram...

It can take years of work, and most people give up.

How can you increase your Instagram followers?

You can follow the steps in this blog post.

Here are the best ways to help you increase Instagram followers.

Some of these methods are FREE, and some are PAID.

All of these methods are very effective.

Are you ready?

Here comes the #1 method below.

Let's get started!

#1: Buy Instagram Followers

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#2: How to Increase Instagram followers For Free

1. Optimize Your Bio
Your Instagram bio is important. It's the first thing people see and acts like a homepage for your brand. Your bio should give an idea about what your brand is all about and include a link to your website for easy access. Relevant hashtags can also be added to pique interest. A good bio is crucial.

2. Use Relevant Hashtags for Your Content
Hashtags can expand the reach of your content to a fresh audience. Utilize branded hashtags or hashtags that align with your intended audience.
The more applicable the hashtags are to users, the greater chance they will follow your brand.

3. Post Your Content at the Right Time
Research conducted by Sprout Social indicates that posting on Instagram at specific times, such as 11 AM on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and 2 PM on Tuesday, can increase brand visibility.

4. Steal Followers from Your Competitors
Engage with your competitors' followers to gain more followers. They are a high-quality audience that can become your brand's ambassadors.
Follow them, like their content, and comment on it to engage with them.
The more you engage with them, the more likely you are to develop your brand.

5. Pay for Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews
To reach a wider audience, find influencers in your industry. Look for those with over 20,000 subscribers and email addresses in their bio. Collaborating with them can help promote your content. For unique products, send influencers a copy for review and posting.
Acquire essential marketing skills and tools.

6. Use Geotags for Local Discoverability
Tagging your location on your content or stories can increase visibility to individuals searching for that location.
This can aid in promoting your business locally to the appropriate audience. Additionally, you have the ability to contribute posts and stories pertaining to that location.

7. Use Instagram Stories
Instagram stories can help you gain more followers and expand your user base. They can make your brand feel more authentic and increase interactivity with your audience.

You can use them to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your brand and promote your blog posts, industry news, and other content.

8. Highlight Important Stories
The highlight feature of stories allows you to arrange your content for better organization.
Highlights extend the lifespan of stories, encouraging users to stay connected with your brand. Furthermore, stories are easily searchable and can be sorted into categories for easier retrieval.
Now, let's discuss methods for gaining more followers on an Instagram post.

9. Ask For Followers
Your audience might like your content, but they may not be following your brand yet. To encourage them, ask them to follow you in your captions and comments. This will prompt them to engage with your brand.

10. Stay Updated With Latest Trends
Staying in touch with popular trends can help increase engagement and visibility of your content. Consider aligning the content and hashtags to relevant trends, but ensure the content is meaningful to your audience.

11. Run Contests and Giveaways
Running contests and giveaways can increase the number of visitors to your brand's page. Methods for doing this include asking users to like, share, comment, use a specific hashtag, tag a friend, and more.
Obtain certification as a digital marketer.

12. Stay Consistent with Posts
Maintaining a consistent schedule and theme in your posts can enhance user engagement and effectively communicate a desired message.
Scheduling posts in advance can also provide the opportunity to plan content in advance, rather than improvising.

13. Keep Track of Your Instagram Followers
Tracking your growth on Instagram is important for identifying areas of improvement and successful strategies for growing your brand.
Data analytics can provide insights into your shortcomings and opportunities for growth.

14. Use Instagram Ads
Since Facebook owns Instagram, you can use Facebook's ad manager for Instagram ads. These ads reach a larger audience and target customers based on their interests, behaviors, demographics, etc. You can run various types of ads, such as photo, video, carousel, and story ads.

15. Create Visually Attractive Ads
To ensure successful Instagram advertisements, it is important to capture the attention of users by focusing on certain factors.
●    Utilizing images that are consistent with the platform's aesthetic.
●    The practice of minimizing text in advertisements.
●    It is important to ensure that captions are both relevant to the image and the intended audience.
●    The use of hashtags can increase the visibility of your content to a wider audience.

16. Use Instagram Tools
Various tools are available to assist in managing and interacting with your audience. These tools can aid in post scheduling, provide analytical data and insights, and suggest appropriate hashtags. Popular options include Hootsuite, Later, and Linktree.

17. Develop Your Style
Developing a distinctive visual style is an important part of a brand's identity and can help increase recognition. It can also make the brand stand out from the competition.

18. Use User-Generated Content
User-generated content has the potential to enhance the authenticity of a brand and create a more human connection with the audience. Examples of this could include encouraging users to post images using a specific hashtag or tagging their friends.

19. Use High-Quality Images and Videos
It is recommended to use high-quality, original, and authentic images to help users establish a personal connection with them. Video content should be engaging, brief, and informative to maintain user interest.

20. Promote Your Content on Other Social Media Channels
To maximize the potential of your social media platform, it is recommended to promote your profile on various channels, including other social media platforms and offline events such as print ads and events.
Achieve certification as a digital marketer within a 6-month time frame.

21. Use Keywords to Appear in Searches
Instagram suggests using relevant keywords in post captions to improve discoverability.
This is because search results have changed.

Before, only relevant accounts, hashtags, and locations were included in search results.
Now, keyword results pages for browsing are also included.

22. Design a Gorgeous Instagram Grid
The grid on a user's profile serves as an opportunity to showcase their brand or vibe to new followers or visitors. It also provides a comprehensive view of their posting history.

Get More Instagram Followers for your Instagram account and Instagram posts in 15 Steps

Here are some steps you can follow to increase your Instagram following and create a unique experience for your audience, regardless of your current stage in the process.

The first step is to determine the overall objective of your Instagram account.

Create a comprehensive Instagram content marketing plan.

The next step is to create a profile that is optimized for maximum engagement.

Provide visually appealing photographs to capture people's interest.

Include detailed descriptions for the images in your post.

To increase user engagement, incorporate pertinent hashtags.

It is recommended to plan out stories and a posting schedule in advance.

Identify and engage with your intended audience.

The recommended action is to follow 50 users every hour.

Participate actively in the community.

One strategy for expanding your reach is to collaborate with relevant users and participate in cross-promotion activities.

The next step is to arrange challenges and competitions.

Implement Instagram advertisement campaign in Step 13.

Complete Step 14 by linking your Instagram account to your clients offline.

To enhance your performance, it is advisable to monitor your progress and identify effective strategies.

If you're looking to establish your online presence or enhance your social media branding, you may be curious about the best ways to increase your Instagram followers.

It is important to avoid buying followers or using bots as these methods may provide a temporary increase in follower count, but they will not be beneficial in the long run.

The value of Instagram followers lies in their genuine interest and engagement with your brand.

Our guide provides comprehensive information on how to increase Instagram followers through organic methods.

Strategies for increasing Instagram followers without cost.

If you are short on time, you can watch the video below to learn about the necessary steps for Instagram growth this year.

If not, now is the moment to begin working.

The first step is to establish a foundation.

It is recommended to develop a strategic approach for Instagram marketing.

To achieve success on social media, it is important to establish a well-defined strategy.

While increasing your number of Instagram followers can be a good initial aim, it's important to realize that followers alone don't guarantee a successful Instagram account. It's important to have a larger plan in place that align with your business strategy and social marketing goals.

Define your target audience

Consider asking questions about the intended audience.

●    Where do they live?
●    Can you tell me about their occupation?
●    Can you provide information on the usage of Instagram, including when and how it is utilized?
●    What difficulties and issues do they face?

By using the answers to these questions, you can create content that will allow you to connect with the individuals on Instagram who are most likely to follow you.

Their assistance ensures a consistent delivery of engaging content to maintain audience engagement over time.

Optimizing keywords can improve search engine visibility.

To be found on Instagram, users must first locate your account. However, only two specific fields on the platform, namely name and username, contribute to search results.

When selecting a username for Instagram, it is recommended to use a consistent handle that aligns with your username on other social networks as it facilitates searchability.

Opt for a brand name or a variation of your name that is commonly used by individuals seeking your brand.

When filling out your name field, it's important to keep it under 30 characters but including a relevant keyword can improve your searchability without keyword-stuffing.

Including the term "travel writer" in her Instagram name increases the likelihood of Claudia Laroye being discovered by those searching for travel-related content or writers.

Source: @itsclaudiatravels on Instagram

Improve your Instagram bio and profile for better results.

A significant portion of visits to Instagram business profiles come from individuals who do not follow the account. The decision to follow may be influenced by the information presented in the bio and profile.

The profile section contains the name, username, website, and bio fields.

Your bio has a 150-character limit, so use it effectively to showcase your brand and persuade new visitors to follow you. Share the type of content they can anticipate.

The bio for @abstractaerialart effectively communicates the account's purpose and commitment in a concise manner.
Professional account holders, such as those in business or creators, have the option to add supplementary details to their profile, such as contact information, business type, and location.

The next step is to generate high-quality content.

Create an aesthetically pleasing Instagram layout.

It is important to ensure that every post on your Instagram grid is visually appealing and of high quality in order to attract followers from the Instagram explore page when they search for related hashtags on the Instagram page within Instagram stories and Instagram photos.

Write compelling, long captions

Instagram is a social media platform that relies heavily on visual content, however, utilizing strong captions can assist in increasing your audience and interaction.

The following are important strategies to consider.
●    For captions longer than 125 characters, prioritize the most important words at the beginning to encourage users to tap "more."
●    Asking a question can improve audience engagement and increase visibility of your account.
●    Including emoji in your caption can add variety and appeal, as long as they are used correctly.
●    Our data suggests that different caption lengths can impact engagement. Longer captions tend to be more effective, but shorter captions can also be effective when the visuals are strong.

Going Awesome Places blogger, Will Tang, shares visually appealing photos accompanied by descriptive captions that provide context for each image. His bio describes him as a producer of comprehensive travel itineraries and guides, making this caption technique consistent with his brand.

Share content that is intended for reposting.

Consider creating content that is both useful and inspiring to engage your audience and encourage them to share it with others.

Sharing infographics can increase your exposure to a wider audience. By providing expert insights and having your Instagram posts embedded in blogs, you have the potential to gain new followers.

Instagram allows for users to share posts on their Stories, which are clickable and provide access to the original post. This feature can increase exposure to new audiences and potential followers.

This will increase brand awareness when you post pictures and post content with instagram scheduling tools on your instagram profile to gain followers which will be quality followers.

Embrace Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories can help increase your number of followers. Every day, 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories, and businesses account for 45% of the most-viewed Stories.

Users who utilize Stories on social media tend to be very engaged. Additionally, the hashtag and location features within Stories can increase their visibility to individuals who may not already be following the user to get more instagram followers on instagram posts and on your Instagram feed and Instagram profile when you use branded hashtag and schedule instagram posts on the instagram app to reach more instagram followers and instagram users from your target audience and relevant users with your instagram content on your instagram profile to gain instagram followers on Instagram on your own instagram account after you post consistently and tag relevant users on your instagram business account, not just followers.

How many hashtags can be used when you post user generated content with this social media management tool on other social media platforms with relevant hashtags is up to you to get more instagram followers on instagram.Also use good photo editing apps for an Instagram account takeover when you post content, tag people and post content that is interesting.

Conclusion about how to increase followers in Instagram

The article on increasing Instagram followers on instagram covers statistics and tactics such as optimizing your bio, utilizing hashtags, scheduling posts, running ads, geotagging, and utilizing Instagram tools.
Disclaimer: Outlook India does not vouch, endorse, or guarantee any of the above content, nor is it liable for any claims arising thereof, Outlook India doesn't encourage/ promote such practices by any means. In case of any dispute or clarification please feel free to write to the content owner at [email protected] 


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