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How To Get More Views On Youtube (Free & Paid)

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How To Get More Views On Youtube (Free & Paid)

Here are the best tips to help you get more Youtube views.

 Views On Youtube
Views On Youtube

It's hard to get more views on Youtube...

It can take years of work, and most people give up.

How can you get more Youtube views?

You can follow the steps in this blog post.

Here are the best tips to help you get more Youtube views.

Some of these methods are FREE, and some are PAID.

All of these methods are very effective.

Are you ready?

Here comes the #1 method below.

Let's get started!

#1: Buy Youtube Views

The fastest way to get more views is to Buy Youtube Views.

Here are the 3 best sites to buy Youtube views:

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#2: How to Get Views on Youtube for Free

Here are 10 strategies to increase viewership on YouTube for free:

●    Produce unique content that is not currently available elsewhere.
●    Consider organizing content as a series, rather than individual videos.
●    It is recommended to become acquainted with YouTube SEO.
●    Collaborate with other creators to create content.
●    Utilize cards and end screens.
●    Create a written piece to accompany each video.
●    It is recommended to include timestamps in video descriptions.
●    Spread the message through social media platforms.
●    It is important to not neglect your thumbnails.
●    Consider your titles carefully.

1. Make good content (that nobody else is making)

This is my top tip for increasing views on YouTube.

Create valuable content that differentiates from others.

As a matter of principle, I have made it my top tip to emphasize the importance of finding honest ways to increase your views. While some may resort to nefarious and dishonest tactics, it is crucial to maintain integrity and avoid such practices.

To succeed, create videos that people want to watch and finish. Value is key. Without providing value, you're not fit for content marketing. It's that simple.

Moz's success can be attributed to specific reasons.

YouTube is a search engine, just like Google. Its purpose is to direct users to the best, most relevant content possible. SEOs are advised to focus on creating value

for their site visitors by Google. YT follows the same principle.

Engage with your potential customers and learn about their concerns. Incorporate this information, along with lesser-known YT metrics, into your strategy. Avoid relying on gimmicks and shortcuts like others may do.

For those interested in metrics, these four reports from YouTube studio are worth exploring as they are not available in Google Ads.

2. Think in terms of series, not individual videos

Many YouTube creators choose to categorize their videos into playlists. What is the reason for this?
When you click on a video in a playlist, the next one will start automatically when the current one finishes. This allows viewers to watch related videos without any effort. YT benefits from this, as it leads to increased ad revenue. It also benefits you, as it leads to increased engagement and more video views.

Compiling unrelated videos into a playlist is not a good user experience. It's better to brainstorm YouTube content as a series instead of individual videos. This makes it easy to organize videos into logical playlists as more content is created. Viewers will have a seamless, enjoyable experience and there will be an increase in views. It's a win-win situation.

When marketing a baseball academy, it may be beneficial to create a variety of video series, such as those focused on pitching, batting, and playing in the outfield. This approach can help establish a strong presence on YouTube.

3. Get familiar with YouTube SEO

YT operates as a search engine and employs several ranking signals to sort its search outcomes, similar to other search engines. Familiarizing oneself with YouTube SEO and the significant ranking signals, as well as how to pique their interest, is essential for increasing youviews.

To optimize your YouTube videos, start with target keywords. Make a list of topics for your video series and type them into the YouTube search bar. YouTube will suggest search queries that actual users have searched for. These suggestions are great candidates for target keywords.

The competitiveness of keywords can vary, with some being more difficult to rank for than others. WordStream's Free Keyword Tool can provide insight into the level of competition for each keyword. While the tool uses data from Google and Bing, it can still be a useful tool for assessing difficulty.

After organizing your keywords, it is important to optimize your content. Familiarizing yourself with the primary ranking signals on YouTube is crucial.

SEO for YouTube video titles

YouTube considers various factors when determining the placement of a video in search results, with the video title being the most crucial. To rank for a specific keyword, it is necessary to include that keyword in the title, preferably at the beginning. There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that starting the title with the target keyword may lead to a slight increase in rankings.

It's important to note that a video title should be more than just the target keyword for ranking purposes. While ranking is important, it doesn't necessarily guarantee clicks. Later in this guide, we'll discuss how to make your video titles more enticing to users.

SEO for YouTube video descriptions

The video description is a secondary factor in optimizing your content. It is considered in the organization of search results and should feature your target keyword at least once.

It's crucial to distinguish between keyword targeting and keyword stuffing. While mentioning your keyword and showing relevance to YouTube is necessary, it's not advisable to overemphasize it and create poor-quality content.

SEO for YouTube video tags

Before proceeding to our fourth tip, it is important to note the significance of your video tags. While they remain unseen by most YouTube users, they play a key role in demonstrating your relevance to YouTube's algorithms. Though tagging is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as a simple and harmless method to optimize your content.

Including your primary keyword and related variations in your video tags can improve your search engine rankings for relevant queries.
It is important to differentiate between video tags and hashtags, as they serve different purposes in your video strategy.

4. Link up with other content creators

You don't have to be enemies with another content creator who targets the same audience as you. It's better to create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both of you. Remember, the main goal of YouTube content marketing is to provide value to viewers and attract more prospects to the top of the funnel. Having a competitor doesn't diminish your ability to achieve this goal.

In the past, WordStream and Hanapin collaborated successfully.

To get more views on YouTube and connect with another content creator, collaborate on a piece of content. By appearing as a guest in a competitor's video, you can reach a new audience. Your competitor benefits from your promotion, and users get great content. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

5. Use cards and end screens

Viewers' watch time can indicate their level of engagement with your video. The more a viewer watches, the more interested they likely are in your content. This engagement can lead to increased viewers for your other videos. To take advantage of this, YT offers features like cards and end screens. Let's explore these features further.


A YouTube card is a type of notification that appears in the top right corner of a video, informing viewers of related content. It is a useful tool for promoting additional videos while maintaining a positive viewer experience.

Using cards can be compared to using internal links in an article. This method allows for self-promotion while also directing viewers to a useful piece of content, resulting in a mutually beneficial situation.

End screens

An end screen serves the purpose of guiding highly engaged viewers towards relevant content. Its appearance occurs towards the end of your video.
To increase your subscriber count, it is recommended that you promote your videos and utilize an end screen. This will increase the number of people who receive notifications when you upload new content to make Youtube's algorithm happy.

6. Write a blog post to accompany each video

Incorporating blogging into your content marketing strategy is essential. Adding a blog post for each video can be time-consuming but the benefits are worth it. It's a great way for website visitors and prospects alike can learn more about your channel and increase viewers. A video is a great way for those who would rather watch than read, and it improves the user experience. The effort required is low since you're already writing a script.

An instance of this can be found in one of our blog posts.

Pairing a blog post with each video can be a simple and effective strategy.

In 2015, Wesley Young, a Search Land columnist, noted that incorporating videos into a website can benefit its search optimization. Videos are a sign of quality content and when added as part of a media mix, they signal that the site contains relevant rich media. Embedding a video at the conclusion of a blog post can demonstrate the website's commitment towards enhancing user experience, which may result in an improvement in search engine ranking.

7. Add timestamps to your video descriptions

Users can discover relevant content on YouTube through means other than the search bar, such as stumbling upon videos via Google. This is a common occurrence, as many search queries yield video results.

In September 2019, Google announced a new feature that allows for the linking of key moments in YouTube videos directly on the SERP. Including timestamp information in your descriptions enables Google to highlight important moments and provide viewers with directed navigation. The feature can be observed in action in a video.

Including timestamp information in your descriptions can enhance user experience and is a simple way to attract potential viewers who are short on time. It is a beneficial feature to utilize for customer satisfaction.

8. Get the word out on social media

One effective strategy for increasing views is to promote new content through social media.

Everyone does this one thing on our list. However, not everyone is aware of YT SEO or is willing to collaborate with a competitor. Additionally, not everyone prioritizes creating genuinely valuable content.

Many individuals use social media to promote their videos, making it crucial to develop innovative strategies. This article will discuss three steps to help you differentiate yourself on social media.

How to get more Views on Youtube Shorts: Give your followers a substantial preview

Some marketers believe that providing limited previews to social media followers is the key to success, although the reasoning behind this strategy is unclear to me.
Being unwilling to share insights is not a successful philosophy for content marketing. It can prevent building brand affinity and hinder promotion of content.

Uncertainty about the usefulness of a video can prevent people from leaving Twitter to watch it on YouTube. To capture attention and ensure viewers watch the entirety of a YouTube video, a substantial preview on social media is necessary.

Implement promotional strategies for your YouTube videos similar to those used by Brian Dean for his blog posts.

How to Get Youtube views for your Youtube videos and Youtube channel: Join the conversation

One effective method to promote a YouTube video on social media is to identify individuals who are currently discussing the same topic as your video. These individuals are likely interested in the subject matter and therefore may be receptive to viewing your content.

A YouTube video showcasing the proper way to grow tomatoes was recently published by an ecommerce website specializing in plants and garden-related products.

By searching "grow tomatoes" on Twitter, I came across a tweet. Consider responding with a link to your how-to video if you're seeking more views. This is a form of targeted marketing without any cost.

I hope that this article about How to get more views on youtube helped you learn how to get more views on youtube videos and Youtube channels and that you'll be able to teach your friends how to get more views on youtube and teach your partners how to get more views on youtube.

How to get views on youtube videos stand out with video content and relevant keywords on each new video when you create playlists on a new youtube video on your Youtube channel to get more videos on your Channel homepage and Youtube thumbnails on your Youtube channel page to increase your watch time and get more subscribers within the Youtube community and Youtube platform.

Having good video ideas for your Youtube video content as a Youtube creator and create custom thumbnails as a Youtube creator studio and vertical videos and new videos with new video addresses will make your clips appear more often in suggested videos and will make your videos rank better.

Having a custom thumbnail and sharing your clips on your FAcebook page will also help vertical videos to go viral.

The top performing videos on this social network are also often included in playlist titles, and this will increase your video's performance, as people will watch your full video on your Youtube channel and might also subscribers to your Youtube channel.

To make a video, plan what you want to produce first. Create a storyboard to outline each scene or section. Consider the messaging you want to convey and where to include calls-to-action in the video. This is crucial, as you want viewers to take action after watching.

When writing your video script, consider your audience and use language that is relatable and appealing. For beginner guides, avoid using too many technical terms. For in-depth videos, use industry-specific terms to build trust with viewers. Keep your script concise to avoid lingering on screens that may not be engaging for viewers.

Creating a shot list can assist in considering smaller details, including lighting and camera placement. It is recommended to make one after the script is completed, which should contain all necessary information for guiding the production, such as camera setup and required action/dialogue in each scene.

To make a professional-looking video, you need to decide on the type of video and necessary props. Will it be animated, live-action, or real-time? Engage viewers by investing in branding for your videos and thumbnails. This will make them look top quality and keep your YouTube followers interested throughout the whole video.

To ensure a successful video, preparation and practice are crucial whether you're the star or the director. Paying attention to details can help avoid potential issues during filming.

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