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HGH For Sale Online – How To Buy Best HGH Injections For Men

In this article, we will describe the role of human growth hormone, how its deficiency and abundance influence your body, give valuable tips on how to increase your HGH levels, and how to buy HGH injections online.

HGH For Sale Online

“To control your hormones is to control your life.” – Dr. Barry Sears 

The levels of the dozens of hormones in our bodies fluctuate throughout the day, running the complex mechanism that is the human body. Although their impact is significant, you cannot see or feel it. 

But it’s different when we talk about human growth hormone (HGH). You can see its decline just by comparing yourself with the photos of yourself 10-15 years ago. What people consider to be simple signs of aging – loosening skin, wrinkles, diminishing muscle mass and fat gain, and worse quality of nails and hair – are actually usually caused by diminishing growth hormone production by the pituitary gland. 

Taking back control over growth hormone 

We are used to getting our hormones to control our lives. Taking back your control over your growth hormone is the key to a healthy and youthful life. 

In this article, we will describe the role of human growth hormone, how its deficiency and abundance influence your body, give valuable tips on how to increase your HGH levels, and how to buy HGH injections online. 

Also, we will explore how HGH is being used for sports performance and bodybuilding and how you can use it too to gain lean muscle mass and improve body composition. 

HGH benefits 

In the image, you can see the full range of benefits injectable growth hormone can provide. The exact results depend on many factors such as HGH dosage, protocol, age, weight, diet, training, etc. 

HGH Benefits

We will briefly touch on them later. 

HGH for men 

Benefits like more lean muscle mass and less fat are especially appealing to men. 

But you don’t have to be an amateur or a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits of growth hormone injections. More and more men in their forties and fifties are turning their eyes to the topic of HGH therapy for anti-aging and wellness reasons. The only difference is the dosage you need to take. 

HGH protocols for bodybuilding reasons usually suggest 4-6 IU per day for 3-6 months while the common practice for anti-aging for men is prolonged cycles of 2-3 IU per day for 6+ months. 

How to buy the best HGH for men? 

We do a more detailed review of the most popular HGH brands for sale later in the article. But briefly, Zptropin and Spectros have been widely acclaimed as one of the best HGH brands for men because of their high purity and affordable price. 

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HGH for women – is it any different? 

Not much. Human growth hormone isn’t a sex hormone, so it has the same functions. 

However, weight loss, skin improvement, cosmetics, and anti-aging are the most common reasons  women take HGH. 

Achieving those benefits requires a lower HGH dosage — about 2-3 IU per day for 6+ months. 

Among HGH brands, we would suggest Norditropin as a pharma-grade HGH brand that comes in a pen form, making it easier to administer especially at lower dosages. 


How to use HGH injections? In-depth guide 

Our partner WorldHGH recently wrote a great guide explaining the major aspects of growth hormone injections and their use for men, and women, weight loss, bodybuilding, anti-aging, growth hormone deficiency, HGH therapy, and other purposes. 

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Buying HGH online – Tips 

Buying HGH online can be quite a task. And the thousands of Google search results for HGH for sale don’t help! Let’s discover the main things you should be aware of when buying HGH online. 


Finding a company that can sell HGH injections to you. 

The online HGH market operates in different jurisdictions with different regulations on HGH sales. USA-based customers cannot just order HGH from a local pharmacy as they will require a prescription. You can get a prescription through telemedicine appointments. But even then you will be forced to pay thousands of dollars per month out of pocket as insurance doesn’t cover off-label use of HGH injections for people without growth hormone deficiency. 

However, there are many offers from overseas retailers with less strict regulations so you can buy HGH injections online with no paperwork at an affordable cost. 

Look out for scammers 

However, this market is full of scammers ready to take your hard-earned money and run away. We suggest always checking the reviews about the vendor before ordering. 


Good signs are overwhelmingly positive reviews and more importantly, a history of reviews. 

It’s possible to fake 100 reviews, but it’s not possible for scammers to run for years with 0 negative reviews. 

An example of such a brilliant reputation is WorldHGH.com, which over the years has gained 100+ 5-star reviews on independent platforms including Trustpilot, you can check them out via the link

High-quality and authentic HGH brands 

With many fake HGH products for sale on the market, the question arises of how to get the real deal. Some HGH brands such as Zptropin, Spectros, Hutrope, and others have strong anti-counterfeiting systems with holograms and unique serial codes to ensure their authenticity. 

Pharma-grade brands such as Norditropin, Genotropin, and Omnitrope don’t have them as they are intended to be sold through a pharmaceutical chain with low counterfeiting risks. 

For pharma-grade brands, you need to understand the pricing and distribution logic behind the product. In Western countries – USA, Canada, and Europe – the retail price of HGH in pharmacies is very high, so HGH certified for those countries will cost at least 10-15 USD/1 IU. 

While in other countries like Turkey and India due to the lower cost of living and weak currencies, the same pharma-grade brands will cost much less. So, you are much more likely to buy real HGH ordering from there. 

Price to buy HGH online 

With HGH being considered a premium luxury medicine, you can easily find offers selling 1 month's supply of HGH at several thousands of dollars – 30-50 USD/ 1 IU. But in fact, HGH production is not that expensive, so realistic market prices are anywhere between 4-6 USD per 1 IU of pharma-grade HGH (Norditropin, Genotropin) and 2-3 IU for generic brands. 


How much does the HGH cycle cost? 

With those prices in mind, at 3-4 IU per day, a 30-day supply of 90-120 IU will cost you 200-250 USD for a generic brand and 400-500 USD for a pharma-grade brand. 

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Brand Overview. HGH for sale – what’s the best HGH brand to buy? 

Is there any difference between HGH brands? 

First of all, let’s address the most confusing part – if it’s the same HGH molecule inside, do all products provide the same effects and are equally good? 

Yes and no. Let’s make an analogy with Ibuprofen. There are dozens of brands of this drug – Motrin, Advil, Nurofen, etc. But each tab contains 400 mg of Ibuprofen. The effects of those 3 are the same, and differences might be attributed to the placebo effect. 

It's similar to human growth hormone. 1 mg of HGH is 3 IU of growth hormone, and upon administration, it provides the same increase in HGH levels across all brands. 

But there are some factors you need to consider when making a decision about the HGH brand you buy. 

Factors to consider when choosing the HGH brand 

Factors to Consider
  • Purity The higher purity is, the better exogenous HGH ties to the receptors in your body and provides better effects. 
    WorldHGH.com performed tests of the products they are selling – and most of the brands returned 99+ % purity, which ensures high bioavailability and biosimilarity. 

  • Origin is another factor. 
    HGH can be pharma-grade and not certified for pharmacies. Pharma-grade is produced by big pharmaceutical companies – Norditropin by Novo Nordisk, Genotropin by Pfizer, etc. In contrast, generic brands are produced by smaller factories that decided not to distribute their products through pharmacy chains. It allows them to keep the prices lower while maintaining the quality comparable to pharma-grade HGH brands. There are great brands – such as Zptropin, Spectros, and Hutrope – that you can consider. 

  • One more factor is the administration. 
    Norditropin and Genotropin are in pen form, it’s easier to administer. While most of the other brands are in vial powder form – you need to dissolve them in bac water and inject them with an insulin syringe. The pens for sure are more convenient, but more expensive as well. 

  • Last but not least – price. As mentioned earlier, pharma-grade brands tend to be more expensive because of the prolonged pharmacy distribution chain compared to generics. 

    The rule of thumb is if you are on a budget, go with generic brands with better prices per 1 IU. If you can dedicate more money to your hormone optimization, Norditropin or Genotropin is your go-to.  

Based on these criteria, we compiled this Top 4 HGH brands for sale list. 

Top 4 Best HGH Brands for sale Reviewed 

Zptropin – Best Price/Value 

  • Comes in 16 IU powder vials. 1 kit contains 5 or 10 16 IU vials of HGH. After reconstitution, it should be administered with an insulin syringe. 

  • Purity – 99.93 %. Independent lab tests showed that Zptropin is 99.93 % pure. 

  • Strong anti-counterfeiting system. Each kit has a unique verification code and holograms to protect its authenticity. 

  • Affordable. At 2.3-2.5 USD/1 IU, Zptropin beats Norditropin, with the same purity level as an affordable generic brand. 
    To get an even better deal, use coupon code 50START to get a 50 USD discount on your first order ordering Zptropin on WorldHGH.com 

Norditropin – Best Pharma-Grade HGH Pen 

  • Made by Novo Nordisk. One of the biggest names in the industry is behind this product, so you can expect consistent top-notch quality. 

  • 99.88 % pure. An Independent test showed a 99.88 % level of purity of this brand. 

  • Easy-to-use pen. Norditropin’s pen enables seamless and quick injections. 

  • 4.5 $/1 IU. A 45 IU pen of Norditropin costs around 200 USD, which is higher than other brands, but the quality, convenience, and consistency are worth it. 

You can get the best price for Norditropin on WorldHGH.com by the link 

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Spectros – Great Price/Value 

  • 14 IU vials. A kit comes with 10 vials of 14 IU making it easy to administer and measure, especially on high dosages. 

  • Authenticity protection. Each kit has holograms and a unique serial code you can check to verify the product’s authenticity. 

  • Just 2.1 $/1 IU. Spectros is the most affordable HGH brand per IU among reputable manufacturers. 
    You can order Spectros on WorldHGH.com at the best prices on the market. 
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Genotropin – Honorable Mention 

  • Made by Pfizer. Unquestionable quality by one of the biggest names on the market. 

  • 36 IU pen. Unique Goquick technology makes Genotropin administration easy and seamless. Among the negative aspects, some people have mentioned the flimsy pen mechanism, which can break fairly easily.  

  • 4.5 $/1 IU.  A high quality, famous brand comes at a price. A 36 IU pen costs anywhere between 160-180 USD. 
    But WORLDHGH.com often runs promotions to make their products even more affordable. On the first order, they offer a 50 USD discount coupon – 50START. 

Are HGH supplements effective? 

While searching about how to buy HGH online, you might have encountered dozens of articles promoting HGH supplements such as blends of amino acids and other ingredients like anterior pituitary powder. While some of those HGH supplements might stimulate the pituitary gland and have moderate effects on human growth hormone production, they are much less effective than HGH injections. So, it's up to you whether to try HGH supplements or skip them and buy HGH injections instead. 

How HGH works and why it's important? 

First of all, you need to understand that human growth hormone is key to the proper function of 2 metabolism paths in the body: protein synthesis and body fat metabolism.  


As the name suggests human growth hormone is responsible for the growth and development of the tissues. It’s the highest during childhood and starts to decline in your 20s. 

More specifically, HGH influences collagen and elastin metabolism. Collagen and elastin are the proteins skin, nails, and bones consist of. 

It also influences muscle protein synthesis responsible for muscle growth.   

The second function of HGH is regulating fat and carbohydrates. HGH induces body fat oxidation, thus turning fat into a body energy source. Low growth hormone levels are associated with higher fat accumulation. 

Now that you understand a bit of the background about how HGH works, you can see how crucial it is to maintain healthy growth hormone levels for physical and mental well-being. 

If nothing is being done to prevent the growth hormone production decline with age, one’s quality of life will suffer. 

But there is a way out. The medical and wellness community is adopting injectable HGH therapy for anti-aging and hormone replacement therapy. 

HGH injections allow increasing your HGH levels to healthy normal levels at any age as well as to higher levels, which are widely used in fitness, sport, and bodybuilding communities. 

Buying HGH online – final thoughts 

In this article, we did our best to provide the most crucial information you need to know about HGH before the purchase. 

And for the average reader’s sake, we tried to make it short and easy to read. If you are looking for more information about HGH be sure to check out the guide that WorldHGH recently put together – 65 pages that provide a comprehensive overview of what HGH is, how it works in the body, and lots of tips for people considering starting HGH or already taking it. 

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