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Gymnema Sylvestre Reviews - Benefits, Dangers & Side Effects

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Gymnema Sylvestre Reviews - Benefits, Dangers & Side Effects

We will discuss Gymnema Sylvestre in this article and get to know four of the best supplements available in the market that contains Gymnema Sylvestre. Let's get started.

Gymnema Sylvestre
Gymnema Sylvestre

We all know blood sugar is the amount of sugar in the blood. You should be careful in keeping it stable because high blood sugar may lead to diabetes, heart-related diseases, and kidney-related diseases and may affect vision. Unfortunately, as you may know, there are no direct treatment plans for diabetes, and one can only combat it with a healthy lifestyle and healthy food habits. 

However, many supplements are available on the market with natural ingredients. One such ingredient that has caught the eyes of several doctors and dieticians worldwide is Gymnema Sylvestre. Therefore, many renowned supplements nowadays include Gymnema as a core ingredient for preparing the formulation.  

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We will discuss Gymnema Sylvestre in this article and get to know four of the best supplements available in the market that contains Gymnema Sylvestre. Let's get started. 

What Is Gymnema Sylvestre? 

Gymnema Sylvestre, also called gurmar in Hindi or 'sugar destroyer,' is a vine that originates in different parts of Asia, like the Arabian peninsula, Africa, and Australia. The word Gymnema comes from the Greek word gymnos and nema, meaning naked and thread, while the species Sylvestre means forest in Latin. It is known as meshasringa or the horn of the ram in Sanskrit.  

The plant extract is commonly known as Gymnema and has a lot of utility in Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicinal system. Gymnema is a climber type of plant with long elongated leaves containing soft hair on the upper surface of the leaves. The plant grows small and yellow colored flowers. It is best known for reducing sugar cravings by releasing gymnemic acid, which interacts with the taste buds on our tongue and suppresses the sweet taste for a short period. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of Gymnema Sylvestre? 

The plant's extract has many benefits, primarily in dealing with diabetes. Let's check out the medicinal benefits of consuming products containing Gymnema Sylvestre. 

  • The primary benefit that a diabetic person can have is reducing sweet cravings. The leaves contain different compounds like gurmarin, flavonoids, and triterpenoid saponins. However, the primary compound present is the gymnemic acids. These acids are also a type of triterpenoid acids that block the sweet sensation of the tongue. Thus, the person with diabetes doesn't feel like eating any sweet products. The blockage stays for around 15 to 50 minutes and, in some cases, may cross over an hour. 

  • The Gymnemic acid compounds can attach to the walls of the intestine and reduce the sugar absorption rate in the gut. Thus, helping in the reduction of blood sugar levels and the promotion of insulin production and release. However, there still is a lack of data regarding the anti-diabetic properties of the plant. 

  • The plant's extract may also help assist with weight loss. For the record, Japan's total Gymnema consumption in a year is around 50 tons, only because of its weight loss properties. In addition, studies show that a mixture of Gymnema Sylvestre, hydroxy citric acid, and chromium-containing niacin taken through the mouth for eight weeks may help reduce body mass in people who are obese. 

  • Traditionally people have been using the extract to get help for different eye diseases, constipation, cough, cold, dental problems, overweight, stomach ailments, etc., because of the antioxidant and antibacterial properties. 

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What Are The Risks Of Consuming Gymnema Sylvestre? 

Like any herbal medicine, Gymnema Sylvestre also has some risks associated with it alongside the benefits. Let's get to know them. 

  • Firstly, you shouldn't consider Gymnema as the only medication to cure diabetes because it is still undergoing trials, and the amount of scientific data regarding the medical benefits are scanty. Thus, it would be best if you stick to the doctor's prescribed medicine and the dietitians prescribe a diet to combat diabetes. 

  • Although the extract is safe for most people, children and pregnant or lactating mothers should consult a doctor before consuming any product containing Gymnmea as an ingredient. 

  • Overconsumption of Gymnema may lead to specific side effects like headache, nausea, dizziness, etc. 

  • People with diabetes shouldn't take Gymnema simultaneously while consuming the diabetes medicine. People should also not take it with aspirin as the reactions may be dangerous. 

  • People with milkweed allergies may experience side effects. Thus, it's best to consult a doctor before taking any supplement that contains Gymnema Sylvestre as an ingredient. 

What Is The Right Dosage Of Gymnema Sylvestre? 

As the medical research isn't sufficient, there is no proper dosage of Gymnema Sylvestre. However, certain studies reveal a borderline dose that no one should exceed because it may cause adverse side effects. Patients with diabetes type 1 and 2 get a dose of 400 to 500 mg of Gymnema Sylvestre each day, alongside insulin adjustments and other medicines prescribed by the doctor. 

Some Products That Contain Gymnema Sylvestre 

It is a list of some of the best-performing products containing organic ingredients and Gymnema Sylvestre as the core component on the market. 

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One of the best blood sugar optimizers on the market, GlucoRedi is an excellent diabetes supplement. The formulation contains ingredients extracted from plants and is all-natural. The ingredients are also tested in the laboratories, GMO-free and FDA-compliant. The product has excellent reviews on the internet and has recommendations from top dieticians worldwide. In addition, the product is affordable and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. 


The ingredients present in the product are 100% natural and may show excellent results in diabetes patients. Let's check out the ingredients. 

Gymnema Sylvestre 

A climbing shrub that is native to India, Australia, and Africa, Gymnema Sylvestre is one of the core propositions in the Ayurvedic system of medicine, a traditional Indian medicinal system. The extract may help reduce sugar absorption in the blood and may help fight diabetes and even malaria. 

Besides lowering blood sugar levels, Gymnema Sylvestre reduces sugar cravings because it makes sweet food products less attractive. Thus, the patient automatically consumes less sugar. In addition, it may increase insulin production by helping regenerate islet cells in the pancreas.  

Other than diabetic complications, the extract may also lower the risk of heart disease by reducing the levels of cholesterol and triglyceride. It also helps reduce appetite and help lose weight and reduce inflammation due to tannin and saponin. Thus the extract has multiple utilities. 

Momordica charantia 

Better known as bitter melon or gourd, Momordica charantia is a tropical vine with close relations with other veggies like squash and pumpkin. Not only does the fruit have a sharp flavor with a distinct appearance, but it also has several medical benefits. 

The fruit contains vitamins, especially vitamin C, and several other micronutrients. It improves several markers of blood sugar, like fructosamine. Thus, bitter gourd helps reduce blood sugar levels. Studies also reveal that bitter melon may help reduce cholesterol levels and prevent heart-related diseases. Excessive body weight is a crucial risk factor for diabetes. Therefore, consuming the said fruit may also help lower your body weight. 



Native to parts of western Asia and Southern Europe, licorice helps treat various illnesses and is also used in flavoring different candies and medicines. In addition, various studies show that licorice root may help with different medical conditions like diabetes. 


The root contains more than 300 compounds. Among these, some are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial. Studies show that applying licorice topicals for two weeks helped improve a skin condition called eczema. In addition, the extract helps fight diabetes symptoms and helps reduce acid reflux and indigestion. 


Cammiphora Mukul 

Native to India and its neighboring countries, camphor Mukul is better known as guggul and is an essential herbal drug in Ayurveda. The plant may help with obesity, arthritis, and pain. The plant extract contains compounds like steroids, essential oils, flavonoids, amino acids, etc., which are necessary for healthy living. 


The plant extract may help lower blood sugar levels, thus, manage diabetes. In addition, it can help reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis and cholesterol and triglycerides, which help keep the heart healthy. Guggul may also help you lose weight and help combat many skin problems and irritation. 


Asparagus racemosus 

Asparagus racemosus, better known as Shatavari, is an adaptogenic herb that primarily vitalizes the body. It also has its use in Ayurveda. Besides helping the body maintain a healthy level of blood sugar, Shatavari also helps keep you calm, has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, may help with kidney stones, help with skin problems, and keep your general immune system healthy. 


How It Works 

Glucoredi is only a dietary supplement, and we will never encourage you to stop taking your medicines and only consume the supplement. However, it would help if you took your medicines as you usually did and took Glucoredi pills on the side as an added measure to help with diabetes.  


The formulation has natural ingredients which help the body produce insulin and glucagon. These hormones help in the regulation of blood glucose levels. The ingredients also help the body regain vitality, increase brain activity, promote calmness, and regulate metabolism. 


The ingredients help the body secrete insulin by regenerating the pancreas's islet cells. Thus, anyone with type 2 diabetes may find great help from consuming the product. The ingredients also help fight insulin resistance and increase insulin sensitivity.  


Besides reducing diabetes symptoms, these ingredients also carry antioxidant properties, which help throw away free radicals and toxins from the body. Gymnema Sylvestre is the primary ingredient that has a significant impact on diabetics because it helps lower sugar cravings and increase the absorption of glucose from the blood to the cells. 



How To Take 

The company recommends taking three pills every day and one after each meal. Take a glass of water and gulp down one pill after each meal. The company claims that you will see results if you take three Glucoredi pills daily for at least one week. It is the company's claim and many online testimonials and reviews. However, you shouldn't take more than three pills every day because it may cause overdosing, leading to many adverse side effects. 























There are several benefits of consuming Glucoredi pills. Let's list them. 

  • It helps manage blood sugar levels effectively by lowering them and keeping them stable. 

  • The natural ingredients may help you lose weight, thus, helping the patient avoid obesity. 

  • The ingredients help prevent insulin resistance. 

  • Many ingredients help fight anxiety, stress, and depression by promoting calmness in the body. Thus, your mind remains relaxed. 

  • The formulation also helps keep your heart healthy by checking cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It also helps lessen pain and inflammation. Thus, using the supplement regularly may help lower joint pain. 

  • Glucoredi helps you sleep better because it helps you deal with diabetic symptoms like frequent urination and thirst, which may disturb sleep. You may also get good sleep because the ingredients promote calmness and keep anxiety and stress at bay. 



You can order GlucoRedi bottles online through their website at discounted and affordable prices. 


  • You get a Month's Supply called a Starter pack at an affordable $69.95. The pack contains 60 capsules and includes worldwide free shipping. 

  • You get four months' supply called the savings pack at $279.90. You also get three months of free supply and 420 capsules in this pack. It is the most sold package and has free shipping worldwide. 

  • A popular pack supplies you for two months and costs only $139.90. You also get one month of free supply and 180 capsules, besides free shipping globally. 


Side Effects 

As all the ingredients used in the supplement are all-natural and plant-based, the company claims no noticeable side effects from consuming Glucoredi pills. However, you shouldn't over consume the product because it may result in unwanted side effects. You shouldn't consume Glucoredi pills without a doctor's consultation if you are pregnant, have thyroid problems, have bleeding disorders, or have cancer. 



GlucoTrust is another supplement that helps you manage your blood sugar levels with minimum side effects. The product is from the house of Maximum Edge Nutrition and can help you manage fluctuating blood sugar levels and improve your general immunity. 


Besides improving blood sugar levels, natural ingredients promote a healthy sleep cycle, provide excellent antioxidant properties, and help alleviate pain and inflammation. The product contains Gymnema Sylvestre as the core component alongside Biotin, chromium, manganese, licorice, cinnamon, zinc, and juniper berries, which are all-natural and 100% organic. Thus, the ingredients can help you make massive changes in your blood sugar levels, prevent glucose spikes, improve insulin secretion, and prevent insulin resistance. 


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Let's talk about the natural ingredients contained in GlucoTrust in detail. 


Gymnema Sylvestre 

We have already talked about this fabulous plant extensively earlier. The plant's extract helps lower sugar cravings and boosts insulin production and secretion. Thus, Gymnema is a core ingredient of most successful diabetes dietary supplements because it helps regulate blood sugar levels efficiently and prevents glucose spikes from happening. 


Besides lowering blood sugar levels, it also helps lower risks related to the heart by reducing the amounts of cholesterol and triglyceride in the body. Gymnema may also help assist weight loss by regulating the body's appetite. 



Biotin is one of the vitamins in the vitamin B complex and is necessary for energizing the body. People taking insulin show changes in blood sugar levels when they take Biotin. It gradually lowers blood sugar levels. Thus, Biotin is very popular among people with diabetes. However, you shouldn't consume too much Biotin, or the blood sugar levels may fall below a particular mark which could result in hypoglycemia. Besides keeping blood sugar levels in check, Biotin helps keep the liver, nervous system, skin, and eyes healthy. 



Patients with diabetes show a marked fall in the levels of chromium in the body, and research shows that chromium is synonymous with people having healthy blood sugar levels. Healthy chromium levels also help with insulin sensitivity and digestion of food better by increasing metabolism. Chromium may also aid in weight loss by burning fat. 



Manganese is a mineral that helps increase insulin production in the pancreas. Thus, it helps the more straightforward conversion of glucose into energy in the cells. However, manganese also helps form connective tissues and sex hormones. It also helps keep the bones in good shape. Manganese may also improve memory and keep the nervous system healthy. Thus, the mineral has several use cases in the body, which makes it an essential ingredient of GlucoTrust. 



As discussed earlier, licorice has been traditionally used to prevent and combat cough and cold. However, modern doctors have been using the plant to boost insulin levels and lower blood sugar levels. Thus, licorice root extract helps prevent fluctuations in blood sugar, which may seriously harm the body. In addition, the extract also prevents overeating by controlling appetite. Thus, it also helps you maintain a healthy weight. 


How It Works 

GlucoTrust also helps lower blood sugar levels like other supplements using all the different and essential natural ingredients. Firstly, it reduces sugar cravings and boosts insulin secretion using Gymnema Sylvestre. Then, several other ingredients work to prevent insulin resistance and regeneration of the beta cells in the pancreas. In addition, the antioxidant nature of some ingredients helps eliminate toxins from the body, thus, preventing insulin resistance. These ingredients also help you combat diabetic symptoms, help with efficient weight loss, prevent heart-related diseases, and keep the immune system healthy. 


How To Take 

The company asks you to consume one capsule daily before bed at night. Doing so will gradually lead to excellent blood sugar levels and healthy blood circulation, less sugary and junk foods, and excellent sleep. 



There are many benefits to consuming GlucoTrust. Let's discuss them. 

  • It helps you lower blood sugar levels using many 100% natural ingredients. 

  • It helps improve insulin sensitivity. 

  • It helps prevent insulin resistance through the antioxidant properties of the ingredients. 

  • It helps you lower body weight by helping you consume less sugary and junk foods while regulating your appetite, so you don't always feel hungry. 

  • It helps you keep your sleep cycle up to date. 



GlucoTrust bottles are low and come at an affordable price range. Check out their website to shop for the product. 


  • One bottle or the 30 days supply costs $69. However, you have to pay shipping fees of $9, but all the products have a 180-day money-back guarantee included. 

  • Three bottles or the 90 days supply provides excellent value and comes for only $59 per bottle. Thus the total is $177 for the package. However, the shipping is free alongside the money-back guarantee. 

  • The best value is $49 per bottle, six bottle packs, or the 180 days supply. After that, it costs only $294 and includes free shipping and the usual money-back guarantee. 


Side Effects 

As the product contains natural ingredients, the company claims that there are no side effects of using the products. Thus, GlucoTrust is safe. However, children, pregnant mothers, and people already suffering from other illnesses must get a doctor's recommendation first. 


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The third product that comes on our list of supplements made using plant-based ingredients and Gymnema Sylvestre as the core product is GlucoSwitch. The natural ingredients help the pancreas function properly, remove toxins from the body, and produce more insulin, thus, preventing diabetes. The formulation also helps reduce appetite, boosts metabolism, and helps lose weight. 



Like other products in the list, GlucoSwitch also contains ingredients that help regulate blood glucose levels and the secretion of insulin to tackle any diabetes. 


Gymnema Sylvestre 

As you already know, Gymnema Sylvestre has to be the core component of the formulation, or we wouldn't have selected the product. The extract helps lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity by blocking the sweet sensation of the tongue. Thus, the sugar craving reduces. It also helps reduce body weight using lipid metabolism. 



Licorice root is one of the core components of any well-known diabetic food supplement. It helps lower blood sugar levels and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce oxidative stress and remove toxins from the body, thus, lowering the chances of insulin resistance and keeping the immune system healthy. The extract may also help with stomach aches and heart-related issues. 



It is a plant mainly found in Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Malaysia. The leaves of the plant may have many health benefits. One of the most particular uses of leaf extract is to reduce blood glucose levels. However, the extract also has antioxidant and anti-microbial properties. In addition, the corosolic acid in the Banaba leaves helps reduce cholesterol levels, thus improving your heart condition. 


How It Works 

Diabetogens are toxic substances people inhale from environments with excessive pollution and start gathering in the body. These chemicals reduce the hormonal efficiency of the body, thus negatively affecting insulin secretion and glucose regulation. The accumulation of diabetogens significantly reduces the proper functioning of the pancreas. 


What GlucoSwitch does is protects your body from these harmful diabetogens. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients help wash away the chemicals from the body, thus, detoxifying the body and repairing the damaged pancreas. As a result, insulin secretion increases, and the body doesn't face insulin resistance, thus, regulating blood glucose levels. Besides regulating blood glucose levels, GlucoSwitch also helps in weight reduction and decreases food and sweets cravings. 


How To Take 

The company recommends taking two capsules daily and consuming three pills consistently for three months. After that, the company says it is best to wait three to six months to see the best results. 



Consuming GlucoSwitch comes with a host of benefits. Let's list down the important ones. 

  • GlucoSwitch helps lower blood glucose levels using its organic ingredients. 

  • It helps in improving insulin sensitivity and efficient regulation of blood glucose levels. 

  • The supplement using its excellent ingredients lowers food and sweet cravings by reducing appetite and increasing metabolism. 

  • The supplement also helps lose weight and keeps cholesterol and triglycerides at bay. 



The product prices are affordable and lower than most products on the market. They sell their products on the official website

  • If you buy one bottle, it will cost you $69, plus you have to pay shipping fees. 

  • If you buy three bottles or three months of supply, you get every bottle for only $59 and free shipping. 

  • If you buy six bottles from the website, you get each bottle for only $49 and free shipping. 


All GlucoSwitch products come with a 365-day money-back guarantee, which is a big thing to have. In addition, any customer who isn't completely satisfied with the product is eligible for a full refund, no questions asked. Thus, the company is legit and trustworthy. You can find the products on the official website


Side Effects 

As the product contains all-natural ingredients, there are fewer chances of having direct side effects. However, anyone having illnesses other than diabetes, a child, or a pregnant woman, should consult a doctor before consuming the product. Overconsumption of the product is strictly not recommended. 








The final product containing all-natural ingredients and Gymnema Sylvestre as the core component is Glucoberry. It helps stabilize blood sugar levels alongside many excellent therapeutic benefits. In addition, it helps the kidney in discarding excess sugar. Dr. Mark Weis, a physician, is the founder of GlucoBerry, and the product has GMP certification and registration under the FDA. 



Many 100% natural ingredients help keep blood sugar levels regular and increase insulin levels. 


  • Gymnema Sylvestre has to join the club because it is the essential ingredient of the product. The unique extract helps with diabetes, relieves sugar cravings, and increases insulin output. The compounds of the extract may also help increase WBC count in the body. 

  • Maqui berry extract helps clear blockages formed due to the blood sugar drain. In addition, the extract contains Delphinol, which helps in doing the function. 

  • Biotin is one of the essential vitamins in the vitamin B complex. Although the body doesn't require it in many quantities, even smaller quantities help in the efficient regulation of blood glucose levels, lowering inflammation, allergy, and cholesterol levels. In addition, Biotin is essential to avoid lethargy, dizziness, and muscle cramps. 

  • Chromium is an essential mineral that also helps in the efficient regulation of blood glucose levels. Chromium, alongside vitamin B, works efficiently to manage blood sugar levels. 


How It Works 

Blood sugar drain is the efficient draining of sugar from the body because excessive sugar, or if sugar drainage doesn't happen correctly, may come back into the blood and cause a spike in the blood sugar levels, leading to diabetes. Blueberry helps in maintaining the blood sugar drain process. It helps form S2G, also known as Sodium-glucose cotransport 2, and is a sticky protein that forms a layer of grey mucus on the kidney, especially in older people. 


How To Take 

Taking one capsule in the morning is enough for the whole day. The company recommends not taking more than one because it may lead to adverse side effects. Taking the pills consistently for three months will show results. Thus, it would be best if you bought the three to six months packages, which will yield more discounts. 



There are many benefits of consuming Glucoberry. 

  • It helps decrease blood glucose spikes in the blood. 

  • It lowers cholesterol and prevents inflammation and allergies by using Biotin. 

  • It may also aid in increasing the number of WBC in the body. 

  • It keeps you energetic. 

  • It increases insulin in the body and prevents insulin resistance by removing toxins. 


Side Effects 

Blueberry contains 100% natural ingredients like all other products, which may not lead to side effects. However, don't consume the pills if you have other medical conditions if you are a child, or a pregnant woman. You should also not over consume the supplement to reach the results faster. 


Final Words 

Now you know how important it is to treat and combat diabetes. But, thanks to the herbal products available, we can keep our blood glucose levels in check. Diabetes is a severe disease that may lead to many problems in the future, like heart disease. Thus, if you start noticing symptoms of diabetes, you should, at once, consult a doctor and get your medications and therapies prescribed. You should also consult a dietician and get yourself a healthy diet chart. 


Also, don't forget to get yourself one of the four blood sugar optimizers mentioned above to check your blood sugar levels and help your medicines act more effectively. These supplements not only help you with diabetes but also improves your general immunity system. In addition, these supplements are affordable and work like a charm. So, why not get your hands on the product today? 


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