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Gorilla Flow Reviews - Ingredients, Side Effects, Negative Customer Complaints

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Gorilla Flow Reviews - Ingredients, Side Effects, Negative Customer Complaints

Gorilla Flow provides users with a way to improve their prostate health by easing inflammation and stopping the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Gorilla Flow
Gorilla Flow

Gorilla Flow is a daily supplement by supporting prostate health and urinary issues. The formula uses natural ingredients that are already backed by scientific evidence, reducing the amount of estrogen the male body produces with age.

What is Gorilla Flow?

Swelling of the prostate is one of the most common health issues that men face with age, and the culprit behind it could be many factors. While the male body is meant to produce testosterone, exposing the body to compounds that naturally trigger estrogen is the biggest reason that men struggle. Some men trigger this production by consuming fruits and vegetables that still have herbicides on them, while others topically expose themselves with shampoos or moisturizers that have parabens. Their production of estrogen can even be influenced by handling plastic that makes Tupperware or water bottles, leaving men without the ability to truly avoid any triggers.

If a man is constantly exposed to potential triggers for estrogen production, what can he do? Gorilla Flow was recently launched to help consumers deal with this exact consumers. By integrating Gorilla Flow into their daily routine, men will experience better regularity at night, improved urine volume, and better urine flow. Essentially, the supplement supports bladder and prostate health, which go hand in hand.

When the male body produces estrogen, the prostate gland and become inflamed. Due to the location of the bladder and prostate gland, the swelling of the latter puts extreme pressure on the former, which is why men with prostate issues constantly feel the urge to urinate. However, they can’t because their bladder cannot be fully empties with the prostate gland pushing against it, which is how men continue to run back to the bathroom.

How Gorilla Flow Works

Using Gorilla Flow makes it possible for men to naturally and safely balance these hormone levels to restore health to the prostate gland. With the small collection of ingredients, users maintain healthy and expected levels of inflammation without triggering estrogen.

The ingredients include:

  • Gorilla Cherry
  • Pumpkin seed extract
  • Ultra-refined saw palmetto extract
  • Stinging nettle extract
  • Boron
  • Lycopene

With these ingredients, Gorilla Flow is able to inhibit and block the production of aromatase, which is a substance that could switch testosterone into estrogen. It achieves this effect by offering ingredients that are rich in phytosterols and can boost testosterone production. It also reduces the production of estrogen safely and naturally.

Read on below to learn what each of these ingredients does for the user’s health.

Gorilla Cherry

Gorilla Cherry (which is also known as Prunus Africana) is primarily used to help men improve their regularity overnight with better urine output. It has a powerful effect on prostate gland enlargement, helping to reduce inflammation and inhibit any enzymes that might encourage estrogen production.

Apart from the ways that Gorilla Cherry can impact the user’s prostate and urinary tract, this ingredient has many health benefits that men will enjoy. It is so effective that traditional medicine uses it for the treatment of fevers, stomach pain, malaria, and even gonorrhea. It is often used to treat chest infections and chest pain.

One of the most unique traditional uses is easily the way Gorilla Cherry can treat exposure to poison from tainted arrows. It is sometimes used for cattle that have constipation; thanks to the purgative effects it provides.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of one major phytosterol that can reduce inflammation throughout the body – beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol helps users to inhibit cholesterol buildup in the body because it prevents users from absorbing cholesterol as it enters the body. The reduced inflammation directly impacts the prostate gland and similar tissues, which is the other main reason that users include this type of remedy.

Generally, when users consistently include pumpkin seeds in their diet, there are no side effects. However, in studies, around 1.6% of the men who used B-sitosterol had gastrointestinal side effects, like bloating, nausea, constipation, and abdominal pain. Similar studies show that using any source of beta-sitosterol can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months to have an effect when used on its own.

Pumpkin seeds are rich with an assortment of nutrients beyond beta-sitosterol. With naturally occurring antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this ingredient can help with wound healing and support the health of the heart and bones too.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is a known blocker of estrogen conversion and production. By inhibiting the conversion to estrogen, saw palmetto can preserve the user’s production of testosterone as the body ages. This ingredient is also known for the boost it offers prostate health. In fact, it is usually included in dietary supplements that need support of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Saw palmetto is an interesting ingredient, because it is meant for more than simply reducing the amount of testrogen the body produces.

Using saw palmetto can help consumers to deal with other health issues too, including hair loss, migraine headaches, and chronic pelvic pain. Taking saw palmetto each day is completely safe, and the body can consistently use it for up to three years without any unwanted effects.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging nettle is frequently used to help with the health of the lower urinary tract. More specifically, it is recommended for use when the individual is in the early stages of BPH, helping to reduce swelling and soothe the pressure on the bladder. However, the use of stinging nettle for prostate issues or bladder pressure is a relatively new use.

For hundreds of years, stinging nettle had a much different role – dealing with the pain in muscles and joints. The soothing effect that stinging nettle has can help with arthritis as well. Some people include this plant for the benefits it provides for anemia, eczema, and gout.

With the plentiful nutrients found in stinging nettle, consumers can reduce inflammation throughout their body, rather than just for their prostate gland. It is sometimes used to treat hay fever, and it has a positive effect on high blood pressure.


Boron is an element that is absolutely essential for the human body, playing a major role in osteogenesis. It can influence how steroid hormones are produced, and a recent study from the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology shows that it influences the production of other hormones as well (like testosterone). By influencing these hormones, boron is crucial to protect the body from losing calcium and demineralizing bones.

While there is still a lot of research to be done for certain effects, the current hypothesis suggests that boron can positively improve testosterone levels. However, in order to get this effect, users will need to have more boron in a supplement than they would naturally get from foods like coffee, milk, apples, potatoes, and beans.

When the body is deficient in boron, it is possible to interrupt bone development and the regenerative process. According to the World Health Organization, consumers need to use 1-13 mg daily to get the desired effects.


Lycopene is the final ingredient that consumers get from Gorilla Flow. The most significant benefit that most users get from this ingredient is the antioxidant protection and support. By including it regularly, consumers can prevent free radical stress from damaging their DNA. This regulation of free radical activity can also reduce the risk of other diseases while supporting bone health and metabolism.

As a carotenoid, lycopene is a crucial ingredient for the health of the brain and heart. It can reduce the pain caused by nerve and tissue damage, but the antioxidants are the reason that users experience such a boost in their brain health. In fact, it could even reduce the risk of seizures and protect the brain from memory loss that comes with Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related cognitive conditions.

Some people include lycopene as a treatment for asthma, though the powerful effect could potentially reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer. Some research suggests that lycopene can be used to help with breast cancer as well, but the research has yet to be conclusive.

Purchasing a Bottle of Gorilla Flow

The only way that consumers can purchase their bottle of Gorilla Flow is if they go through the official website. The shipping fees vary with the type of purchase made, but users will have their choice of three packages to determine how much they want to stock up on.

If the user just wants to make a one-time purchase, they can choose from:

  • One bottle for $79
  • Three bottles for $177 (or $59 each)
  • Six bottles for $294 (or $49 each)

With the one-time purchase, users will have to cover the cost of shipping if they get a singular bottle, but they won’t with the other packages.

Along with the one-time purchase options, consumers can also choose to receive this formula by subscribing to monthly shipments. Subscribing will save the user 10% on their purchase, and shipping fees are covered with every package available. The subscription packages currently offered are:

  • One bottle for $71
  • Three bottles for $159 (or $53 each)
  • Six bottles for $264 (or $44 each)

With a 60-day money-back guarantee, users can take up to two months to decide if the formula is right for them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gorilla Flow

How does Gorilla Flow work?

Gorilla Flow’s ingredients provide customers with phytosterols to reduce inflammation. The ingredients also inhibit estrogen production to redirect the body back to testosterone production.

How long will users have to maintain the use of Gorilla Flow before they see the results?

The effects of Gorilla Flow are powerful, but every man is different. Their physiology automatically creates a different starting point, and the creators can’t say specifically when the user will notice a difference. Prolonged use makes it possible to reap more benefits, but the creators recommend sticking with the largest quantity for the best deal and the most consistency.

How is Gorilla Flow meant to be used?

Since a one-month supply includes 60 capsules, it is safe to assume that users will need two capsules a day to get the full effect.

Are there any side effects?

All of the ingredients found in Gorilla Flow have been researched for their ability to perform all of the aforementioned benefits. Generally, no side effects have been reported. However, if the user currently takes any medication or has a medical condition, they might want to have a talk with their doctor to ensure that a supplement like Gorilla Flow won’t interfere with it.

How long will users be able to purchase Gorilla Flow?

Even though Gorilla Flow is an effective remedy, the main ingredient is difficult to source for the creators, so there is a chance that they won’t be able to reproduce it consistently. Consumers who want to make sure that they get their bottle of Gorilla Flow need to make their purchase now.

What’s the refund policy?

If the user isn’t happy with the way that Gorilla Flow works, she has up to 60 days to request a refund with the money-back guarantee.

For any other inquiries, the customer support team can be reached by calling 855-482-8279 from 8:00am to 8:00pm EST on any day of the week. They can also be electronically reached via email ([email protected]) or online chat.


Gorilla Flow provides users with a way to improve their prostate health by easing inflammation and stopping the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. The formula is easy to use every day, and every bottle provides users with enough of the remedy to last through an entire month. All of the ingredients are natural, offering proven benefits (unless otherwise noted) that extend to the heart, nerves, and brain. Plus, if the user doesn’t get the support that they’d anticipated, they have up to 60 days to request their money back.


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