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FunwithFeet Review: Worth It In 2024? (Read This Before!)

Exploring FunwithFeet: A 2024 Review You Need to Read Before Making a Decision!


FunwithFeet Review

Wondering if FunwithFeet is the right platform to sell feet pics?

Rest assured, we've thoroughly explored FunwithFeet and are here to share everything you need to know. This is the ultimate FunwithFeet review.

FunwithFeet Review: Is It Worth It?

No, FunWithFeet is not worth it to sell feet pics.

The platform faces significant challenges that make it difficult for new sellers to succeed. One of the main issues is the imbalance between sellers and buyers, with too many sellers and too few buyers, making it tough for new sellers to make sales.

Additionally, FunWithFeet's reputation is less than stellar, with only a 3-star average rating on Trustpilot.


This rating reflects the dissatisfaction of many sellers with FunwithFeet.


Trustpilot has even issued a warning on FunWithFeet's review page, indicating that fake reviews were removed and the profile was locked due to violations of their review policy. This situation suggests that sellers should be wary of potentially misleading positive reviews.

Furthermore, numerous sellers have reported operational problems with the platform. Some find themselves unable to access their inbox to reply to buyers, while others cannot access the site at all due to technical issues.

Customer support is another area where FunWithFeet falls short. Many sellers report that the support team is either very slow to respond or does not respond at all, leaving them without necessary assistance.


Additionally, the presence of illegitimate buyers on the platform complicates the process of finding legitimate buyers, further diminishing the platform's appeal.

While FunWithFeet might not be a traditional fraud, the accumulation of these issues suggests that it does not perform as well as advertised. Sellers looking to enter the market of selling feet pics should consider these factors carefully before deciding to use FunWithFeet.

Can You Make Money On FunwithFeet?

Yes, you can make money on FunwithFeet.

It's important to set realistic expectations, as the platform doesn't boast a large buyer base. This means that while the opportunity to make money on FunwithFeet exists, it's relatively limited.

The majority of sellers on FunwithFeet report that they don't see significant earnings. This is largely due to an imbalance between the number of sellers and buyers, with an oversupply of sellers attempting to sell feet pictures and a scarcity of interested buyers.

For newcomers eager to sell feet pics, we recommend looking for platforms with a better seller-to-buyer ratio. FunwithFeet may not be the most lucrative starting point to sell feet pics.

What Is The Best Site To Sell Feet Pics?

The best site to sell feet pics is FeetFinder.


We find FeetFinder stands out from the competition for several reasons. Firstly, it boasts impressive Trustpilot reviews, holding a 4.8 out of 5-star rating with over 5000 five-star reviews.


This level of positive feedback is a strong indicator of the platform's reliability and effectiveness.

Additionally, FeetFinder offers a healthy balance of buyers to sellers. This balance makes it relatively easy for beginners to start selling feet pics, as there's a steady demand from buyers.

FeetFinder's commitment to creating a favorable environment for sellers is evident in its substantial investment in advertising. This effort helps attract a significant number of buyers to the platform, further enhancing the selling experience.

Moreover, FeetFinder's transparency regarding payouts is noteworthy. The platform openly discloses how much it pays out to sellers, a practice not commonly found on other platforms.


To date, FeetFinder has paid out millions of dollars to its sellers, showcasing its success and reliability.

As a US-based business, FeetFinder operates with a high level of security and compliance. It adheres to PCI standards, ensuring that all transactions on the platform are secure. This commitment to security makes FeetFinder the safest platform for selling feet pics.

The requirement for buyers to put a credit card on file when signing up adds an additional layer of security, making it more challenging for illegitimate buyers to participate in the marketplace.

While FeetFinder, like all platforms in this niche, does encounter some illegitimate buyers, it is proactive in addressing this issue. The platform is diligent in banning these buyers, although some may still be present.


This challenge is not unique to FeetFinder and is something sellers might encounter across various platforms, including FunwithFeet, Instagram, OnlyFans, or Reddit.

Despite this, FeetFinder's overall approach to security, seller support, and transparency makes it our top recommendation for anyone looking to sell feet pics online.

Which Is Better FeetFinder Or FunwithFeet?

We recommend FeetFinder over FunwithFeet.

FeetFinder has garnered impressive Trustpilot reviews, boasting a 4.8 out of 5-star rating with over 5000 five-star reviews. This level of customer satisfaction speaks volumes about the platform's credibility and the positive experiences of its users.

In contrast, FunwithFeet's Trustpilot page raises concerns, as it displays a warning message about the removal of fake reviews and a locked profile due to violations of their review policy.


FeetFinder also offers a favorable ratio of buyers to sellers, which is crucial for sellers looking to find buyers with ease. Seller reviews on FunwithFeet, however, suggest a scarcity of active buyers, which can be a significant drawback for sellers hoping to make sales.

The flexibility of FeetFinder's monthly seller plans, which can be canceled at any time, provides sellers with a low-risk option to try out the platform. On the other hand, FunwithFeet requires sellers to commit to a minimum three-month subscription, which may not be ideal for everyone.

Customer support is another area where FeetFinder shines. Reports from users indicate that FeetFinder's customer support is responsive and helpful, addressing issues promptly.


Conversely, there are numerous reports online about FunwithFeet's customer support being unresponsive or unhelpful, which can be frustrating and detrimental to the user experience.

Based on these factors, FeetFinder is the platform we recommend for selling feet pics.

Is FunwithFeet Legit?

FunwithFeet is legit in the sense that it operates as a platform where it's possible to sell feet pics.

However, it's important to note that numerous reports online have raised concerns about its legitimacy. These concerns primarily stem from sellers who have been disappointed with their experience on the platform.

The core issue appears to be an imbalance between the number of sellers and buyers, with a significantly higher number of sellers. This imbalance makes it challenging for sellers to find buyers, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.


Consequently, while FunwithFeet is technically a legitimate website, its performance and the results it delivers for sellers do not align with the expectations set by its advertisements. This discrepancy has led many to question the platform's legitimacy and effectiveness as a marketplace for selling feet pics.

Is Selling Feet Pics Worth It?

Yes, selling feet pics is worth it. Starting out may be slow, as with any new venture, but with dedication, you can earn a substantial income from selling feet pics.

For instance, one seller on FeetFinder reportedly made $22,000 in a single month. While such high earnings are not the norm and shouldn't be expected right away, they do highlight the potential in this market.


FeetFinder has disclosed that they've paid out millions of dollars to sellers, indicating that there's real money to be made in this niche.

However, it's crucial to have realistic expectations when beginning. Making thousands of dollars in the first week is unlikely. Building a customer base takes time and effort, and success in selling feet pics requires testing different strategies, commitment, and consistent effort.

Once you've established yourself, selling feet pics can become a relatively easy way to make money, but be prepared for a potentially challenging start.

How Much Do Feet Pics Sell For?

Feet pics typically sell for between $10 to $25.


For those just starting out, it's best to set prices between $5 and $10. This initial pricing strategy helps attract the first few repeat buyers. Once a seller has established a customer base, prices can be raised to $15 to $20 per feet album.

Sellers usually offer albums rather than individual pictures, with each album containing 5-10 photos. These photos often feature the same pose, style, and background but are taken from different angles.

When buyers request custom feet pics or videos, sellers have the opportunity to charge a premium, ranging from $50 to $150, depending on the specifics of the request.


Additionally, it's a smart move to display a selection of less revealing images or albums on one's profile page. This allows potential buyers to preview the content before making a purchase, which can help in closing sales.

Who Buys Feet Pics On FunwithFeet?

Almost all buyers on FunwithFeet are individuals with a foot obsession.

It's interesting to note that foot obsessions are much more common than many people realize, with about 1 in 7 people having a foot obsession. While it might seem surprising, this statistic highlights the significant demand within this niche market.

Besides those with a foot obsession, there are other, albeit rarer, buyers such as modeling agencies, beauty salons, and shoe companies. These entities may purchase feet pics for various professional reasons, including advertising, product showcases, or artistic projects.


However, such purchases are quite rare compared to the primary market of individuals with a foot obsession.

Can You Sell Feet Pics Anonymously On FunwithFeet?

Yes, you can sell feet pics anonymously on platforms like FunwithFeet or FeetFinder.

To maintain your anonymity, it's crucial to use a pseudonym instead of your real name and avoid revealing personal details such as your address. Additionally, setting up a separate email account specifically for this purpose can further protect your identity.

For those aiming to stay completely anonymous, using a dedicated platform like FeetFinder is advisable. These platforms handle transactions directly, meaning buyers pay the platform, which in turn pays you.


This method ensures your PayPal or CashApp details are not disclosed to buyers, which is important because buyers using PayPal or CashApp information to discover a seller's real identity is a common issue for sellers using apps to sell feet pics.

Conclusion: FunwithFeet Review

We don't recommend FunwithFeet for selling feet pics. The platform's 3-star average rating on Trustpilot, coupled with a warning message about the removal of fake reviews and a locked profile due to policy violations, raises concerns about its reliability.

Additionally, numerous sellers have reported difficulty in finding buyers on FunwithFeet, citing a significant lack of active buyers. This makes it challenging for sellers to find legitimate buyers for their feet pics.


Given these issues, we advise using FeetFinder instead, as it offers a more reliable and effective platform for selling feet pics.

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