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Freedom Water 5 Pitcher Reviews - Legit Water Filtration System Or Fraudulent Claims?

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Freedom Water 5 Pitcher Reviews - Legit Water Filtration System Or Fraudulent Claims?

According to a recent survey, 6 in 10 people in the US suffer from a chronic illness, even when they have a seemingly healthy lifestyle. Once you fall prey to diabetes or bad liver functioning, you might start questioning what you did wrong, but the problem lies elsewhere.

Freedom Water 5 Pitcher Reviews
Freedom Water 5 Pitcher Reviews

Have you ever wondered why you always feel tired or seem to gain weight? Well, often both of these conditions have nothing to do with how much work pressure you have or what you eat but depend on the quality of water you drink.

The US population is subjected to a dangerous compound every day, thanks to the water provided by the government. Today we will be revealing a solution to eliminate this chemical so don’t miss out on the following sections.

Freedom Water 5 - What Is It?

According to a recent survey, 6 in 10 people in the US suffer from a chronic illness, even when they have a seemingly healthy lifestyle. Once you fall prey to diabetes or bad liver functioning, you might start questioning what you did wrong, but the problem lies elsewhere.

The US government has been consistently adding a dangerous chemical called Dennis or compound F to the water supply system. This element can cause diabetes, chronic kidney failure, arthritis, anxiety and depression, weight gain, and more.

Now there’s no way that a regular water filter with 2 or 3 filtration steps can remove this chemical, so Paul Grabowski has developed a filtration system with 5 water filtering steps that are particularly created to tackle compound F levels.

This water filter has been named Freedom Water 5 and it has been developed after years of research into the filtration methods by the US Navy. These 5 filtration techniques can even eliminate the smallest chlorine and lead particles and they have been used by NASA as well.

Out of goodwill, Paul and his friends wanted to make these filtration methods available to the public and this is exactly why they invested their savings into creating a portable water filter like Freedom Water 5.

Ever since its release, people are loving the efficacy of the filter and several Freedom Water 5 reviews are pouring in, claiming how drinking clean water has changed lives.

If you live in the US, Freedom Water 5 can save your life, so keep reading our article to know more about water filters and how it benefits public health. Let’s get started with a short product overview.

Product Name:
Freedom Water 5

Product Category:
Portable water filters

Product Description:
Freedom Water 5 is a unique water filter that uses 5 levels of filtration to eliminate 99% of the toxins from the drinking water.

Product Dimension:
11 by 11 by 6 inches

Paul Grabowski

●    ABS plastic technology
●    BPA-free plastic
●    Portable
●    Easy-grip handle

●    One unit will cost $149.
●    2 filters will cost $238.
●    3 Freedom Water 5 filters will cost $297

Money-Back Guarantee:
180 days 100% money-back guarantee

Official Website:
Click here!

The Motive Behind The Creation Of Freedom Water 5

Paul Grabowski, who is known for exposing the US government’s fraudulent techniques, created this water filter with two of his friends.

For Paul, it was devastating to see his family go through different kinds of illnesses simply because the US government was adding a dangerous chemical to the central water supply system. He decided to take matters into his own hands.

This is why he set out with his friends to find a solution and when Aaron, Paul’s friend from the US Navy introduced him to a water purification technology, Paul knew he had to do something with it. This filtration technique involves 5 stages to ensure that the water has 0 hazardous elements.

Soon Paul developed Freedom Water 5 which would incorporate all these 5 filtration methods in a matter of minutes. Apart from being concerned about public health, Paul wanted to offer the US population an effective and cheap water filter that lives up to its promises.

Freedom Water 5: Try it now, you wont be disappointed!

Does Freedom Water 5 Work? Or Is It Just Another Scam?

With the number of water filters on the market that advertises false claims, it’s only natural to be skeptical about Freedom Water 5 as well. But, we can assure you that this revolutionary filter works and it works better than the Brita water filters.

Freedom Water 5 has been inspired by Mr. Don’s cutting-edge water filter that costs $10,000 in parts alone. This filter uses 5 different techniques to eliminate lead, pesticides, compound F and other toxins.

Paul wanted to use these technologies in his filter so he can develop a cost-effective option. Freedom Water 5 primarily uses the ‘activated carbon’ process, used by the US military and navy to eliminate multiple toxic elements at once.

As soon as the activated carbon filtration method is over, the toxic water undergoes 4 other filtration techniques to remove the remaining chemicals. It hardly takes 3 to 5 minutes for the water filter to offer clean toxin-free water, thanks to all the cutting-edge technology employed in its creation.

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How Should One Use The Freedom Water 5?

Freedom Water 5 is about the size of a large juice carton so you can easily store it and it does not require any set-up. All you have to do is, pop open the small lid at the top of the water pitcher and fill it with ordinary tap water.

Then wait for the filter to get to work, absorbing all the harmful toxins for at least 5 minutes and once the water pops out the other end, it’s clean and ready to drink.

That’s all, you don’t have to worry about anything as the entire filtration method is automatic.

What Health Benefits Can Freedom Water 5 Offer?

Now, let’s move on to the most awaited part of our review article - the advertised health benefits of Freedom Water 5.

Reduces Hunger And Increases Metabolism

Both hunger and low metabolism have a lot to do with the toxins in your body. Compound F in particular, the chemical that Freedom Water 5 aims to get rid of, increases hunger by enhancing your appetite.

Then it also negatively affects the basal metabolic rate and your body becomes incapable of adjusting to the excess calories.

All of this ultimately leads to the storage of fat and weight gain. Thankfully, Freedom Water 5 can reverse these effects by providing you with clean water every day.

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Improves Mood Balance

Excess toxins in the body also lead to elevated levels of hormones that can disrupt mood balance.

These hormones can cause excessive anxiety, stress, and depressive symptoms. However, drinking water from Freedom Water 5 can effectively reduce these mood disorders.

The 5 filtration techniques eliminate all the chemicals which disrupt the hormones and cause artificial hormonal disbalances.

Elevates Mental Focus Levels

Lead, pesticides and compound F can directly affect your ability to focus on any given task. This is because these toxins cause chronic mental fatigue which makes you want to laze around every day.

Furthermore, the chemicals also reduce the body’s ability to absorb all the nutrients from the food, further adding to the fatigue.

This is why you need the Freedom Water 5 to remove all such toxins and help you to enhance your mental functioning. Several Freedom Water 5 reviews have talked about this benefit and we believe that it's the most loved one.

Get the benefits of Freedom Water 5 today!

What Are The Top Highlights Of Freedom Water 5?

Freedom Water 5 is a top-of-the-line water filtration system that boasts several features that make it stand out from the competition. Here are the top highlights of Freedom Water 5:

Strong Yet Lightweight Build

Freedom Water 5 is built to last. Its strong yet lightweight build allows for easy handling and pouring, even for small children. The convenient flip-top lid allows for easy refilling, while the easy-grip™ ensures comfortable pouring.

These features make Freedom Water 5 a great option for families with children or elderly individuals who may have difficulty lifting heavy objects.

Compact Size

Measuring just 11 by 11 by 6 inches in size, Freedom Water 5 can be easily stored in a crowded refrigerator. Its compact size makes it a great option for individuals or families with limited space. Despite its small size, the 1-gallon lower reservoir provides up to 12 cups of the cleanest, purest water you’ve ever drank.

Long-Lasting Filter

Unlike most retail filters, Freedom Water 5 is good for up to 2,000 gallons, providing months of clean, safe, and healthy water. This feature makes it a great option for individuals or families who want to save money on bottled water or who are concerned about the environmental impact of disposable water bottles.

Additionally, each filter is made right here in the USA, where we work with independent laboratories to make sure Freedom Water 5 not only meets but exceeds NSF safety standards.

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Clean and Pure Water

One of the top highlights of Freedom Water 5 is the clean and pure water it provides. The filter removes up to 99% of contaminants, including chlorine, lead, and other harmful chemicals. This ensures that you and your family are drinking the cleanest and healthiest water possible.

Additionally, the filter is designed to improve the taste and odor of water, so you can enjoy a refreshing glass of water without any unpleasant aftertaste.

What Do Consumers Have To Say About Freedom Water 5? - Real Freedom Water 5 Reviews

As already mentioned, Freedom Water 5 reviews have flooded the internet. In this section, we will quote some of the reviews to help you understand why people love the filter.

Mike’s review says, “I underwent hospitalization for severe kidney difficulties. I ordered the Freedom Water 5 filter and it arrived just as I was released from the hospital. Within days of using the device, I noticed a big difference. I was feeling better and more energetic than I have in a very long time.”

William’s take on the filter reads, “I must admit I was hesitant to order but on the recommendation of my friend who already had one I ordered it. I am so glad I did. I have chronic fatigue and within 1 day I was feeling better. My grandson, who has issues with weight gain and stomach troubles, felt better after drinking water from Freedom Water 5.”

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Is Freedom Water 5 Worth The Investment? - The Pros And Cons Of The Water Filter

Every purchase you make will have certain pros and cons, so let’s talk about the pros and cons of Freedom Water 5.


Extremely Durable
Freedom Water 5 has used ABS plastic technology for its build. This state-of-the-art technology has been used by NASA, for its durability. You can expect Freedom Water 5 to last you for years with these high-quality plastic exteriors.

No Setup Required
The best feature of Freedom Water 5 has to be the fact that it requires 0 setup efforts. All you have to do is find a flat surface to place the filter on and then pour your intoxicated water and wait for a few minutes before fresh and clean water is available.


Available Online Only
Unfortunately, Freedom Water 5 is not available in any physical stores and if you want the filter you have to place an order online. So if you see that the filter is in stock, immediately order one for yourself. (Visit the official website >>> )

How Much Does Freedom Water 5 Cost?

Freedom Water 5 is currently available on the main website only, so if you want to buy it, make sure to head over to the official site. Meanwhile, we will mention the prices below.


●    The Good Value Package or one unit of Freedom Water 5 will cost $149 + 12.95 shipping charges.
●    The Most Popular Package with 2 filters will cost $238 + $14.95 shipping charges.
●    Finally, the Best Value package or 3 Freedom Water 5 filters will cost $297 + free shipping.

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All the packages are eligible for a safe one-time payment, so don’t worry about additional costs apart from the shipping and handling fees.

Does Freedom Water 5 Have Any Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! The creators and manufacturers of Freedom Water 5 are so confident in their filter that they have initiated a 180-day 100% money-back guarantee.
So, if you purchase the filter from the main website, you can use it for 6 months and if it does not fulfill your health needs, then you can easily ask for a full refund.

But, remember that this guarantee is available only if you buy the filter from the official site.

How Does Freedom Water 5 Compare To Other Filters Like Brita?

Water filters have become an essential part of our daily lives as we strive to ensure that we consume clean and safe water. Among the popular water filters in the market today are Freedom Water 5 and Brita. But how does Freedom Water 5 compare to other filters like Brita? Let’s find out.

Filtration Technology

Freedom Water 5 uses a better filtration process that includes the removal of the harmful Compound F and PFAs. On the other hand, Brita uses a simpler process that leaves these harmful chemicals untouched and unimpacted.

While both filters are effective in removing impurities, Freedom Water 5 has a more thorough filtration process, making it a better option for those who want to ensure that their water is completely purified.

Filter Lifespan

Freedom Water 5 has a filter lifespan of up to six months, while Brita has a filter lifespan of up to two months. This means that Freedom Water 5 requires less frequent filter replacements, making it a more convenient and cost-effective option in the long run.
Hurry, supplies are running low!

Design and Convenience

Freedom Water 5 features a sleek and compact design that fits easily into most refrigerators. It also has a convenient spigot that allows for easy dispensing of purified water.

Brita, on the other hand, features a bulky design that may not fit into smaller refrigerators and requires the use of a pitcher to dispense purified water. Freedom Water 5's design and convenience make it a better option for those who value aesthetics and convenience.

Freedom Water 5 is slightly more expensive than Brita, but its longer filter lifespan and higher filter capacity make it a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Which Is Better?
While both Freedom Water 5 and Brita are effective water filters, Freedom Water 5 stands out due to its more thorough filtration process, longer filter lifespan and capacity, sleek design, and convenient spigot.

While it may be slightly more expensive than Brita, its long-term cost-effectiveness makes it a great investment for those who prioritize the quality and safety of their drinking water.

Final Word

Freedom Water 5 seems like it can deliver all of its claims, so if you are in the US, it’s time to invest in this revolutionary water filter.

Visit the official website for ordering Freedom Water 5 >>>

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