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Free Love Spells: 10 Best Real Love Spells That Work

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Free Love Spells: 10 Best Real Love Spells That Work

Do relationship spells really work, and how to ensure that they work in your favor? Our guide to love spells will tell you everything!

Top Easy Love Spell Types
Top Easy Love Spell Types

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A love spell is a spiritual practice that allows a person to solve a number of relationship issues. Love spells can take different forms, use negative or positive energy, black or white magic. There is an obsession spell, a binding love spell, a marriage spell, and everything in between. Spells can require additional equipment and items, but there are also plenty of no-ingredient love spells. These spells are a powerful tool that needs to be used wisely, which is why many people prefer to work with a professional magic consultant, or love spell psychic.

Spell casting is a service that you will find on the absolute majority of psychic reading websites. Although not every psychic deals with this kind of magic, there is still no shortage of psychics who not only know what a pink candle spell is or how a full moon or waxing moon can affect the outcome of the ritual.

For example, even accurate online tarot readings will typically only point you in the right direction, while you need to take steps to meet your goal yourself. Spell casting, on the other hand, claims to be able to make anything happen with minimal involvement from you. Naturally, this idea is super enticing, and the love spell industry has been booming recently. Today we will tell you about the five most popular love spells, their efficiency and potential risks, as well as how to make the most of your spellcasting experience.

Best powerful free love spells

Love magic is an all-encompassing part of the spiritual world, and there are dozens of spells that can help with pretty much every aspect of one's love life. These are the five spells people believe to have the highest success rate.

  1. Marriage spells
  2. Obsession spells

  3. Attraction spells

  4. Crush spells

  5. Commitment spells

  6. Honey Jar Spell

  7. Pink Candle Spell

  8. Love Spell With Photo

  9. Love Spell On Paper

  10. Love Spell With Roses

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How did we make the list?

To comprise the list of the most popular and effective love spells that work immediately, we performed a lot of thorough research online and talked to a few psychics and magic aficionados. After comparing our findings to our own experience with love spells, here is a list we ended up with.

Marriage spells

Marriage spells
Marriage spells

Marriage spells work in two directions. One, they can make your partner want to propose to you even if there weren't any signs of an upcoming marriage before. Two, they can spice up an existing marriage, rekindling the affection between the spouses.

How to do marriage spells

Perhaps, the most popular marriage spell is the Beginner's Marriage Spell. It requires the use of a plant with white flowers, such as a spathiphyllum, which resembles a white wedding dress. In short, to use this spell, you need to grow a spathiphyllum plant and then use the first flower that grows from it to prepare dry flower tea for you and your loved one.

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Obsession spells

Obsession spells
Obsession spells

Some psychics have negative thoughts about obsession spells because they violate the will of a person. However, if you are desperate to make the connection happen, you can use the photo spell.

How to do obsession spells

For this spell, you will need a photograph of your love interest and a new candle, preferably a red one. What you need to do is place the candle behind the photograph, write the spell down on a piece of paper, and burn it with the candle, letting the smoke pass through the photo. This ritual works best at midnight.

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Attraction spells

Attraction spells
Attraction spells

Attraction spells are typically based on the Law of Attraction, which means that it can connect two individuals who are in some way alike. To attract love with a certain person, you and the person need to at least know one another instead of being total strangers.

How to do attraction spells

Pick the right phase of the lunar cycle first—if you want to grow the attraction, you need to do it during the time when the moon is also growing. The day of the week when you conduct the ritual also matters a lot. For this spell, you will need to fill a small sachet with a few items: a piece of paper with the spell written on it, as well as psychic tokens like rose quartz crystals or flowers and any items relevant to your intention. Then you'll need to sleep with the sachet under your pillow for seven consecutive nights.

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Crush spells

Crush spells
Crush spells

In case you have a crush but the person either doesn't know you or doesn't feel the same way about you yet, you can use a bathtub spell to put the idea of a connection into the universe and bring you and your crush closer.

How to do crush spells

For this spell, you will need a bathtub filled with water, a glass of regular milk, some rose petals, your favorite essential oils, once again a rose quartz crystal, and an unused pink candle in each corner of the bathtub. Put everything but the candles in the water, get into the water yourself, and relax while you vividly visualize yourself and your crush together. Following the bath, gather the petals, allow them to dry, and store them in your room on a small plate or inside a sachet.

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Commitment spells

Commitment spells
Commitment spells

In a relationship or marriage, commitment has different forms. You may want commitment from your long-time boyfriend, meaning he should finally propose marriage to you. When you are already married, commitment may mean removing any distractions and making sure your spouse is only romantically interested in you.

How to do commitment spells

One of the most effective commitment spells is a no-ingredient love spell. The time matters a lot here—this spell works best if it's cast during a full moon or on a Friday night. All you need to do is relax in a comfortable setting, clear your mind, and imagine you and your partner in a happy, long-term, committed relationship as hard as you can. For the best effect, repeat this spell every full moon, roughly once a month.

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Honey Jar Spell

Honey Jar Spell
Honey Jar Spell

Although Honey Jar Spell has a slightly peculiar name, you will like what this chant was created for. This incantation aims to make your romantic relationship sweeter, like honey. You may not be able to attract a new partner with the help of this spell, but you can improve your current love partnership.

How to do a honey jar spell

To cast this spell, take a piece of paper and write the name of your significant three times. Then, write what you wish. Your intention must be clear and sincere to make the spell work in the right direction.

Now, you need to fold the paper three times and place it in the jar with honey. Mix the paper and honey. Once you do, take out the spoon you used for mixing ingredients and put it in your cup of tea. Sip your honey drink, repeating the incantation: “You are as sweet to me as this honey tea.”

The finishing part of your honey jar spell implies that you need to put a lid on your jar and bury it in a place where no one will find it. However, it’s preferable to bury the honey jar near flowering plants that symbolize blossoming love.

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Pink Candle Spell

Pink Candle Spell
Pink Candle Spell

This spell that belongs to white magic has been used by both witches and magic rookie practitioners for years. With the help of a pink candle spell, you can make your relationship more powerful, strengthening the connection between you and your partner.

How to do a pink candle spell

Take a new pink candle and light it up. Then, take a piece of paper and write your and your partner’s names, drawing a circle around them.

Now, you need to close your eyes, imagining your couple together. Visualize the love and passion between you and your significant one.

Next, open your eyes and repeat the chant three times: “We are one soul. We are one body and heart, united by love.” Then, take the paper with names and burn them with your pink candle. For greater efficiency, repeat this chant seven nights in a row.

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Love Spell with Photo

Love Spell with Photo 
Love Spell with Photo

Images are one of the most popular tools for uniting two individuals and rekindling lost flame between partners. A magical charm with a photo is a perfect binding spell that will help you bring a stronger connection to your romantic partnership.

How to do a love spell with a photo

Firstly, you need to wait until midnight because this is the most magical time full of powerful energies to assist in your spell casting. Then, sitting in the dark room, put the photo of your partner near you and the red or pink candle behind the image – the only source of light in the room.

Then, take a piece of paper and write the chant, “We are hugging and kissing passionately, living our best romantic life.” Burn down the paper with the help of your candle. When no smoke and paper remain, your spell is finished.

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Love Spell on Paper

Love Spell on Paper
Love Spell on Paper

Simple love spells on paper are the most widespread because you need only a pen, a piece of paper, and a candle to perform them. This charm is designed to attract a perfect infinite partner, which you can easily achieve since no witch powers or hard-to-find ingredients are necessary for casting it.

How to do a love spell on paper

Take a seat, and light up a new-bought candle. It should be pink or red since these colors symbolize love. You can also put some lavender or rosemary incense into the candle to attract positive love energies.

Next, make a description of your perfect soulmate, mentioning ideal traits and appearance characteristics. Then, take another piece of paper and write how you and your partner meet each other. Give as many details as possible to navigate higher spirits in the right direction.

The next step is to burn down the pieces of paper with the help of the candle while visualizing a happy relationship full of love, passion, and respect. Then, wait for the miracle to happen in the upcoming days.

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Love Spell with Roses

Love Spell with Roses
Love Spell with Roses

The love spell witchcraft often implies using rose petals for magical rituals. Although the love binding spell with roses doesn’t belong to love spells that work overnight, it can make your relationship more romantic.

How to do a love spell with roses

Draw the water in a bath tube. Then, place rose quartz and vanilla extract and sprinkle the petals over the water's surface.

The next step is to put four rink or red candles at the cardinal points of the bathtub and lightning them. Get into the tube, relax, and imagine relaxing together with your soulmate.

Once you are ready to leave the tube, gather the rose petals and put them in a bowl, which you need to place near your bed when you go to sleep.

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The history of love spells

If you're a person who is completely or relatively new to white magic, black magic, or spell casting in general, you may think of spells as something you would see in Harry Potter movies. Indeed, spell casting has an important place in pop culture, and the history of this craft is a long and fascinating one.

Love spells were first mentioned in around 2200 BCE in the Near East. In the same period, spell casting was also recorded in Ancient Egypt. Similar magical practices were fairly common in Ancient Greece, Roman Britain, and Germanic tribes. Then, centuries later, love spells were a common theme in Renaissance art. So, anywhere you looked in the olden days, spells were everywhere, and this practice continued and evolved until nowadays.

The pop culture of the 20th and 21st centuries also seems to be fascinated with love spell magic. From a 1970 bestseller appropriately titled Mastering Witchcraft: a Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks, and Covens through pop records like the 1959 hit song Love Potion No. 9 by The Clovers to popular movies and TV shows built around the concept of magic, spells, and witchcraft, including Hocus Pocus, Charmed, and Practical Magic.

However, while anything that incorporates witchcraft makes for a fascinating movie or TV show plot, it's actually much more than a plot device. You can start or end relationships, get yourself noticed by the right person, or solve the fidelity problem in your existing relationship or marriage with the right words, the right setting, and help from a love spell psychic.

Why should you consider using love magic?

The existence of a spell to make someone love you or a spell that causes your boyfriend to start discussing marriage is already very exciting. However, the scope of use of spells is wider than that, and there is a spell for any situation and goal. Here are the most popular things to wish for when you cast a love spell.

Rekindle a dying relationship

Unfortunately, love and passion in a relationship or marriage don't always last forever. But instead of getting a divorce or engaging in an extramarital affair to feel some of that passion again, you can use the right spell. This spell will help both parties regain romantic interest in each other and even bring some improvements to their sex life.

Reconnect with an ex

Most relationships end, and not always for the right reasons. Sometimes two people may break up because of a misunderstanding or being too proud to figure things out, but there can still be a connection. If that sounds like your current situation, a spell can help you get back with a person you've loved for all this time and start with a clean slate.

Get back at someone

This is a rather controversial reason to use magic spells. However, if you have been wronged by a romantic partner, the idea of retaliation can look very attractive. Naturally, not all spell psychics will agree to perform rituals to harm someone, but these spells definitely exist. And, by many accounts, they do actually work, so it's entirely up to you to use them or not.

Tips for casting love spells

Even with the most effective spell, there are right and wrong ways to do it. If you work with a professional psychic partner who knows the ins and outs of practical magic, things should go fine. However, it's still a good idea to use a few tips to make your experience more successful. Here are the five tips to help you get the most out of your spell casting session.

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Research everything beforehand

Proper research can fully inform you about the potential outcome and risks of the spell, how to cast it most effectively, and whether it requires some preparation. If you're working with a professional psychic to make your spell work, research is also essential here. For example, cheap psychics can be just as effective as expensive ones, but there is no way for you to know for sure which one to go for if you don't research the available psychics before planning a session.

Have a clear body and mind

Experienced spellcasters believe that casts are at their most effective when the person has an empty stomach. They say there is a direct correlation between a person being hungry and their spells being more effective than usual. It's also important not to drink or smoke before or during the ritual. It's also best to abstain from intimacy for a few consecutive nights so that your mind is perfectly clear by the time of the casting ritual.

Believe in the outcome

After all, you are not going through a rather complicated procedure that even has certain risks just to have fun in the moment. You are also doing it for your crush to notice you, your boyfriend to decide to propose to you, your husband to be 100% faithful to you, or your marriage to become exciting again. This is exactly what you need to have in mind before, during, and after the ritual. With a clearly defined idea of what you want to achieve, a positive outcome is much more likely to happen.

Have realistic expectations

This is a super important tip that determines whether you have fond memories of your experience with spells or you remember this time with disappointment. Of course, the best possible outcome is that you reach your goal right on your first try. However, things don't always work like that. You may need to cast one or more other spells, or try a different technique, or even work with another psychic. So while it's important to hope for the best, it's equally important to keep your expectations realistic.

Follow the spell casting ethics

Sometimes you are so motivated to achieve a positive outcome that you have no regard for how your spell may affect you or the subject of your magical efforts. However, it's always worth remembering the law of threefold return, which states that anything you send out into the universe can return to you threefold. This can include both a spell that is three times more powerful than the one you cast and a spell that works backwards three times instead of one. This is why you shouldn't use negative energy when casting spells.

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Best websites to find a skilled love caster

Love spell witchcraft is an old magical practice to which people have resorted for centuries. Although there are easy love spells to encounter a true soulmate, it takes a lot of power and energy to make some love spells work immediately. Only skilled enchanters possess these qualities. Besides, some of the most powerful charms cannot be found in a random online spell book because such knowledge shouldn’t be on display.

Therefore, if you set your goal to build a happy and long-lasting relationship, address professional spell casters. They have an experience in this practice and, thus, know how to make the charm work in the right direction. Besides, skilled spell casters know how to prevent the charm from working backward. It can happen when your intentions aren’t specific or pure, which will make magical powers stand out against you.

In addition, even if your intentions are as evident as the nose on your face and you are sure of your good intentions, the charm may not work because it just doesn’t fit your energies or goals. Sometimes, only an experienced witch/witcher can identify the reasons for it.

That’s why we recommend approaching only skilled love casters. It will not only save you time and energy but help you avoid undesirable outcomes.

But where to look for such an advisor? The Internet is full of psychic reading platforms which provide spell-casting services. Some are middle-quality, and others may be top-notch websites in this sphere. There are also scam providers which will bring you only disappointment. How to hit the bull's eye and select the most suitable psychics who know how to put a love spell on someone? No need to puzzle over this question since we prepared the list of first-rated platforms for spell-casting questions!

One more reason to consider these websites is that they have welcoming special offers for new customers. These special deals let you test potential love casters absolutely free of charge! Now, we will consider what every site can offer:

  • Nebula. This psychic source gives 14$ free credits once you register on the platform. Usually, Nebula enchanters ask for 30 credits for a one-minute chat session. Thus, you literally receive more than 3 minutes of a free witch consultation.

  • Purple Garden. The Purple Garden spiritual reading source can offer one of the best spell-casting session experiences. This company not only has a flexible pricing policy with a $0.99-$17.99 per-minute rate. It also offers a Tryout credit for regular users, which lets them enjoy 5 free-minute consultations with every new spell-caster.

  • Kasamba. Kasamba not only offers free three minutes for a first charm consultation. Another special deal for newbies implies receiving a 50% discount, which can save you a lot of money.

  • Keen. The Keen spiritual website lets its new clients use three introductory minutes for their first spell-casting experience. Moreover, the mobile app Keen allows you to apply for this offer in a comfortable way.

  • Mysticsense. Deposit at least $10 to your Mysticsense account and receive a 5-minute time-back after your first session with a love enchanter.

  • California Psychics. If you apply for a spell-casting session at California Psychics for the first time, you will receive a welcoming special deal – every minute will cost only $1!

  • Oranum. This outstanding spiritual source, which operates almost like a social media network, gives up to 10,000 coins to your account once you register on the platform!

  • AskNow. Register at the AskNow psychic website and enjoy special deals – $30/30 minutes and $40/40 minutes – which will help you save up on your first love spell-casting session.

The risks involved with casting love spells

Let's start by saying that while spells for attracting love are very potent magic, when done right, they do not pose any negative energies or side effects. These spells should never be made with bad intentions, such as to harm another person or cause their mental discomfort.

It's also important to know exactly what you're doing, create the right setting for the casting, and choose the right spell for your end goal. That way, you can make sure the spell works exactly as it should and there are no bad consequences for any party.

Still, there is a risk of a love spell going wrong, especially when you are casting it on your own and don't have the required experience to do it. Here are the three most common risks associated with magic spells and what they can end up doing.

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The spell works backwards

Picture a situation: you have a crush—not a celebrity crush, where the other person doesn't even know you but a real crush, where you may even be on speaking terms with the other person. The attraction may already be there, and you decide to use such spells to strengthen it. However, the spell backfires, and instead of creating a strong connection forever, it makes the other person stop noticing you or even despise you.

The attraction turns into an unhealthy obsession

An inexperienced spell caster can often not know the difference between regular spells and spells that are too powerful, especially in the wrong hands. In the latter case, the spell will exceed the original expectations and cause an obsession instead of an attraction. So, you may have wanted the other person to notice you and see you in a romantic light, but what you did is make the person forget about anything and anyone else and only spend their time following you and obsessing over you.

You become too dependent on love spells

For many people, using love spells is not just a way to achieve the desired outcome in their personal life but also to grow their self-love. When they see other people being romantically interested in them, even if it's thanks to a spell, it inevitably raises their self-esteem. And it's undoubtedly a good feeling. It, however, turns bad when you start relying on spells too much and can't see your own self-worth without the use of spells. This can lead to you thinking about spells as your only way to feel loved and appreciated.

The spell triggers physical or mental issues

In some cases, the spell backfiring causes not just problems in interpersonal relationships but also problems with physical and mental health, both for you and for the subject of your magic rituals. The most common mental problems include depression, anxiety, insomnia, and intrusive thoughts. Whereas physical manifestations of a spell gone wrong mainly include problems with the heart, liver, and kidneys.

There is a different spell affecting that person

There can be a situation where everything promises you success: you are in the right mood, are ready to visualize your deepest desires and aspirations, and have prepared all the necessary items. What you don't know is that the person in question is already under another love spell. Casting another spell on top of that one can lead to unforeseen circumstances, right down to the person falling ill or developing a worrying attitude toward you or the person responsible for the other spell.

Final thoughts

Love spells are often considered to be part of the modern pagan religion, but the truth is that you don't need to belong to any religion to practice spells and, more importantly, make them work in your favor. Of course, not all religions have a positive outlook on witchcraft, but this is one of the cases where you need to make your own priorities and decide what's more important to you—your religious views or your desire to explore the world of spells.

Relationship spells are one of the most popular parts of psychic readings, so if you firmly believe that you can reach your goals by connecting to supernatural powers, it's definitely worth a try. As long as you have good intentions, a clear idea of what you want to achieve in the end, and use the services of a trusted spell caster love professional, good results shouldn't keep you waiting.

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Do love spells work?

We are not going to claim that love spells work for everyone and immediately after casting. However, when the right type of spell is chosen and an experienced person is recruited for casting the spell, this supernatural technique is known to be very effective. In fact, you may start feeling its effect right after the session—for example, by suddenly smelling your crush's favorite perfume or having your husband call you out of the blue.

How to choose the right magic spells for you?

This is something you should never do at a whim and it's best when a reliable spell casting professional is assisting you. There are many powerful love spells that bring the desired result but should not be misused. Generally, several things should be considered when picking a love spell, including the goal you want to reach and how experienced you are with spell casting.

Can I do spell casting at home?

Of course! Many of the most popular love magic spells can be successfully used at home because they don't require any exotic tools. However, it's essential to do it in a suitable, quiet environment where no one will distract you at the worst possible moment. While you cast love spells from home, you can use the assistance of a love energy specialist remotely.

What is candle magic?

Candle magic is one of the most accessible and straightforward types of love spells there can be. It serves as a way to declare your goal for the supernatural powers to hear you. The candle colors matter a lot here. For example, red candle color is used for matters surrounding lust and desire, while pink candles are best for romantic relationships.

What is a honey jar spell?

A honey jar spell is another type of love spell that requires a bare minimum of physical materials and can be done within minutes as long as you have a jar filled with honey you're not planning on using otherwise. This spell helps you increase the chances of ending up together with your love interest.

How long does a love spell last?

That depends on the type of spell, the current situation you're in, and how powerful the person's abilities are. Many spellcasters claim that love spells don't have an expiration date, and that is true in many cases. However, sometimes you may need to repeat the spell after some time to prolong its effect.

Where can I find effective love spells?

Many effective spells are published online and often work immediately. However, it takes an experienced person to create the right setting for spell casting and to cast a love spell that will get you the right outcome—for example, they know when a certain spell needs to be cast under a full moon. Moreover, some of the most effective spells are only known to spell caster professionals and cannot be found elsewhere. Here some of popular websites with advanced spell casting advisors:

  1. Nebula - best for solving love and relationship problems

  2. Purple Garden - best for receiving effective marriage love spells

  3. Kasamba - best for getting effective magic and love spells

  1. Mysticsense - best for improving your romantic love and sex life

  2. Keen - best for solving romantic problems

  3. California Psychics - best for receiving helpful love spells

  4. AskNow - best for making your love life complete

  5. Oranum - best for casting love spells of different types

Can love spells backfire?

Yes, love spells can sometimes backfire. Some of the examples include an attraction spell working in the opposite direction and making the other person lose any interest in your whatsoever or a wrong spell dooming a marriage that had been healthy up to this point. This is why it's important to know exactly what you're doing when casting spells or asking an experienced person for help.

How to break love spells?

If you are no longer interested in the spell's effect, need to reverse the spell cast in the past, or have been the subject of unwanted love spell casting, some procedures can help you do that. However, they are typically more complex than spells that attract love and should therefore be only performed by professionals to avoid any side effects.

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