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Five Best Nutritionists Acing The Fitness Game In India

To get our health back on track, we need to understand the facts behind food and nutrition to achieve their goals. Here is a list of top 5 best nutritionists in India who can guide you reach your health & fitness goals.

Five best nutritionist acing the fitness game in India
Five best nutritionist acing the fitness game in India

The pandemic has resulted in increased stress levels, thereby taking a toll on our physical& mental health. To get our health back on track, we need to understand the facts behind food and nutrition to achieve their goals. Here is a list of top 5 best nutritionists in India who can guide you reach your health & fitness goals.

1. Shivika Gandhi, Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian, Founder, The Nutritional Edge

Shivika Gandhi is a Clinical Dietitian with a Bachelor's degree from Institute of Home Economics & Masters from Lady Irwin College. She holds a certification in Human Gut Microbiome from the University of Colorado Boulder. The Nutritional Edge was started by Shivika Gandhi in June 2016 with the sole purpose of providing accurate information about lifestyle disorders to masses. As she believes one can only prevent a disorder if s/he is well aware of it in advance. After working in renowned hospitals and clinics, Shivika gained experience in the field and started her journey as a clinical dietitian and improved the nutritional status of hundreds of people. With her therapeutic diet plans, many have transformed their body and successfully managed and reversed their lifestyle disorders. She has expertisein management of diabetes, obesity, hypertension & PCOD.

2. Prachi Shah, Consulting Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian, Founder, Health Habitat
 Nutritionist and dietitian to more than thousands and counting, Prachi Shah has been working as an online & offline nutritionist for over 6 years in the field of nutrition in India & globally. She is a ray of hope for everyone who has fallen trap of fad diets and is looking to improve their health with the simplest yet practical meal plans & food psychology. Although being a nutritionist, she is a foodie herself, there’s no deprivation in her meal plans and on the plate. She loves curating new recipes and shares with her clients to make them “Eat Better Not Less”. Her aim is to achieve bigger & better results one step at a time by modifying small & simple lifestyle practices, across the globe.
As her ideology reflects “let’s un-complicate the way of healthy living”.

3. Somya Luhadia, Certified Fitness Trainer & Diet Expert, Founder, GGTFIT 
An ISSA-certified fitness trainer, nutritionist, and weight management specialist, SomyaLuhadia is on a mission to bring in lifestyle changes, especially in women. With this vision in mind, Somya started her YouTube channel in 2018.She is a fitness enthusiast and believes in leading a healthy life. To fulfill her aim, she established Health Academy, a fitness and health conservatory in 2017. 
 Somya is a Zumba Fitness Professional and she received her training from Zumba LLC California. Apart from that Somya is a Fitness Expert and Nutritionist from the Health Sciences Academy and CPR and ECC aid professional from American Heart Association. Her YouTube channel “Glow Girl Tales” is one of the most popular and fastest-growing YouTube channels in the health and fitness space. Her value-driven content has been inspiring more than 20 million viewers & has reached 1 million subscribers worldwide. 

4. Capt Ritu Kumar Singh, Nutritionist & Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist, Founder, Fit Moms Fitter Homes® 
 6 years of service in Indian Army as an officer and then 5 years as a Health & Fitness Coach specialising in Pre/Post Natal Fitness and being India’s First Tupler Technique® Diastasis Recti Rehab specialist, Ritu Kumar aims to grow as a professional individual and wants to spread awareness about the most ignored postpartum issues like Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Leakage and Prolapse & wants to spread right information and knowledge about women health during pregnancy and Postpartum. She has been recognised by WAOW foundation’s in Humanitarian Category for the work done in the field of Women health and Fitness both on mental and physical levels – 2022.

5. Nidhi Nigam, Dietitian & Clinical Nutritionist

Dt. Nidhi Nigam, Clinical Nutritionist and Health Coach, engaged in the field of therapeutic nutrition, weight management, lifestyle and health counselling for over 10 years. She is known to apply the principles of Nutri-Genetics, lifestyle modifications and food management, to optimize health and weight of individuals while catalysing their quest for all round fitness and energy.

In her continued research on nutrition, Nidhi closely monitors global trends to bring the best in nutrition. Her area of expertise includes managing several metabolic health conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, PCOD, Thyroid and Digestive Disorders, High Cholesterol, Gout, etc. She truly believes that the human body is very resilient and possesses the capability to self-heal itself if nourished with the “Right Food”. Practicing this belief, she has successfully helped thousands of clients achieve their weight and health goals across the globe.

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