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Feetify Review: An Detailed Look Into Selling Feet Pics

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Feetify Review: An Detailed Look Into Selling Feet Pics

By now, we know all too well that the foot pic industry is booming. And whether or not you fully understand it, people are flocking to the Internet to buy, sell, trade, and produce a plethora of foot-related content including pics, videos, and even live streams. There’s no way around it – the world is fascinated with feet!


With this sudden surge in foot  also comes a unique and lucrative business opportunity. Thousands of people are selling foot pics and videos online for a profit. From a few hundred dollars a month to enough to cover their rent, bills, and daily expenses, some foot content creators have transformed their lives and their incomes by pursuing this unconventional career path.

But with so many places to buy and sell feet pics from social media and other fan sites to dedicated marketplaces like FunwithFeet and FeetFinder, how do you know which website is the best? Other than doing plenty of research and going with your gut, there’s really no way to know. 

However, we’re here to help deep dive into one such platform that may or may not be the right fit for you. Based on personal experience on the site, we’ve crafted an ultimate guide to selling foot content on Feetify including how to get started, the benefits and costs for sellers, and tips for success.

What Is Feetify and How Does Feetify Work?

Similar to FunwithFeet and FeetFinder , Feetify is a dedicated foot pic platform where can meet, connect, and negotiate over foot content. One thing that makes Feetify unique is that it offers foot models and content creators incentives for remaining active and engaged. 

Sellers can win contests and earn monthly or daily rewards and prizes simply for being active on the page. That means you can make money off your foot content on Feetify without ever landing a single sale. Granted, if you’re active enough to win a contest, chances are, you’re doing something right and are likely attracting plenty of paying customers as well. 

Similar to FunwithFeet, Feetify lets all premium sellers keep 100% of their earnings. Feetify encourages sellers to create a diverse profile, add a detailed bio, and upload high-quality, high-resolution photos for both their profile picture and cover photo. Your profile gives potential buyers a sneak peek into your personality and the quality of your work. 



Registering on Feetify is free and the only requirement is that you’re at least 18 years old. A free membership lets you post a few pictures and videos and also makes you eligible for inclusion on the website’s “Active Members” page for additional exposure. If you want to chat with clients, post unlimited foot content, and be eligible for contests and ca$h rewards, you need a premium membership. (More on this below.)

Most payments on Feetify are made using Crypto, CashApp, PayPal, or Venmo. All premium memberships must be paid in Crypto, Bitcoin, or another type of virtual currency. Once a buyer makes an offer and you finalize the sale, they can pay you using any of the above-mentioned payment methods. 

Unfortunately, your funds don’t become immediately available until you receive at least one positive review. While this may seem unfair to some sellers, if you’re a reputable and successful content creator, it shouldn’t be too hard to ask one of your satisfied customers to leave you a positive review and help release your funds. 

How to Sign-Up and Use Feetify

Registering on Feetify is fairly simple. Like most other foot pic platforms, you need to be of a certain age and enter basic information like your name, location, gender, ethnicity, and date of birth. You’ll also be asked to create a username and password. Here’s your chance to get creative and use a playful and flirty display name that showcases your personality and niche.

You’ll also be asked to provide details about your feet and whether you plan to buy or sell foot content on the platform. 

Sign-Up and Use Feetify
Sign-Up and Use Feetify

Feetify will send you a confirmation email before redirecting you to the log-in page.

Use the credentials you previously entered like your username and password to log in and access your dashboard.

Once your account is activated and you log in, you can start building your detailed profile. Feetify requires you to upload a high-quality profile picture and cover photo to start. 

You’ll also notice plenty of options on your dashboard where you can add additional details about yourself and start uploading content. You can also see if any interested customers sent you a message. But, remember, you need a premium account if you want to respond to these messages or upload more than a few pics and videos. 

Sign-Up and Use Feetify
Sign-Up and Use Feetify

Take some time to look around and get familiar with the website’s different pages, features, and navigation menu. You’ll see all of the available tools and features on your dashboard but many of them will be locked or inaccessible until you upgrade your account. For example, you may notice a potential buyer sent you a message but you can’t read it or respond without a premium membership. 



Feetfiy’s Premium Membership Explained 

Most users would agree that without upgrading to Feetify’s premium membership, you can’t enjoy all the benefits, tools, and features of the platform. The premium membership is available for both buyers and sellers and costs the same – $49. The only caveat is that Feetify only accepts this payment in virtual currency like Crypto or Bitcoin, although some people have successfully paid using Cash App.

Feetfiy’s Premium Membership
Feetfiy’s Premium Membership

This $49 payment unlocks the website’s premium features for 12 months. If you’re a positive and responsible Feetify user or contributor, the admins will renew your premium membership for another 12 months completely for free. Without a premium membership, your options on Feetify are severely limited. Once you take the plunge and upgrade your account, you’ll gain access to all of these benefits:

Premium Benefits for Sellers

  • Eligible for ca$h rewards just for being active on the site
  • Keep 100% of their sales 
  • Accept payment using PayPal, Venmo, CashApp or Crypto
  • Receive added security and protection from scammers
  • Receive faster responses from Feetify’s customer care team
  • Upload unlimited foot pics and videos
  • Your profile is visible to all buyers
  • You can see and contact buyers directly
  • You can view and reply to messages from buyers
  • Accept and complete custom orders and requests
  • Your profile may be featured on the website’s homepage

Premium Benefits for Buyers

  • View all seller profiles
  • Add sellers to your friend list
  • Receive messages from sellers and respond
  • Buy customized foot pics and videos
  • Earn a spot on the “Featured Buyers” page
  • Advanced search features 
  • Faster responses from customer service

Feetify’s Notable Features and Pages

If there’s one thing Feetify does right it’s offer plenty of exposure and earning opportunities for sellers. From ca$h rewards and spotlights on different pages to an extended premium membership for free, here are some of the most impressive pages on Feetify that every user should know about.


Similar to the Active Sellers page, Feetify’s LIVE FEED shows the most active sellers and their most recent activity, plus a list of the most popular sellers and recent contest winners. You can also visit the LIVE FEED page for updates on what your favorite foot models are doing like if they update their profile picture or upgrade to a premium account. You’ll also be notified when new members register. 

Celebrity Feet Pics

Are you a fan girl (or boy)? If so, visit Feetify’s Celebrity Feet Pics page. Here, you can check out gorgeous and artistic celebrity foot pics and read articles about your favorite stars. If you’re ever in a pinch, check this page for creative inspiration. 

Active Sellers

The most active Feetify sellers are featured on this page, letting buyers know which sellers post most often, are more engaged, and are more likely to respond to messages and inquiries. But buyers aren’t the only ones using this page. Sellers should also visit the feed periodically to see what their competition is doing right and wrong and to see where they stand for daily competitions and reward incentives.

Active Sellers
Active Sellers

Featured Sellers

Featured sellers are chosen at random and rotate often. Finding a spot on this page means increased exposure to both new and existing buyers. As with most “extras” on the Feetify platform, without a premium membership, your profile won’t be featured and you’ll lose out on potential sales opportunities. 

Sellers Paid

Buyers are more likely to trust a platform with a proven track record of success. And the same can be said for sellers looking for a viable platform for their foot content. The Sellers Paid page showcases active models that recently made sales, plus how much they earned. This is another great tool when pricing your foot content since it gives you a general idea of how much your competitors are charging and which of their foot pics are selling most often and for top dollar.

Sellers Paid
Sellers Paid

More FAQs About Using Feetify 

If you still have questions about how the Feetify platform works and if it’s a viable option for your foot pic business, you’re not alone. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by other active and prospective users.

What types of ca$h rewards are available?

Feetify awards its most active members between $1,000 and $10,000 every single month. Most awards are given daily and range from as little as $4 to over $1,000, depending on your activity status, the number of uploads you have, and the quality of your work. 

Winning models on Feetify are not only active and engaged but also post high-quality, high-resolution foot pics and videos, consistently. The idea behind the ca$h reward incentive is to keep sellers engaged, active, and posting beautiful content, it will attract more buyers. This means more money for sellers and more money and exposure for the website itself, creating a win-win situation for everyone. But remember, only premium members are eligible for these awards and incentives.

Can you remain anonymous?

Absolutely! Like most other foot pic websites, sellers on Feetify can remain anonymous if they so choose. There’s no requirement to use your real name or show your face or body in your foot pics and videos. This also isn’t a requirement for your profile picture or cover photo. Models can choose whatever type of photo they want, as long as it’s high-resolution and attractive. 

With that being said, Feetify does encourage sellers to show their faces for two reasons. One – it creates a stronger bond and more personal connection with buyers and two – profiles that include the seller’s face perform much better than those without any face pictures. 

How much can I sell my feet pics for?

There’s no standard price for a foot pic or video on Feetify. The price of your content depends on various factors from your experience level and reputation to your popularity both on Feetify and elsewhere. For example, influencers or content creators with thousands of followers on social media can realistically charge more for their foot content than a beginner with no experience or exposure within the community or foot pic industry.

Calculate how much time and effort goes into your work and how much you can reasonably charge while also turning a profit. The average foot pic on Feetify sells for between $5 and $20. Use this as a baseline to work off of but also be open to raising or lowering your rates, as needed. 

Is Feetify safe?

As far as foot pic marketplaces go, Feetify is just as safe as its competitors. The website claims to take swift action against scammers and go to great lengths to prevent scammers and hackers from gaining access to the database or their user’s information and personal details. But it’s also up to you as a responsible user to keep your details private and safe. Never share your location, real or full name, or banking information. If a buyer asks for too many personal details it may be a red flag that they’re after more than just your feet pics. 

You can also protect your hard work from being stolen or misused by adding watermarks to your photos. A watermark is a small and discreet logo, brand, or text added to the background or corner of your photo that acts as a trademark. By adding watermarks to your foot content you can prevent illegitimate buyers and hackers from stealing or recreating your images for their own profit. 

Does Feetify accept male sellers?

Yes. Feetify is one of the few foot pic websites that accepts male sellers, making it a diverse and inclusive platform. Male models on Feetify post and sell the same type of content as their female counterparts including foot pics, videos, and custom orders. Male and female sellers on Feetify enjoy all the same benefits, perks, and ca$h rewards.



The Pros and Cons of Feetify

All foot pic platforms and websites have their pros and cons. It’s up to you to do your research and weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each website. The good news is that you don’t have to choose just one, either. Plenty of foot content creators post and sell their pics and videos on multiple sites at once. Just be sure not to bite off more than you can chew and only create accounts that you have the time, energy, and inventory to maintain. 

Here are the most commonly reported pros and cons of buying and selling feet pics on Feetify.


  • Sellers keep 100% of their earnings
  • The premium membership unlocks numerous useful tools and features for both buyers and sellers
  • Active sellers are eligible for ca$h rewards (even if they don’t sell any content)
  • Response customer service team 
  • Featured pages for active buyers and sellers that offer added visibility


  • Premium memberships must be paid using virtual currency
  • Your money isn’t available until you receive a positive review
  • The website’s chat feature can be slow or unresponsive for non-premium members
  • Advanced search capabilities are only available to premium members

Tips for Succeeding on Feetify 

Feetify is one foot pic marketplace that goes above and beyond to support the success of its sellers. Granted, part of this is self-serving since the better the website’s models perform and the more buyers they attract, the more traffic the website sees, helping boost its domain authority and reputation. 

But, even so, if you’re going to invest your time and efforts in selling foot content online, why not use a website that also invests in you? With cash rewards and incentives for the most active and consistent sellers, you can make money based on your worth ethic alone. 

Here are a few more tips and tricks for elevating your foot pic business to the next level and getting the most out of your experience on Feetify.

Show Your Feet Some TLC

While there’s definitely a market for dirty feet, cracked heels, and unkempt toenails, most buyers are looking for beautiful, sexy, and attractive foot pics and videos. And this starts with showing your feet a little TLC. From routine pedicures to investing in gorgeous footwear and applying moisturizer every night, pampering your feet (and yourself) is one of the most rewarding parts of selling foot pics online. 

Post High-Quality Content, Often

When it comes to succeeding on Feetify, consistency and quality are two key components you can’t do without. Not only do you need to post fresh new content regularly, but if you want to win ca$h rewards for being an active and engaged seller, you also need to ensure your content is of the highest quality. 

This means taking time to edit your pictures and videos, investing in the right editing software and equipment, and paying attention to detail. Create a posting schedule for your Feetify account and stick to it. When you’re not posting foot content, you should still be engaging with buyers, answering questions and messages, and cheering on your fellow creators.

Include Diverse Content

Not all foot content buyers have a foot or even find feet attractive (although most do). Some customers are professionals working for an ad agency, product development company, or even another website or blog. All of these outlets need attractive high-quality foot pics to use for their business. Be sure to include classic, traditional, and high-class foot pics and videos alongside your foot content. The more diverse your portfolio is, the more diverse and broad your customer base will be resulting in more sales and an increased profit. 

Play By the Rules

Selling feet pics and videos online should be a fun hobby or side hustle that lets you explore a different side of your personality while also making some extra ca$h. And while it shouldn’t be stressful or daunting, it does require work. It also means playing by the rules set forth by whatever foot pic platform you’re using.

Feetify does have some strict guidelines for both sellers and buyers. If you play by the rules, you may enjoy extra perks like an extended premium membership free of charge or an increased chance of winning a daily or monthly ca$h reward. Feetify’s “Rules to Follow” page applies to all members and includes things like never posting photos of other peoples’ feet or celebrity feet pics, don’t add watermarks to your photos that block the buyer’s view, and never posting low-quality photos or videos.

You can view all of Feetifys rule's here.


Invest in Feetify and Feetify Will Invest in You

Selling feet pics and videos online is more than just snapping a few photos and posting them on social media. Most foot pic platforms and marketplaces, like Feetify, offer an inclusive, welcoming, and supportive community filled with foot lovers, and entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for a  foot pic website that cares about its models and sellers, Feetify might be worth a try. By offering active participants cash rewards, Feetify offers you the incentive, motivation, and support to become a successful foot content creator both on this platform and on others. Use Feetify alongside other outlets to help your foot pic business and your income, grow. 


Disclaimer: The above is a sponsored post, the views expressed are those of the sponsor/author and do not represent the stand and views of Outlook Editorial.


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