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FeetFinder Reviews: Not Worth It! (Use This Website Instead!)

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FeetFinder Reviews: Not Worth It! (Use This Website Instead!)

FeetFinder has too many sellers and too few buyers, making it tough for new sellers to sell feet pics. Additionally, FeetFinder charges a 20% transaction fee, whereas other platforms like FunWithFeet have no transaction fees.

FeetFinder Reviews
FeetFinder Reviews

If you're considering selling feet pics on FeetFinder, this article is perfect for you! I'll explain important factors to consider before getting started and why FeetFinder might not be the ideal platform for your needs. Let’s get right into it!

Try FunWithFeet Today -> Better balance between buyers and sellers and no transaction fees!

FeetFinder Reviews: Is It Worth It?

No, FeetFinder is not worth it. FeetFinder has too many sellers and too few buyers, making it tough for new sellers to sell feet pics. Additionally, FeetFinder charges a 20% transaction fee, whereas other platforms like FunWithFeet have no transaction fees.

Another issue is that FeetFinder's search and filtering system makes it hard for new sellers to be found. While some sellers make a good income on FeetFinder, it is really difficult for new sellers to build a customer base on the platform.

Many feet pic sellers have moved away from FeetFinder due to the difficulties of building a customer base on the platform. This is further compounded by the fact that FeetFinder charges a 20% transaction fee and imposes a monthly seller fee of $4.99.



The fastest-growing platform to sell feet pics - and my favorite platform - is FunWithFeet.

The main advantage of FunWithFeet is the better balance between buyers and sellers, which makes it much easier for new sellers to sell their feet pics.

FunWithFeet also makes it much easier for new sellers to be found by customers through a better search and filtering system.

FunWithFeet stands out by not charging any transaction or commission fees. Instead, they offer a simple upfront payment structure for sellers. For example, you can pay $9.99 for 3 months (equivalent to $3.33 per month) or $15 for 6 months (equivalent to $2.5 per month). By choosing either option, you get to keep all of your earnings without any deductions.

On FeetFinder, sellers are required to pay a monthly fee of $4.99 in addition to a 20% transaction fee. In comparison, FunWithFeet charges a minimal seller fee of $3.33 per month (if you choose the 3-month plan) and no transaction fees.

While the difference in seller fees between the two platforms is relatively small, the significant contrast arises from FunWithFeet's lack of transaction fees, whereas FeetFinder imposes a hefty 20% fee on every transaction.

Let's say you sell a feet pic for $20. On FeetFinder, after deducting their 20% transaction fee, you would only keep $16. However, on FunWithFeet, you get to keep the full amount of $20 without any deductions.


Try FunWithFeet Today And Pay No Transaction Fees

FeetFinder Income Reviews: How Much Do People Make?

While it's true that some sellers on FeetFinder report making thousands of dollars per month, the reality is that the majority of sellers either don't make any money at all or earn very little. This is because FeetFinder has a larger number of sellers compared to buyers, creating a challenging environment for sellers to generate income, especially for those who are new to the platform.

Based on the information provided earlier, if you're interested in selling feet pics, I highly recommend choosing FunWithFeet as your platform of choice.

FunWithFeet stands out because they do not impose any commission or transaction fees, making it more profitable for sellers. Additionally, FunWithFeet maintains a balanced community of buyers and sellers, increasing your chances of making sales. Moreover, the platform offers better discoverability for new sellers, making it easier for your feet pics to be noticed by potential buyers.

On FunWithFeet, the average active seller typically sells around 15 feet pics per month. These pics are usually priced between $10 and $30 each. As a result, sellers can earn an average monthly income ranging from $150 to $450.

However, there is really no limit to what you can earn on FunWithFeet. Chrissy, a seller on FunWithFeet, who was recently featured on BusinessInsider makes an average of $5,000 per month selling feet pics on FunWithFeet.

Is FeetFinder Legit?

Yes, FeetFinder is legit. While it might not be the best place to sell feet pics it is a trusted marketplace. FeetFinder has implemented a mandatory verification process, ensuring the authenticity of its users. Additionally, the platform offers responsive customer service, which contributes to a positive user experience.

Is FeetFinder Reliable?

Yes, FeetFinder is a reliable platform. Their customer support is known for being responsive and helpful in addressing any issues or difficulties encountered on the platform. However, due to the reasons laid out above I don’t believe it’s the best platform to sell feet pics.

Is FeetFinder Safe?

Yes, while I don't think FeetFinder is the best place to sell your feet pics due to too many sellers and too few buyers, they do a good job of keeping the personal information of both buyers and sellers secure. They have a mandatory verification process in place and ensure that no other users have access to your personal information.

Is FeetFinder A Scam?

No, FeetFinder is not a scam. While it may give the impression of being a scam to new sellers because of the high number of sellers and low number of buyers, it is a legitimate and safe platform. However, if you are a new seller looking to attract buyers more easily, I would recommend using FunWithFeet instead. If you’re unsure about FeetFinder you can find more feetfinder reviews here.

What Else Does FunWithFeet Offer Compared To FeetFinder?

I recommend FunWithFeet over FeetFinder for selling feet pics due to FunWithFeet having a more balanced market. FeetFinder has an overwhelming number of active sellers compared to buyers, making it extremely challenging for new sellers to establish a customer base. In contrast, FunWithFeet offers a more even market with fewer sellers and more buyers, providing new sellers with better opportunities to attract their first customers. Additionally, FunWithFeet stands out by not charging any transaction fees, maximizing the earnings for sellers.

Another fantastic feature of FunWithFeet is that they give sellers the ability to set a specific dollar amount for their inbox to be unlocked. This means that sellers can engage in conversations only with serious buyers, effectively avoiding scammers and time-wasters. Additionally, this feature serves as an additional source of revenue for sellers, making it even more beneficial for them.

How Much Can You Charge For Feet Pics On FeetFinder Or FunWithFeet?

When selling feet pics on platforms like FeetFinder or FunWithFeet, sellers have the flexibility to set their own prices. However, it's essential to consider the average pricing range to ensure you are competitive in the market.

On FeetFinder, sellers typically charge between $5 and $100 for feet pictures. It is important to start at the lower end of the spectrum (between $5 and $15) to increase the chances of making sales. A substantial amount of dedication can potentially earn sellers thousands of dollars per month on this platform. Keep in mind that FeetFinder charges a 20% fee on all transactions, and the minimum amount a seller can charge for a picture or video is $5.

On FunWithFeet, prices often range from $15 to over $100, depending on the specificity and uniqueness of the content. Some foot fetish buyers are willing to pay several hundred dollars for a specific foot picture or video. Unlike FeetFinder, FunWithFeet does not charge a fee on transactions, which could be an advantage for sellers looking to maximize their earnings.

Here's a quick comparison of the two platforms:


o    Average price range: $5 - $100
o    20% transaction fee
o    Minimum charge for picture or video: $5

o    Average price range: $15 - $100 (or higher for specific content)
o    No transaction fees

While setting the price for your feet pics, it's crucial to consider the quality of your photos, competition, and the preferences of your target buyers. By offering high-quality images and appealing to your customer's desires, you can potentially earn more from selling feet pics on these platforms.

Understanding the Basics of Selling Feet Pics

Selling feet pics has become a popular side hustle for many individuals looking to make extra money. This market is primarily driven by the foot fetish community, but it also attracts other buyers who appreciate aesthetic aspects of feet.

To start selling feet pics, it's essential to have high-quality images that showcase well-cared-for feet. Investing in a good camera or recruiting a friend with access to one is crucial for capturing stunning foot photos. Additionally, regular foot care, including massages and cleanses, goes a long way in maintaining photo-worthy feet.

There are diverse strategies to attract buyers and maximize profits. For example:

•    Brush up on foot modeling poses and experiment with various angles to create visually appealing and unique images.
•    Customize your content according to buyers' preferences, focusing on colors, themes, or even specific scenarios.
•    Promote your feet pics using a dedicated social media profile, targeting relevant audience groups and engaging with potential clients.
•    Be responsive to buyers, maintaining clear communication and timely delivery of purchased content.

By following these guidelines, anyone venturing into selling feet pics will be well-equipped to navigate the market safely and potentially make a good income from this unusual side hustle.

Tips for Taking High-Quality Feet Pics

Using Proper Lighting

Good lighting is crucial for capturing high-quality feet pics. Natural light is the best option, as it provides even illumination and brings out the natural colors of your skin. Make sure to shoot in a well-lit area, preferably near a window or outdoors. If you don't have access to natural light, invest in a ring light or softbox to mimic it. Ensure your light source doesn't cast harsh shadows on your feet, as this can make them look unappealing.

Choosing the Right Background

The background of your feet pics plays a significant role in their overall aesthetic. Opt for a clean, uncluttered background that complements the subject without drawing attention away from it. Some popular choices include sand, wood, or simple, solid-colored surfaces. Avoid busy backgrounds to maintain focus on your feet and ensure that they stand out.

Experimenting with Different Angles

Experimenting with various angles can help you discover the most flattering perspectives for your feet. Some popular angles and poses include:
•    Bottom of feet facing the camera
•    Looking down at feet
•    Lying down with feet up
•    Close-up of the top of feet

Don't be afraid to try out unconventional angles, as they might yield eye-catching results.

Using Props

Incorporating appropriate props into your feet photos can add visual interest and help establish a theme. Here are some prop ideas to consider:
•    Flowers
•    Feathers
•    Leaves
•    Rocks

Always remember to keep your feet clean and well-moisturized before taking pictures. This ensures that your heels look healthy and smooth, enhancing the overall image quality. Following the tips provided, including using proper lighting, choosing the right background, experimenting with different angles, and using props, will significantly improve the quality of your feet pics.

Is FunWithFeet Safe For Selling Feet Pics?

FunWithFeet is a popular platform for individuals looking to make extra cash by selling feet pictures online. One of the primary concerns for new users is whether or not the website is safe for conducting such transactions.

The website has a good reputation as a safe and easy-to-use platform for selling feet pics. It offers straightforward guidelines for uploading pictures and ensures a professional environment for its users. Many sellers report feeling comfortable and secure using FunWithFeet, recognizing that they are surrounded by like-minded individuals and fellow professionals. Positive reviews on Trustpilot also highlight the supportive nature of other sellers using the platform.

In order to maintain safety while selling feet pictures on FunWithFeet, it is essential to follow certain precautionary measures. For example, never including your face in any photos being sold can significantly reduce the risk of your real identity being discovered. This helps protect your privacy and minimize the potential for stalking.

Another important safety tip is to only use legitimate platforms like FunWithFeet for conducting business online. By sticking to a reputable company, you can reduce the chances of falling victim to scams or other fraudulent activities. Ensuring that you adhere to FunWithFeet's guidelines and best practices can further contribute to a safe experience on the platform.

In conclusion, FunWithFeet can be considered a safe platform for selling feet pics when you follow the proper precautions, protect your true identity, and act professionally. Following these guidelines can lead to successful sales and a steady flow of income while minimizing potential risks.

How To Stay Safe When Selling Feet Pics On FeetFinder Or FunWithFeet:

Selling feet pictures online can be a lucrative side gig, but it's crucial to prioritize safety and take precautions to remain anonymous. Here are some guidelines to follow:

1.    Create a separate account: Set up a new email address and social media accounts specifically for selling feet pictures. Avoid using any personal information in your usernames to protect your real identity.

2.    Never include your face: Ensure that none of your photos feature your face. By keeping your face out of the photos, you reduce the risk of someone discovering your real identity or engaging in stalking behaviors.

3.    Use a pseudonym: It's important to maintain distance between your online business and your personal life. Use a fake name or an alias when selling feet pictures online, helping protect your real name and identity.

4.    Enable a VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) hides your IP address, making it more challenging for anyone to track your location or personal information online. Consider using a VPN when engaging in selling feet pics online.

5.    Avoid giving out personal information: Never share sensitive details like your home address, phone number, or bank account number with potential buyers or on your profiles. Instead, opt for safer methods of receiving payments, such as PayPal or Venmo.

6.    Be cautious with communication: When communicating with potential buyers, keep conversations generic and professional. Avoid divulging personal aspects about your life or engaging in inappropriate discussions.

7.    Block and report suspicious accounts: If someone contacts you with inappropriate requests or continually presses you for personal information, block and report them to maintain safety.

By following these safety guidelines, individuals can protect their identity and personal information while participating in the online foot picture market.

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