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Fadogia Agrestis Supplement, Results, Side Effects, Benefits & Dosage

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Fadogia Agrestis Supplement, Results, Side Effects, Benefits & Dosage

Fadogia Agrestis is a herb that originated in Nigeria. Traditionally, this plant's stem has been used for many years to manufacture medicines.

Fadogia Agrestis
Fadogia Agrestis

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Fadogia Agrestis: What it is?

Fadogia Agrestis is a herb that originated in Nigeria. Traditionally, this plant's stem has been used for many years to manufacture medicines. The plant is also used for increase muscle growth and supporting bodybuilding. Click Here to Buy Fadogia Agrestis

There has also been evidence that Fadogia agrestis could be used to treat malaria. However, it is most well-known amongst bodybuilders and athletes since it is a popular substitute for anabolic steroids, which athletes and bodybuilders ingest in supplement form. It can be attributed to the fact that there is proof that this plant can boost energy levels in the body and enhance high strength.

Aside from that, it also prevents the body from storing excess fat, which is a significant health benefit. This helps one achieve a better level of fitness by burning fat as a means of becoming fit. There is also some energy in it, as well as an improvement in the immune system when consumed.

In addition, recent months have seen a surge in interest in Fadogia agrestis among the public. Bloggers, influencers, and fitness and health industry podcasters have extensively discussed this supplement in their blogs and podcasts.

Data Collected From Scientific Investigations

Fadogia Agresti's extract has yet to be extensively studied in order to see if it has any effects on the body's function. Researchers have been focusing much of their attention on establishing whether or not this herb can lift muscle mass. There is evidence to suggest that rats injected with the herbs found that they had an increased Athletic performance level after taking the herbs.

It is still being determined whether any of these avenues of research will result in human studies. Currently, we can only discuss the effects of Fadogia Agrestis on the animals exposed to it.

In the modest research that has been conducted, it has been revealed that the herb has the following effects:

Aphrodisiac effects

There was an investigation a few years ago that investigated the role that Fadogia Agrestis played as an aphrodisiac in male rats. The herb was administered to rats, and researchers found that the rats were much more motivated to reproduce.

According to the reports, the changes were attributed to higher levels of Muscle mass. Apparently, this was a function of the dose of Fadogia Agrestis they were taking.

Anti-infective effects

Fadogia Agrestis has recently been found to contain a number of chemicals. These chemicals are suspected of aiding in the fight against certain parasitic infections. Furthermore, a total of six chemicals were detected in the study. They are found to help treat many parasitic infections, especially those found on the African continent.

Analgesic Effects

According to research conducted using animal models, Fadogia Agrestis may also have the potential to reduce pain. It has been demonstrated that the herb has a potent analgesic effect. This effect is more robust than aspirin when animal models are subjected to severe pain stimuli.

According to researchers, Fadogia Agrestis is able to relieve pain due to the effects it exerts on peripheral nerves as well as the central nervous system.

What Is Fadogia Agrestis Good For?

The plant Fadogia agrestis is well-known for its ability to support for muscle mass and athletic performance in the male body. It also plays a significant role in particular gym rats and bodybuilders as an alternative to anabolic steroids.

As a result of this plant's high antioxidant content, it is an excellent source of health benefits. In addition, it also contains many other plant compounds capable of providing plenty of other benefits.

It is well-known and accepted that people living in Asia and Africa use this herb as a herbal remedy for a wide variety of alignments. At that time, people lacked access to synthetic medicines. As a result, herbs like these were used to treat their medical conditions. Herbal supplement researchers know this, too.

Fadogia Agrestis Benefits

The following are some fantastic benefits of Fadogia Agrestis that you should know about:

Contains Antioxidants:

In addition to being a medicinal plant, Fadogia agrestis is also an antioxidant-rich plant. An antioxidant is a molecule that neutralizes free radicals. These free radicals are harmful toxins that can harm the body on many levels.

Furthermore, there is a link between free radicals and chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's. In fact, it is a very harmful substance that contributes to oxidative stress in the body and damages healthy cells. As these antioxidants fight against the free radicals found in the body, they may be able to protect the body against the risk of various diseases.

The importance of antioxidants for our bodies cannot be overstated. On the other hand, the body also generates its own antioxidants, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds.

According to many experts, the average person does not receive enough antioxidants from the foods they consume alone. Therefore, supplementation may be necessary in order to meet these needs.

Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Among its many uses in medicine, the anti-inflammatory properties of Fadogia agrestis are also widely recognized. Several studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory properties of this herb could be explained by its high levels of flavonoids, which serve as antioxidant molecules in the body. In addition to its natural health benefits, Fadogia agrestis is also traditionally used to treat diseases characterized by inflammation, such as arthritis.

Moreover, the leaf extract is also effective in treating wounds and preventing diarrhoea, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers have also found that this plant's anti-inflammatory properties can reduce pain, among other benefits. The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb allow it to block certain substances that can cause inflammation within the body.

Further, to treat autoimmune diseases effectively, anti-inflammatory herbs are of great importance. As a general rule, autoimmune diseases are caused by chronic inflammation in the body.

Several factors can cause this to happen, including genes, lifestyle choices, and the environment in which we live. Accordingly, this is due to the anti-inflammatory properties present in these herbs, which contribute to reducing inflammation in the body. Additionally, it also helps to improve the quality of people's lives who suffer from these diseases.

Strengthening Muscles

Our muscles are also strengthened with the help of Fadogia agrestis. The herbal remedy used in West Africa for a long time has proven beneficial for improving the strength and flexibility of the muscles in the body.

In addition, a drug known as anabolic steroids is designed to mimic the effects of the male muscle mass in the body. However, using these drugs can cause side effects that include liver disease, acne, and a tendency to behave aggressively, among other things.

Several studies have indicated that Fadogia agrestis may play an essential role in helping to improve muscle strength if used in the proper conditions. In contrast to anabolic steroids, this herb does not cause the adverse side effects associated with steroids.

Protein synthesis occurs when your body breaks down muscle tissue and repairs it, resulting in muscle growth. It is made up of amino acids, including leucine, essential for its functioning. The extract of Fadogia agrestis contains a large amount of leucine. A dietary supplement such as this is likely to help increase the synthesis of muscle protein and increase the growth of muscle tissue in the body.

Possesses Aphrodisiac Properties

The herb Fadogia agrestis is known for its aphrodisiac properties, making it popular. Consequently, it is an excellent option for individuals looking to maximize their stamina and increase their desire to mate with someone.

Moreover, this herb is traditionally used as a medicine to enhance libido by West Africans in their traditional culture. Additionally, the compounds in this plant can even improve the muscle strength in the body.

One animal study was conducted with male rats in order to determine if the stem extract has any aphrodisiac properties. Using extracts of Fadogia agrestis stems, the researchers found that strength was increased in the rats' blood. The plant may be responsible for its aphrodisiac effect through this mechanism, making it suitable for supplementing for improving reproductive function.

Prevent Diabetes And Heart Disease

Aside from having aphrodisiac as well as antioxidant properties, this plant is also recommended as a diabetic treatment option due to its effectiveness. According to a study on rats, the herb protected their pancreas, which produces insulin, from being damaged during experiments.

A substance is found in Fadogia agrestis, which is known as Yohimbine, an alkaloid. In people with diabetes, Yohimbine acts as a potent alpha-2adrenergic antagonist to help them control the blood sugar levels in their bodies. Diabetes patients can also benefit from this astringent since it lowers the amount of insulin required to stay healthy.

Heart disease is a significant risk factor associated with diabetes. Heart disease and stroke dominate the cause of death for people with diabetes. Therefore, Yohimbine has the potential to help reduce high blood pressure, a risk factor for heart disease. It can also lower cholesterol levels, as it participates in preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol into harmful particles.

Astringents in Fadogia agrestis prevent plaque from forming on arteries' walls. In the long run, this can lead to atherosclerosis, which causes the arteries to narrow over time.

As a result, heart attacks and strokes can result from clogged arterial walls and disturbed blood flow to the heart.

Fadogia Agrestis: How To Use?

Fadogia agrestis can be taken in different dosages depending on the individual. The weight of the person determines how much to consume. During the research on Fadogia agrestis, the majority of the studies were performed on rats. They use up to 100 mg per kg of the supplement each day for the rats. In the case that it is translated for use in humans, the dosage will need to be adjusted.

According to anecdotal reports, however, most fitness enthusiasts using Fadogia agrestis have reported that the dose they have been prescribed is adequate. This dosage is typically 100 mg/kg of body weight every day when taken as a muscle builder.

Fadogia Agrestis Bodybuilding Dosage:

Fadogia agrestis dosages are based on the weight of a person:


150 lbs. 550-1, 100 mg

200 lbs. 700-1, 450 mg

250 lbs. 900-1, 800 mg

Fadogia agrestis dosage also depends on the purpose for which it is being used. The dose ranges anywhere between 18 mg and 100 mg when it is used for heightening muscle mass. Therefore, this leads one to believe that it is a constant dose, not varying wildly.

What Are The Fadogia Agrestis Side Effects?

Fadogia agrestis is generally safe when taken as recommended. However, when the dosage is incorrect, Fadogia agrestis can have the following side effects:

  • Taking high doses of this drug can cause kidney damage.
  • A large amount of this compound can cause liver and spleen damage in animals.
  • Swelling and damage to the vocal cords are also possible with excessive consumption of this herb.
  • There have been reports of animals with high blood pressure and heart rate when exposed to higher doses of the drug.
  • The herb contains some mercury, which can be harmful to pregnant women and thyroid gland patients.

Moreover, these products cannot be guaranteed for quality, safety, or effectiveness, and users may experience different effects. Reading the labels on products you purchase is always a good idea. Make sure you consult your doctor before starting any new treatment. It is imperative if you have a chronic illness or if you are taking any other medications, herbs, or supplements.

Fadogia Agresti's Results And Review From The Users

Alicia Chavez is a user of Fadogia agrestis. According to him, the product is great. He felt an increase in energy. In his opinion, this product was well worth the money. He decides to purchase again.

Adam Feroce, another user from the US. He claims that his Muscle were checked before and after the procedure. There was a significant increase in his Muscle Size. His overall health improved throughout the day. It has enhanced his workout energy. He said it was worth investing in this product. In addition, he said that he would definitely include this in his supplement lineup going forward.

Another user from the US, Mikaela, claims that he is very satisfied with this Fadogia Agrestis product. His energy level increases throughout the day when he takes it daily. He incorporates this supplement into his daily regimen as a staple.

Fadogia Agrestis: Bodybuilding Effects

Bodybuilders have been using Fadogia Agretstis for the past couple of years at an increasing rate. There is a growing popularity of this supplement in the world of bodybuilding. As far as their experience shows, they have found that this supplement not only benefits them as a source of fat burn, but also as a supplement that helps to build muscle. An in-depth study needs to take place to verify that this herb improves performance in sports.

Fadogia Agresti's: Where To Purchase?

There are several stores online and on Amazon that carry Fadogia Agrestis for sale as an over-the-counter supplement. Meanwhile, Fadogia Agrestis does not fall under FDA regulation as a food ingredient. Thus, it is imperative that you find a high-quality source when purchasing this supplement.


Fadogia agrestis is a herb native to the interior parts of Nigeria, used to manufacture medicine. this plant offers a variety of other health benefits as well since it contains antioxidants and other compounds. Aside from this, Fadogia agrestis also burns fat in the body to prevent fat accumulation and keep people healthy.

Does Fadogia Agrestis really work?

This traditional African medicine is considered to be a highly effective supplement. Several scientific studies indicate that fadogia agrestis can be beneficial for many health conditions. The following health conditions can be improved by using the Fadogia Agrestic supplement:

  • A high cholesterol level
  • Hypertension
  • Affected kidneys
  • The diabetes disease
  • A cancerous tumour
  • Conditions affecting the skin
  • Problems with the thyroid
  • Inflammation
  • Healing
  • Increases immunity
  • Diseases of the heart

The aqueous extract of fadogia agrestis stem has shown cholesterol-lowering activity in rats. The herb also reduced blood pressure in rats with hypertension.


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