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Experts Dub Pikamoon (PIKA) The Rising Star Despite Ethereum (ETH) And ImmutableX (IMX) Recent Rise

As IMX price prepares for a breakout and Ethereum price also gets a surge, that a rising star could overshadow this makes it worth considering. Keep reading to know more.

Experts Dub Pikamoon (PIKA) the Rising Star Despite Ethereum (ETH) and ImmutableX (IMX) Recent Rise

When the crypto market is in profit, it seems to spread across like a ripple effect. And recently, it appears it's a profit season as the bull run draws near and projects like Ethereum and IMX have enjoyed a price rise. However, experts believe there's still a rising star yet in Pikamoon and advise investors to make their moves early for certain reasons.


Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum (ETH) made a comeback from its erratic run in the last 30 days, breaking out and above the $1,850 level on hump day. ETH made that break out to as high as $1,877.51 earlier in the last few days, which follows up from a low of $1,817.92 only hours before.

With this move, Ethereum is back stronger after its month-long low as the RSI found a stable floor at 45.00. At press time, the index is now tracking at 45.67, with the next observable resistance level at 50.00. Any uptick to this point will likely lead to Ethereum trading above $1,900 soon.

IMX Price Prediction

Immutable X (IMX) has seen continuous growth with over six consecutive days of IMX price growth, and indications suggesting a possible rally. This token appears to be trying to break out from the highly competitive resistance zone of $0.7888 to $0.8027. 

And technical indicators see an optimistic uptick on the horizon for IMX. But, presently, the 20-day EMA trades at $0.7421, the 50-day EMA is at $0.7387, and the 100-day EMA is at $0.7695.

Experts believe it might be the best time to consider a bullish viewpoint on IMX as a successful breakout above this zone is possible. And when that gets coupled with substantial trading volume, IMX price could see fresh upward potential soon.

What is Pikamoon?

Pikamoon is an exciting GameFi project set in the immersive Pikaverse, offering an upscale gaming experience through Pikamoon Adventure. In this play-to-earn game, gamers are rewarded with NFTs or PIKA for conquering various in-game challenges, including adventures and bounty searches. 

The platform also introduces innovations like the marketplace, seamless exchanges, and cutting-edge technologies, creating a unique and rewarding gaming ecosystem.

  • Enjoy the Gaming and Profits Without Limits

There's no limit to the metaverse game that powers Pikamoon as it is available both online and offline. These modes offer Pikamoon an edge over other GameFi projects. Again, that delivers more use and demand for PIKA, increasing its value growth and profit for both gamers and investors.

  • Scaling With the Power of Two Blockchains 

Pikamoon (PIKA) creates an invaluable offering on two of the most powerful NFT and Metaverse blockchains: MultiversX (Elrond) and Ethereum. This support lets Pikamoon and PIKA scale with ease and continually meet the demands of gamers. 

  • PIKA is Deflationary 

PIKA’s deflationary nature propels its growth organically as time goes on because the total supply decreases with time. And when this is combined with gamers using the token frequently in every area of the Pikamoon project, it creates a token scarcity, a value spike, and gets PIKA set for rocketing profits.

Pikamoon Presale's Success Announces This Rising Star

As Pikamoon Presale gets its third phase running, it already made a name and created the mood for more GameFi attention. PIKA is selling out fast because investors acknowledge the potential for 100x more profits, as called by analysts. This will come after the 300% gains it already delivered. 


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