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Expert Predictions Signal Ripple's Surge Beyond $3.40 ATH — Here's When!

Explore expert predictions on Ripple's potential to surpass its $3.40 ATH. Uncover the factors and timelines influencing XRP's future growth in our analysis.

Sponge's incredible journey in 2023

Ripple has been at the center of one of the largest crypto legal battles of the decade when the US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filed a lawsuit in December 2020.

That’s one of the main reasons why XRP hasn’t surpassed its previous ATH of $3.40, which it set almost six years ago, even though most of the other altcoins broke their highs during the 2021 bull run.

Currently, even though the judge ruled in Ripple’s favor earlier this year, the case was transferred to a higher court. This has posed one question among investors – When will Ripple be able to recover fully and break its old all-time high?

Well, a new expert analysis has revealed more on that matter now, and we will break it down for you.

When Will Ripple Break its ATH? – Are There any Better Alternatives?

As Ripple enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of the high court's ruling, the potential impact on XRP is a hot topic of discussion. If the court rules favorably for the fintech company, we could witness a significant surge in both the adoption and price of XRP.

However, it's important to note that there's no clear timeline for when this verdict might come.

On the topic of XRP's future value, predictions vary. According to insights from Changelly, XRP might approach its ATH around 2027, which is still a few years away.

Their analysts forecast a potential high of $3.49 for XRP by then. For the near future, in 2024, they project a peak price of around $1.18.

Looking even further ahead, by the end of this decade, Changelly's analysis suggests that XRP could reach a maximum of $10.72. This would represent a staggering growth of over 1600% from its current price.

While keeping an eye on XRP as a long-term investment is certainly worthwhile, especially with these projections, it's also wise to consider other opportunities.

For those seeking more immediate gains, exploring new presale tokens might be a more suitable strategy.

Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) – Here’s Your Second Chance if You Missed On $SPONGEV1 100X Pump

Sponge's incredible journey in 2023, soaring from a $1 million market cap to an eye-watering $100 million at its peak? Well, buckle up because SpongeV2 is here, and it's promising to be even more epic!

Sponge V2

Sponge V1 achieved a 100x return for early backers and established a strong foothold in the market with a $16 million cap and a thriving community of over 11.5k holders.

SpongeV2 is already boasting a significant following on platforms like Telegram and Twitter.

But here's the real kicker – SpongeV2 is rolling out an innovative Stake-to-Bridge utility, offering an estimated 40% APY in staking rewards for four years, paid out in Sponge V2 tokens.

And let's not forget the exciting new Play-to-Earn (P2E) game in the works, adding another layer of utility and fun to the Sponge ecosystem.

For those who missed out on Sponge's initial surge, SpongeV2 offers a fresh opportunity to dive into one of 2023's standout meme coins.

Bitcoin ETF (BTCETF) – Only $200K Left Until Presale Sells Out - $4.7 M in the Bank Already

Bitcoin ETF is creating quite a buzz in the crypto market, especially with the anticipation of SEC approval. This approval could be a game-changer, merging traditional investment with Bitcoin trading.

At the core of Bitcoin ETF's strategy is a unique token burn mechanism. For each significant milestone reached, 5% of the tokens will be burned.

This method is cleverly designed to boost the token's rarity and, potentially, its value. The platform offers a staking feature that benefits long-term holders alongside other community incentives.

Be quick because the token has just $200,000 left to raise before it reaches the $5M hard cap and closes the presale!

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) – Innovative Path to Democratizing Crypto Mining Space

Bitcoin Minetrix is taking the cloud mining world by storm with its fresh, decentralized approach. By leveraging the staking of ERC-20 tokens, it offers users a hassle-free way to mine Bitcoin — no complicated setups or deep tech skills needed.

This user-friendly alternative is resonating with investors, as evidenced by the impressive $5.5 million raised in its presale.

At the heart of its appeal is the fixed supply of tokens and a deflationary staking model, meticulously crafted to reduce circulation over time, potentially driving up their value. Adding to the excitement is the upcoming mine drop event, boasting $30K in rewards for presale buyers.

Meme Kombat ($MK) – $3.7 Million Raised, Less Than $1,5 M Left for Grabs

Meme Kombat ($MK) is quickly becoming a must-watch in the meme coin arena. With its strategic presale allocation, 50% of $MK tokens are up for grabs, including a hefty 30% earmarked for staking rewards.

Meme Kombat

This smart tokenomics sets $MK apart, offering an impressive 317% APY for stakers. The buzz is real as this approach not only rewards the community but also tightens the token's supply, hinting at a potential increase in value.

Don't miss out on joining this growing community-driven project that’s recording new milestones in its presale with each day.

TG.Casino ($TGC) – Leveraging Telegram to Build One of the Largest Crypto Casinos

TG.Casino ($TGC) is shaping up to be a standout in the GambleFi industry, leveraging the power of Telegram for a unique casino experience.


As a fully licensed platform, TG.Casino offers direct access through Telegram, ensuring a secure and user-friendly gaming environment without the hassle of KYC procedures.

What makes TG.Casino appealing is its native token, $TGC, which not only facilitates staking rewards but also grants exclusive access to certain gaming rooms.

The casino's vast selection of games, including thousands of slots, live dealer options, and sports betting, allows for anonymous and limitless crypto deposits.

Adding to the allure for new players is a substantial 200% match on their first deposit of up to 10 ETH. For those who choose to deposit using $TGC, the perks get even better with a weekly 25% cashback on losses.

Dogecoin (DOGE) – Moon Mission Propels DOGE to New Gains

Dogecoin is making headlines and fueling investor optimism with its groundbreaking DOGE-1 mission to the moon. The mission received crucial approval from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), a key milestone paving the way for this historic endeavor.

The mission's centerpiece is the launch of the DOGE-1 satellite into lunar orbit, a first-of-its-kind initiative fully funded by Dogecoin.

Investors have responded positively to this news, as Dogecoin experienced an uptick in value following the announcement.

The Conclusion

As you can see, 2024 has a lot of good things in store for us. While Ripple might not see its new ATH anytime soon, there are plenty of other projects that can add new zeroes to your bank account.

The one that stands out the most is the SPONGEV2 token which can replicate the V1’s 100X success and even outperform it in the long run.

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