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Exipure Reviews: Does It REALLY Work For Weight Loss?

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Exipure Reviews: Does It REALLY Work For Weight Loss?

In this honest and unbiased Exipure review, we’ve talked about the science and proofs behind this popular supplement. 

Exipure Reviews
Exipure Reviews

42.2% of non-Hispanic adults suffer from obesity in the US. And the problem is as severe(if not worse) in other races and countries.

But as you’ve landed on this page, you seem to kickstart your weight loss and fat-burning journey already. Now the question is- is Exipure a good weight loss supplement for you?

In this hands-free Exipure review, we’ve covered these popular questions regarding Exipure- 

●    Is Exipure healthy? [Scientific Evidence]
●    Exipure Ingredients and Their Impacts on Fat-burning
●    Benefits and Side Effects
●    What Are the Users Saying About Exipure?
●    Does FDA and GMP Approve Exipure?
●    Head-to-head comparison between Exipure and Its Alternatives.

In this honest and unbiased Exipure review, we’ve talked about the science and proofs behind this popular supplement. 
Exipure Weight Loss Review: At A Glance

Product Name


Supplement Category

Weight Loss Support

Exipure Official Website

Exipure. com

Exipure Formula Manufacturers

Dr. James Wilkins(anti-aging and nutritional expert)

 and Jack Barrett

Special Features

  • Prevents obesity
  • Fights Bad Cholesterol
  • Works Against White Fat and Stimulates White Fat
  • Lowers Blood Sugar


Not required but can be helpful

Best for

Anyone above 18 and obese

Not Recommend for

  • Anyone under medical treatment
  • Pregnant ladies
  • Nursing mothers
  • Anyone below 18 years
  • Anyone with the medical condition

Legal Disclaimer

The statement made on the official Exipure website is not evaluated by the FDA.

In Which Form Is It Available?


Serving Quantity (per container)

30 capsules


1 capsule in a day with a glass of water

Gluten Content


Stimulant Content



GMP Certified, FDA-approved Facilitation

Overall Rating


Money-Back Guarantee

100% refund available

Avg Refund Period

180 days unconditional refund

Overall Success Rate

70% (based on customers reviews online)

Price (Today Price)

  • 1 bottle for $59
  • 3 bottles for $147
  • 6 bottles for $234

Where to Buy

Exipure Official Website

Exipure Pros And Cons



  • 100% Plant-based Ingredients
  • Fights White fat(responsible for weight gain) and stimulates white fat.
  • Fights bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.
  • 0% artificial flavors, stimulates, agents, or toxins.
  • No substance causing addiction.
  • Made under FDA-approved facilitation in the USA.
  • Affordable price-point, as low as $39/bottle.
  • Available in packages of 1, 3 and 6 bottles.
  • Free shipping for every 6-bottle order.
  • Free Detox Tea Recipe book and Handbook on Stress Relieve.
  • 180-days easy refund.



  • Can cause side effects such as nausea, headache and digestion issues.
  • Increased dose can lead to health complications.
  • Not for kids.
  • Not for pregnant ladies, breastfeeding mothers.
  • Not for people with chronic diseases.

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What Is Exipure? Formula & Ingredients

Exipure is a newly developed and enhanced dietary supplement intended to help in weight loss. It is a unique blend of eight unusual nutrients isolated directly from the plant-based substance. According to the maker, it is a one-of-a-kind weight loss pill that addresses the fundamental cause of obesity, which is a lack of brown adipose tissues.

Exipure supplements are tasteless capsules in a convenient and safe 30-serving container. It's manufactured at an FDA-approved facility. Unlike other weight loss supplements, it does not aid in slimming down, unhealthy or lethargy, but it does help you shrink your fat and convert it into energy.

Manufacturers claim a 100% outcomes guarantee, and if you are dissatisfied, they will give you a full refund within 180 days of purchase.

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What Is Exipure Made Of? Ingredient List & Benefits

Active Ingredient

Benefit in Weight Loss

Scientific Evidence


Rich in polyphenols such as rosmarinic acid, which prevents body weight gain

Antiobesity Effects of Purple Perilla(Researchgate)

Holy Basil

Reduces bad cholesterol(LDL) level and raises good cholesterol. Also reduces metabolic stress.

Research and Clinical Indications of Holy Basil(Beverly Yates, ND)



Contains a substance called isoflavones that treats obese people with metabolic syndrone.

Study of American Chemical Society on Kudzu Root Extract

White Korean Ginseng

An ancient Asian herb that exerts a weight loss effect in obese people as well as treats gut microbiota.

Effects of Panax ginseng on obesity(NCBI)

Amur Cork Bark

Contains berberine that lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol. Also, lowers stress/anxiety and inflammation.

Impacts of Berberine to restrain Fat Storage on Human Body(NCBI)


Promotes weight loss and also reduces accumulation of fat to the animal body.

Study on Effects of Brazilian Green Propolis(Pubmed.NCBI)


Activates the oxidative metabolism of the body and therefore, reduces weight gain.

Study on The Weight Gain Effect of Quercetin(National Library of Medicine)


Oleuropein is usually present in olive leaf extracts and it reduces the risk of obesity.

Olive Leaf Extract Supplementation on Body Weight Gain((National Library of Medicine)

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Perilla - Perilla Frutescens
Perilla is a herb that has extensive medicinal benefits. One of its primary health benefits is healthy weight management. It is widely used in weight loss supplements as an anti-obesity agent.
Kudzu - Pueraria Lobata
Kudzu is a medicinal herb widely used in the traditional Chinese medicine method to treat women's disease, stomach illness, heart disease, and obesity. Exipure contains a balanced amount of Pueraria extracts, which act as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. 

Holy Basil - Ocimum Sanctum
Holy basil is a herbaceous plant with a broad spectrum of health benefits. It is the majorly active ingredient in Exipure, which boosts brown fat and directly aids weight loss. Furthermore, it aids in weight loss by controlling blood sugar levels and increasing metabolism. 

White Korean Ginseng - Panax Ginseng
The National Library of Medicine conducted an experimental study on the effectiveness of White Korean Ginseng for weight loss and discovered that it is exceptionally effective in white fat burning and obesity prevention. 

Amur Cork Bark - Phellodendron Amurense
Amur cork bark belongs to a species of Rutaceae tree widely used in Chinese medicines due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Propolis is a herbal medicine exclusively driven from the plant's resin and mixed with honeybee wax. It has a significant effect on weight loss and overall wellness due to its high profile of antioxidants and therapeutic effects. 

Quercetin - Quercetum
Quercetin belongs to the group of flavonoids which naturally occur in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It has a strong anti-inflammation resulting in fast weight loss.

Oleuropein - Oleo Europein
Oleuropein is a phenolic compound commonly found in olive plants and virgin olive oil. It reduces adipose cell size and number, improves lipid metabolism, prevents unwanted weight gain, and lowers the risk of obesity. 

Does Exipure Really Work?
Exipure manufacturers claim they have followed scientific publications to formulate an effective and efficient weight loss supplement. According to their strategy, weight loss is strongly associated with a higher amount of brown adipose tissue. The claim is partly true, but it does not contribute much to the claim Exipure manufacturers stated. 

On the other hand, the clinical composition of Exipure has some beneficial effects on weight loss and fat burning. For instance, Korean ginseng, flavonoid groups, and propolis are evidence-based for weight loss support. 

However, some of their ingredients are not backed by science to support weight loss, such as Phellodendron Amurense and Pueraria Lobata; it is a false claim by the Exipure manufacturers. 

It does work for weight loss, but not as fast and efficient as the manufacturers exaggerate. 
Is Exipure A Stimulant?
Exipure is neither a stimulant nor contains any traces of natural or artificial stimulants and fillers.

Is Exipure A Diuretic? Does Exipure Make You Pee More?
Exipure would have diuretic effects because it contains diuretic agents such as holy basil and Oleuropein, both of which have strong diuretic effects. 

Is Exipure A Fat Burner?
Exipure is not a fat burner; instead, it is designed to reduce the unhealthy fat and maintain healthy body weight.

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Benefits Of Exipure

Following are the highlights of Exipure benefits:

  • Made Using Non-GMO & Natural Ingredients
  • Exipure is composed exclusively of natural and organic compounds. There are no toxins, chemical additives, fillers, or addictive agents. 
  • Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free, and Risk-free
  • Exipure formulation is purely vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free, so it is the best weight loss supplement for people with lactose intolerance and gluten allergy. 
  • Boosts Brown Adipose Tissues
  • The exipure formula helps to increase the level of brown adipose tissue. BAT helps in the maintenance of body heat in cold weather. It generates heat, which can help calorie burning. 
  • Reduces Belly Fat
  • Exipure contains ingredients that are effective fat burners, such as Holy basil, Amur cork bark, and Kudzu. These ingredients have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-obesity properties, which aid in melting fat from problematic and stubborn parts such as belly fat, arms, thighs, pubic area, and legs.
  • Helps Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • The content of Oleuropein, Amur cork bark, and Perilla in Exipure significantly affects the maintenance of healthy blood cholesterol levels.
  • Supports Metabolism
  • Using an Exipure supplement supports your metabolism. It is the exceptional property of this weight loss supplement because other pharmacological weight loss products slow down your metabolism, which leads to fatigue and related symptoms. 
  • Elevates Energy Level.You may experience an increase in energy with each dosage of Exipure diet pills. It is because of its fat burner properties, which release significant energy with each calorie burned.
  •  Non-Habit Forming- As the manufacturer claims, it is an all-natural formula; therefore, it is not stimulating or addictive. Exipure official resources make it clear that their product will not make you depend on it. Moreover, the Exipure user reviews have also endorsed their non-habit-forming property.
  • Manufactured in the FDA-Registered Facility
  • It is manufactured in FDA-approved laboratories, which ensures its safety measures. However, the health statement by Exipure is not evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
  • GMP – Certified. Exipure weight loss support is evaluated, approved, and certified by Good Manufacturing Practices.

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Is Exipure Safe For Kidneys?
Exipure has not made any disclosure about the safety of its products for kidney health. However, people with kidney disease and problems should not take weight loss supplements. 

How Effective Is Exipure For Weight Loss?
Exipure can help weight loss; the manufacturer claims that it has clinically proven ingredients that are efficient in burning fat even from problematic areas and supporting weight loss. 

Is Exipure Good For Arthritis?
Exipure can help arthritis with weight reduction and pain-relieving. Losing weight can assist with arthritic symptoms. Furthermore, it can help relieve joint pains, stiffness, and other symptoms.

Is Exipure Vegan?
The makers of Exipure make it quite clear that their formula is completely vegan and natural. It's also gluten-free, soy-free, caffeine-free, Non-GMO, and dairy-free. 
Is Exipure Safe To Take? Bad Side Effects Of Exipure
Exipure is a clinical blend of natural ingredients generally used in traditional medicines and is risk-free. By default, It does not cause any potential side effects or health risks. But if you’re pregnant, underaged or under any other medications, these are some of the potential side effects- 

●    Headache
●    Nausea
●    Digestive Issues

Moreover, if you take an overdose of Exipure, here are a few expected side-effects- 
●    A raise in blood pressure. 
●    An increased level of cholesterol. 
●    Mood swinging on a frequent basis. 
●    Irritated bowel. 
●    Jitteriness and anxiety. 
●    Drowsiness or dizziness(occasionally). 

Does Exipure Cause An Allergic Reaction?
Exipure can cause an allergic reaction if you are allergic to any of its compounds. So, check its ingredient labels before adding Exipure diet pills to your diet. 

Does Exipure Cause Constipation?
Exipure is formulated to aid stomach and digestion health, but in some cases, it can lead to constipation or mild stomach discomfort. However, it is short-term and gets better over time. 

Does Exipure Cause Gas?
Typically, it does not cause gas or bloating, but in some cases, it can lead to stomach gas and mild cramps. However, there are very few reports of stomach gas and bloating from Exipure capsules. 

Does Exipure Cause Anxiety and Jittery?
Exipure does not cause anxiety, jittery, or any other psychological change. 

Does Exipure Cause Weight Gain?
Yes, Exipure is meant to assist individuals in losing weight. Its contents have been carefully chosen to promote brown adipose tissue and healthy weight loss. 

Does Exipure Cause High Blood Pressure?
Exipure does not cause high blood pressure since it is made of only vegan source compounds, which are less likely to cause hypertension. 

Does Exipure Cause Hair Loss?
Exipure is made with plant-based nutrients and minerals less prone to cause hair or skin issues. 

Does Exipure Make You Hungry?
Exipure does not cause hunger. However, it promotes digestion and gut health, which might help you control your eating habits. 

Exipure Certification And Accreditations
Exipure is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. Moreover, according to makers, their product is critically tested and approved by third-party labs. 

Is Exipure FDA Approved?
The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated or approved Exipure. However, Exipure makers claim that their formula was prepared in FDA-approved facilities using GMP standards.

Is Exipure Halal?
Exipure is halal because it is made entirely of plant-based substances that you can use for medicinal or edible purposes.

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When and How Should You Take Exipure Weight Loss Pills?
If you are planning to purchase the Exipure packages, you must learn how to use or take Exipure? And what's the best way to take Exipure?

The Exipure weight loss support bottle contains 30 servings for a 30-day supply. Take one capsule daily, preferably before or after breakfast, for the best results.

How Long For Exipure To Work?
Exipure may take several weeks or provide visual benefits. It may take 3 to 6 months of consistent dosing to achieve the desired results.

What To Do When Exipure Is Not Working?
According to the manufacturer's claims, it has a 100% results guarantee and customer satisfaction. However, because everyone reacts differently to supplements, there's a chance you won't obtain the desired results. In this case, you may request a refund within 180 days of the purchase date.

Is Exipure Good For Everyone?
Exipure is not good and safe for everyone. So, who should not take Exipure? Following are categories who're not eligible for the Exipure weight loss pills use:

●    Under 18 years
●    Pregnant
●    Nursing mothers
●    If you are diagnosed with a medical condition.
●    If you are on drug therapy, radiotherapy, or chemotherapy. 

Does Exipure Interact With Any Medications?
Exipure can cause severe and mild interactions with medications. Following are the groups of medications that can interact with the Exipure:

●    Iron supplements
●    Antacids
●    Selected minerals
●    Calcium supplements
●    Oral multivitamins
●    Pyridoxine
●    Antibiotics

Important Note: Exipure is not recommended to you if you are already taking another supplement, medicine, addictive drug, and alcohol. 
Is Exipure Safe For Diabetics?
Exipure does not mention its safety for people with diabetes, but they state that its product has a controlling influence on blood sugar levels, which can assist prevent diabetic symptoms. 

Is Exipure Safe For High Blood Pressure?
Exipure is not recommended if you have hypertension, a cardiovascular problem, or heart disease. 

Is Exipure Safe For Kids and Olds?
Exipure is not a safe and recommended formula for kids (under 18) or olds above 70. 

Is Exipure Safe For Heart Patients?
Exipure is not safe for a heart patient with cardiovascular disorders, high blood pressure, and blood diseases.

Who Makes Exipure? Manufacturer Behind Exipure
Exipure formula creator and manufacturer are Dr. James Wilkins and Jack Barrett, respectively. They collaborated with a team of dietary and supplement specialists to create an all-in-one solution for risk-free and healthy weight loss.

They followed the scientific truth that low brown adipose tissue is the core cause of obesity and can be healed by increasing its volume; Therefore, they used only natural and organic sources to raise BAT naturally. 

Where Is Exipure Manufactured?
Exipure weight loss support is made in the United States, which is typically considered good quality because the federal and state governments regulate these products.

Exipure Customer Reviews And Complaints
A large number of people have used the exipure weight loss supplement due to the online buzz that enticed them to try this new and advanced product. But, whether these evaluations are genuine or paid promotions, let's look at some real ones and assess either authority.

Customer Videos About Exipure Weight Loss
Most of the Exipure review guides on YouTube seem to be in affiliation or paid reviews that genuinely try to sell their products and make some commission. However, some people are also sharing bad and good feedback. YouTube has a percentage of 40, 40, and 20 for affiliated, bad, and good reviews (the percentage ratio is rational, not fixed)


Exipure Before And After Photos