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European Mail Order Brides: Facts, Costs, Top Sites In 2023

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European Mail Order Brides: Facts, Costs, Top Sites In 2023

A man can meet single women for marriage all across the European continent. But how exactly can one do it, how much does it cost, and what are the pitfalls of European wives? We're going to discuss all the most important aspects of finding a European mail order bride in this guide.

European Mail Order Brides
European Mail Order Brides

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Best Sites to Find European Brides

Every niche mail order bride site or an international dating site with European women must meet certain criteria, and they are usually stricter than for a mainstream dating site. Profile quality, prices, selection of features, all that matters. Our experts have chosen the top platforms that meet all the strictest requirements and can connect you with single European women:

🔥SofiaDate — best site for meeting a European bride overall

sofiadate review

Men looking for aEuropean mail order wife can consider choosing SofiaDate—a website that was designed exclusively for people looking for serious relationships rather than something casual and short-term. More importantly, the system works accordingly. Every new user gets instant access to profiles that are incredibly detailed and can choose between multiple communication features, including audio and video messaging, and get a bonus before he spends his money on Sofia Date credits.



Very detailed profiles with 7+ photos on average

The site is mobile-friendly, but there's no app

Multiple communication features, including audio and video messaging

Transparent pricing policy

Expert’s Opinion: "If you're looking for Eastern European brides and don't want to spend your money on a pig in a poke, Sofia Date might be the great site for you. You don't pay at the stage of registration or provide any payment details, get free credits to chat with someone, and get access to super-detailed profiles, so you can see who you can meet even before paying."—Adam Cohen, chief editor of

BravoDate — best social media-like European dating site

bravodate review

Unlike SofiaDate, BravoDate isn't a niche platform that accepts only European brides for marriage, but it doesn't mean it's not going to work well enough for someone looking for a wife in Europe. Most members don't mind starting a serious relationship and getting married if they meet the right person, and there's everything to find out whether a particular woman on the site may be the one. Users can only enjoy texting and seeing detailed information on profiles but also follow each other, share posts, add photos of their daily life, and all that helps them learn a lot about one another even before they say hi.



Social networking features increase the success rate

No video chat

Active community

No mobile app

Bonus program, free credits for new members

TheLuckyDate — best international dating site for beginners

theluckydate review

TheLuckyDate has members all over the world, and European brides are some of the largest member groups here. The platform is promoted as an international alternative to mainstream dating apps for those who're seeking international love, and well, that's how it works. There's the swiping feature, online messenger, access to profiles with photos and bios—pretty much everything we like about mainstream dating sites but the profiles are of higher quality, and there are some special services like audio messaging, virtual gifts, etc.



Special features like audio messaging (beta test) & virtual gifts

No free messaging

The system is based on swiping like on mainstream apps

Not all members share videos

Higher response rate than on Tinder or any other mainstream site

AmourFactory — best for safe international dating

amourfactory review

AmourFactory is another website where a man can meet European women and start a relationship with one of them. Just like in the case of BravoDate, it's not the place where you can meet mail order brides from Eastern Europe in the sense that women here are rather looking for boyfriends and want to see how it goes. Nonetheless, most expect to start a serious relationship. Here, men pay for communication, while women must provide information about themselves, so profiles are super-detailed, and a lot of female users have not only profile photos but also profile videos.



Modern, easy-to-use dating website

No support hotline

Verified profiles of Eastern European women

Not all women share profile videos

Free winks, likes & favorites

🇺🇦UkraineBrides4You — best for marriage-minded singles


Last but not least, the site on our list is UkraineBrides4You. Though it may seem that's a place to meet Ukrainian women and no one but them, it's actually a good website to meet a European wife for those who prefer Slavic brides. As the website where marriage-minded singles meet and start long-distance relationships first, UkraineBrides4You offers some special services like international calls, CamShare, and even real gift delivery. There are mobile apps, too, and every mail order bride here must verify her account before she's able to use the site.



Only marriage-minded European mail order brides

Prices are above average

Very detailed and verified profiles

Not all European ladies are available for phone calls

The best selection of features compared to other international dating sites

How to Find Geo Bride: Best Way to Meet European Brides

First, let's analyze some statistics. According to recent research, in 2022, there were nearly 71 online dating users in Europe. 64.8 million of them were non-paying members of online dating communities, while 9.6 million preferred to use premium services like SofiaDate and UkraineBrides4You. The figures are actually very impressive as they show that over half of the singles all across the continent, in Eastern Europe, its Central, Wester, and Southern part, prefer to look for matches online.

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It may seem that, in this case, joining Tinder is the best solution for everyone who's going to meet European mail order brides. However, it's not exactly true. The thing is, niche platforms created to connect a man with, for example, an Eastern European girl has multiple advantages over standard apps, and they're as follows.

  • Higher profile quality because of the stricter requirements and moderation standards
  • The right user base of people who are all interested in finding a foreign partner
  • Better selection of communication features—not just messaging but also video chat, gift delivery, etc.
  • Higher success rate, more personalized approach

Still, such websites have drawbacks, too. A European bride, especially an Eastern European bride, has become nearly synonymous to mail order bride dating. However, it doesn't mean that there are hundreds of platforms where you can meet real Eastern European girls. The promising websites are launched not that often, and currently, I can distinguish the following websites:

  • SofiaDate. On this website, a man can find a lot of profiles of European mail order brides, and more importantly, nearly each of them will be super-detailed. There's no free trial, but there are bonuses that let you not pay right after you set up an account, so you can look through profiles, chat with girls, see who Central, Western, and Eastern European wives registered on the site are, and then make a choice.
  • BravoDate. BravoDate is an interesting platform. Here, you see not only profiles of hot Eastern European brides like on most other niche websites but can follow the girls you like most to learn more about them and spend credits on communicating with a European woman only after you ensure she may be the one.
  • TheLuckyDate. This website offers an interesting scheme. There's no advanced matchmaking or lots of search filters—members are offered to swipe profiles instead. But the profile quality is higher, and that improves the experience. Also, here you can meet Ukrainian women, Russian women, and girls from Western and Central Europe—there are no restrictions for people from different countries.

Not every site claims to be able to connect you with "sexy Eastern European brides," let alone the sites where you can "buy" Slavic brides are worth paying for. Finding the right site isn't easy, but it's absolutely possible. It will just take some time and effort.

Best European Countries to Find A Wife

As we've noted previously, Europe is very diverse. If so, the next important question is where exactly a man should search for European brides. It's totally up to you, but we can evaluate the success rate and tell you where most American men and other Westerners meet their European wives.

  1. 🇺🇦Ukraine. Currently, Ukraine is considered to be the number one country to meetEastern Europe brides. On top of that, it's now one of the leading countries in terms of female marriage immigration in the world.
  2. 🇵🇱Poland. Poland takes the best from both worlds, so if you'd like to meet Slavic brides but want to find a more emancipated and Westernized partner, it may be the right country for you to start the search.
  3. 🇷🇴Romania. Romania isn't the most mainstream country for dating for Western men, but it's underestimated, and pretty many women from this country are looking for love abroad.

Again, it's not the whole list—it's just the countries where most men meet their foreign spouses, and if none of them seems to be the right place for you, you can always choose alternatives.

How To Get a European Bride

What exactly do men need to do to meet a dream woman in Europe? Let's take a look a the most widely used and, more importantly, most effective scheme in the example of SofiaDate:

  1. Join the site and create a good profile, write the About Me and Look for descriptions, and add photos for free.
  2. Use search filters and swiping features to see profiles of mail order brides and ensure you can meet someone special here.
  3. Claim your bonus credits and test chat and make sure women on the site aren't bots.
  4. Do deeper research on policies, find out how much different services cost, and buy some credits.
  5. Communicate with women using the best and the most cost-effective features and start a relationship.

This scheme is applicable to most top niche sites, so even if you're not going to join SofiaDate, you'll still be able to use it.

European Bride Price

A man can't find abride for sale in Europeor anywhere else. The term cost refers to the total sum of money one spends on dating sites, trips, etc. These expenditures have nothing to do with purchasing a mail order bride.

If you're going tofind an Eastern European wife or a mail order bride in another part of Europe, of course, you won't have to pay for a woman, but it's hard to say that you can achieve your goal for free. Every man should plan his budget, and the expenditures are likely to be as follows:

Online dating services

The cost of dating services varies greatly. If you're going to join a niche website with European brides, a lot will depend on its pricing policy (type of payment system, but most such platforms offer credits instead of premium plans) and the costs of using specific services. Also, the total price will depend on how many European women you contact and what features you use.

Still, most men who choose top niche sites spend $100 per month on average, $1,200 in total. If you're looking for the most cost-effective solutions, I'd recommend the following platforms:

  • 🎁SofiaDate—20 free credits as a bonus, $2.99 for the first 35 credits with a discount
  • 🎁BravoDate—20 free credits as a bonus, $2.99 for the first 20 credits with a discount
  • 🎁TheLuckyDate—2,000 free credits as a bonus, $2.99 for the first 2,000 credits with a discount

Also, if you want to cut costs, learn everything about the site's policy before you start spending money and focus on your best matches instead of contacting random attractive European mail order brides on the site.

Trips to a bride's country

Again, a lot depends on the country. For example, you can go to Switzerland or to Bulgaria. In the first case, the two-week trip will cost you $4,000+, not including flight tickets, while a trip to Bulgaria will cost less than $1,000. Another important factor to consider is your own traveling style.

Visa expenses

Your bride will need a visa, and it costs around $1,200 (K-1 visa to the United States, application for an adjustment status after wedding not included).

Gifts, wedding, and other optional expenses

Here, everything is totally up to you. You can send a cute 20-dollar gift once every three months or shower a bride with gifts. Just get a wedding license for $50, or have a fancy wedding. Just include these expenses on your list.

Trip tips from Adam Cohen

You can't visit many countries in Eastern Europe now, and many Western European countries are pretty expensive. If you want to cut costs, you can choose a third country where the prices are not as high and where you both would like to spend a vacation. For example, a vacation in Greece won't cost you a fortune, and if you don't want to stay in Europe, you can go to Vietnam or Thailand, or other great tourist destinations. That will give you a serious boost in every sense of the word.

Success stories

  • “I joined SofiaDate 4 years ago, and though I can describe my experience as mostly positive, I chatted with European brides for a few months and left for local partners who I met on Tinder for free. The last time I returned to Sofia, I saw an angel. Seriously, she had blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and the kindest, all-forgiving smile. I contacted her right away without happening to receive a message, but she replied. That's kids, how I met your mother. I can't say it was super easy as we were dating 1 more year online. I went to meet her once during 5-6 months, and that was exhausting until I proposed. We had to wait 9 months more, but we're finally together and are now planning our wedding. That's pure luck, and I'm grateful for it.”—Michael, Texas.
  • “I've found a wife on TheLuckyDate, and the funniest thing is I wasn't looking for her. I joined this site for vacations, you know. I travel a lot, and I used to meet local women to get the best city guide, enjoy great communication with someone you already know, and things like that. I was going to Poland, so I was looking for someone there. I found someone, came to the country, and stayed two weeks longer than I expected. I'm not the one who believes in love at first sight, but now I know for sure that when you find someone who understands everything you say, your ideas, and your humor (I hate the word soulmate, though), you feel that immediately. We got married last month, and that seems absolutely amazing.”—George, Nashville.

Final thoughts

European mail order wifeis not just a concept—it's the term referring to thousands of single women living in different countries and having different expectations, but there's at least one thing they have in common. They all believe they have a better chance of finding a decent husband overseas. So just choose the platform and girls on the platform carefully, and you'll have a good chance to find someone special online.


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